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Posted in: Wheelchair tennis ace Shingo Kunieda retires See in context

@fatrain--not a downvoter so not sure what their gripe is. Probably not with Kunieda, so it could be your assertion that he is not well known. The national broadcaster has had him on their shows plenty over his 20 year career, and that is about as close as you can get to national hero status in this era. Were you thinking ticker tape parades and national holidays whenever he wins a slam or Olympic medal?

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Posted in: Japanese right-hander Fujinami agrees with A's See in context

Now that both the AL and NL have DH, pitchers seldom are asked to bat. Ohtani is basically the only one who gets 100s of ABs per year, including in NPB. Pitchers do not take the field on their normal rest days except for brawls perhaps. Position players pitching is a bit more common.

Fujinami has spent time on the ni-gun minor league shuttle, so here is hoping he can turn his career around in Oakland.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka says she's pregnant; plans tennis return in 2024 See in context

@Fighto--well said. Maybe they should ask themselves, Is there ever a good time to be an angry chauvinistic tennis fan? It is doubtful they can be bothered to learn the names of five other women tennis players to give us a break from their negativity. Will be happy to be proven wrong but. . .

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Posted in: Prince Harry's memoir breaks UK sales record on first day of release See in context

So how does this square with the stats someone presented in the other thread that Harry and Meghan are liked by 6 percent of Brits, ten times lower than William and Kate. The next book by William could smash sales records with his higher popularity.

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Posted in: Anger in Russia as 63 troops killed in one of Ukraine war's deadliest strikes See in context

@antique--you say you do not believe any numbers from Russia, Ukraine, or the west. Then you lecture us to do math with sketchy alternate data to reach your favored conclusion. Is that how math works?

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Posted in: Anger in Russia as 63 troops killed in one of Ukraine war's deadliest strikes See in context

@antique, casualties includes dead and wounded. You do not believe it is many tens of thousands after a year of war?

The newsworthy point is that four mortar rockets like the one pictured at top took out a college building large enough to house hundreds of soldiers and tons of munitions.

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Posted in: Canada bans most foreigners from buying homes See in context


More surprising than two homes was that Ms. Meng had about seven passports. The yoga instructor acquaintance pledging hundreds of thousands for her bail may have arched a few eyebrows as well.

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@TL--that is like saying Syd Barret Pink Floyd is the real one. Yes those were early key members but had moved on by the time of massive hits in the 1970s that 95 percent of fans of those bands are familiar with. More for completists than casuals.

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Posted in: Ex-student awarded damages over high school rule that banned dating See in context

Because all high school education is voluntary here unlike in some other countries, a result is that school boards feel they have carte blanche to pile on the rules. All students have chosen to attend our HS knowing the rules, the reasoning goes, and the chances of disruptive anti-rules walkouts or protests are slim to none. As you saw in the news this week, it took a whole three years just to officially allow speech again at lunch break.

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Posted in: Some Republicans criticize Trump for meeting with white supremacist See in context

@Jimizo--you will be a hero around here if you are able to reform his anarchic ways with basic punctuation.

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Posted in: In final briefing, Fauci urges Americans to get vaccinated See in context

@bla--of course the line about removing organs is hyperbole. Fauci is an epidemiologist, not a surgeon.

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Posted in: Jay Leno suffers burns in gasoline fire; says he's 'OK' See in context

Imagine having so many vehicles that you can only drive them to work two days a year, if they are all road legal and insured.

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Posted in: U.S. basketball star Griner's 9-year drug sentence upheld in Russia See in context

Capricious application of a law that they exempted visitors from when hosting the World Cup a few years earlier.

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Posted in: Warriors-Wizards games in Japan to woo NBA fans, sponsors See in context

@Mocheake--the combo of GM Daryl Morley supporting the Uighers and Zero Covid seems to have cut down on former NBA players heading to the Chinese league. Though I read that Lin of Linsanity fame is playing there now.

400,000 yen for the best seats is half what the Mayweather exhibition went for, and I would choose the former to see the defending champ Warriors even if the Wizards are perenially lackluster. In the preseason warmup they may be close to par and could produce some close games.

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Posted in: Judge ties Maris AL mark with 61st HR See in context

More mind blowing trivia:

Hank Aaron had a mere 47 home runs in his best season at age 37, yet reached a grand total of 755. Sadaharu Oh never reached 60 homers in a season in the shorter seasons of NPB but still amassed over 800. Former NPB slugger Cecil Fielder and his son Prince hit an equal number of MLB bombs in their respective careers.

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Posted in: Britain's Truss faces whirlwind week as politics resumes after queen's funeral See in context

Yes but WHY has Britain had several blonde prime ministers: Liz Truss, BoJo, and fill in the blank from the remaining 74 besides Gordon Brown whose hair matched his name. It is not a conspiracy to sell more hair dye to the hoi polloi to convince them to stand for election?

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Posted in: Details of main area of Ghibli Park with Totoro characters revealed See in context

For the Nagging-About-Nagoya folks, good news. This place seems to be in a different city, at the park that hosted the Aichi World Expo in the early 2000s. Can any Aichi people clue us in on the name of the city in question, as this article does not seem to include it. If it really is Nagoya, then nevermind.

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Posted in: Right-wing bloc wins narrow majority in Swedish parliament See in context

Quite the bright pink outfit on the DJ in the background. Could it be dance superstars Swedish House Mafia?

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth lies in state after solemn procession See in context

You are standing at the end of a three mile line that is moving a meter a minute. The wind is blowing against you at 4 nautical knots. How many hours until you reach your destination? Please show your calculations for full credit.

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Posted in: Albert Pujols cements place in history with HR No. 697 See in context

@kuma--it is more about the super young overachievers in NPB this season. Two that stood out for me were:

Munetaka Murakami passing Oh-san for most HRs for a 22 year old.

20 year old Roki Sasaki being one inning from two perfect games in a row. His catcher was an 18 year old just out of high school, something that is unheard of in the modern MLB.

For grizzled veteran news, all I got is Kosuke Fukudome hanging up the cleats at age 45.

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Posted in: Obama among international dignitaries expected at Abe state funeral See in context

@FizzBit--If they were real golfing buddies, Trump would have noticed the time Abe fell near him on the course and offered a hand.

Obama as the only US president to attend Hiroshima memorial day is the logical choice. Trump is an ever more scandal plagued pariah.

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Posted in: Kyrgios beats Yoshioka to win Citi Open See in context

Gambatta Yoshihito, and well foughto Nishioka. Those two should win a few doubles trophies with support from the JT echo chamber.

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Posted in: Japan defense chief Kishi may be replaced in Cabinet due to Unification Church links See in context

@Yubaru--maybe you are puzzled by why followers and not leaders were arrested. Japan is the source of 70 percent of the church funds, but the top tier leaders are not resident here, so it means some members/followers living in Japan are the ones in legal jeopardy, no?

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Posted in: Myanmar charges Japanese journalist with spreading fake news See in context

@WB--Instead of getting hung up on the false news side of the equation, consider that they also ban alarming news, which could be just about anything under the sun.

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Posted in: U.S. federal tourism aid funds gas stations, trash cans, jazz See in context

Missouri has to almost double the tourism budget to counteract their wackjob politicians: Greitens declaring hunting season on fellow Repubs, and portrait of courage Josh Hawley of the raised fist and dash to safety on 1/6. The senior senator from Missouri called supporting Hawley the biggest mistake of his life.

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Posted in: Angels rebuff calls to trade star Ohtani See in context

@Sal--I agree about the conundrum of guessing the value of possibly broken down players ten years down the road.

The Pujols deal may not be so bad because when he was cut by the Angels a year ago, the team that picked him up--the Dodgers--started paying his salary. Then he signed with the contender Cardinals this year for a lower salary to let the old timer fans see him reunited with Yadier Molina before retiring and HOF induction. Unexpectedly, it was old Albert and Miggy Cabrera of the Tigers on the field at the All Star Game, while Molina was sidelined by injury. Not to mention Pujols is on the current trip to Toronto while All Star teammates Goldschmidt and Arrenado wait stateside due to being unvaxed.

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Posted in: Djokovic joins Federer, Nadal, Murray on Europe team at Laver Cup See in context

No-vax Djokovic is barred from entering the US for the US Open. Out of Australian Open next year too? I guess he will only compete in European events like Laver Cup from now on?

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani is 'Made In Japan' with American adaptations See in context

@Yubaru--a simple review shows you got sidetracked on the topic of jocks vs working stiffs ability to master a second language. But now you want others to focus on the article.

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani is 'Made In Japan' with American adaptations See in context

Smith, Yubaru, and Elvis and others have a critique of Ichiro the non-perfect human being. I would love to hear their take on suspended Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and the other confirmed woman beaters scattered around MLB. What is Ichiros crime in the grand scheme of human failings?

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Posted in: 'Gangnam Style' impact endures a decade after it broke the internet See in context

@lolo--two Pikotaro gigs cashing in on that song were a private performance for Donald Trump, and more bizarrely, a music video about SDGs that was shown in the lobby of Osaka city hall for awhile. I like to imagine that Pikotaro is a bureaucrat by day and a leopard skin wearing party boy at dusk, but getting married may have put the kibosh on his alter ego.

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