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Posted in: Mother arrested for abuse after nearly 100 scars found on 4-year-old daughter’s body See in context

Poor child! I would've cried my eyes out even from a paper cut when I was that young, let alone that many scars. Daycare centers would really help in addressing domestic violence as it would allow a third-party perspective on the issue, good on them. Aside from asking the kid, police should ask the children as well. No child should experience such trauma, let alone from someone that should've been protecting and loving them.

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Posted in: Face tattoos: A trend that is here to stay? See in context

I agree that face tattoos are becoming common but would still face stigma from the majority of society but with all of the liberal thinking of the world today, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes mainstream and becomes a trend. It looks good on pacific islanders, but would still look out of place if you'd be in a suit and tie while presenting your bosses

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Posted in: 4 people found dead in tent in apparent joint suicide See in context

Shouldn't the government be able to take down such social media chat groups?

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Posted in: In Japan, Valentine's Day gives women chance to treat themselves See in context

You should really treat yourself and significant others first and the rest would have what's left. Giving something that should've been given with a willing heart kinda defeats the purpose of it all. It's like those middle school anime scenes where guys would compare how much chocolate they got and would gauge their status in the class, its just shallow

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill 15-year-old girl at her request See in context

So the guy, minding his own business until reading the girl's message, would also kill himself should he have succeeded in killing the girl. Are you serious?

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

Somebody give these guys some chocolate and a VIP treatment in Kabukicho

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Posted in: Do you think democracy is the best form of government? See in context

There is no form of government that is one size fits all, its a matter whether it goes well with the country. A state that needs a strong leadership would be better off having a limited democracy while a self-disciplined country would be a great fit for democracy. Take Singapore for example, the country's democracy is limited (political censorship, strict laws, etc) but the system works well with the country while Scandinavian countries are democratic utopias that are hard to replicate in other parts of the world. Why? Political culture. A country with an unruly political culture is not fit for a democracy while a country with a mature political culture would become a shining model of it.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

In relation to Japanese present day societal problems, I think the "children have no time to play because they are too pressured by society" problem goes wayyy back. With Japan being one of the countries with a Confucian culture, (along with China, Korea, Taiwan) that one of its main teachings is to pursue the cultivation of man and society, one would really have to expect that the Japanese would really pursue education and social improvement, by instinct almost, at the expense of oneself at times. While Confucian teachings are great, one pitfall it has on modern society today is that people are somewhat being forced to raise the bar way above what they can reach and end up losing time to become themselves and living the way they want to - hence, you get people that are institutionalized, have excessively reserved opinions and mental issues. Culturally-rooted issues are difficult and would take years of re-education to change

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Posted in: Man breaks into Defense Ministry, apparently to steal rifle from guard See in context

I wonder what was this man thinking? Attempting to break into the Ministry of Defense and wrestling a rifle from a guard, even if its unloaded. Did he play too much video games or was he too drunk and couldn't remember anything again? Seriously though, a few more altercations and the sentries would've been entitled to use deadly force ( I have no idea what the security's ROE is but still, absolutely dangerous)

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Posted in: What causes someone to become a stalker? See in context

I think its the inability to express one's feelings properly. I have a friend who stalked a girl for 2 years during our high school days. He only viewed his social media profiles a lot and did not physically stalk her or anything. During that time, he was socially awkward and is unable to confess his feelings, leading to pent-up feeling that eventually wells out. ever since he came out of his shell, he never stalked again. Wallflowers out there!

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Posted in: Japan too soft on sex offenders, vast majority of survey respondents say See in context

From an outsider's perspective, I think that Japan's prominent sexual deviancy is another crack brought about by how pent up society is. Considering that Japanese society is keen on keeping everything spic and span, in good efficient order and avoiding causing trouble for one another, it does take its toll on anyone and cracks will eventually show. With sex being one of the well-known outlets to blow off some steam (pun intended), it's only apparent that the sex industry will not be able to cater to everybody's needs and wants.

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Posted in: What's your favorite Japanese snack food? See in context


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Posted in: Ex-policeman pleads guilty to shooting sergeant in 'koban,' citing mental stress See in context

to reiterate what Yubaru said, a 20 year old that graduated from police academy, is issued a firearm and had (hopefully) passed psychological tests before being admitted for training, cites mental stress for shooting his NCO? Isn't he a bit too young don't you think? In the 20-yr old's defense, I think that mental stress is more on the lines of either being profusely bullied by his senpai(s) to which he broke and/ or the screening process for the police force was not thorough enough to identify any cracks in his persona. Some people can only be strong and hold their tatemae for so long before they crack from all the stress (and possible bullying and other cr@p) they face on a daily basis.

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Posted in: What do you think about Naomi Osaka being asked to comment in Japanese by Japanese reporters at news conferences? See in context

I think it's not only exclusive to Japan, its kind of stereotyping that if a person is of this descent, they are immediately expected to know that country's culture and language even though they are just as an outsider to that country as other people would be. I had a friend when I used to live in Canada who's half Chinese and would be always spoken to in Mandarin by Chinese people we meet and would be asked by my classmates if he could speak Chinese. I think this is not a case of ignorance but just a common case of curiosity. However, I would say that doing that during an interview is outright rude and ignorant

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Pardon me for going slightly off topic here but, why does Japan have such draconian laws and why are they super strict on foreigners? If a Japanese broke that lamp, he'd just use his "i was drunk and couldn't remember jack" card and he'd get off with a light fine whereas god forbid if it was a foreigner. To answer beerdeliveryguy's question, maybe the beer had something more than beer in 'em, you know, being in Tokyo and all that.

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Posted in: What "omiyage" (souvenirs or gifts) do you bring back home with you after a trip to Japan? Or if you live in Japan, and your relatives or friends visit you, what "omiyage" do they take back home? See in context

Furoshiki cloth, chopsticks, fridge magnets and tabi socks are what my cousin gave us when he came from Japan. I think the best Omiyage are the ones that you can only find in Japan, the more traditional and native it is, the better of a souvenir it would be.

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Posted in: 3 areas in Japan to bid to host casinos; many others reluctant: survey See in context

"As part of efforts to tackle addiction, people living in Japan will be charged a 6,000 yen entrance fee for casinos and face limits on the number of visits, while foreign visitors will be able to enter free of charge."

Wow, that's pretty steep don't you think? I honestly think that paying 6000 yen really won't curb someone's gambling addiction if they're willing to pay that much just to gamble - it might even encourage them to win that 6000 yen back just to satisfy their urge to gamble.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese characters in anime, manga and video games "look" Caucasian? See in context

I remembered reading or watching an answer to this on Youtube. If I remember it correctly, It's not that they look Caucasian on purpose, but the animators gave them highly-contrasting features (larger eyes to emphasize eye color and shape, wild hairstyles, hair colors and unique accessories, etc.) to distinguish one character from another.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

This kid would've been punished like a POW if he tried to pull that kind of attitude a decade ago. During my high school days (late 2000's), there were people who always dared to violate the school dress code but would never be up in a teacher's face like this. In defense of kids these days, I'd say that society today made kids either a lot nicer and considerate or making more self-entitled punks. On the teacher's side, People are just human beings, push anyone **far enough and no matter how much self-control, discipline, fear of the law they have, something's gotta give. Luckily, this teacher knocked (hopefully) some sense into the kid and gets expelled. Getting physical is not always the answer, but sometimes it's the only way **

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Posted in: 4 men arrested over online romance scam See in context

Maybe they were really military servicemen of the Nigerian Prince?

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Posted in: For those of you with young children, how are you dealing with their requests to have cell phones? See in context

One of my friend's 5 year old kid was asking for a smartphone since he saw his dad playing games on it. What he told me he did was he bought a non-colored 999 in 1 brick games and the kid was already satisfied with that.

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Posted in: Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet See in context

I remember a documentary saying that it takes an insane amount of resources to raise a cow from calf to your dinner plate and that they also produce large amounts of methane. Eating less meat and meat products and more vegetables is great but haven't they forgotten another good source of protein - fish? I agree with Luddite, imitation foods look far worse than the actual thing. The only rule on food that I go by is this, look at the diet of the native people or at least, the food most commonly eaten at the countryside, chances are that they are healthy and sustainable.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been making at least one and sometimes two overseas trips a month over the past few years. Do you think that is too many for a prime minister? See in context

Japan has been active in the international community since his second term, it's a necessity. I'm surprised he does not feel jetlagged all the time

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sauce on young woman’s kimono on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

I really don't get why people do stuff like this. Is it a fetish, hatred towards society or just plain boredom?

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese women say they hate the company they work for in survey See in context

I wouldn't blame the younger generations hating their jobs considering the amount of BS they are forced to tolerate day in day out. Considering the infamous hardcore working culture of Japan and how seniority is strictly hierarchical , which (at oftentimes or maybe always) breeds self-entitled older folks that turn younger generations into doormats and repeating the cycle once they're the older ones - yep, a pretty vicious cycle, I wouldn't blame these younger generations

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Posted in: Backpack-wearing train users in rush hour have been ranked as the biggest annoyance among commuters, according to the results of a survey released by Japan Private Railway Association in Tokyo. What do you think about that? See in context

I really don't get this considering a lot of people carry backpacks. I think the problem here are people who refuse to "compact" themselves to allow other people to ride. I could list more things off the top of my head that's a lot more annoying than people with backpacks, i.e.: People who sneeze, cough and yawn without covering their mouth, blowing their nose in public, those who complain about being cramped (why are you riding the train in the first place?), those who have body odor and a lot more things. I know that some things are unavoidable, but just remember that there's a reason why people commute in the first place instead of using personal transport

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Posted in: Japan considers sending MSDF vessels to Chinese navy's fleet review See in context

@Goodlucktoyou: A fleet review is a form of a goodwill visit where a visiting navy would present their ships to the host nation to be "reviewed", pretty much like an open ship but for the host country's officials only. One drawback of this is that China is likely to learn and snoop around the visiting navies' ships and gain crucial information - pretty standard for any event like this.

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Posted in: Japan to make alcohol tests mandatory for pilots See in context

Drinking and driving is bad enough but drinking and flying? That's an entirely new level of danger in itself. I'm surprised that they would allow people to operate a hundred or so - ton hunk of steel to fly through the air, with hundreds of passengers aboard, while the pilot is drunk.

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

@Insane Wayne: Yes, the Korean peninsula has become more peaceful since the talks started 10 months ago, but playing the devil's advocate here, the missile threat still exists. China on the other hand is still building up its military might and god knows how many missiles are ready to fire with a push of a button. Not to be fear mongering here, I think Japan's main reason for pursuing its own defense capabilities is to lessen its reliance on the US, which has become more taxing since Trump wants the host countries to shoulder more of the operating costs, something that Japan would rather not have. And yeah, Abe is hawkish.

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