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Posted in: Woman in her 80s dies en route to hospital after ambulance takes wrong route See in context

Be honest guys! I have lived in Kenya, UK, Germany, India, Hong Kong and now in Japan which from my past experience, has an outstanding emergency service including an Ambulance which comes amazingly quick.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating, whipping young daughter See in context

Kids in japan are mostly demi-Gods the way tgey are treated by their parents. Experienced this in my 30 years of teaching in elemejtary schools and junior high. Sometimes they just drive parents into instant madnesd! However, this is not condoning what tge mother did. Somehow parents have a responsibility to raise their kids properly.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Mori casts doubt on Japan's excessive support for Ukraine See in context

Wise advice. Russia is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. If it decides to use them, Armageddon will come to bid Mother Earth goodbye.

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Posted in: Bullet trains, expressways, airports deserted ahead of Golden Week See in context

Italy has the highest number of old people. Not a surprise to have seen a high degree of mortality when Covid-19 was taking its heavy death toll. However, Italy has realised an important economic factor and is unlocking the lockdown...The old people, the pensioners, like Japan, are the engine drivers of the economy. If this age group is told “stay at home”, guess what happens next. Hospitals, clinics pharmacies will not only go bankrupt, there will be a new ugly threat that will emerge as the economy goes into tatters and the young lose their jobs by the million! Danger will lurk in the dark streets and robbery will be the order of the day. “Stay home” is a double edged sword! Please enlighten me!

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Posted in: Bullet trains, expressways, airports deserted ahead of Golden Week See in context

Social distancing never existed. A new weird experience not being close to fellow human beings. I wonder how parents are coping up with their kids at home.

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Posted in: Japan aims to raise Y1.4 tril in Japan Post share sale See in context

Fujisawa Japan Post has gone totally the opposite directions. Almost every counter face is grey-haired and the service has sadly, deteriorated! And Japan Post calibration of charges is complex even to their own staff!

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Posted in: 'Minpaku' lodging promoting rural tourism, solving hotel shortfalls See in context

Ingenious idea.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush resigns from remaining board memberships See in context

"Jeff Bush is looking more and more a likely GOP presidential candidate!"

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Posted in: New defense minister favors strong military See in context

Kenya has a totally new constitution. And it works like magic. The old one was outdated and the rightful place for it was the garbage bin! How people croak on changing just one article if the Japanese constitution!

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Posted in: Anger after latest police killing of black teen in St Louis See in context

tim can could not be more right! How about the version of the victim's girlfriend? The chokehold was clear manslaughter! This is a real serious social malady whose solution is beyond taking people to class!

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer expelled from Asian Games for stealing camera See in context

Show us the camera please!

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Posted in: Bank employee, Tokyo district court clerk held for groping same woman in train See in context

Good idea to keep both hands in public view!

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Posted in: OECD says Japan should raise sales tax again next year See in context

10% it shall be from 2015. It is the lowest in industrialised countries. Even Kenya has VAT of 16% across the board!

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Posted in: Despite loss, Japanese fans proud of Nishikori See in context

The Croatian destroyed his opponent in the Q/Finals in three quick sets! 1 hr +. Then pulverised Federer in three quick sets 1 hr +. Nikkori took 4 hrs + to destroy Djokovich. And lots more before that! He had "lost" the final match before starting the final challenge again a new champion who was fresh, had awesome shots and who made no errors in the semi and final games! Nikkori stood no chance! When the result came, I was the winner. The media missed the point!

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Posted in: Japanese publishers blast new Amazon book sale rules See in context

Publishing is my business as much as writing with more than ten books published to date. Are the Germans and the French as well as some big American publishers wrong in grappling with Amazon with regard to commission setting? Are they all wrong? I am truly amazed at the finger pointing to Japanese publishers when the whole publishing industry globally is unhappy with the Amazon new rules! Hey guys! Read the stories out there before laying the blame on someone else!

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Posted in: 2 men jump to deaths from train platform in Tokyo See in context

Suicides in the port town where I was born, Mombasa, are almost unheard of! Poor yes some people are! But suicide hits the media headlines when it does happen! There is something wrong much much deeper in the society that perhaps for us Gaijins is too complex to understand! Is it despair after a mishap, tragedy or loss of work? Is it adult bullying which is rampant in the country but no one wants to address? Is it the crammed stresses that explode and lead to solution less suicides ? This is the underlying issue that needs enlightening to stop the 30,000 something souls disappearing annually!

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Posted in: Tokyo fair showcases latest sex aids See in context

Love all your comments...I forgot to add: Life is going to be all the more "juicier!" Can't wait to go there! Oops! It's finished already!

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Posted in: Nikkei soars 57% in 2013; highest in four decades See in context

I am not an Abenomics fan. But there are facts that bewilder me! Lehmann Brothers collapse cost my friend five million yen! In the year 2013, he has just informed me his financial status has had a dramatic about turn! He has not only recovered all his losses since 2008 but also registered a profit of more than seven million! If that is not the Magic of Abenomics, I do not know what is!!!

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Posted in: All-night Roppongi-Shibuya bus service to begin early Saturday See in context

Why not introduce an all night free bus ride to anywhere in Tokyo on New Yeae Eve past midnight as they do in London?

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Posted in: M5.3 earthquake hits eastern Japan See in context

NHK reported it first at exactly 1:10 am as I woke up to the temblor! It was pretty strong!

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Posted in: Abe says Inose's resignation will have no impact on Olympics See in context

Politics is a game of poker! We have seen only the winning wild joker! The story is much deeper than Inose's inevitable departure! Japanese politics is subtle and fluid! Their is more to this than meet's the eye. Mark my words!

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Posted in: Delay in TPP trade pact hurts U.S. pivot to Asia See in context

Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. 40% of global economy - wow!

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Posted in: 70-year-old Japanese politician arrested in China on drug charges See in context

Official arrest means one thing only - death sentence! Who are the others arrested? 3kg is one hell of a lot of drugs. If he is guilty then there is no mercy here...

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Posted in: Jury rules Toyota not liable for death of woman killed in accident in U.S. See in context

In 1994 I bought a brand new Toyota Rav 4. A week later I found myself in the worst scenario as a driver! The entire computer system failed while the car was moving slowly downhill through a narrow street towards a train station while passengers were coming out! Guess what I did next to avoid possible 'fatalities'!

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Posted in: Sony CEO praises 'Abenomics' See in context

Looks like we are too blind to what Japan has achieved under 'Superman" Abe as the Economist magazine cover portrayed him earlier this year!

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus tops UK singles chart for first time See in context

Besides being one of the best songs I have listened to this year, this song climbed to over 100,000 hits on You Tube at one of the fastest rates I have witnessed! Listen to the song and decide for yourself!

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Posted in: More details emerge over murder of girl on mountain See in context

Very mysterious saga of tragedy.

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Posted in: Japanese ODA worker shot dead in Kenyan port See in context

More details have emerged. First this was a real tragedy as the victim had resisted! We are always advised to 'obey' especially when gangsters are armed. Mombasa is a very peaceful city and one regrettable tragedy does not taint it's image. May God give the affected family strength to overcome!

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Posted in: China, Japan move to cool down territorial dispute See in context

At last sense is setting in and rounds of dialogues begin. Long overdue. I always wonder whether a few goats on a bunch of barren rocks are worth sacrificing anything at all!

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