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Toshiaki Haginoya comments

Posted in: U.N. commissioner urges Abe to meet 'comfort women' See in context

This is nothing having to do with human rights or whatsoever, but a part of harrassment Koreans are trying to inflict upon Japan.

False Accusations of Comfort Women http://www.howitzer.jp/korea/page03.html

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs outcry over new history textbooks See in context

McGraw-Hill Textbook Hoaxes http://www.howitzer.jp/korea/page43.html

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

Mainstream historians say up to 200,000 women, mainly from Korea but also from China, Indonesia and other Asian nations, were forced into sexual slavery for Japanese troops during the World War II

Who are mainstream historians exactly? This is cheap journalism.

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. committee's call on 'comfort women' See in context

Korean efforts of building comfort women memorials all over the United States are disgusting and outrageous.

Koreans have had a long tradition of selling the first born daughter into prostitution in order to feed the rest of the family. I wonder if Americans feel sympathy for Koreans and building monuments with such knowledge. As they were sold by their own parents, there are no protests or eyewitness records by their own parents (or any other third party) alleging that their daughter was abducted by the Japanese police/military.

Besides, during the Annexation Era, nearly 90% of policemen were Koreans and 80% of local parliament representatives were Koreans. Did those Koreans allow the Japanese police/military to take 200,000 young women to brothels? Are you saying Korean men were so chicken weaklings to see their women were taken by foreign people? At least Japanese men often resorted to fist-fights during the occupation by US Army.

Americans should ask themselves if this blame-shifting and smear campaign of baseless slander by Koreans is a right thing to do.

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. committee's call on 'comfort women' See in context

There are 3 basic questions.

The Korean government employed comfort women and operated state-owned brothels for the Korean Army during the Korean War while it ignores the fact and never deals with the fact with the same endeavour as it deals with the Comfort Women Issue related to the Japanese Army. Why?

The Korean government has employed comfort women and operated state-owned brothels for US troops up until today for a long period during and after the Korean War, while it never deals with the fact with the same endeavour as it deals with the Comfort Women Issue related to the Japanese Army. Why?

Korean government pays so great attention to the past comfort women while it ignores the present-day Korean women who are compelled to become modern-day comfort women because of their dire situation of being deeply in debt. Why?

Korean government is a bunch of hypocrites! Koreans have no right to criticize the present day Japanese.

False Accuzations of Comfort Women http://www.howitzer.jp/korea/page03.html

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Posted in: Tensions linger in U.S. over 'comfort women' plaques See in context

Koreans have a bad habit of pretending to be a victim. Weeping and crying loudly, they demand something, typically, apology and compensation.

Japan did a serious mistake of giving money to them in 1993 by creating Asian Women Peace Fund and again in 1997 by providing a loan/aid package to save economic crisis of Korea. Since then, they never stop to do this kind of extortion.

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Posted in: Japan says it had S Korean input on 'comfort women' apology See in context

Americans should read “The Comfort Women” written by C. Sarah Soh of San Francisco State University before you open your mouth and say anything. This is the most precise English account by far I have met. The rest of books ever published were just pulp fiction.

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Posted in: Monument to comfort women dedicated in Virginia See in context

Again, this liar Kan Il Chul makes fuss about her dementure story. She was sold by her own mum into prostitution and nothing else.

False Accuzations of Comfort Women http://www.howitzer.jp/korea/page03.html

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Posted in: Abe says there will be no change to wartime sex slave apology See in context

S. Korea is forcing Japan to maintain Kono Statement using Nuclear Security Summit 2014, which is scheduled to be held on March 24/25 at Prague, as a “hostage.”

S. Korean officials declared that they would attend the nuclear summit talks regardless of whether the talks would be the Japan/Korea Bilateral meetings or the Japan/US/Korea Trilateral meetings subject to the condition that PM Abe maintains the Kono Statement.

This is a scurvy trick.

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Posted in: Korean 'comfort women' cancel meeting with Hashimoto See in context

Kim Bok-dong (87) said to the newspaper reporter that: “I was “abducted at 14 and forced to serve as a comfort woman for 8 years at various comfort stations at front-line war zones in Asia.”

2013 minus 87 equals 1926 (year of birth) 1926+14=1940 1940+8=1948 The WWII ended in 1945. What kind of war zones in Asia for 3 years after 1945?

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