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ToughGuyBanker comments

Posted in: What is the best way for Japan and North Korea to resolve the abduction issue? See in context

Nothing sort of an all-out annihilation of the DPRK will suffice. It then needs to be rebuilt as an economic colony of the west.

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Posted in: Why don't Japanese speak English better than they do? See in context

It is in the government's best interest that very few Japanese people learn English. Only the ruling elite can be afforded to be allowed to learn it (or they have interpreters). For the rest, convince them of some silly nationalistic rhetoric that they don't need it.

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Posted in: 18 schoolgirls' swimsuits stolen at primary school in Yamanashi See in context

These sorts of stories about Japan should not be translated. It puts Japan in a bad light. What would happen if the 2ch folks got wind of this anti-Japan stuff being published in English?

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Posted in: The pizza man See in context

It's just pizza, right? Not exactly brain science.

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Posted in: Seiko Noda See in context

These people are a joke. They keep telling the public that they are taking the lead on environment issues. They aren't, and they won't be on the G8 agenda. We're going to be talking international finance people!

Noda done lost the appeal she once had. She still makes some nice tea though.

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Posted in: Which city would you like to see get the 2016 Olympics? See in context

Brazil too dangerous. Chicago is in America. Madrid? 'Nuff sayd.

It's Tokyo. The only Tokyo detrators I've heard so far are obviously spouting prejudiced notions against the Japanese.

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Posted in: Stereotypes ’R’ Us See in context

Expats in Tokyo seem to believe that Japanese culture has few redeeming qualities.

Who said that? When? Where? You need some evidence or proof to back up this claim. I've been here 16 years and never met anyone make such an assertion.

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Posted in: Tokyo's naughty nightspots not just for men See in context

Tokyo's naughty nightspots not just for men

Women work there after all. A stop at a pink salon after visiting clients is in order 4-5 times a week.

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Posted in: Crash See in context

That's nothing. I wreck these things all the time. Let me tell you something: If you wanna play with the big boys, you better drive to the party in a Ferrari or something that costs more. No hoi polloi tolerated.

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Posted in: Do you support or oppose protesters who try to disrupt the Olympic torch relay? See in context

I saw the Chinese students on TV. Cancelled my flights to Beijing and hotel rooms straight away. There is no way I'm giving people like that my business and money. Everyone planning to visit China needs to cancel now, otherwise you are supporting that regieme. If you don't cancel, might as well move there and stay and become a member of their party.

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Posted in: From Cutie Honey to sexy nurse See in context

Is it me or does she look really good from some angles and really terrible from others??

Looks good from behind.

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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting young children as a means of punishing or disciplining them? See in context

I sat each of my little twats down and told them: You do X,Y and Z and you get a beating. Not a spanking, a full-on beating. You will not walk for a couple of days, you will pass blood. They understand the consequences of doing what they shouldn't, and after a couple of beatings they realized it wasn't worth it. Same with the wife. When the kids misbehave it is her fault, and they have to watch her catch a beating. It is their fault.

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Posted in: Victims finally learning to speak out against Japan’s outdated rape laws See in context

Cheers to the Japanese police for handling things well. You need to have proof if you're going to accuse someone of a crime. If you don't like the presumption of innocence, move to somewhere like Myanmar.

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Posted in: Japan in need of moral education See in context

Foreigners have no way to understand Japan well enough to comment on its 'morality' or lack thereof.

This is straight out PR from Scientology. It was bad enough that this site allowed them advertising, but now we have unlabeled PR pieces disguised as 'commentary'.

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Posted in: Beach volleyball See in context

I thought we had already moved on from the Asao trend? Can we have what's next already, please?

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Posted in: Trilingual ability lowers hurdles See in context

My secretary speaks four languages. She'll never amount to more than a secretary because she's dumb as a brick and has zero skills other than serving tea and coffee.

A language is not a skill.

Anyone who spent time traveling and 'learning languages' has no chance in the job market. It's over. You should have been serious about your life. If you want to travel, be a stewardess.

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Posted in: Name your 10 top movies of all time. See in context

Network, Ice Pirates, Bonnie and Clyde, Hopscotch, Wise Blood, The Long Goodbye, 'Breaker' Morant, The Great Waldo Pepper, The Grifters, Romeo is Bleeding

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