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Posted in: Princess Mako visits palace for her last imperial rite See in context

@Larry--considering that royal family members for decades have done extended study abroad stints in their uni days, despite not having regular passports or even last names according to commenters on related threads, you would think the visa process for Ms. Mako Komuro is going to be simple, negating the need for support staff that she must have relied on until now.

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Posted in: China to ban karaoke songs deemed 'national security' threats See in context

Gambling tunes even? Makes you want to belt out some corny ol'

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Win Lose or Draw by Allman Bros.

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Posted in: Capitol rioters enter 1st guilty pleas to assaulting police See in context

Oh yeah, the pro bono lawyers are all lining up for the chance to work in exchange for. . . a box of dusty, slightly scratched U2 albums? That is a serious payday for the average pro Bono or pro Edge attorney. Better not be any Kajagagoober trash hidden in there though.

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Posted in: U.S. to send U.N. envoy Thomas-Greenfield to Olympics closing event See in context

@RG--Except sitting there watching sport in empty arenas , hob-nobbing with the emperor, and showing off the floral print dress of the day is not exactly brain surgery. Doctor Jill Biden seemed up to these minimal diplomatic tasks.

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Posted in: High-tech TV tricks for fan-free Tokyo Olympics See in context

Kinda feel sorry for the rank and file media go-fers who will have the added pressure to create atmosphere. I can just see the 20 something junior staff leading the 900 VIP suits in marathon macarena sessions.

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Posted in: Japan beats S Africa 1-0 in Olympic men's soccer opener See in context

Caption is wrong about the player standing on the left. Ritsu Doan wears no. 10 and has dirty blonde dyed hair. The guy in the pic is no. 18 and is not even a starting player judging by where he is loitering off the pitch.

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Posted in: Florida officials pledge multiple probes into condo collapse See in context

I think there is some J political jargon creeping into their PR.

Officials urge quintuple-xeroxed thousand page reports to be concluded in time for the 2036 Miami Summer Olympics, preceded and/or followed by meetings of stakeholders.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic spectator cap set at 10,000 or 50% capacity per venue See in context

NHK reported that the half million seats reserved for school children are not included in the 10000 rule. Expect some bigger crowds if the kids end up at the same few popular events. Plus all the chaperones a school trip entails.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits 22nd homer of season as Angels beat Tigers 8-3 See in context

@3R--that is an awfully strange thing to say about a legit TWO way stud.

@Sal--everyone had steep pay cuts for the 60 game season in 2020, esp. the ones who opted out. Do you think there is an appetite for a strike related to the pandemic?

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Posted in: Ohtani, backed by Ward's slam, leads Angels past Tigers 7-5 See in context

Er, that caption does not do justice to the dirty deed that Cabrera did to Ohtani, smacking him directly in the crotch with his bare knuckles to keep him from attempting a steal on the Tigers rookie pitcher. Considering Ohtani had struck this same guy out moments before, I would call it harmful retaliation and fine or suspend Cabrera, no matter how jovial a smile he wears.

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Posted in: Netherlands tops Ukraine 3-2 at Euro 2020 See in context

Euro 2020 and Tokyo 2020, eh?

I will never feel dumb again writing something a year off.

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Posted in: Wasabi the Pekingese named Westminster's 'Best in Show' See in context

@fba--Even worse, the movie Free Willi used a whale named Keiko.

I can see why the breed is in the headline. I thought a larval-stage Gremlin was gorging itself on the winner for a split second.

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Posted in: Ohtani delivers on mound, at plate as Angels top Diamondbacks 6-5 See in context

Guys, the Angels did get the win in extras. Modern analytics does not value the W stat for starting pitchers as highly as in the past. It is more a reflection of whole team performance. Any pitcher with a sub 3 ERA is kicking butt no matter their W-L record. Case in point is the career of the consistently nasty ace Yu Darvish who was near the MLB record for consecutive Non Decisons two years ago, giving him a lousy record. Then he pitched a little better in 2020 with better run support to end up in 2nd for the Cy Young award for best pitcher.

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Posted in: 'Hooked on a Feeling' singer B.J. Thomas dies at 78 See in context

@Mick--Dial now to receive not one, not two, but 70 albums in the Time Life Shaggin Sounds of the Seventies box set.

You will be high on believin in no time...

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

@1glenn--was Tiger Woods's mom stateless or did she have a previous nationality? I think there is a reason the rapper Lyrics Born switched from using the cheesy name Asia Born.

The main problem was minorities being expected to only do the support jobs around exclusive golf courses and not being invited to play the game for a long time. For a recent example, see the reporting about undocumented workers at Trump golf properties. Were they allowed to play a few rounds in the slower times of year?

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

A nice outcome, just a few notches above Matsuyamas previous career high, back to back wins on the most popular US non-major, the Phoenix Waste Management Open or whatever the daft sponsorship name is.

As for the air golfers, just wait til you encounter the young ones doing slow mo swings in elevators, and people with real clubs doing night practice swings on the sidewalk fronting their home. Would not want to walk or bike into that.

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Posted in: Long sidelined at the Grammys, women in rock claim their due See in context

There was a lot of reprehensible erasing of plus size women, who are often the strongest vocalists. Check out the legal saga of Martha Wash and others to be given dues.

The great 70s R n B group Stylistics often had what sound to me like women lead vocals, but the compilation I have only shows five fellas. Are we getting the full picture or were talented women consigned to the shadows of the studio?

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Posted in: Long sidelined at the Grammys, women in rock claim their due See in context

The quiet persona and primal skin basher Meg White reached the upper tier of rock for a while, then completely vanished from music when her bandmate/ ex-husband wanted to do other work. Poignant that the prolific Jack White will always have Megs last name stamped on all his music--a planned turnabout to boost women or a happy coincidence?

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Posted in: Roman chariot unearthed almost intact near Pompeii See in context

Behold the proto mama-chari.

Basket, bell and umbrella holder rusted in place?

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Posted in: Prince Harry: British press were 'destroying my mental health' See in context

Oopsie, great grandson Archie.

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Posted in: Prince Harry: British press were 'destroying my mental health' See in context

Queen Elizabeth is popular on a plane that the flawed figures Charles and Andrew will be unlikely to ascend to. Just her sheer longevity in keeping up her duties and decorum is impressive.

But she is human after all. When she heard about grandson Archie saying his first word, crocodile, she promptly (and gushingly?) sent the tyke his very own waffle maker. That kind of inconsequential but relatable story makes people like the royals a bit more I surmise.

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Posted in: 10th anniversary of Tohoku disaster motivated pitcher Tanaka to return to Japan See in context

Will be hard to top that 23-0 W-L record from 2013. Welcome back to NPB for a few years at least.

As for the money, remember that all MLB playbers took huge pay cuts from the truncated season in empty parks. Ma-kun lost at least 10 million in 2020 I would guess. Even worse is anyone stuck in the minors had no game experience for a year to increase their chances of breaking into the majors.

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Posted in: Rod Stewart reaches plea deal for Florida altercation See in context

They were out for a ron on a Lane by the Wood when Stones hit Faces? Or did this happen inn the Marriott?

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Posted in: Kenneth Branagh to play Boris Johnson in UK pandemic TV drama See in context

I was thinking Borat vs. Boris: Livestock in Thongs to Lift Up Glorious Money Bags for Homeland

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Posted in: Rapinoe says Olympics cancelation would devastate her, U.S. team See in context

Eh, the articles are optional but some comments hur-dee-har are must-read:

Those ragging on Rapinoe

Failed to write a happy poem.

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

@Raw Beer--if Trump is a man of the people, he should tell his well-wishers that there is a half hour buffet of fast food and booze at Mar-a-lago. Then he could witness these schlub supporters rioting first hand.

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

Trump must not have been much of a fan if he did not know how those guys worked as a unit. When they were backed by the Count Basie band, Sinatra and Dean Martin were about the only white guys in the show.

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

A sad but very believable story about the casino concerts. Trump must

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context

In some form--is this a guessing game? Animal, mineral, vegetable?

The music as he left was odd. I know Trump and his mentor Roy Cohn were always out at the NYC clubs like Studio 54, but there are better disco era tunes than YMCA. Then the old Sinatra song My Way. For my money, Sammy Davis Jr was the most talented of the Rat Pack. He would sometimes go into percussion/ vocals only medleys that are still amazing to watch today. A Long Way From St. Louis would have been my pick to ride off to.

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Posted in: FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week See in context

@NOM--every state has a National Guard that the 50 governors can call into action. The D.C. NG are more a federalized force, so there must be various people at the top of the federal chain of command who could give orders. If P and VP were held hostage, the House leader Pelosi could deploy the D.C. NG, correct?

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