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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics CEO says COVID cases at Games 'within expectations' See in context

Nah they will spin it like this:

The zero risk was based on calculations which we did using Fugaku, but these calculations were according to the original variant. It is highly regrettable that the Delta variant has caused a few isolated cases, but overall it is not that we can't say with certainty that the games haven't been a huge success and haven't shown that humanity has the potential to beat this virus and promote world peace and (etc).

Ummm I think I messed up the double negatives....

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Posted in: You put WHAT in your curry? Japanese netizens reveal their favorite secret ingredients See in context

Curry, the bastion of hot, spicy perfection, ruined by sweeteners. I'll pass.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 4,058 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,341 See in context

tamanegiToday 05:22 pm JST

Lady boarding the train has no mask!

Look again :-)

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 4,058 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,341 See in context

FuzzyToday 05:12 pm JST

The horse has bolted now. I wouldn't be surprised to see 10,000 within a week from now.

Sunday/Monday figures will be back down to around a grand, then on Tuesday will hit around 5. Up to 7 or 8 on Wed, then 10 by Thurs/Friday. Sounds about right.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe into ex-PM Abe's dinner spending scandal See in context


Bro, been here 25+ years. 宜しくお願いいたします。And been to lots of places, including Africa and the Middle East.

If you the public just keep on voting these idiots in, then you get what you deserve.

But let's agree to disagree on this, or we will just me modded out anyway.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe into ex-PM Abe's dinner spending scandal See in context

thepersoniamnowToday 07:53 am JST


To assume that Japanese people have no idea whats going on, or their own opinions (“easily accepting oblivious” your words) its a bit insulting.

Sorry, I should have been clearer: The Japanese public accept anything that is shoved down their throats.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe into ex-PM Abe's dinner spending scandal See in context

Saw this on NHK. They said they found not enough evidence of activities that slukd warrant moving forward with prosecution this time and would open one more final investigation. After that one, if the still found nothing, then he's off the hook and they are closing it. He replied (almost smirking) that he'd cooperate fully. He knows (and the prosecutors know) and we know that this means he is going to get off scot-free and then prepare for his comeback. The Japanese public are so easily acceptingly oblivious it is sickening. The guy is an absolute crook.

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Posted in: Vaccinated Americans are getting angry at holdouts See in context

A: It's not 100% protection. I have both vaccinations, it does not mean I cannot catch the virus. It's 96% effective, which means there will still be 40 MILLION people who are double vaccinated who catch the virus.

What? Try 39% bro. And keeps on dropping. You are confused. It has a 90 something percentage chance of not harming you seriously if you are vaccinated.

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Posted in: Emperor wishes Olympians best in meeting with Jill Biden, Macron See in context

Again, all the women pushed to the back.

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Posted in: Little cheer in Tokyo for Olympics See in context


It’s remote yet, highly unlikely those were athletes. It’s specified right here:

Great upload man. Any chance of asking your source to supply the latest version? Version 2 is insane enough though.

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Posted in: Emperor tells Bach holding Olympics amid pandemic 'not easy' See in context

How come Hashimoto is at the back all by herself?

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

Good. Kobayashi is an old loser. If he really had anything to do with this ceremony, it will be a disaster - like everything else about the games.

Worst Olympics since '36.

Nah, try St. Louis, 1904. Was on a whole other level.

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Posted in: Jill Biden to have busy 3 days in Tokyo See in context

Of course. She has the luxury of being able to just roll up without quarantining for a glorious 3 days, as a member of the privileged elite.

Meanwhile, the little person is turning to the bottle even more so now, compared to before this debacle, and the government has realised that's probably the best strategy. Numb the masses.

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Posted in: Suga denies IOC pressure to hold Olympics: report See in context

the Japanese leader said Tokyo was "in the right place"

What was the original Japanese here, because this doesn't sound correct in English?


I will try:

The vaccination programme is progressing, and we have been taking strict measures to stop the spread. I made the decision because we are well prepared and have everything in place to deal with Covid.

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Posted in: Who do you think will light the Olympic cauldron at Friday night's Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony? See in context

Couldn't say. We are in a pandemic and haven't been following it.

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Posted in: Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics See in context

Listened to his speech. Just on auto-pilot. He is one hell of a human tape recorder, this guy. Just can't say anything original or tailor his talk to a particular situation.

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Posted in: Man gets 27 years for killing woman, tossing her body from bridge into river See in context

Is beating someone to death with a baseball bat considered assisted suicide?

If not, then what is? Don't think there is one accepted definition.

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Posted in: Brisbane tipped to be awarded 2032 Olympics See in context

Tokyo ended up costing 30 billion plus, Brisbane. Don't believe for a minute you'll get it done for less than 5 billion. You're the only candidate for god's sake, so why even bother lying?

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Posted in: Olympic Village safe place to stay, Games organizers insist See in context

Takaya said the squad have been "very cooperative", and will be allowed to train if they comply with rules including staying in their rooms, eating alone and using special transport.

So, on other words everything they have said until now was a lie. Rules should be rules. What kind of message is this sending to the other athletes?

I will tell you: if you happen to be playing a popular sport or event like soccer, and especially scheduled to be playing against Japan, then the rules can be bent, "if you cooperate". What does that even mean, and who decides?

It seems like there is a humbug behind the curtain controlling the show and making arbitrary decisions with no oversight.

I can see where this is heading. Too bad if you test positive and you're scheduled for a less popular event or not a "star" player.

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Posted in: The new kids on their blocks at the Tokyo Olympics See in context

Cricket pleeeeeese.

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Posted in: Higher tolls, priority traffic lanes go into effect for Tokyo Olympics See in context

I guess there has been quite a bit going on over the last six months so I might have missed this one. Still, it having been "transparent" doesn't make it okay in my book.

@Yotomaya I hear you man! Was announced ages ago, but that was when they were expecting spectators from in and outside of Japan, eh! Now they have been banned, this toll hike should be retracted. Agree, it's very unfair, especially under the present circumstances.

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Posted in: Higher tolls, priority traffic lanes go into effect for Tokyo Olympics See in context

So this morning I commented about how everything has been predictable about the games. I must say though that I didn't see this one coming.

Hmmmmmm this has been public for at least six months. People knew this was coming and were given a lot of forewarning. It was all over the Japanese media and completely transparent. Don't know how you missed this.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 727 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,329 See in context

You'd think that people on here would be used to the low Monday numbers by now. But no..... Why the same old comments?

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Posted in: Zero risk? Virus cases test Olympic organizers' assurances See in context

This didn't include the scares in Australian and British teams overnight with athletes now confined to their rooms.

Next they're going to start a Olympics daily case count, like we had for the Diamond Princess, but with a brrakdown by country, similar to the medal count tables.

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Posted in: Japan mulls extending maximum reactor lifespan beyond 60 years See in context

Of course they are. I could see this one coming from a mile out. It will happen, and everybody will just carry on, until the next disaster.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,008 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,103 See in context

And imagine if they tested outside of the village as much as they do within? We would be in the 100,000s of cases per day in Tokyo alone. Think about it. out of 18,000 people, already two cases, and things have not even got underway. Now extrapolate that across Tokyo.

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Posted in: First positive COVID tests reported for 2 athletes in Olympic Village See in context

And looking at those apartments, I know they are in a prime area of Tokyo and pre-sold, and that this is one of the reasons rhe games are going ahead, but man these things are ugly as. What have we become?

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Posted in: First positive COVID tests reported for 2 athletes in Olympic Village See in context

Not to worry, they have changed the rules that even if athletes are found to be positive, they are still allowed to compete.

Originally they were to be isolated and then sent home. Now they will isolated for a few days and then allowed to carry on competing, if they meet the game schedule.

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Posted in: Netflix to open 1st store in Japan in 2022 See in context

It ust goes to show how insignificant a market Japan has become... just 5 million out of 200 million. Would have thought it would be more than that. Or perhaps not, since you can still rent DVDs and buy music CDs here....

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Posted in: Bunch of grapes fetches ¥1.4 mil, hitting record for 3rd straight year See in context

Just saying, but some fruit is better for you than others. Grapes are actually quite low in fiber and are high in fructose, the fattening form of sugar.

Exactly. And most fruit is engineered in a lab to be much larger and sweeter than it should be. And people are duped into thinking it's good for them! I wouldn't touch a Ruby Roman with a barge pole.

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