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Posted in: Japan's view of WWII history rankles some U.S. veterans See in context

Mr. Lester Tenney, Mr. Harold Bergbower and Mr. Darrell Stark, should have a meet up with Ms. Michiko Kodoma, Mr. Sumiteru Taniguch and also with the family members of the late Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

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Posted in: Man gets 7 years in prison for kidnapping, confining 9-year-old girl See in context

kudos to the neighbour..! Bless you..

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 5-year-old girl See in context

This has the potential to end up the same fate as dear poor Mirei Ikuta..who was just grisly murdered just a few weeks back..

Japan as a country need to do more to protect these innocent children.. lax parenting for just a minute will leave a lifetime pain and suffering...

RIP..little angle Mirei Ikuta, she could be the one who actually protected this 5 year old girl...

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Posted in: Boob Aid: Porn queens to take part in 24-hour 'squeeze-a-thon' See in context

only in Japan...

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Posted in: Maori welcome See in context

guy on left: "is he really going to strike the Japan PM?"

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting seats on Keisei line trains See in context

"society pest"

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Posted in: Brazil beats Croatia 3-1 as World Cup kicks off amid protests See in context

my humble opinion is that the penalty was right call.

If you look the closely on the slow reply again, you will notice that the defender had held back the attacker with his hand..obstructing the attacker to move..and hence Yuichi Nishimura made the penalty call..it wasnt the dive that resulted in the penalty, but rather the hands holding back the Brazil striker...

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Posted in: Gov't says bitcoin not a currency, but taxable See in context

"bitcoin is a currency, just not a legal tender currency" in the eyes of Japanese government.

How could one tax something not legal?

I guess they meant to say, tax on the transaction (ie. GST 8% ) and not tax on the bitcoin mode of payment.

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Posted in: 10-year-old letter arrives from daughter lost to tsunami See in context


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Posted in: 7-year-old Japanese girl mauled by 4 dogs in New Zealand See in context

my prayers to her speedy recovery...

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Posted in: 3 dead, 850 injured as snow causes more travel chaos See in context

yes sucks, i am stranded at haneda now...finished 2 can of beer, now going for 3

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Posted in: China media urge action against Japanese planes but not U.S. See in context

anyone else wishing China will "break" into 50 different states? like the USA

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Posted in: Emperor, empress meet Kumamon See in context

you go ! Kumamon! くまモン!


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Posted in: Asylum-seeker dies after collapsing at detention center while doctor at lunch See in context

where is your respect for another human life, regardless of nationality or race..? or are you all too numb after all these years in this job?

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Posted in: Report finds dramatic increase in elderly stalkers See in context

totally misread the headline...thought elderly were being stalked for potential fraud cases..lol...good morning all..

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to con 91-year-old man out of Y15 mil See in context

91-year-old man's mind is not as sharp as you think..please give some leeway

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Posted in: Thai man jailed in Bangkok for 1993 murder of Japanese woman in Tokyo See in context

RIP, Ms. Megumi Kawachi....

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Posted in: Man on sidewalk killed as taxi, truck collide in Kawasaki See in context

around 2:30 a.m, around 70 years of age..must have just finished work..my deepest sympathies...

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Posted in: Canada See in context

kick him out of Canada, strip him of his Canadian citizenship, sent him to Japan to face trial and may he rot in CHINA jail if found guilty...

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Posted in: Man jumps onto train tracks to save woman See in context

wow speechless....tears too for such human selfishless act

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Posted in: 104 traffic fatalities reported during Obon holidays See in context

glad u are ok, pumpkin31526A

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Posted in: In memory See in context

South Korean residents in Japan offer prayers in front of the cenotaph for ALL atomic bomb victims at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima on Tuesday" would have Korea making the world a better place for all.

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

every country act for their own interests, this is survival in the global economy.

to be able to command and have the respect of followers, being charismatic and convincing others to follow through your ideology, (be in good or bad) is a skill.....not many people possess,

should have just use a more positive name as history defined..

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Posted in: Chinese naval fleet seen off northern Japan See in context

to tyvtgo1US,

"Philippines is with you on that"


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Posted in: Girl beheads father after he rapes her in Papua New Guinea See in context

cut off the wrong head here

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Posted in: Judge orders 3 bullies, parents to pay compensation to victim See in context

will many cry bully to be compensated now that there is a precedent?

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits mother, daughter on bike, killing girl See in context

sink deep into me, could have been any one of us, could have been us, my daughter is 3 and my wife in her 30s..and i too ride my mamachari with my daughter...i feel sick at heart now...my deepest condolences...

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Posted in: Man hit by arrow while walking in garden in Ibaraki See in context

that reminded me of a student being pierced by javelin in a sports field, i hope he/she is ok by now. god speed

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Posted in: Chinese cinemas pull Tarantino's 'Django' on first day See in context

while street peddlers in China are selling pirated Django DVDs

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Posted in: Fish survives 8,000-km journey from Japan to America on boat washed away by tsunami See in context

Perfect Hollywood Script!

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