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Posted in: Japan to require firms to expand support for employees with kids See in context

Japan already has good labour laws. Just needs to enforce them. Once again needlessly complcating thing.

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Posted in: Japan is changing its yen bills soon, so beware of scam artists, government warns See in context

What is this fascination about issuing new notes all the time? Instead why not introduce a 2000 yen note, and actually promote its use this time?

And time to retire 1 and 5 yen coins. These have been useless for years now.

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Posted in: Pair of premium Yubari melons sell for ¥3 million See in context

And on a lighter note, melons seem to be all the rage in the Japan Today news cycle in recent times. Not that I don't mind a pair of nice firm ones.

But at 3 million, they'd have to be utterly perfect, and more.

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Posted in: Pair of premium Yubari melons sell for ¥3 million See in context

The collective Japanese psyche refuses to leave the bubble period. This ain't 1989, Japan. You really need to move on.

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Posted in: Study uses blood tests to detect early-stage Alzheimer's See in context

Wouldn't want to know.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting wife with banana peel denies it can be called domestic abuse See in context

The police were just following the latest updated manual (and they absolutely must follow that manual) that has a clause that hitting somebody with anything should be considered assault.

It is the way the modern world has gone.

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Posted in: Japan racks up ¥462.5 bil trade deficit as imports balloon due to cheap yen See in context

With only 38% of self sufficieny in food production, on top of being energy dependent and resource poor, Japan faces huge issues if this continues.

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Posted in: Yellen to push G7 on bond for Ukraine backed by frozen Russian asset profits See in context

Russia should just turn everything off and cease to export gas/oil at all, unless to other BRIC allies. And when this finally over, don't expect them to trust the West again.

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Posted in: History says tariffs rarely work, but Biden’s 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs could defy the trend See in context

This also means is that America and the West(because they will basically follow the American lead) will now have to come up with some other way of getting the necessary components for their own EVs. China basically controls the entries supply chain.

God bless America.

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Posted in: Kyoto study finds nearly 500 translation errors for foreign tourists; new guidelines released See in context

Only 500?I always find it funny when the Japanese text is for example 10 sentences and the English translation is only 3 sentences. I guess some info is missing in the English version.

Watch the whiskey commercial scene from Lost in Translation and you will get it. Probably on YouTube.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

Most Japanese cities are death traps for pedestrians and cyclists and all this is doing is putting lipstick on a pig.

It is time for the motor car friendly cities modelled on the US that they set up in earnest after the War to be dismantled. And they should bring back street cars.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

...the Priests are just politely asking the customers not to leave the cat toys on their premises, since they have to throw them away after cleaning the place. Much better to take them home.

This is the real reason why the priests don't want people writing on them. The kitties become useless for resale. The sign should say: Good fortune is bestowed on those who leave the kitties in pristine condition.

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Ptownsend's take on why heaps of Chinese are working "low wage" jobs in Japan:

Maybe something about feeling they have more freedom in Japan? Maybe access to better seafood?

Could be mate! And what is your story? We all have a story.

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Posted in: Line app operator shareholders may settle talks without stake change See in context

Data is leaked all the time. If you're so concerned, might as well ban them all, including X, Meta, Google, MS, Tiktok, etc and just develop your own homegrown social media app. It's the only way to be sure future data leaks will come from Japanese companies only /s

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing two commuters off station platform in Kawasaki See in context

This is my worst nightmare actually. Always stand so that you are just about perpendicular to the platform so you are almost facing the oncoming train. Even then stand well behind that yellow line. And be super aware of your surroundings at all times.

Make it harder for that inevitable nutcase to push you.

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Posted in: Asian markets follow Wall Street higher ahead of key inflation update See in context

US national debt nearing 35 trillion.. Interest repayments alone will take up the largest share of fedral budget. Over 80% of all dollars every produced have been "printed" since 2020 or something crazy.

And stocks keep on going up? Tulips comes to mind.

Cash out while you still can.

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

Can,'t have been Apple Vision Pro. Too thick and a give away. Some brand of internet capable glasses that don't stick out like a sore thumb? Nothing comes to mind. Also for him to sit there and take photos with his glasses and put the stuff onto social media and not be noticed and even get away with it until somebody outside the examination halll outed him by contacting the university...

Really the invigilators should have got him right away. Much of this doesn't make sense.

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Posted in: Japan's military needs more women, but it's still failing on harassment See in context

From the article:

"Generational differences make it hard for people to communicate," she (the"expert" harassment instructor) said, adding that people should understand the basics of communication before they could deal with specifics around sexual harassment..

That "expert" harrassment instructor is part of the problem. You don't need do the typical Japanese thing and wrap things in needless layers and make them more complex than they are. Harassment is harassment. Just spell it out directly that it's not acceptable under any circumstances. You won't hurt the officers' feelings.

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Posted in: Bread recalled in Japan after 'rat remains' found in some loaves See in context

Japan boasts relatively high food safety standards. But the nation has been rocked by food woes recently, including 1,000 schoolchildren sickened by milk and two people who got sick after eating steak at a restaurant, both earlier this month.

The first sentence of the paragraph presents an incongruity. While it starts by stating that Japan boasts relatively high food safety standards, it then introduces incidents that suggest otherwise, creating a contradiction (ChatGBT).

And just stick to reporting the facts, Kyodo.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

If and when the yen rate drops, then prices should change to reflect the changes and equal out. Nt to mention, if the yen (yeah I know wishful thinking) ever goes back to 100 yen to $1.00, the "foreigners" should be charged less than the Japanese

Kind of related but remember foreigners already get sweet deals in Japan. Think: the JR pass for one! Also, no consumption tax when buying electronics; 30% of tution at uni... All just because they are foreigners.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Athough I qualify for the local price of 5,478 yen lunch, even that's way too much for me and most of my fellow local residents these days. When I do eat out for lunch, I generally stick to the 1 coin (500 yen lunches), although they have become very scarce these days.

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Posted in: 1 in 5 people aged 65 or older in Japan predicted to have dementia by 2060 See in context

The issue is keeping people on life support systems when they are well gone, both physically and mentally; usually the superelderly.

And ever been to an old age home here? In so many of them, visits highly restricted, have to book well in advance, 15 minutes maximum visit, have to be masked up, use hand sanitiser, temperature check before entering.

These places have become literal prisons for the elderly, many of whom have been virtually abandoned by their families. Heartbreaking.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter to plead guilty over $17 mil fraud See in context

Ohtani, too big to fail?

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Posted in: Toyota posts record ¥4.94 tril net profit See in context

From the article:

...but critics say the company has been slow to embrace purely battery-powered engines, even as demand soars for low-emission vehicles.

These legacy media journalists are not doing their jobs properly (again). Actually, sales are way down in most places, due to falling subsidies, higher electricity costs, increased road taxes, and range anxiety, among other things.

And Toyota got it right on avoiding the electric vehicle bandwagon and should stay well away from it. That market has been sown up by China. The west lost and now car manufacturers are in dire straits.

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

Some of the most vaxed in the world and they just keep on getting COVID. Know some who are up their 8th vax.

Also know plenty who got zero vaxes and never had any symptoms of COVID.

Also look up John Campbell for information on excess deaths in Japan. Very interesting.

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Posted in: Luggage manners See in context

Trains in Japan DO in fact have a dedicated luggage space, as illustrated in the Tokyo Metro poster...

Yeah they do but are mostly inaccessible, especially when needed the most, I.e. when there are loads of people on the train (which is pretty much all the time). And good luck trying to get your luggage onto one of the racks unless you are over 6ft tall, with long arms. But even if you can get it up there, there is no guarantee you'll be able to reach that spot again, as you literally churned on and off the train at each stop.

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Posted in: Luggage manners See in context

It would be nice if trains in Japan had a dedicated luggage space.

Wouldn't work since trains are jam packed and keep to such tight schedules. Best just to have more frequent, uncrowded trains.

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Posted in: Luggage manners See in context

If the trains weren't so damned, crowded then it wouldn't be the issue it is. And before you downvote me, JR et al keep covertly changing the frequency and types of trains to keep them perpetually packed. Even with a falling population and less riders due to telework, flexible working hours, etc, these companies collude to keep the trains as packed as possible and then have the audacity to bombard us with useless posters insinuating that it's somehow our fault that our bags inconvenience other passengers. Sick of it.

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Posted in: Orange juice crisis ’24 – Japan’s OJ supplies drying up See in context

It's to bad that orange juice, as we know it, might become food of the rich: until it all goes away altogether. It's likely that a lot of other things will start to disappear. We seem to be entering the 6th great die-off. C'est la vie.

I think you'll find it is the rich generally stay away from this stuff. They know. Also, will be good riddance. Indeed land they used to grow this stuff can be put to better use.

6th great die off?

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