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Torakichi comments

Posted in: 21,897 people committed suicide in 2016; lowest number since 1994 See in context

Rates in Japan are falling, which is great news, but it's still high of course.

Of course, rates in countries like the UK and Canada, though on the whole lower than Japan, are still subject to regional and cultural variations:



Any decrease in suicide is good news. If you have a negative comment about this kind of good news article, you better have a good point to back it up. Otherwise you just sound like a jerk.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

I'm a dad myself, and I know what the parents did was unforgivable and stupid and the worst kind of parental punishment they could do... But, right now, honestly, I'm just glad the little dude is safe. Made my day, have had a smile on my face for the last 45 minutes knowing he's safe. The parents hopefully will learn from what they did, his family will hopefully become closer, and he'll stop throwing rocks at cars too, maybe :) Most of all, maybe the country can learn from this about raising our kids better.

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Posted in: 5 men dead, one in coma after car plunges into dam See in context

Awful thing to happen, 5 men on the verge of their golden years who now will never get a chance to play again with any grandkids, spouses, go to nomikai, or do anything else again. My condolences to the families.

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Posted in: U.S. places Japan, 4 other countries on trade monitoring list See in context

Gary Raynor, There seems to b a convergence between our end arguments (Japan's weakening of the yen) and the means with which we've arrived. Can I ask you to simplify the argument for me by answering the following question, briefly: What makes you think the Japanese QE was about anything other Han liquidity, given what they were looking at with the Japan Post pension fund, and what is right and wrong about Japan being placed on unilateral monitoring list? You se m to think it's not a bad move on the U.s.'s part.

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Posted in: U.S. places Japan, 4 other countries on trade monitoring list See in context

Gary Raynor, You're obviously an intelligent person, so please don't tell me you buy that U.S. Propaganda about Japan's QE being about weakening the yen more than liquidity. Abenomics, like it or lump it, is all about liquidity. Please drop believing that BS that American economists are feeding you - that stuff ain't good for you. Also, let's just see what happens when the States tries imposing sanctions on Japan, South Korea or Germany... Or China for that matter. This trade monitoring list is posturing, with empty diplomacy backing it. All pomp and no substance. What a joke.

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Posted in: Hanyu accuses rival of deliberately colliding with him See in context

He's a diva, but jealousy in sports is a real and serious issue. His anger issues aside, it's not unlikely that it was an intentional bump.

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Posted in: Japan announces changes to refugee system See in context

Come on Japan Today, it's one thing to be biased and another thing to file erroneous reports. The new system is meant to streamline the process as a whole by removing applicants who have little or no chance of receiving asylum. Furthermore, it provides for humanitarian protection (I believe you mentioned this, albeit briefly). Please, if you want real news, consider Japan Today a good introduction to whatever topic you are reading about, but please always question what you read (not just here but any news site, for that matter).


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Posted in: More than 100,000 flee floods in eastern Japan; 7 missing See in context

It's times like these I wish I was back in Japan to help out. Stay safe, guys, and keep us informed!

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

Let's see, in my experience there's Sleepy, Grumpy, Lazy, Loudy and Drunky. Did I miss anyone :)

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Posted in: U.S. experts: Abe WWII statement could help Korea ties See in context

I don't care what people say, at this point in his term Abe is doing very good work for international ties and for the economy. If he can somehow bring the environment back to the forefront, he has my unconditional support.

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

This site is bordering on becoming blatantly anti-Japanese, even though it's based in Japan and caters to the (malcontent) expat community. Nice job using Wikipedia for your sources, by the way.

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Posted in: Toyota says quarterly profit up 10% to $5.2 bn, lifts sales forecast See in context

Even after the Takata airbag thing? Jeezus, Toyota's on fire the last few years.

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Posted in: Heart-warming father-daughter Toyota commercial moves Japanese viewers to tears See in context

What's this? A positive story from Japan Today? Oh my goodness, perhaps there's hope for this site yet! Let me just go and read all the positive comments that I'm sure are... never mind.

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Posted in: Tokyo named most liveable city in world by Monocle magazine See in context

Ah, the commentors here are consistent - complaints about living in Tokyo right and left! A proper nest of negativity these boards are. I didn't live in Tokyo, I lived in a city about half that size. But, I went there often for work and for trips. Tokyo seemed crowded, but for the population density, the people seemed nice and the public transportation very good (outside rush hour!) Can you people just stop complaining for once?

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Posted in: Miyagi railway line back in full service for 1st time since 3/11 disaster See in context

I remember that line, very fondly. I'm so glad to hear about this. Tohoku damashii forever! :)

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

Earth to Japan. come in! We love you, but if you want our tourist money ya'll better fix this! Get some English/French/Chinese menus up, try online reservations, do something. In the meantime, yoroshiku!

Sincerely, Earth (heart emoji here)

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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

Peace is something or ancestors paid for with their lives. It's best if we all remember that.

Thanks for the response Katsu78!

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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

I love this site, and always have - especially when my Japanese wasn't so great and I couldn't keep up with NHK or the Japanese language newspapers/sites. So, I don't want my opinions here to be interpreted as overtly biased or blatant nationalism (especially since I live away from Japan at the moment.) I was wondering if anyone has any real ideas, plausible explanations, as to why this site seems to take on a stance that's more than critical of Japanese views of history and of the Japanese government? Articles like this are extremely valuable, and it's paramount to our fundamental knowledge of modern society that we recognize the sacrifices "our" side made in the war to defeat Japanese expansionism and its brutal, inhumane, unforgivable assault on Asia. But, where is the counterpoint to this article? Where is the Japanese nationalist side, or even the Japanese side in general with regards to the war? This site's called "Japan Today," after all. Don't you all think there's a need to explore the Japanese side of the war and of general world affairs on this site? Just because a fair proportion of the readers are from the Allied side of the war does that mean we should ignore what Abe's justification is for his stance on history. It just seems very negative and one-sided, sometimes, especially in the comment boards where discussions should be taking place (not dozens of downvotes for people who go against the mob).

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Kodo-kai yakuza group See in context

Wish the Jgov had the same guts and authentic desire to put a stop to these disgusting groups.

Speed, my son, if the government cracked down on the Yakuza and jailed them all, 80% of the Diet would be in jail. The country would fall apart. It's nice to wish for such things, but this will simply push the Kodo-Kai out to somewhere else.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes Japan's navy will be more active in Pacific See in context

I get why the US wants this (obviously) and why there elements within Japan that want this - China and Russia pushing their ways out further from their own borders, Japan having one of the most technically capable and versatile Navies in the world, and Japan having the chance to make tighter ties with allies in areas in the Middle East and Africa. But, there's good reason to worry Abe's Defense Minister, Nakatani, and those like him could use this as a reason to preemptively or prematurely reach out where they're not wanted or needed.

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Posted in: First day See in context

Following in her big sister's footsteps I see. Wonder if she needs an English tutor :)

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Posted in: Gov't to make workplace maternity harassment illegal See in context

Negative comments out in full force for another positive development, I see :) Hopefully, in all seriousness, this can be enforced. If Japan wants to boost its population, or, more realistically, promote equality, this can work its way into HR departments soon. I remember when I worked with part-timers, and some full-timers, they'd see pregnancy as the end of their careers. This will hopefully gradually put an end to that.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward 1st in Japan to recognize same sex marriage See in context

Awesome, welcome to the club, Shibuya!

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Posted in: SDF hopes to attract recruits with cutesy smartphone game See in context

US Army gains recruits through Call of Duty, Transformers, and the SDF uses... female models and smartphone games. Not sure if I should laugh or cry...

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

@toshiko Yes, I agree. If this were a male politician, I don't think the response would have been the same.

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Posted in: Agriculture vice minister in trouble for kissing married colleague See in context

I don't even care if I get downvoted for this: I feel sorry for her. Being a widow must be difficult, and a woman in power as well. If it was just a kiss I say get on with work, seeing as she's genuinely sorry and she's apologized. Good on her colleagues for supporting her.

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Posted in: Firebombing survivor fears Japan starting down road to war again See in context

This man's a real patriot, concerned for his country's future and what's best for everyone else, a true Japanese spirit. It's ironic that those on the militaristic right seem only concerned about pomp and chest-thumping gestures, and not at all about their countrymen's best interests.

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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

I agree, Japan should fess up and earnestly apologize. But, really, would it do any good?

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Posted in: China media mock Japan's luxury lavatories See in context

It just hit the fan!

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Posted in: 2 school girls hyperventilate while being shown IS documentary See in context

I find a lot of Japanese kids get panic attacks. Then again, teaching where I do now, in a western country, a lot of kids in general get panic attacks. I wouldn't be so quick to make fun of Japanese kids for freaking out. Some of the negative comments on here are just as "infantile" as they claim these kids are.

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