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Posted in: Japan walkout throws whaling talks into disarray See in context

Japan doesn't even hunt in the Atlantic. It's just politics

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Posted in: Police warn of bogus e-mails, phone calls seeking earthquake donations See in context

No surprise. You should see the sudden increase in the cost of potassium iodide pills online. Last month they sold for $14. Now they cost $399.

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Posted in: Man killed in hit-and-run incident in Saitama See in context

The real shocking point though: dragged for several hundred meters!!!

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Posted in: How bad do you think the tension on the Korean Peninsula is going to get? See in context

Both sides want to keep the status quo. Doubt it will end in a war but NK will probably collapse from the inside in the next 10-50 years. Most dynasties don't do so well by the time a grandchild gets in power.

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

I would have thought punching someone in the face is considered pretty bad manners.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro See in context

How about a sign saying "No student should be seated while an adult stands".

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Posted in: Disaster drills for foreigners See in context

Wish I went. I have no idea what to do in an Earthquake. My plan to date is: hold on and try not to die.

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Posted in: Prayers See in context

Money is important in Japanese and many other Asian societies. A gift of money is a big gesture when you give it to someone. Unlike the West where a gift of money is considered lazy or even downright insulting. A small, symbolic gift of money to the gods or shrine has a different significance to your westernised view. Don't try and see it as a materialisation of religion. Anyway, I think you can spare 15 yen to help your New Years wish come true.

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