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Posted in: Gov't waiting for Golden Week to decide on extending state of emergency See in context

My prediction is that the lockdown will be extended, and under exisiting legislation, landlords will be compelled to cut/suspend rents. Likewise, banks will be asked to suspend loan repayment requirements, since otherwise many landlords will struggle, too. These options are already being discussed.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers, IOC clash over who will pay for delay See in context

Still talking about 2021???

Good luck getting the volunteers (salves) you need run the whole thing. Can't see anybody going near Tokyo for those pointless "orientations"organisers were running.

And this is just ONE of a myriad of issues facing the Olympics. There is simply NO WAY "Tokyo 2020" in 2021 is going to happen.

Just put the whole damned fiasco off until 2024, after this pandemic has had plenty of time to run its course and society has regained "some" sense of normality. I can guarantee getting Paris to agree to 2028 won't be an issue.

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Posted in: Abe asks citizens to be more diligent on social distancing See in context

For a realistic solution to this that won't involve tota al overwhelming of the health system and untold deaths all at once, look up " the Hammer and the Dance." The NTC Daily also had something on this.

Welcome to a future where we are going go have to learn to live with this virus and keep total social distancing. It will likely be a little social distancing followed by lockdown, followed by social distancing, and lockdown. Until we get a vaccine or immunity (even if for a while).

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Posted in: Japanese customs: A guide in a coronavirus world? See in context

Why do so many commentators think that the Japanese hygiene is better than elsewhere? I can tell you again: it is NOT.

Are they seriously thinking we will all be saved if we take our shoes off and wash our hands as instructed by Pikotaro's new video.


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Posted in: Over 210,000 hotel rooms secured to treat coronavirus patients See in context

i know it was a lovely day in Tokyo but people going out like that just means that they have accepted they are going to be in this for the long haul. The government remains 100% committed to the herd immunity approach.

Meanwhile, those countries that acted quickly and endured just a month or so of pain are slowly coming out of lock down and will be able to get back to work slowly, albeit with social distancing. Schools and businesses will be able to open. The key is that they will have it somewhat under control.

Japanese actions, meanwhile, will ensure hosptials stay full for a long, long, long time and just more and more places will be needed for quarantine. A few rooms now becomes 200,000, and soon will become a million and so on and so on. The virus will slowly strangle Japan. Most small businesses and schools will have to remain shut.

Also, taking the herd immunity approach may be dangerous if people are not infact conferred immunity, which is looking more and more likely.

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Posted in: As coronavirus infections mount, Japan at last expands testing See in context

2% of the total tested cases dead so far on Japan. And we are only getting started.

And I see the WHO is trying to gain some credibility back by telling us that long-term immunity is unlikely and not to think that a vaccine will save us. Social distancing could become the new "norm".

Japan: prepare for an extension beyond the May 6.

Who still thinks the Olympics will be on next year? Told you before: try 2022, if we are extremely lucky.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines keep most domestic flights despite few passengers See in context

The system is truly broken. But we have known this for years.

Eventually, they will have to stop flying. Just get it out of the way already and concentrate on eliminating the virus through getting the RO below 1 and then to zero.

It's the only way. Unless you believe in the tooth fairy.....

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Posted in: Haneda airport to check domestic passengers' temperatures See in context

Those with high temps are already probably sick enough to not be going out. What about the asymptomatic ones, or those that have Covid-19 without a high temp, of those that had a high temp for a few days but now had subsided? And what if you just have a temperature but no Covid-19?

This stupid policy by airlines needs to stop! It's like the 100ml liquid policy. That soon expanded to include honey, jam, etc, etc. And why 100ml? You can have that but not 110ml. I had some under use 110ml toothpaste (10% extra free) confiscated. Tried to explain that half empty means that only around 60ml remained. Still confiscated.

We are bring manipulated and controlled.

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Posted in: NZ's Ardern says many restrictions to be kept in place when lockdown ends See in context

And Adern took a 20% pay cut to show solidarity with others who are struggling. I noticed that Japanese lawmakers also did the same, announced on the 14th, following her lead. Not surprising.

Also noticed Japan finally getting serious about this crisis. Deciding to finally expand testing options and to declare nationwide emergency.

Finally woken up to the fact that the only way to tackle this successfully is to test, trace and isolate as implemented by NZ, Singpaore, Denmark, Norway, S. Korea and others, eh? The only issue is that it is going to take a lot more to stop the runaway train now, which means a prolonged period of hardship for Japan.

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Posted in: Abe leans toward ¥100,000 cash handout scheme See in context

Just reading these comments and I am struck by the stupidly, ignorance and xenophobic attitudes.

Everybody who lives and works here will get it. Like some mentioned, all workers also got it in 2009 as well, permanent resident, or not.

Now calm down!

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Posted in: Abe pressed to pay out more cash as coronavirus hits economy See in context

Rent payments need to be suspended first or it's meaningless. There is emergency legislation that can be implemented to force landlords to suspend requirements for the payment of rent in the time of crisis. Before handing out any money, the government needs to enact that legislation, or the money will go straight to landlords. All rent/mortgage repayment requirements should be suspended until this crisis is over. In fact, I saw a top lawmaker was arguing this just the other morning. This legislation needs to implemented NOW

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker's family member tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Edit: Uruguay

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker's family member tests positive for coronavirus See in context


Thousands?? They are only testing in the low hundreds each day. In Tokyo, it is so bad, that around 50% of tested people are coming up positive.

And yep have been plenty of cases of celebrities being tested, and with mild symptoms, too. For the rest of us, we are told that if you think you have it, don't bother the healthcare system.

So we are supposed to die in our houses then? That is eventually what will happen. Check Uruagary.

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Posted in: Save your cherry blossom party memories with this sakura USB stick See in context

A USB? Now, I haven't seen one of those in a long, long time. Didn't know they still made them.

Japan, are you still peddling these things? its like 2021 already.

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Posted in: Social distancing on subway See in context

Take the same photo between 4-9pm.

JP: surely you must have know that! Come on.

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency again; 166 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo See in context


Not necessarily, my local authority used "休業" when PM Abe asked the schools to close. However, for us "休業" now means reduced classes. Japanese parents around me can't understand why the kids are still going to school a couple of half days a week. Apparently closed schools in local bureaucratspeak is 休校

Are you sure?

休業=Business closures

休校= School closures

To Japanese people, these are completely different.

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Posted in: Hokkaido declares state of emergency again; 166 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo See in context

On the news last night that Saitama worried that hospitals will be inundated so they have tightened up testing criteria even more! 14 per million people tested in Saitama - one of the lowest in Japan!

All these numbers they release each day are therefore completely meaningless.

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Posted in: Smartphone hostess club service launched in Japan amid pandemic See in context

So going online means that the ladies can now get away with drinking pure water or tea, instead of the hard liquor. But you'll get charged the same amount.

A fool and their money......


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Posted in: Japanese health care facilities stretched thin, doctors say See in context

Winter is here.

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Posted in: Staying at home in Tokyo's small apartments isn't easy See in context

Yep. That's another reason why I got out. And, authorities have the audacity to tel people to stay, since they don't want people taking the virus back to their hometowns!! What a joke! And there were only 1000 confirmed cases in all of Japan over 3 months, when they said this. As if!!

People are waking up now and see what's happening overseas, and are putting two and two together. They know the numbers of infected are WAY higher, and are choosing to get out since if locked in, they will be confined in room not much bigger than a prison cell, in a tower block that might as well be a prison!

Then there is also the fact that companies are forcing them to travel into work, often needlessly, on those crowded trains. They are treated as slaves and are seen as disposable.

Good on people in getting out. And to others that haven't: your window of opportunity could close very fast.

After this crisis is finished they seriously need to re-examine the future of Tokyo, in particular. There needs to be a massive decentralisation of people back to the provinces, and a move away from exploitation and virtual consumer slavery.

This crisis should be a serious wake up call for Japan.

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Posted in: Japanese auto industry vows to protect jobs worldwide See in context

Japanese companies are finally beginning to see the gravity of the situation. Just amazed they took so long. Good on Mr. Toyoda for coming out and saying that. Projecting worker's jobs should be the number one priority. Once this goes away (and it will), those companies treated their workers fairly (within their means), will be the ones that will bounce back the strongest. Toyota and other conglomerates: treat people right and they will relay that benevolence later.

To my mind, the same goes for landlords. Those that are able to to should reduce or suspend rents until this has all gone away. I can't believe there haven't been calls in Japan to make this happen.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese carmakers plan temporary leave for 20,000 workers See in context


Yep, they will start thinking to retool their production lines in a few weeks. Will be too late then.

Japan is around a couple of weeks behind. The explosion in cases is coming, and they should be seriously preparing for what is to come now.

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Posted in: Complaint calls over virus-related scams top 10,000 in Japan See in context

People can get through to complain about scammers but they can't get through operators to beg for a PCR test.

This explains a lot about Japanese attitudes.

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Posted in: Nikkei rises for 4th straight day as weaker yen lifts exporters See in context

Its on a winning streak?

Sounds like word coming from a mate in a casino. When in times of crisis they start talking about winning streaks with YOUR invested money, you know it's time to exit the market.

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Posted in: Major Japanese cities quiet after state of emergency declared See in context


Sorry if I wasn't clear. Yes, indeed you will need a registered seal for some official documents. What I am talking about is companies demanding workers come in so they can affix non registered seals to documents that don't require them.

If a registered seal is not necessary, then you can use an electronic one in its place. Printing it as a PDF will even look like it had been affixed by hand. It's that good.

By the way, even banks are moving away from seals. Many accounts be made without seals now.

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Posted in: Japan's state of emergency is no lockdown. What is it? See in context

Meanwhile, countries that tested, traced, isolated and shut down very early on are almost ready to come back online and have minimal deaths or other disruption.

Cases in point: New Zealand, Norway and Denmark. No coincidence that people in these countries also have very high trust in their governments' handling of this crisis.

Even Wuhan has opened up again. Meanwhile, Japan which buried its head in the sand from the start hasn't really implemented ANY of the above measures properly.

To defeat this, ALL nonessential services and work must be halted, people MUST stay at home and not go out unless absolutely necessary.

I think they are hoping that the warm weather is going to make this all magically go away.

The only outcome is going to be a bad one.

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Posted in: Major Japanese cities quiet after state of emergency declared See in context

There is absolutely no need to use an "official" seal with most documents. That is the registered one you use with the bank, etc.

If you can use a non registered seal (99% of the time it's ok) then you can just scan it in as a .PNG and electronically affix it to the document and return it via email. We already the do this with documents that would otherwise need to be signed by hand.

There is absolutely no reason to go to the office to sign documents with a seal. That can and should he done electronically.

Japanese companies that force employees to come into affix seal to a couple of documents really need their heads examined.

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

Well, one reason to leave would be to lesson your chances of getting it, no? There are like 37,000,000 in the megatropolis.

You could choose to stay there with the hordes if you like, but just catching the train is terrifying in itself. Then there is living in a tiny, tiny, room on the 15th floor of a tower block, and the impossibility of properly practicing any meaningful social distancing. And then you have the coming social isolation for many who are originally not even from Tokyo, and you can see why many want to go back to their home towns.

Now they are begging people not to leave because they will "take " Corona with them? Well, I think I would rather leave than stay there as the situation is expected to deteriorate. And it seems many agree.

If you can, get out.

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

You would be mad saying in Tokyo area unless you have family or other commitments there.

I got out a week ago.

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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

@James Dean nah gyms, bars etc in those 7 prefectures have been asked to close. You should watch the news and keep up with things man. It's a constantly evolving crisis.

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