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Torelol comments

Posted in: Princess Aiko begins work See in context

Work? The royal family? This must be some kind of a joke. April's fool was yesterday!

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Posted in: Japan lifts funding suspension to Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA See in context

Not sure what took Japan this long to revert its terrible decision. But better late than never.

The IDF and the Zionist regime that rules Israel are both liars and war criminals of the worst kind. The entire World is watching.

Stop the apartheid state, stop the genocide!!

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Posted in: Fortune cookies come to Japan via Panda Express See in context

The price of any meal on Panda Express in Japan is so high, it's almost comical. Not worth it.

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear chief tells Japan transparency 'very important' in Fukushima nuclear plant's water discharges See in context

International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Grossi also expressed support for increasing Japan's nuclear capacity as the country looks to it as a stable, clean source of power.

Nuclear energy... stable and clean. Yes, of course, Fukushima is the prime example. And there are countless of other examples around the World. When will people understand there's no planet B?

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Posted in: Australian authorities say more Sydney schools tainted with asbestos See in context

That stuff is deadly toxic. Despite being banned from many countries, it still can be found in newly created structures. Hopefully they can remove it from those sites and find the people responsible for place in it there in the first place.

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Posted in: Scientists study levels of toxic mercury in Antarctic seals, whales See in context

Humans, the cancer of this planet. We have all the scientific evidences but there's no one behind the wheel.

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Posted in: Asian stocks track Wall Street gains; Nikkei closes at 34-year high See in context

Wow the comments... I'm sure some of you were loving the crypto/NFT craze just a few months ago. Of course, you wouldn't share with the rest of us how much money you lost, right?

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Posted in: Japanese travelers more stressed than others sitting next to strangers on planes: survey See in context

"Japanese travelers more stressed than others sitting next to strangers on planes"

Only on planes? Countless of times, the seats on my sides are empty while riding on the train or subway here in Tokyo. I'm sure we all foreigners experienced it.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki’s first solo-directed anime is being adapted to live-action as a stage play See in context

This is a lovely TV anime and I remember watching it when I was a kid.

I wish them luck on this stage-play project!

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Posted in: S Africa's genocide case against Israel sets up high-stakes legal battle at U.N.'s top court See in context

Knowing first hand what apartheid and genocide means in South Africa, bringing this case at the United Nations' top court means a lot.

The Zionist state has to go and pay for its crimes against humanity. Even then, history will never forget what the criminal state of Israel did to the Palestinian people.

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