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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 24-year-old girlfriend See in context

Taguchi’s six-year-old son, who was in the apartment, found his mother and ran out of the apartment in tears seeking help. Another building resident called 119.

This is just gut wrenching to read even in words, poor kid.

Taguchi, who lived alone with her son, had consulted police on June 9 after being struck in the face by Yoshinao but later withdrew her complaint.

While it's hard to judge a person's character, you should trust those red flags your guts are telling you.

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Posted in: If you could get tested for the coronavirus, would you? See in context

Yes, it'll give me and those around me a (temporary) peace of mind. Although I still think they should focus on periodically testing those at a higher risk first like those in public transport and health workers.

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Posted in: Japan braces for more heavy rain as death toll rises to 66 See in context

I really hope the weather gives Japan a breather already, it's been raining for probably more than a week straight already and more homes and lives are being lost. CV-19 cases are rising in Tokyo with no clear measure to solve it and then this, give us a break, even just for a day.

The agency predicted up to 300 millimeters of rain on the southern island through Saturday.

that's a third of a meter! it probably wouldn't matter if that amount of rain as spread in a period of several weeks but in a matter of days it would just turn soil into molten ice cream and fill storm drains beyond capacity.

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Posted in: 870,000 urged to evacuate after torrential rain lashes southwestern and central Japan See in context

Same as what hamburger and zichi said, where would you possibly expect that many people to bug out to? If evacuation centers of neighboring prefectures that aren't hit by strong rains and flooding are available, why not encourage them to drive up there? This may sound like an understatement but the climate has been really unfriendly lately. There's also flooding in China and in my home country's southern islands.

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Posted in: Mother physically subdues man who groped her schoolgirl daughter See in context

And that's how things should be, catching the perv perp before they can escape. I wish the same for us foreigners though, where we could help victims by detaining gropers without the police saying to us "stay out of Japan business."

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Posted in: Japan battered by more heavy rain, floods; at least 58 dead See in context

only if those rains could be diverted to places experiencing extreme drought. I hate to bring this up but imagine if the 2020 Olympics was happening when disasters like this was going on in other places in Japan. I'd imagine that it might become a major headache for government officials, rescue personnel and businesses to provide food, shelter and healthcare if a disaster happens near any Olympic arenas.

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Posted in: If Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat U.S. presidential candidate, were to win the Nov 3 election, how do you think his policies toward Japan would differ from President Donald Trump? See in context

I think it won't change that much. The US in my opinion, has been consistent in enacting its policies despite the guy running the oval office. But if there would be US policy changes to Asia in general, it would probably be that Washington wouldn't press its allies that much to raise their pay for hosting US military assets in their home countries and step up its criticism against human rights violations.

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I hope this info becomes useful to someone somehow. My folks in my hometown in my home country aside from buying truck tire inner tubes as improvised floatation devices, our local authorities have rigid hull boats such as kayaks and RHIB's since inflatable boats will usually get punctured by underwater debris. My neighbor in that place also owns short kayaks since we get flooded often.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of teenage girl in Yamanashi Prefecture See in context they sat in a parked car...

...she and Fukushima knew each other....

The story doesn't sound good from here for both sides

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with recent news claiming that the CV-19 is now airborne, governments around the world (especially Tokyo) should better reconsider their gameplan on how to handle this. As what Ego above me said, you really shouldn't take this virus lightly, you don't want to take that risk

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Posted in: For those of you who are teleworking at home, what are some of the biggest distractions? See in context

having to do house chores, especially cooking, during working hours. But that's a distraction that I can manage, at least it's a productive distraction. I can't say for others but thankfully my work did not install monitoring software on our PC's that make you sit in front of your computer all the time and will report to the management if you've been away for the keyboard for 3 minutes or more or have been doing non-working stuff on your PC.

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

a tire company or a car repair shop should hire him if he really likes tires that much

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Posted in: 34 confirmed dead or missing after heavy rain in southwestern Japan See in context

"After corona, we have this. This is too harsh."

Life's problems just refuse to get in line and tend to go at you all at the same time. I just pray for those people affected by this. Stay safe for those living in these areas. This is why when our area got flooded by rains a couple of years ago is when we decided to buy truck inner tubes to use as floats for our senior citizens. They're cheap, durable, easy to store and are buoyant enough to keep an adult human afloat.

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Posted in: What kind of movies would you prefer to see on a big cinema screen rather than streamed for you to watch at home? See in context

Apocalypse and disaster movies just have that extra oomph when you watch it in the beg screen compared to our tiny smartphone screens

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Posted in: Rapper Kanye West announces 2020 U.S. presidential bid See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if Eminem, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent run for political positions in the coming elections too.

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

The rise of the new motherhood identity could ironically be causing women to delay starting families as they feel intimidated by the portrayals in magazines, according to the research in a new book launched this week.

Japanese women really have it hard. If you're working until beyond a certain age, you get criticized for not marrying. If you work while you're married and have kids, you get picked on by the management, and if you become a full-time housewife, you still have to keep up with appearances society expects you to conform with.

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Posted in: Shooting star seems to have exploded above Tokyo See in context

thank goodness a fragment of it didn't crash on a lake and decimated an entire population

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt at train station See in context

this guy should just visit the red light district if he can't keep his hands from girls. One thing could progress into another, and let's hope it doesn't get worse from here.

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Posted in: What happens if no coronavirus vaccine is found? See in context

we could probably descend into a modern version of the bubonic plague if that's the case, but with less death, but the same socio-economic effects. The COVID-19 may not be that much deadly, but i'm sure it will prevent a lot of modern civilization's daily operations from going back to normal

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Posted in: Half of Tokyo residents oppose Olympics in 2021: poll See in context

Even though it's still too early to say, I'd just want to believe that if the pandemic doesn't let up globally let's say around 6-3 months before July 2021, the organizers should consider postponing it for another year or other options

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Posted in: If and when a coronavirus vaccine is developed, how long do you think it would take to administer it to everyone in the world? How would it be done? See in context

@kyronstavic: maybe it's not necessary that every human being alive would actually need the vaccine, but governments, big pharma and paid experts would likely make it seem that we all need to be vaccinated for the actual sake of it and/ or for some vested interests. I'm honestly believing that the need for vaccines would likely be used by some entities to pursue hidden agendas under the guise of preventing the pandemic from spreading. Earlier pandemics just went by without the entire global population needing a vaccine and authorities imposing any protocols, but this COVID-19 is just hyped beyond reason and yet, it is no more fatal than the common flu.

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Posted in: If and when a coronavirus vaccine is developed, how long do you think it would take to administer it to everyone in the world? How would it be done? See in context

I'd guess the first month would be given to the world's elite in the first weeks to a month, to high-level government officials and their families in the second month, those who are quite well-off and have connections by the third month, the vital emergency workers on the fourth, regular people on the fifth, and those residing in poorer countries by the latter half of the year or possibly even a year after the vaccine was distributed. Just think about how quick and how good the medical services these classes of people are already having before the pandemic. If your local community is having trouble even getting basic meds and vaccines, then you get the idea.

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Posted in: Do you think the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in authoritarian behavior by governments around the world, posing a growing threat to democracy, free movement, free speech, public assembly and other civic rights? See in context

never waste a good opportunity to introduce tougher laws and surveillance measures disguised as government efforts to protect and help the people through a crisis.

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Posted in: Some airlines are requiring passengers wear masks on board. What do you think of this? See in context

I think it's a necessary measure at a time like this. In my previous flights, there would always be that super sick person that would cough, sniffle and clear their throat frequently without even covering their face. I also would like to believe that face masks are great for muffling the sound of snoring

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Posted in: Rescue services reduced for reopening of popular hiking trail See in context

Compared to how developed and the wild side of nature is removed from parks in Japan, I really wouldn't be concerned about lesser emergency personnel on standby. Where else would you see concrete stairs with chain handrails that go well up into a mountain trail and have perfectly operational vending machines at the summit. I say you'd really have to be in real trouble to call for rescue, but then again, there are those people that hike and camp all bundled up in the mid-day of summer

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Posted in: What are some questions you have been asked at a job interview either in Japan or abroad, that you felt were inappropriate? See in context

here's mine, they're not exactly inappropriate in my opinion, but they're just plain stupid to ask in an interview:

would you be fine with working without a salary for the initial few months?

are you married?

do you know how to use the computer?

do you drink?

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting high school girl on Tokyo train See in context

“I misunderstood and thought that the girl didn’t mind what I was doing. I thought she was cute.”

yeah, that excuse won't hold water

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

I've been working from home since mid-March and I can confirm this for my workplace at least in the beginning. But the surprising thing I've learned is that our workflow when teleworking became more efficient since there were less useless meetings, people were working earlier and were less tired from commuting which surprisingly resulted in us spending shorter hours at work. I really wish we could stay like this even after this pandemic blows over, I'm really looking forward to this becoming the new normal

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl sent to reformatory for stabbing classmate See in context

The girl reportedly suffers chronic emotional stress from a feeling of failure to become well-adjusted to society.

Unless we address the root cause of the problem, more cases like this will continue to pop up in the future. I wish schools would allot programs for kids, while jobs can hold similar ideas for their workers. It doesn't have to be managed by professional psychiatrists, even just someone who's willing to lend an ear and a shoulder for support would be enough, think of it like a group therapy session. It might seem like a first world problem, but it'll still get to you.

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Posted in: Abe finally takes a day off after 148-day work streak See in context

Playing golf, attending parties and signing papers must be a lot of hard work

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