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Posted in: Ohtani bids farewell to Japanese fans ahead of Angels adventure See in context

Sunday's 60 Minutes TV show aired another piece about Ohtani. It can be seen in its entirety at

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Posted in: Japan avoids criticizing U.S. move on Jerusalem See in context

I don't understand the protests over President Trump's decision.

Back in April, Russia recognized West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel ( There were no protests.

Today, the Czech Republic recognized West Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and even President Duterte of the Philippines is considering moving his country;s embassy to Israel's capital ( There haven't been any noticeable protests directed toward either country.

Why are so much protest and anger directed toward the US? As mentioned earlier, dividing the city into East\West capitals has long been proposed as the two-state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians.

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Posted in: 9 killed, 35 wounded as Taliban disguised in burqas attack Pakistani college See in context

Must be pretty hot to wear a burqa during daytime.

I was stationed in Peshawar many years ago. It was extremely hot most of the time, with or without a burqa. I remember seeing a lady who was carrying a baby under her burqa. When uncovered, the kid was as red as a beet.

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Posted in: Alcohol detected on breath of U.S. serviceman after fatal crash in Okinawa See in context

Like this article, Stars and Stripes also isn't providing much clarification of this tragedy.


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Posted in: Trump slams 'haters' over Russia, takes dig a N Korea's Kim See in context

... does the reality that hundreds of thousands of South Korean lives hinge on decisions made by the American president suddenly seem alarming?

Just as alarming as the hundreds of thousands of lives that hinge on decisions that may be made by the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

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Posted in: Family strife, threats preceded Texas church massacre by former U.S. airman See in context

so who is the chief of police of Sutherland Springs?

The city does not have a police department. Probably relies on the county or the state for law enforcement..

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Posted in: Trump declares N Korea threat to the civilized world; meets abductees' relatives See in context

How many countries did Pyongyang invaded or bombed in the last say 10 years?

How many countries has Pyongyang threatened to nuke in the last 10 years?

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Posted in: Twitter says Trump's account deactivated by employee leaving company See in context

Don't have twitter ....

I also don't have Twitter. However, it doesn't matter. Every presidential tweet will be re-broadcast over and over, ad nauseam, by the news media. IMHO, all of the news media, i.e., TV, online news agencies, newspapers, radio, etc., would do us non-Twitter users a great favor by not giving so much publicity to every single presidential tweet.

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Posted in: Verlander vanquished: Astros lose lead, Dodgers force Game 7 See in context

Yu Darvish should start tomorrow's game. Perhaps he can pitch the Dodgers to a World Series victory.

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Posted in: Abe arranging meeting between Trump and parents of Megumi Yokota See in context

The White House has announced that the president will visit Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines from Nov 3-14 amid rising regional tensions due to North Korea's nuclear threat.

While in the area, President Trump should offer to meet with the North Korean leader to discuss ways of easing regional tension.

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Posted in: U.S. military helicopter bursts into flames on landing in Okinawa See in context

Excellent. In the interests of parity; I look forward to foreign bases being set up in the US. I'm sure everyone will be in favor of it.

I'd be in favor of it, if the bases were for the purpose of assisting with the defense of the US and military personnel assigned to the bases were willing to die in the defense of the US.

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Posted in: Pence leaves NFL game after players kneel during anthem See in context

Black people from all walks of life face discrimination, whether rich or poor.

You could say the same about members of all races. There's always someone who doesn't like you or doesn't want to associate with you for real or imagined reasons.

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Posted in: Koike says she wouldn't visit Yasukuni Shrine if she became PM See in context

US has long been demanding Japan's PM not to visit the shrine, not openly but through diplomatic channel, which is well known in Japan.

How is it that message traffic in US-Japan diplomatic channel is so well known in Japan? Is US-Japan diplomatic traffic being made publicly available?

Frankly, I don't think most Americans are even aware of the Yasukuni Shrine and don't care who visits it.

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Posted in: More than 200 dead after M7.1 earthquake hits central Mexico See in context

Now is a good time for the US to show its support of Mexico.

It's a good time for the global community to show support for Mexico.

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Posted in: Trump's North Korea threats leave Asia puzzled See in context

struggled Wednesday to parse U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to "totally destroy North Korea" if provoked.

President Trump actually said “If (we are) forced to defend ourselves or our allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.

What is it that folks wish he had said? "If attacked, we'll contact the UN for assistance\guidance" or "We'll continue to seek a diplomatic solution" or "We'll take immediate action to determine if DPRK actually meant to fire the missiles at us" Etc., etc.

To defend the US and its allies, after a DPRK attack, the president should opt for destruction of the attacker or something close to it.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan of 'imminent self-destruction' See in context

All sides talk about provocation and I haven't seen any attempt at dialogue?

The US isn't used to dialogue!

NK knows the US never negotiates with weak countries-it just attacks!

There have been many attempts at dialogue between the two countries. See

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Posted in: Trudeau warns 'no short-cutting' in Canada's asylum process See in context

You must follow the rules and there are many

Good luck with that. It sure doesn't work in the US.

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Posted in: 10 sailors missing after Japan-based U.S. Navy destroyer and merchant ship collide near Singapore See in context

It was named for his father.

Actually, the ship was named after Sen. McCain’s father, John S. McCain, Jr. and Sen. McCain’s grandfather; John S. McCain, Sr.  Both were Navy admirals.

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Posted in: Dickerson's 3-run homer leads Rays over Indians See in context

Yu Darvish got his second win as a Dodger tonight. The Dodgers beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 8-6. So far, Darvish is getting the run support that was lacking in many of his games when he played for the Rangers.

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Posted in: Takata makes another attempt to hold off U.S. air bag lawsuits See in context

US never allows any Japanese company to be the top in the field.

How about giving us one or two examples where the US prevented a Japanese company from being "top in the field."

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Posted in: Trump demands N Korea 'get their act together' See in context

The North said four of the missiles would hit waters 30 to 40 kilometers (18 to 24 miles) from Guam.

We have their word that the missiles will land in international waters near Guam? We have their word that the missiles won't be armed with nuclear devices? There's no chance of an "oops" moment and a missile or two hit Guam?

The US should ensure that PRK leadership fully understands that missiles launched toward Guam will be considered an act of war and that a response will be immediate, i.e., without waiting to determine if the missiles hit or miss Guam.

Also, since the missiles will fly over Japan, folks in Japan should be concerned because there's always a chance of a "short round" or in-flight failure which results in a missile (or two) crashing onto or exploding over Japan.

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Posted in: Boko Haram kill 31 fishermen in Nigeria See in context

 the US did nothing, why? Because there was nothing there to exploit!

So, how many "non-exploiting" countries rushed in to help?

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Posted in: Newborn baby found abandoned in dry riverbed See in context

every main hospital in japan should have a baby hatch

In addition to hospitals, EMS services, fire stations, police departments, child protection services, etc., should serve as "safe havens" for mothers to leave unwanted newborns (without fear of prosecution). The "safe haven" concept works well in the US (see

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Posted in: 'Deadwood' actor Powers Booth dies at 68 See in context

Actually, his real name is Powers Allen Boothe. He was named after a friend of his father's who was killed in World War II.

For more info, see

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Posted in: 82-year-old DJ thrills crowds on Tokyo's club scene See in context

That's awesome. I wish they had a picture of her!

This story about DJ Sumirock appeared in the New York Times a few days ago. The article, with picture and video, is available at

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Posted in: Japanese baseball star Otani to be out 6 weeks with injury See in context

Sorry to hear about Ohtani's injury. Tonight's 60 Minutes TV news show had a report about him. He seems to be a really nice person. The article and video are available online at

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Posted in: Indians win again; Cubs get first victory of season See in context

Toshiko: I thought ITT stopped to call them Indians after American native people protested.

The protest against the Cleveland Indians was about their logo, not use of the word "Indians." "The long-standing logo, which appears on some team caps and jerseys, depicts a grinning, red-faced cartoon with a feather headband."

More information about the protest is at

The Indians are winning again tonight. Currently, it's the last of ninth and the Texas Rangers are losing 9-6. ;-(

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

We should commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor and see how much America likes that in return!

Your commemoration of the Pearl Harbor attack probably wouldn't cause much of a fuss US air shows often include Pearl Harbor bombing reenactments.

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Posted in: 14 million more uninsured under Republican plan in 2018: U.S. budget office See in context

About 14 million fewer Americans will have health insurance next year under the new Republican plan to replace Obamacare,

How many will be without health insurance if Obamacare is allowed to continue?

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Posted in: Emperor expresses sympathy to Vietnamese families left by Japanese soldiers See in context

soldiers was forced to leave after the Communists defeated French forces

I don't understand why the Japanese soldiers were "forced" to leave Viet Nam. Since they fought for Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Minh and helped defeat the French, why would the communist force them to leave?

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