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Have been here 10 years+ and it was most definitely dead then, so pretty sure it was never alive in the first place. Any speaking of manners~ I could count the number of times someone has held a door open for me on one hand, apart from in international hotels of course or when a Westernized Jpn guy was doing his best ladies first impression. It is strange that in here, in a homogeneous society, manners are only afforded to the inner circle or business associates, whereas in a melting pot like New York or London, chivalry and general public manners are well represented.

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Several years ago I bought a black fur coat in a misguided moment of luxury goods obsession. I knew I had made a grave error when I brought it home and my black cat started nuzzling it. I shipped it to PETA in the States where they use unwanted fur in demonstrations or give it to the homeless- who like the Inuits actually need such warm clothing. The worst film I have seen is in China of raccoon dogs being skinned alive in the street with a close up of the animals eyelashes, the only hair left on its body slowly blinking. It breaks my heart to think of such things. Young celebs in Japan need to get on this bandwagon and promote fake- fur as the only glamorous and ethical choice. Please check cheaperfake-fur` trimmed items from China as often they are mislabeled as fake when they are in fact raccoon dog.

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