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Posted in: 'House' is world's most popular TV show See in context

Is House anything like an updated Dr.Kildare?

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Posted in: Mogadishu police chief among 11 killed in clashes See in context

What surprises me is that there is still anybody living in Mogadishu, perhaps even that there is even such a place as Mogadishu.

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Posted in: N Korea warns U.S. of 'thousand-fold' military retaliation See in context

There seems to be a duality of thinking here that reasons that Kim Jong Il is both a spoilt lunatic child while also being intelligent enough to know not to go too far with his threats. He is either the mad “Elvis” or the devious blackmailer. I don’t for a moment doubt that he is quite mad, which isn’t too surprising given that he has been surrounded by “yes-men” all his life that are too frightened to tell him anything he wouldn’t want to hear. Which might also go part way to explaining his lack of dress sense. Is this laughable image enough that we shouldn’t feel a degree of fear as to what he is potentially capable of doing? It would be easy to reason that his hothouse isolation leaves him with no real idea of the world. I wonder how many here would feel confident enough given the opportunity to walk up him and tell him how deranged his thinking is? I wouldn’t like that job.

Part of the reason Iraq was so easily set up to be invaded was because Sadam Hussein had claimed to have or want to have weapons of mass destruction, when he later said this wasn’t true it was too late for anybody to believe him. Kim Jong Il however does have nuclear weapons and is close to having the means to mount those weapons on rockets. But because of the legacy of Iraq some now have the fear to move too soon and make the same mistake. We now have the wait and see people, once (or more) burned, twice shy. In the meantime those nuclear weapons are getting smaller in size & bigger in bang, those rockets are flying greater distances and will in time carry those nice little nuclear weapons. At which point it will all be too late for some city (cities), is that what it will take for people to stop taking this madman as a comic?

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Posted in: Woman jumps to death from bldg; 1-yr-old daughter found dead in bedroom See in context

All we know from this story is from the point at which the child was killed. What led up to this, what was the woman like, the husband like, was the baby well or not, where do the respective families live? We have nothing except the presumption that the mother killed own child, very likely but by no means guaranteed. The family could be from elsewhere in Japan, no close by family & friends. The husband could have started an affaire while the woman was pregnant & is now unwilling to end it, the child could have been disabled. Add anything else you can think of because we don’t know. We certainly don’t know enough to damn this poor woman to hell or disgustingly talk of urinating on her grave. To kill a child is wrong, yes, but we need to give understanding to a distressed person lost in their own damaged world. Maybe you have never been so emotionally lost, maybe nobody you know has ever been so lost, then you are so lucky, too lucky to stand in judgement on others. What happened here is just incredible sad. If this had been Europe or the US we could reason that the state had failed her, but it isn’t, it’s Japan. Their culture is part of the reason most of you live in the country, sorry, but nothing in life is perfect, you will just have to accept that there are things about Japan you will never learn to like. Find the balance & live with it, they are not going to change to suit you (or me).

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Posted in: Emperor, empress to participate in wreath-laying ceremony in Hawaii See in context

I wonder if the Emperor & Empress were actually asked which of the two places THEY thought was best to go to? Somehow I doubt it. This is one of those organised by numbers tours that all royalty seem to do.

motytrah (at 04:36 AM JST)

“Native Hawaiians actually like Japanese tourists better than mainland tourists.”

That might be because Native Hawaiians class “mainlanders” as occupiers who invaded their islands & whom they cannot get rid off. Which if you think about it is true.

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Posted in: Sub helps in hunt for Air France black boxes; 2 terror suspects reported on flight See in context

Any computer nerds out there that would like to offer an opinion on whether it would be possible using a portable computer on board the plane to mess up the flight computer & bring down a plane? I’m no techi so wouldn’t like to blindly guess, but I do know mobiles are bad news when used on a plane because the mobile signal messes up the planes guidance.

Just an idea, so don't jump on my head.

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Posted in: Car fleeing robbery hits crowd, killing 3 children in Philadelphia See in context

Beelzebub (at 04:59 PM JST )

Are you seriously saying that you accept what happened because the recession is driving people to do criminal acts & the police will knock them about if they are caught? Don’t you think that perhaps you are getting things the wrong way round here? A woman & 3 children died. Bad times & bad police don’t excuse that.

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I keep pushing the link "Show All" above, but it doesn't seem to work...

For this you get today’s gold star.

Sarge (at 11:22 PM JST)

Aki has nice teeth.

I think you might the first person I have ever come across that has a fetish about teeth. Then again you could be a dentist who has a professional interest in teeth.

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Posted in: Iraqi accused in deaths of 5 U.S. soldiers freed See in context

Who ever agreed the release of al-Khazali needed to stop & think what went through the minds of those four soldiers during the short time they were kidnapped before being murdered. It is hard to imagine the fear that they would have felt. Religion, politics, nationality all have nothing to do with it. This man al-Khazali has no right to be alive never mind free.

All western troops need to be pulled out of Iraq & the country should be allowed to go it’s own way. Let them kill each other which seems to be what they are happiest doing, maybe it is a part of their “culture” & who are we to judge an other mans culture?

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

herefornow at 06:04 AM JST - 3rd June

You seem to be a little upset by what I wrote, I can’t imagine why, but all the same I will apologise if it makes you feel any better. By the way, you did note that Marie only said she had sex five times a day, she didn’t say, or it wasn’t reported, if she used some form of protection. So it isn’t all that important where she made the statement is it? Perhaps you got a little over excited & missed that bit, no worries, it’s understandable & I’m not in the least offended.

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

CultureChange at 03:29 AM JST - 3rd June

"I still love you Marie."

Yes, but how many times aday?

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

There are serious signs of sexual inadequacies & insecurities showing up on this subject. So she has sex five times a day and you don’t or can’t. Is that any reason why you should disbelieve her or ridicule her? If the demands of work, family & your unhealthy living have reduced you abilities & opportunities that’s no reason to express your jealously & frustrations against this girl. She just said what most of you only wish you could say.

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