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Posted in: Spider See in context

I saw this spider in Liverpool!

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Posted in: Women in their 20s want to get married, live in a big apartment and become cute moms. See in context

I am multi-lingual, and not only feel like but have also recently been told that I become slightly different people in each language. Apparently I'm "cool" in English, and "kawaii" in Japanese (and flirtatious in Spanish, hehe). Obviously this may have much to do with the limitations of my language sometimes and the simple way in which i have to phrase things sometimes. But I think it has more to do with the fact that I have TAUGHT to be cute, feminine, and somewhat deferential/less opinionated in Japanese. Yes the Japanese do tend to speak less directly, but its even less smiled upon for a woman to have an opinion of her own.

I even find myself doing stuff like laughing behind my hand here. It's a little shocking, because in other cultures I would never bend to expectations here or act a little airhead just to fit in. I've got a degree in politics, not beauty school. (no offence intended to nail technicians).

It just feels like societal expectations are so great . I'm at uni here - and I haven't yet met a Japanese girl with great ambitions. A fair few of them seem to looking for a western boyfriend, quite the fashion accessory I'm told.

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Posted in: The world's top 10 airport websites See in context

worlds worst airport should go to Miami. it's horrific, huge, lack of help or signs, and you not only almost miss your flight, but they usually lose your bags too.

I think Heathrow is alright. as is Schipol.

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Posted in: Japanese sailor lost off whaling ship in Antarctic See in context

goldsounds, that's extremely speciesist of you.

Not all humans are inherently good, so why place their value above that of a species that ISN'T causing harm to our planet which we share.

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Posted in: Some tourists seem to have the impression that Gion is a theme park, and geisha and maiko are walking the streets as part of a performance. See in context

As a 16 year old blonde model, I was hassled frequently for my photo by japanese around omotesando in Tokyo. It's not just gaijin who do such things. To be honest, you learn to put up with it.

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Posted in: What bad manners annoy you the most in public places? See in context

knews at 05:44 PM JST - 14th December : Those older guys (and some younger) who sit with their legs apart on the train making it difficult for others to fit next to them.

Yeah that really annoys me too! Most places I've travelled in the world, if there's even a sliver of seat space it'll be taken - even if one thigh is on the seat the other is on one's neighbour, yet here some guys here think its fine to spread out over two seats and display their crotch to the whole carriage. Not what I want to see on a a 30 minute subway ride!

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Posted in: Across Mideast, Arabs hail shoe-hurling journalist See in context


the same people cheered after the attacks on 9-11. is this any surprise? its interesting to see how much the bush haters have in common with people that are sworn enemies of the United States. Muslem hatred runs long and deep. it started long before Bush ended Saddam Hussein ruthless dictatorship, it will continue no matter who is president, that is just as long as whoever is president does not throw America's national interest or the safety of the Israeli people under the bus.

What a stupid thing to write. Get some sense of history. Muslims do no hate the west/USA. Certainly there are plenty of people who do, but to homogenise them like this and make the connection a religious one is ridiculous. Think about what the USA has done to/in the Middle East, and think about how if such things were done to your country and your people, how would you react?

But this is not eternal, nor intrinsic. The malcontent has is roots in very real acts of violence committed on a large scale against people in the Middle East - the vast majority ordinary citizens like you or the next person. Furthermore if over time the USA could make its foreign policy less belligerent (indeed, hopes are high), then there are many states who want to establish and maintain friendly relations, not those of hatred. Respect is only granted where it is due.

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Posted in: What bad manners annoy you the most in public places? See in context

-People walking too slowly or stopping on/at the stop/at the bottom of stairs. -People spitting in public. -People listening to their music super loud - either on ipods or speakers on mobile phones, on public transport. I'm yet to see this in Japan! It's a constant in the UK. -Anyone smoking near me, especially if I'm eating. -Japanese girls shouting "mecha kawaii" at/about me, like I don't understand. -Being stared at. And the last seat on the bus/train/monorail is always the one next to me - the gaijin.

However, I don't mind people reaching in front of me in supermarkets, or doing so myself. They're crowded. If you had to say something to everyone you encountered, it'd become pretty tedious and tiresome. I'm always listening to my music anyway.

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