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Posted in: Drunkenly operating a drone becomes a crime under new law See in context

I see the logic in this, operating anything mechanical under the influence of any substance is dangerous. How about being a nuisance on public transport while drunk? It seems more common

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest clothes or accessories you have seen staff wear to your workplace? See in context

I've seen one coworker wear ripped jeans and the places that were ripped were in some quite unsightly places.

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Posted in: What can be done to help Japan's 'hikikomori' (recluses)? See in context

As someone who became a hikikomori for 7 months after graduating college, what got me out of the house was my family and friends who constantly coaxed me through pep talk to get a job and told me that while the world is harsh, kind people still exist. For general help to other hikikomori, I think taking the gentle and positively encouraging route with the help of support groups over the strong-arm approach will work best for other recluses considering the very reason a lot of them shut-in in the first place was being fed up with too much crap they're forced to deal with prior.

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Posted in: What do you think of school uniform dress codes in Japan? See in context

I think their school uniforms (sailor-based uniforms in particular) are remnants of Japan's bygone era. While I will not mention anything more about that, their uniforms look very presentable but would sometimes be too impractical for the weather. I've seen boys wearing the gakuran during hot days and girls wearing the short skirt in sub-zero temperatures, all because they had to. I think this is carried over to their adult stage where people would still wear the suit and tie under the sweltering heat of the summer and wouldn't even loosen their tie or remove their coat.

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

While I understand that the intentions of the school admin is to make students look uniformly alike (the nail that stands out will be hammered down saying and all that), but what about those who genetically look like that? I grew up in a school where guys can't grow their hair longer than a recommended length and would be disciplined when we grow it longer than that, it sucks. When can these older generations wrap their heads around the fact that people have different physical features. Yes, some kids do change their physical appearance according to their liking, but so what? It does not affect how they learn nor does it impede in their life. They should've focused on more pressing issues instead.

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Posted in: Opinion polls got it wrong on Australia's election, Brexit and Donald Trump's 2016 presidential win, just to cite three examples. How important and reliable are opinion polls in this day and age? See in context

Ideally, polls should be the voice of the people on certain issues, but in reality, the results can be easily influenced and skewed. I think polls today hold less credibility since not everyone (and they are growing in number) is concerned with current events which would make the results inconsistent and unreliable.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

The ruling came after the Supreme Court in March ordered owners of cellphones with TV functionality to pay the subscription fee.

Well, you just gave cellphone manufacturers an idea to rake in more profits for the NHK. I really don't get why the NHK is overly keen on getting their subscription fee from any device with a TV function? What's next, a smart watch with a TV function would also be charged?

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Posted in: What do you think about suspected gropers jumping onto train tracks at stations to avoid capture? See in context

I see it from multiple perspectives. If the guy was actually guilty for groping someone in the train, then escaping is to be expected (since nobody apparently wants to end up behind bars for doing their crimes). On the other hand, there are probably people there who would scam innocent people into falsely accuse them of groping, prompting them to escape - which makes them all the more look guilty. I think running away is a poor choice since not only would you put your life at risk, you're also making yourself look more guilty...and delay train services.

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Posted in: What habits by your co-workers annoy you the most at your workplace? See in context

When people yawn loudly and don't cover their mouths. We get it, you're tired but have some manners.

@trinkets2 - that should be considered as power and sexual harassment. This ain't the feudal age anymore

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese pop and rock music? Heard anything you like? See in context

I really got into Peace Sign by Kenshi Yonezu. J-pop is quite diverse and finding your own niche among them shouldn't be difficult.

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Posted in: K-pop stardom lures Japanese youth to Korea despite diplomatic chill See in context

Good on this article! It just goes to show that one aspect of a country's ties does not reflect the entirety of their relations. Good luck to these girls making it into the business!

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Posted in: Be wary of robot emotions; 'simulated love is never love' See in context

I think we'll eventually reach a threshold where AI is smart enough for robots to be be almost human. Until then, people will most likely scoff at the idea of having an emotional connection with AI technology, but give it a few more years, maybe science will cross that border someday.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman on moped injured by rope stretched across road See in context

They should really arrest and charge the person responsible for doing this. During the allied invasion of France during WW2, nazis would string up metal wire along forested and dark roads at about neck height which led to lots of US casualties.

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Posted in: 120 interviews later, photographer releases book about Japanese ‘hafu’ identity See in context

In the past (after the war) a child of mixed parentage was nearly always the result of a fleeting encounter between a Japanese woman and an American GI, illegitimate, never knowing his or her natural father, and doomed to a life of poverty. The 'extra' blood was seen as nothing but a negative.

Its the same thing with the Philippines, those who were born post war with an American lineage were often called "GI babies" but weren't ridiculed that much since they looked more beautiful that racially pure Filipinos.

Now we live in a different world, and the 'extra' blood (and more importantly, culture) is seen as a positive at best, no big deal at worst.

Thank You! As a mix of two races myself, the only I could say is that humans and human, peel back that skin color, belief, culture and values and we're all just the same. Just to glorify the interracial people out there, here are some articles that might pique your interest:

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Posted in: Man whose wife, 3-year-old daughter were killed by speeding car, puts focus on issue of elderly driving See in context

condolence to the guy, I can't even imagine the grief he's in right now. I think a good revision to the 2017 revised traffic law would be that those who are 75 (this could also be moved to 70 or even 65) and older should get an annual cognitive and physical exam in order to prevent more incidents like this from happening.

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Posted in: Stubbed out: Japanese university stops hiring smoking professors See in context

As a non-smoker, while I don't appreciate the smell of tobacco from someone in public, let along inhaling secondhand smoke, I think the university overstepped this one. People are just, well, people. Everyone has their own coping mechanism and smoking is one of the most common. While I understand that the image of someone who teaches people for a living should be a shining example of what one should be (without any vices), they still have their coping mechanisms. I hope the university gives some leeway for professors who smoke, it would be a shame if their skills and experience would just be trumped by a single vice.

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Posted in: Japanese firms less willing to increase graduate intake in FY2020 See in context

I wonder, these Japanese companies don't want to increase their hiring of fresh graduates but are also suffering from personnel shortages, always citing their economic outlook. This just means that they're too stingy to hire more workers to maintain profits with less manpower. If this is the case, then where would the new hires find a job? I wonder if they could apply overseas instead?

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Posted in: Do you think in the future cinemas will suffer the same fate as drive-in movie theaters? See in context

Its the same as asking whether taxis would become obsolete now that there are lots of ride sharing services. I think its unlikely and that internet-based services would make their traditional counterparts obsolete, I think they would compliment each other instead.

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

A Chinese respondent who works at a convenience store said that a colleague told the respondent not to speak Chinese when the respondent was asked for directions by a Chinese-speaking customer.

Hey, isn't that advantageous for the convenience store or any other establishment, since some of their staff could act as a translator for those who have trouble speaking in Japanese?

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Posted in: Why does politics divide a country into "us" versus "them" (using the U.S. as an example)? Why can't people on both sides come together on issues to unify their country instead of dividing it? See in context

Two words: Toxic tribalism. A group glorifies themselves for their views is acceptable but when you antagonize those who don't share your group's ideals, that's when the division starts. If only people and groups could keep their differences in check, politics would not be seen as dirty as it is

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Posted in: Teen who allegedly made explosive may have traded uranium online See in context

Its sad for the government to immediately brand people like him as criminals first and resourceful geniuses second. If Japan or any other country does not recruit this guy to work under them, then the bad guys would likely do.

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Posted in: What is your all-time favorite anime series? See in context

One Piece

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Posted in: E-cigarettes haven't made teen smoking cool again: study See in context

Kids are smarter today than the previous generations. They're aware that smoking costs a lot of money, bad for your health and does not make you look cool.

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Posted in: Extra abdication holidays pose dilemma for Japanese workers See in context

"To be honest, I don't know how to spend the time when we are suddenly given 10 days of holidays."

Really, How is that a problem? That is what a vacation should feel like - you have no plans but to rest and recreate. Having a planned out vacation is great but you should not fret if you don't have any - just relax. Although if you're in the service industry, these coming holidays are going to be even more busy.

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Posted in: What do you think about Osaka Gov Ichiro Matsui and Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura resigning to run for each other's positions in the April 7 gubernatorial, mayoral and assembly elections, in a bid to form "Osaka metropolis?" See in context

I think it's a good move, maintaining the policy continuity of government officials. If it is going to help the government become more efficient and maintain policy continuity, then why not

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Posted in: Man arrested for goading girlfriend into setting herself on fire See in context

This just does not make any sense, the woman should've fought back in the least and not waste her life with this lowlife

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Posted in: When you were a child, how did your parents discipline you? See in context

Being an only child, I was coddled by my parents but at the same time was taught discipline the old-fashioned way. However, unlike the old fashioned upbringing, I was raised to reason and plead and not just take the brunt of everything.

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Posted in: Why don't societies leave justice in the hands of crime victims (or their relatives and friends)? See in context

Even before the formal justice system was established, people would still do public hearings or at least someone to mediate for the crimes. Leaving the perpetrator in the hands of the victim's relatives and friends would almost always end bad for the perpetrator. In simple words, there won't be any justice.

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Posted in: How do we prepare for our future with robots in our everyday lives? See in context

In my head, I'm imagining a life similar to the Jetson's family. Well for starters, don't rely on robots for everything . IF you can do it, do it. I'd imagine that over reliance on robots even for the most menial tasks would dull a person's skills, strength and attention span since nearly everything would be handed to them on a silver platter, essentially the same thing in the move Wall-E.

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Posted in: Hokkaido police searching for naked man in glasses who groped woman in sub-zero weather See in context

At least he was wearing his glasses. Spring is around the corner and guys like these are starting to wake up from their hibernation. Seriously, were there any cameras to catch the person mentioned?

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