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Posted in: Mexicans begin to unite in fight against Trump's plans See in context

“Okay, I’m not going to stop Central Americans anymore,”

Breaking News! Mexico has been stopping Central Americans from traveling to the US.

“If you want to stop them with your wall, well we won’t stop them anymore, let them go through.”

More Breaking News! Mexico has been stopping drugs from getting through to the US.

Yeah, right! Those are the best threats they can come up with? When you see news reports of illegal immigrants openly riding atop freight trains from southern to northern Mexico, and drug cartels operating openly in Mexico, it's obvious these are very empty threats.

Also, if the President of Mexico wanted to boost his ratings, he should have met with President Trump and publicly stated, for the world to hear, that Mexico wasn't going to pay for the wall. Instead, it appears, he rather have Fox, Slim and Calderon speak for him. #MUCHO_LAME

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Posted in: Trump orders building of Mexico border wall See in context

soiling America’s historic reputation as a welcoming place for immigrants of all stripes.

The US is still a welcoming place for legal immigrants of all stripes.

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mukashiyokatta: The USA will soon have nuclear missiles raining down upon it.

I'm shaking in my boots! How soon should we expect the missiles to start raining down on us and who will be doing the "raining?"

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Posted in: Filming underway for movie on Japanese-American units in WWII See in context

The 1951 "Go For Broke" movie is in the public domain and can be viewed online at

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Posted in: Trump denounces Streep as 'overrated Clinton flunky' See in context

The 67-year-old fought to control her emotions

She's an actress. She can cry or show any other emotion on cue.

To really show her disdain for the incoming President, she should have offered to refund the cost of all tickets that were purchased by Trump supporters to see her movies..

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Posted in: Bloodied and demoralized Syrians evacuate Aleppo See in context

tens of thousands of residents and rebel fighters are being evacuated to opposition-controlled areas in the surrounding countryside

Only to be bombed later when Syrian forces determine Aleppo is secured. Looks like the oppositions' best tactic would be to negotiate some sort of peace deal with the Syrian government or simply surrender.

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Posted in: Trump says reports Russia helped him in U.S. election are 'ridiculous' See in context

Russia intervened in the presidential election on his behalf through targeted hacking,

Personally, I find it hard to believe the Russians would have "hacked" DNC computers using IP addresses that would be easily traceable to their country. IP address spoofing or similar tactics would have been used to make it appear the hacking was done by someone using IP addresses that are assigned to another country. If they did use Russian IP addresses, I find it equally hard to believe DNC system administrators didn't detect the appearance of non-DNC IP addresses in the many website logs and analytical data that are available to them. Firewalls and authentication software could then have been used to block access to all non-DNC computers.

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Posted in: Chinese media warn 'immature' Trump over Taiwan policy See in context

Zenpun: Reality is US struggled to defeat China peasant army who used bamboo sticks and cleavers during Korean War.

Pure fantasy and propaganda. During the Korean War, China had weapons provided by Russia, captured Japanese weapons, and even weapons provided by the US during WWII. Russian and Chinese piloted fighter jets also provided air support. Prior to the Korean War, China had defeated and exiled the Nationalist military forces. Surely, they used weapons other than bamboo sticks, etc., when they defeated the Nationalists.

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Posted in: BBC under investigation for profile of new Thai king See in context

threatening today to cancel citizenship or send people to prison for flag burning.

Trump tweeted "Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag -- if they do, there must be consequences -- perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!" Wishful thinking on his part. It's not gonna happen. Two Supreme Court decisions have ruled that flag burning is a form of free speech. It's extremely unlikely that flag burning or bad mouthing the President would ever result in jail time and surely it would never result in loss of citizenship. (Frankly, I don't like seeing our flag burned, but I wouldn't want to see someone jailed for doing it.)

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Posted in: BBC under investigation for profile of new Thai king See in context

Anyway in most countries insulting the head of state or insignia is punished.

Most countries? Getting jailed for being critical of the heads of state of Thailand, North Korea and Zimbabwe is well known.. What are the other countries?

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Trump failed to save all 2,100 jobs, as he promised, Sanders said

Not unexpected, Sanders would have been critical if Trump had saved 2,099 jobs.

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Posted in: S Korean leader says she'll resign after there is plan for safe transfer of power See in context

Hope USA will encourage her to exile to USA.

Why USA? She'll be a lot closer to home, and possible return to power, if she moves to Japan or some other Asian country.

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Posted in: What to do about elderly drivers? See in context

Do us all a favor and stop driving before you kill someone. I am sure every driver mentioned in the article felt they were still competent to drive past 80.

Old age brings an acute awareness of things you can and cannot do. Young people tend to think there isn't anything they can't do and may not accept mental or physical limitations to their driving abilities. I'd bet that for every incompetent elderly driver, there are probably two-three (or more) youngsters who are equally incompetent or worse drivers.

IMHO, younger drivers get something of a pass when they cause vehicle accidents. For example, the article today which reported a young driver hit three kids in a crosswalk. If that had been an elderly driver, the headline would have surely included the drivers age, and many folks commenting on the incident would have been screaming for the driver to lose his license, be retrained, etc. Even though the cause of the accident was inattentiveness andor speeding, not age related,

Please accept the fact that all elderly people aren't incompetent drivers and all non-elderly drivers aren't competent drivers.

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Posted in: Celebration, sorrow and slights greet news of Castro's death See in context

With all of this praise for Castro's benevolent government and its concern for the poor, one wonders why so many poor people chose to risk their lives by using rickety rafts, boats, etc., to leave Cuba.

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Posted in: What to do about elderly drivers? See in context

I'll be 80 next April. After voluntarily making major lifestyle changes as I grew older, e.g., stopped drinking, stopped chasing fast women and stopped staying out all hours of the night (LOL), I think I'll know when it's time to give up my car keys. Also, I receive frequent mental and physical health checkups, so my doctors will be instrumental in determining when I should stop driving.

In defense of elderly driving in my area (San Antonio, Texas), most traffic accidents that occur here are youngsters speeding, driving while intoxicated, driving the wrong way on expressways, street racing, making improper turns, failing to yield, and distracted driving (talking on cell phones, texting, applying makeup, chasing Pokemon, etc.),

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump blitz through battleground states Monday in final bid to energize supporters See in context

The day has finally come I wonder after Trump loses how his supporters will react...

I voted for Trump last week. If he wins, he will be my president. If Clinton wins, she will be my president.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton court voters in swing states three days before election See in context

Re: Reno "assassination" attempt

"Secret Service rushed Trump offstage after hearing a man in the crowd might have a weapon, which later turned out to be a sign. Officers took the man out of the immediate area, where he was later released. Secret Service said in a statement the investigation was ongoing."

Reno Gazette Journal article at

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea to step up pressure on N Korea See in context

KiyoshiMukai: The only problem here is USA with their greed of money. North Korea is just a big excuse for selling weapons to Japan and South Korea.

Do you really believe that if the US stopped selling weapons to Japan and South Korea, the North Korea threat would go away? IMHO, if the US stopped providing defensive weapons, and JapanSouth Korea couldn't find an alternate source for such weapons, North Korea would attack South Korea, and possibly Japan, at its earliest opportunity. I think it's extremely naive to consider the USA's "greed of money" as the cause of North Korea's intimidation and aggressive behavior.

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Posted in: Trump calls accusers 'horrible horrible liars' See in context

If Americans let Trump win the election “we are telling our sons it’s OK to humiliate women. We are telling our daughters this is the way they deserve to be treated. We are telling all of our kids that bigotry and bullying is perfectly acceptable.”

If Clinton wins, what are we telling our sons and daughters?

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Posted in: Nationals beat Dodgers to level MLB playoff series See in context

Elsewhere in the American League, the Toronto Blue Jays were aiming to finish off the Rangers at home on Sunday night.

Game ended a few minutes ago. Toronto beat Texas 7-6 in extra innings.

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Posted in: Philippines tells U.S. no joint patrols in South China Sea See in context

One reason I'm considering voting for Trump is that I think he would dispense with all of the diplomatic niceties and simply tell Duterte to go to his country of choice for support, remove US troops, and cancel the approx $200 million foreign aid that goes to the PI each year.

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Posted in: Darvish set for 1st Rangers postseason start since 2012 See in context

>Darvish will make his AL Division Series debut Friday when he starts Game 2 against the Toronto Blue Jays

Sure hope he pitches much better than Cole Hamels did today. Hamels and the Rangers got rocked in Game 1 (10-1). Toronto didn't allow a run until the ninth inning. :-(

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If everybody in this country was a (tax) ‘genius,’” the Vermont senator told ABC, “we would not have a country.”

If this were the case, folks in Congress would finally get off their butts and close existing corporate and personal tax loop-holes.

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Posted in: Divided America: Diverse millennials are no voting monolith See in context

It is a pretty good time in history to give up American citizenship

... and become a citizen of which country?


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Posted in: Child suicide bomber attacks Turkey wedding party; 51 dead See in context

Too sad! However, I wonder if the suicide vest were strapped to the kid, he was urged to go to the area, and someone detonated the explosives remotely. I know it's a stretch, I'm just finding it hard to believe that kids are being brainwashed into blowing themselves up.

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Posted in: Hundreds of flights grounded as typhoon makes landfall in Chiba See in context

Just waiting for the report of a retired man falling off his roof

Just waiting for a report of a youngster getting injured while trying to surf, sail, waterski, etc., during the typhoon.

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Posted in: Hundreds of flights grounded as typhoon makes landfall in Chiba See in context

Delta cancelled all its flights today from Narita,

American has also canceled flights from Narita.

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Posted in: Police say black man shot in Milwaukee had a gun in his hand See in context

kurisupisu: I riddle my posts with question marks to get debate going not to paint with a 'broad brush'....,And I really hate it when people get attacked by rioters, don't you?

Thank you for the explanation. I also hate it when people are attacked by rioters, along with rioters looting, damaging and torching buildings, vehicles, etc. After the smoke clears, a large number of black people in the community are going to be unemployed due to the destruction and, possibly, their employers not wanting to rebuild in the area.

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Posted in: Police say black man shot in Milwaukee had a gun in his hand See in context

To always feel a sense of entitlement where without toil or effort , life is possible? Is this the curse of the black man?

This may be the curse of "some" or "many" or "several" etc., black men. However, it's not the curse of "all" black men. I really hate it when a whole race is painted with a broad brush because of the actions of "some" or "many" of that race.

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Posted in: Is it safe to let customers know workers' real names? See in context

As mentioned earlier, name tags with first names or acceptable nick names should be sufficient.

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