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Posted in: Man arrested for delaying flight by saying he has coronavirus See in context

Another idiotic oyaji geezer inconveniencing everyone.

Please don't paint "oyagi geezers" with a broad brush. I'm one and I firmly believe that if you're stupid when you're young, you'll most likely be stupid when you grow old. I believe this 69-year old guy would have pulled the same stupid prank if he were 29, 39, 49. or 59 years old.

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

"Freelance women's wrestler Hiroyo Matsumoto"

Good for her! BTW, Is she related to female wrestler "Dump" Matsumoto from the 1980s?

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

"the public does not know how to deal with the sudden policy change"

Haven't seen much public outrage over the decision, appears that bureaucrats and politicians are the folks who don't know how to deal with policy changes.

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Posted in: Iran makes arrests in plane shootdown; police crack down on protests See in context

Iran said on Tuesday it had arrested people accused of a role in shooting down a Ukrainian airliner

Once hostilities started, all commercial aircraft should have been grounded. The official responsible for ordering the grounding, but failed to do so, should have been the first to be arrested.

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Posted in: Ex-captive Japanese journalist sues gov't over passport denial See in context

He should not be denied a passport. He should also be made aware that if he gets into another captive or hostage situation, the Government will make no attempt to get him released.

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Posted in: 2020 Democrats commend troops, not Trump, for Syria raid See in context

But they've made clear that commendation doesn't extend to President Donald Trump.

But if things had gone badly, they would be heaping blame on him for being totally responsible for the failure.


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Posted in: Civilians flee Syrian border towns as Turkish warplanes, artillery begin offensive See in context

......remove 50 U.S. troops out of northern Syria, which has allowed Turkey to attack America's Kurdish allies unimpeded

I fail to see how 50 US military personnel would have been able to impede the Turkish invasion. Were they serving as forward air controllers? I could see the presence of such a small number of troops having a major effect only if they were there to call in and coordinate airstrikes on Turkish forces.


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Posted in: Trump blasts Romney as impeachment battle heats up See in context

There is no evidence of wrongdoing by either the former vice president or his son.

If this is true, and there's no China-related wrongdoings, this whole Ukraine\China thing appears to be a win for the Democrats. There's no need to pursue the "Trump is asking foreign governments to undermine political opponent" scenario. Cancel the committee meetings and discredit the President by giving maximum publicity to the fact that he has falsely accused the Bidens of corruption.

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Posted in: Scorsese slams Marvel films as 'not cinema' See in context

This is a good example of why movie tickets are sold. If you don't like a particular movie, don't buy a ticket. LOL

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Posted in: Japan refers U.S. military pilot to prosecutors over Osprey crash See in context

A Stars & Stripes article about this incident is available at

The S&S article states "Responsibility for the crash was determined to rest solely with the pilot. Marine officials never commented on the pilot's status or whether the pilot was punished."

The article also states "The pilot was able to limp 18 miles back to Okinawa, but put the tilt-rotor aircraft down into the sea rather than fly over a residential area to reach Marine Corps Air Station Futenma."

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Posted in: Children reveal more info on assailant who killed parents in Ibaraki home See in context

macv: how was the boy injured?

The article stated:

"The 13-year-old boy sustained serious knife injuries to his legs and arm in the attack early Monday, which took place when he was asleep in a bunk bed in a second floor room with his 11-year-old sister, who suffered minor injuries to her hands."

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Posted in: Diamonds, precious metals valued at hundreds of millions of yen stolen from Tokyo residence See in context

If it's a "luxury apartment building," you would think security personnel would be monitoring video surveillance of entrances and hallways.

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Posted in: At 70, 'The Third Man' still thrills fans despite Viennese snub See in context

I also enjoyed the radio show. If there other "radio noir" and OTR enthusiasts here, episodes of The Third Man\Harry Lime radio shows can be heard online at

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Posted in: Undeclared N Korean base has missile capable of striking Japan: study See in context

Don't look to Trump/USA to care.

Considering the large number of military personnel with families stationed in Japan, "Trump/USA" would certainly "care" if NK starts lobbing missiles into Japan. The presence of military folks and their families serve as a guarantee of US involvement should Japan be attacked.

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

"During each hurricane season, there always appear suggestions that one should simply use nuclear weapons to try and destroy the storms," the NOAA said.

Since NOAA says this is a frequently suggested idea, why is it considered newsworthy when President Trump suggests it?

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Posted in: FBI takes down Nigerian fraudsters in $46 mil case involving Japanese woman See in context

i am supposed to receive all my million from Nigeria very soon

Hey, I'm supposed to get that money! Along with $12.5M (USD) from South Africa, $20.5M (USD) from Burkina Faso, undisclosed amounts from Libya (Qaddafi's daughter), Benin, Jordan, Ghana, and various PowerBall lotteries here in the US. I get all choked up knowing there are so many kind people around the world who just want to give me money.

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Posted in: Fox chief says Emmy Awards won't have a host this year See in context

Now, if they can prevent all the political speeches usually given at this type of event, it may be worth watching.

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Posted in: UK calls seizure of ship a hostile act; Iran releases video of capture See in context

How many British soldiers died in Iraq for America

How many US Merchant Marines and military personnel died for Britain during WWII? Also, at the risk of having this post removed, the British Empire mucked up countries in the Middle East and elsewhere long before US involvement in the areas.

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Posted in: Kyoto mayor posts letter to Kim Kardashian on Facebook,explaining what kimono really is See in context

Guess the mayor is OK with Kimono-brand condoms, bars and nightclubs named kimono, etc. Search Google for "kimono" and you'll get about 1,460,000,000 results. Looks like the mayor has too much time on his hands. Much ado about nothing.

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Posted in: Trump postpones nationwide immigration enforcement sweep See in context

If you're over 65 and receiving Social Security, you should thank those illegal immigrants that are helping fund your retirement.  Irony abounds . . .So, illegal immigrants have paid more taxes than the Trump family does.

Actually, Social Security funds contributed using invalid cards don't go to retired beneficiaries. That money goes to what's called the Earnings Suspense File (ESF). See

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 74th anniversary of World War II battle See in context

The Americans should of bypassed Okinawa like Taiwan.

The Emperor should have ordered his forces to surrender after the devastating fire-bombing of Tokyo and surrounding areas.

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Posted in: Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. See in context

"Why doesn't trump see him? He saw Kim Jong "

I'd bet that if President Trump did met the leader of Iran, many here would twist the meeting into somehow being a bad thing.

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Posted in: World leaders mark 75 years since D-Day on Normandy's beaches See in context

They should all be on their knees thanking the Russian soldier!

Thanks should be given, but not while on their knees. The Russians benefited quite a bit from US-provided arms and the US\British bombings and march towards Germany.

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Posted in: Trump criticized for backing N Korea's remarks about Biden See in context

Let's see a show of hands of everyone who would have praised (or believed) President Trump if he had said Biden is a good man and the alleged comments about him are totally incorrect. Anyone?

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Posted in: 87-year-old driver involved in fatal Tokyo crash released from hospital See in context

concerns about the increasing number of elderly drivers on the road as Japan's population rapidly grays.

Since this is a well known fact, more stringent tests, eye exams, etc., for elderly drivers should be implemented Japan-wide. Initiate shorter expiration dates for licenses issued to elderly drivers. Re-test when applying for license renewals. Also, doctors should be required to report to licensing authorities any medical issues, e.g., dementia, vision problems, etc., which may impair driving abilities. Operating vehicles without a valid license should result in severe penalties, regardless of the driver's age.

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Posted in: B-52 bombers to be part of U.S. forces sent to Middle East over Iran concerns See in context

Folks here predicting war with Iran. Hope they publicly state they were wrong after two-three months from now when there's no war.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist, husband charged in Hawaii sex assault case See in context

Today's news report stated the wife lives in Japan with her father and son. The report didn't indicate where the husband resides, i.e., Hawaii or on the mainland.

Listed below is a link to an article about the court proceedings. The wife was present, but the husband was not because he was not cooperating with authorities (not sure why they didn't just hogtie him and wheel him into the courtroom) :

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Posted in: Annual U.S. internment camp pilgrimage salient to politics 50 years on See in context

Internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII was undoubtedly harsh. Racism is most often given as the reason for their internment. However, the Niihau Incident is rarely mentioned as a contributing factor in the decision to implement internment. During that incident, a Japanese aircraft crash landed on Hawaii's Niihau island after attacking Pearl Harbor. An Issei and a Nisei couple gave aid and comfort to the Japanese pilot, and the incident contributed to the thinking of some people at the time that Japanese-Americans might align themselves with Japanese forces should an invasion be launched after Japanese initial successes in the Pacific.

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Posted in: Trump wishes 'no ill will' with tweet on Muslim lawmaker, White House says See in context

Twitter needs to ban Trump now.

I don't think Twitter needs to ban President Trump. The news media needs to stop "re-broadcasting" every single tweet he posts. I don't subscribe to Twitter, yet I see all of his tweets because they're considered "news worthy" and published by (it seems) every newspaper, TV channel, radio station, etc. Also, I would think, Twitter users who don't want to read posts from a fellow Twitterite should be able to block his\her messages.

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Posted in: Iran's Khamenei calls U.S. blacklisting of Guards a 'vicious move' See in context

What's wrong if anyone naming the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) as a terrorist organization and the U.S. government as a sponsor of terror???

Go for it. Wouldn't bother me. What's in a name? Iran already considers the US to be the "Great Satan." Everyone tirelessly chants "Death To America" and they even have a "Death To America" emoji (

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