COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: Do you have any suggestions for helping people suffering growing stress and depression from the coronavirus outbreak, especially those who have lost their jobs or are in self-isolation? See in context

All I can say is this:

Get your news directly from websites or minimize your consumption of news. The media loves to selectively hype and cut out aspects of current events.

Take this opportunity to take care of your health and spend more time with your friends and family (minimize going outside, just go online). Who knows, you might find connections to a new job from the people you know

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Posted in: 5 post-apocalyptic anime to watch while social distancing See in context

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind should be in here

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Posted in: Public warned to beware of coronavirus scams See in context

It's really bothering that some people still want to take advantage of a pandemic at the risk of getting themselves sick just to rob someone off. Authorities should better monitor those who pretend to be them, it's all too easy to be complacent and be trusting towards anybody wearing authoritative clothes nowadays

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Posted in: Age is not the only risk for severe coronavirus disease See in context

So, based from what I've read, if you belong to the following demographic, you'll have a higher chance of contracting the virus (or just any illness in general): of an older age; with pre-existing chronic health conditions; male. Here's what I wish they included in the article:

Woman genetically have stronger immune systems than men (

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Posted in: How is Japan coping with telecommuting? Survey asks for the good and bad of working from home See in context

These are just birth pains, Japan will adapt.

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Posted in: Japan to give face masks to 50 mil households to fight virus See in context

A bottle of alcohol and color-safe bleach too, please.

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Posted in: Tokyo extends event cancellations, facility closures to May 6 See in context

good call, Tokyo.

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Posted in: Lockdown or lock-in? Fears of alcoholism, addiction in confinement See in context

If you want to have a strong reason to lay off the booze for the time being, just know that being drunk lowers your immune system, making you more vulnerable. Let's have a worldwide nomikai when this is all over.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

For all of Japan's technological advancements, I was expecting the J-gov't to announce all schools and to hold their classes online. If you ask me, Abe should be looking hard on mobilizing the country's resources to keep basic services afloat, especially the medical sector

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Posted in: Around the world, political leaders trying to cope with the coronavirus pandemic are making calculations centered around the question: How many deaths are acceptable, as weighed against millions of jobs lost and trillions of dollars of economic output foregone? What's your view? See in context

Here's another question I have about this thread, if countries do surpass their acceptable death count, then what? Enforce even stricter measures? In my humble opinion, they should've gone the whole way in the very beginning. Sure, it'll scare a lot of people and businesses but hey, at least there's less casualties

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Posted in: Pyroclastic flows from Mt Fuji eruption could cut major roads: report See in context

And here I thought mt Fuji is becoming active again. A good to know info but probably now is not the best time for this, we have out plate already full of the coronavirus pandemic

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Posted in: Around the world, political leaders trying to cope with the coronavirus pandemic are making calculations centered around the question: How many deaths are acceptable, as weighed against millions of jobs lost and trillions of dollars of economic output foregone? What's your view? See in context

Human lives will always be more valuable than money, period. A country with a hardly-affected economy but with a decimated population will have a harder time to rebuild than a country with a struggling economy but with a still strong work force.

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Posted in: Man assaulted, robbed on Tokyo street See in context

the pair went to the man’s car and took a bag containing approximately 100,000 yen in cash

I'm guessing that the dude who got robbed had been targeted for a while and is not just some random mugging. They probably tailed him from the ATM or a bank

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Posted in: Smoking diners to take it outside as Tokyo ban kicks in See in context

That took Japan long enough. I hope this policy sticks, I really hate smelling smoldering tobacco while eating

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Posted in: Comiket cancelled as coronavirus knocks off Tokyo’s biggest otaku celebration See in context

A sad time for all of us. Let's just hope that all this pandemic is behind us as soon as possible

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Posted in: Japan warship, China fishing boat collide in East China Sea See in context

incidents like this really makes me wonder, the sea is a vast and open road for ships and unlike aircraft, they have more time and warning to avoid each other. It's like walking in a park and someone still manages to graze your shoulder like you're getting off a crowded train. Not a maritime guy so I have no idea

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

I wonder how long it would take Japan to announce a state of emergency given the present situation.

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Posted in: Jobs and businesses have vanished because of the coronavirus. It seems that many individuals live from paycheck to paycheck. Why do you think so many workers have no nest egg? See in context

This is one question that is very hard to give a general blanket statement to answer. Just from what I notice, I can just say that people who don't have a nest egg are:

1.) they really have no extra cash to save up and are really living from paycheck to paycheck. My co-worker always had to borrow money just to buy groceries every month just to make ends meet.

2.) they handle their finances very poorly. Sure, you probably really needed that latest iPhone even if it would set you back a few paychecks. Sorry for being judgmental there but you get the idea.

3.) they are usually not emergency preparedness-minded. My grandmother who survived WWII would always save up whatever and whenever she can, pretty sure those from the same generation would have that mindset too.

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Posted in: How to make 'so,' Japan’s 1,000-year-old dessert that’s back in fashion See in context

Hey, this is similar to pastillas in the Philippines, awesome. I hope JT makes an article about Japan's historical survival food recipes, we could really use them right now

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Posted in: Are gun shops in U.S. 'essential' businesses during a pandemic? See in context

While I see the importance of having firearms, It's better for shops to close for now. Responsible gun owners and those who are prepared are most likely stocked up anyway. Those who will be panic buying are usually those ill-prepared and paranoid anyway. You'll just run the risk of having more people, albeit irresponsible and irrational gun owners, who will try to use them to get what they want. The pandemic or any natural disaster is already bad as it is but people would usually make the situation a lot worse.

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

From where I'm living now, the people here have already panic bought about two weeks ago. And that feeling, it's like a calm before a big calamity, it's very unsettling. I fear for those living in Tokyo considering that how many people live there vs how many groceries and convenience stores are there (Don't count the restos, they'll most likely close soon). Chances are that once these shops fail to restock, even the Japanese will start to lose their tatemae and go into survival mode. I pray that the government is prepared for this, they had more than enough of a time to prepare anyway.

Heed this warning, If you're in Tokyo and can afford to move into the countryside, do so before the government orders a Tokyo-wide or nationwide lockdown. Just remember that cities manage to function on a daily basis because of the logistics that goes into supporting it. Cut that off and you can imagine the rest.

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Posted in: Which industries do you think will weather the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus? See in context

Basic services and key industries like healthcare, energy, food production, manufacturing, telecommunications, sanitation, etc. Just name a job that caters to a person's basic needs, they'll likely to stay afloat even in other emergencies. If you're working for these industries, you're still likely busy and working today. Be thankful for that, it's a job that won't go belly up even if the economy goes under

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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

Let's hope the pandemic is over by then

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Posted in: As governments around the world apply strict measures to contain the coronavirus, millions of people are losing their jobs and companies are facing bankruptcy. Do you think the economic fallout is worse than the health impact? See in context

That's the problem about a heavily-globalized international system, a bad event in a country will drag the whole thing down with it. Countries shouldn't be grumbling about the economic losses for now, they should be more worried about the lives that could potentially be lost due to the pandemic. We can all rebuild later when this is all over. It's harder to rebuild an economy if your workforce is decimated by the virus. I just hope that decision makers value human lives more than money

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Posted in: What do you think the global airline industry, which has been gutted by the coronavirus, will look like after the virus has been contained? See in context

When this virus blows over, I'm expecting a lot of airlines will have fire sale- esque travel promos. I'm also expecting (hopefully) that airlines will enforce measures to isolate passengers with potentially contagious symptoms for even the most common ailments.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan at historic low in 2019 but more teens kill themselves See in context

IF the education sector or the entire society for that matter, could probably lay off the pressure from the students and the younger generation, maybe the suicide rates could drop. It's not that the younger generations are weaker than the older ones, they're just placed under more stress and pressure than the older ones during their time. Mental illnesses is looked down upon and not taken seriously in Asia very well (this I can personally say from first hand experience). If Japanese society can't do that (I'm willing to bet they won't anyway), then at least give active counselling to students. Given its population decline, every kid growing into adult age in Japan should be treated as a valuable resource far more valuable than gold and oil

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Posted in: Abe could be big loser if Tokyo Olympics canceled, postponed See in context

he would be even a bigger loser if he still pushes the Olympics while the rest of the world is still fighting the pandemic. Time to cut your losses, Abe

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Posted in: How has the coronavirus affected your travel plans so far and in the near future? See in context

so far, I had to cancel my planned camping trip with my friends that was supposed to happen in April. There always next year anyway, At least mother nature's gonna take a break from all the pollution we've been putting out

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Posted in: Upskirting to cyber-flashing: Lawmakers around world face calls to punish digital sex abuse See in context

Why not just minimize your exposure online? maintain OPSEC. They won't be able to stalk you if you don't give them a reason and means to stalk you. I've had female friends who were stalked and the common factor among them were that they were very active on social media. For those secretly filming you, why not wear pants or underwear that is too revealing like cycling shorts to prevent upskirt voyeurs. Wear a low-profile disguise and change your habits if you think you're being stalked. Authorities will eventually be able to help you, but for the meantime, look after your own. Cybercrimes at this time are hard to prevent since authorities are just beginning to see a new field where threats and opportunities would come from.

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Posted in: Woman robbed inside elevator in Yokohama See in context

this is why i take the stairs as much as i can.

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