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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks or sweets? See in context

Grilled Sweet Potato. I can eat it everyday. Try it with Kewpie mayo, it's heavenly

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Posted in: Japan's total coronavirus cases top 100,000 See in context

In my humble opinion, the total number of cases really don't matter and is just another statistic in this pandemic. What's more important are the number of those who passed on, those who recovered and the number of active cases.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman in bicycle parking lot in Tokyo See in context

“Since the woman was drunk, I didn’t think she would resist.”

Yup, he's digging his grave deeper with this. He should've just said he was drunk and couldn't remember.

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context

I'm expecting that aside from Europe and North America, Asian countries in northern climates would see an increase is cases as well. Christmas season is a time of consumerism after all and I think people who are tired of complying will just disregard everything and live like its normal.

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Posted in: Do you think the century-old tradition of going to the movies will become a thing of the past due to the coronavirus and the increasing popularity of streaming services? See in context

I don't think so, there's a different appeal to watching movies in the big screen and listening to bands play live compared to listening to their studio records. The question is whether when will this pandemic end and allow these things again

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Posted in: Lone vote for woman lawmaker as PM was gesture of hope See in context

The day Japan has a female prime minister would be the day that I'd like to see but I won't hold my breath for it.

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Posted in: Man arrested in 1st cycling 'road rage' case under new law See in context

Never thought cycling road rage would exist. Would this person be no longer allowed to ride a bike and just commute or walk instead? In my experience, there's a lot of jerk cyclists, especially in cities that ride their bikes as if they're bosozoku.

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Posted in: As teen suicides rise, 21-year-old Japanese student starts online message counseling See in context

@vanityofvanities: I was born, raised and spent some years working in Southeast Asia (Philippines) and I can tell you that the work-related stress levels back home is a far cry from how tough working in Japan is. But I can also tell you that basic services such as public transport, utilities, the weather and things that fall under "third-world problems" are quite prevalent there but the people are kinder and more considerate so you don't feel the strain as much.

If Anata no Ibasho is looking for English-speaking volunteers, I'd sure love to sign up. Sometimes having a complete stranger to pour out your bottled up grievances and pains is enough to give someone enough strength to go on with their lives. I'm blessed to have been raised from a loving family and a warm community, I want to give back to those that need comfort in rough patches in their lives. If Japanese society weren't as uptight and its people more willing to help out others, there wouldn't be much need for support groups in the first place.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

Yes, these companies wouldn't grow to the size they are today if they don't manage what people can see that will affect them or they can profit from.

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Posted in: Internet giant Google faces a growing list of battles around the world, from tussles in Europe and Australia over fair compensation for media outlets to competition probes on both sides of the Atlantic. What do you think about all this? Has the tech giant gotten out of control? See in context

Agree with commanteer, google's search platform does give you pre-determined suggestions, with some options intentionally placed inconveniently in the next pages of a search. I think this is a common nature of large corporations, they tend to maintain questionable practices because they can get away with it. non-state actors such as multinational corporations will likely be the next target of governments and the UN and thankfully so. Now only if someone could keep governments in check as well.

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Posted in: Student gets locked inside station in Kumamoto after the last train See in context

good thing it didn't end in a cr@ppy situation

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Posted in: The robot dolphin that could replace captive animals at theme parks one day See in context

That robot dolphin almost looks exactly like a real one, amazing. I wonder if they could make hyper realistic-looking humans as well. Agree with Desert Tortoise, these robots don't have that "alive" factor that an animal has, unless AI is already that advanced that you can't tell the difference. I can already see it now, years or decades from now, there will be a zoo full of robot animals that are realistic enough that you can't distinguish what's real or not.

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Posted in: Deer-friendly digestible paper bags developed in Japan See in context

interesting, I hope this carries on to other products as well. If herbivores can eat it, it can decompose a lot faster as well. I wonder if human stomachs can also digest this?

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting teenage girl See in context

Good thing there were cctv cameras in place.

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Posted in: Japan to release treated Fukushima water into sea, media report See in context

I'm willing to bet that there are lots of idle land nearby that are neither commercial-friendly or arable that can be used to store this water until it takes for the nuclear material to breakdown naturally or until science finds a way to neutralize them safely. it's the company's responsibility for this and let them continue to shoulder it, the residents and nature have already paid the price. I wish that this may receive international attention and pressure them to stop the move, it's probably the only way of discouraging someone from doing something stupid aside from legal or armed action.

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Posted in: Man arrested for posting libelous comments about mother of missing girl See in context

I really don't understand why people would talk trash to someone who's already grieve stricken from a missing family member. If you can't help them then don't mess with them, have they no anything better to do?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context

This is like having a gun-toting neighbor pitch a tent on your lawn and backyard, and being asked to pay a fee for his daily expenditures and for keeping your house safe. Would seem like a good deal but I think that Japan can probably look after its own and I believe that America is more than willing to stay here even if it doesn't get paid by Tokyo, but wouldn't turn down an opportunity to collect some protection fee.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite places in Japan to view the beautiful autumn foliage? See in context

Lake Shibire in Yamanashi Prefecture, if you're sitting lakeside, it looks like you're surrounded by colorful gold, orange and yellow banners. But any countryside road that passes through forested areas is beautiful in its own right in my opinion.

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Posted in: Outdoor dating becomes popular amid pandemic See in context

If another pandemic of this scale happens years, decades or a century from now, they will look back at how people still found ways to live normally. As what was said in Jurassic Park, life finds a way. I'm willing to bet that there were people during the 1918 pandemic who were stilling living it up even as people around them got sick.

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Posted in: How can public health officials around the world help COVID-weary people, who are are sick and tired of being told to wear masks, keep their business closed and keep their distance from others, to maintain their guard against the coronavirus? See in context

I had the same idea with borscht, remind people that these measures aren't meant to oppress them but to help prevent the disease from spreading and more deaths from occurring. governments should capitalize on this. But on the other side of the fence, there are skeptics that would look at these measures as a justification to introduce more social control.

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Posted in: Man loses 200 times at crane game, calls police to investigate; staff member loses 300 times too See in context

I remembered a video on youtube explaining that crane games tend to follow a certain pattern of tries that will allow a player to win by strengthening the claw's grip and movements. But a 200 and 300 time losing streak is just a scam. My dad who loved these games, would learn these patterns so he could win most of the time. But in my opinion, just buying a stuffed toy from the mall is a lot cheaper than trying your luck lol.

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Posted in: 2 motorcyclists killed in head-on collision in Fukui See in context

I'm willing to bet that either of the motorcycles were going too fast and accidentally crossed the center line. RIP these guys.

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Posted in: Do you think remote working, where possible, improves productivity, creativity and staff retention for a company? See in context

In my case, it's a yes. I have more time and energy to do house chores and look after things outside of work. I don't have to wake up early and prepare stuff, buy food, worry about presenteeism and a lot more things that I'd usually worry about work if there's no pandemic. remote working is convenient. There will always be downsides to it but I can live with those since the pros are more than the cons in my book.

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Posted in: There is still great uncertainly about whether Tokyo can host the Olympics next summer. When do you think a final decision should be made? See in context

Have a deadline to decide whether to hold the event or postpone it. If the pandemic still exists a certain period before the target date, let's say 3 to 6 months before the day, postpone it again. This pandemic won't follow a corporate calendar and will likely continue indefinitely in 2021 unless a miracle happens which I highly doubt

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Posted in: Name some movie scores that are so famous that after hearing only a few seconds of the music, you can immediately name the movie. See in context

Mission Impossible, it's impossible to miss (pun intended)

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Posted in: First-ever foot-operated vending machine appears in Japan during pandemic See in context

this is actually cool, I wish I could find one. I wonder if in the near future, there will be smart phone applications that can help you buy stuff from vending machines, seems plausible. In any case, you'll still have to touch the tray that several other people did. Agree with the posters above me, the world isn't exactly a biosafety level 4 caliber of sterility and people carry bacteria with them all the time. I think this pandemic made the population more afraid of germs more than ever.

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Posted in: Japan to consider new anti-stalking measures against GPS monitoring See in context

@ virusrex - there's actually a commercially available electronic bug detecting device that can spot hidden camera and listening devices but I don't know if they can pick up gps devices though.

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Posted in: Japan to consider new anti-stalking measures against GPS monitoring See in context

A perpetrator usually plants a GPS device on a target's car.

I wonder how far would these stalkers go? Another reason to do a search inside your vehicle if your car looks like it's been tampered with. I have an idea, if by any chance I found a GPS device in my car, I'd leave in a public restroom and let the stalker frustrate his head off.

Just an honest question though, why is stalking rampant in Japan? I understand that the Japanese tend to have an inclination towards venerating idols, but aren't they taking things too far?

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Posted in: 2020 has been a year of restrictions because of the coronavirus. When the virus is finally behind us, what are some of the things that you would like to do most of all? See in context

See family and friends comes first, travel comes second. video calls and virtual tourism just doesn't cut it.

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Posted in: No panty shots, under any circumstances, please, says anime’s creator to animation staff See in context

Panty shots are just meant to boost up the show's fanbase anyway. You won't need those cheap tricks with a show with beautiful graphics such as this.

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