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Posted in: Netflix's Marvel antihero 'The Punisher' explores the toll of violence See in context

Favorite series to watch on netflix ! thumbs up :)

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Posted in: 'Social media suicide' in spotlight after Zama serial killings See in context

"Those who want to die want to be accepted as they are and don't want to be told to cheer up," Mura said.

Honestly this quote above just shows that the certain individuals who have post -depression, stress are just miserable people who cannot see any insurance of hope at all, there's no point of listening to family, friends or counselors. In their mindset they see darkness and nothing else. It's their escape goat. It's pretty sad knowing they would go down that road.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing husband with cooking pot See in context


well obviously everyone here feels bad for the victim, like what the hell

But what can you do? The women is unstable and she never has second thoughts or considering what she did

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Posted in: Ex-worker at nursing home arrested for drowning 83-year-old resident See in context

Dude If you hate your job so much than why don't you quit?! I don't understand what you were thinking, like can you imagine if that's your own grandparents your taking care of and you did this to them ... what morale does this person even have ?

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Posted in: Japan to boost regulation of online sites for vulnerable people See in context

Reading this just makes you feel very sick inside knowing those innocent people have been wronged. What makes one individual to create something dark and demented to do this kind of thing, there is stress and problems you deal with in life but not like this. It just seems like those people made those choices because they given up hope. This guy is mess up in the head and probably has his own problems that he wants to make everyone miserable around him.

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