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Toshiaki Amari comments

Posted in: Japan had hottest summer on record, weather agency says See in context

I'm not really a fan of summer. Usually I go to the beach furing this season but most of the time its too crowded. My favorite season is winter though.

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Posted in: Arsenal brace for Liverpool test as relegation battle heats up See in context

Really glad I bet on Arsenal when they were still underdogs. It feels so good to be a Gunners fan this season.

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Posted in: Real Madrid beats Chelsea 2-0 in Champions League quarters See in context

Real Madrid has always been strong but to win that well against Chelsea? that was unexpected. this is a really interesting turn of events and I love it.

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Posted in: Loy Weston brings Kentucky Fried Chicken to 1970s Japan See in context

It’s weird to see how brands have such big impact on Japanese culture…. Most of which never even planned it. KFC on Christmas, Kit-Kat during exams? cool.

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Posted in: ‘The Super Mario Bros Movie’ is a box office smash See in context

Wow, it seems like the Super Mario Bros Movie has truly become a super success story! With such impressive numbers both domestically and internationally, it's clear that audiences were eager to see this beloved video game franchise brought to life on the big screen. It's exciting to see how this film has broken records for both video game adaptations and animated films, cementing its place in cinema history.

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Posted in: Japan to create guidelines on use of AI chatbots in schools See in context

Will this be beneficial for all? I mean I understand that some may still be sceptical about this concept but I personally think that the use of AI chat bots in school has the potential to revolutionize education, allowing for personalized learning experience and freeing up teachers' time to focus on individualized instruction. However, there are also concerns that relying too heavily on chatbots could have negative impacts on students' writing and critical thinking skills

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Posted in: ChatGPT developer meets Kishida; eager to open office in Japan See in context

This is one of the most interesting developments in technology that we are seeing. I think that the chatbot is changing the game because you can see that there are some helpful data to help you write better or even code. That is quite helpful and I think that ChatGPT will only improve further too.

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Posted in: Japan urges peace in Taiwan Strait See in context

I am interested in what is happening here and I hope that it can turn out for the best because it is worrying to see. I hope that more changes can be made with this because Taiwan and China are huge for Japan’s international relations moving forward. I really hope that it can work out well.

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Posted in: Half of unmarried people under 30 in Japan do not want kids: survey See in context

I think that the Japanese should try being more open to children because they are not doing well with how they keep being single. They are becoming people who are struggling with growing their population. They are an inventive country but they are losing that touch because the next generation is lacking in pure numbers.

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