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Posted in: Giant panda cub born at Tokyo's Ueno zoo named Xiang Xiang See in context

She looks like a plush toy! Melts my heart.

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Posted in: Jamie Lee Curtis reprises famous horror role in 2018's 'Halloween' See in context

Jamie, I love you but PLEASE keep your top on for this one.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 14 wounded in Kansas shootings See in context

"Oh my God, we need to ban guns immediately so the killings will stop!"

And there are long-standing laws against MURDER see how well they work.

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Posted in: Damning study finds a 'whitewashed' Hollywood See in context

Has anyone in the states flipped through their television channels lately?! Seriously, try it. If you're honest with yourself you will find a "culturally diverse" (African American) face popping up on every 2 or 3 channels.

Commercials with the interracial couple happily shopping at the Home Depot, children's programming with the AA child playing kindly with the white children, an AA couple getting ADT protection because of all the white burglars, responsible elderly AA purchasing life insurance for their loved ones, countless movies that portray the wise old AA patiently teaching the white man the error of his ways, or the charismatic and brave AA saving the world. LOL, even old 70s black westerns with an AA lead character riding into town to clean up the white man's mess.

Yes, 900 channels of insidious Indoctrination for the guilt-ridden masses, from the always complaining 12.6%.

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Posted in: Trump calls for waterboarding, other methods in U.S. fight against ISIS See in context

Black SabbathFeb. 09, 2016 - 03:24AM JST

"Republicans: party of torture."

Last I checked it wasn't the Republicans sawing peoples heads off.

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Posted in: Roses are red, elbows are blue: Japanese women jostle for chocolate See in context

sigh Why does everyone wait until the last minute? Is there not chocolate available year round?

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Posted in: Illegal mosaic-free porn business busted See in context

Hmmm, let's see. Japan, where all porn genitalia must be pixilated but it's legal and (somewhat) socially acceptable visit the Soaplands at your leisure, or America, where you can buy and watch uncensored porn all day long YET the police takes great pains to stamp out all forms of prostitution wherever and whenever it finds it.

I wonder who the real hypocritical prudes are, 'Merica?

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Posted in: Meryl Streep sparks uproar over 'We're all Africans' remarks See in context

Just another Hollywood has-been tossing her lagging career onto the passing coattails of trendiness. Perhaps she should take a flight to the motherland with Jolie, Bullock, Theron and Hanoi Jane to import some more endangered species.

Liberalism is truly a mental illness.

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Posted in: Beyonce takes U.S. by storm with new activist role See in context

After endless insidious conditioning by educators to idolize all things culturally diverse (IE: black) or be labeled racist, modern American youth have reached an epidemic proportion of "jungle fever" to the detriment of their own personal safety and society as a whole. And now with Ebonics and the dumbing down of testing standards across the board in an futile attempt to "level the playing field" it will only be a number of years before ALL students suffer. I feel Africa West has debased it's future into third world standards........which is sadly just what it wants.

PS: If "Black Lives Matter" then why do so many of them kill one another?

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Posted in: Policeman discharges weapon after suspect strikes him and tries to steal his bike keys See in context

Yes, firing "warning shots" anywhere IS reckless endangerment. If the officer felt threatened enough to draw his weapon he should've discharged a round square in the assailant's chest.

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