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Posted in: Police to lend dash cams for cars as anti-stalking measure See in context

Legalizing guns would put an immediate end to the stalkers...Use only when necessary.

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Posted in: Fishermen seek compensation over U.S. fighter jet fuel tank incident See in context

Readers wishing U.S. bases in Japan would be removed consider this. The U.S. military is your first-line of defense against such bad actors as Rocket man in North Korea.

If he was to hurl a nuclear weapon, say, at Misawa, if the U.S. was gone, how would Japan defend itself? Last time I checked, the Japanese Constitution still prohibits used of nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls between shinkansen, platform See in context

Remember what is said when riding the London underground (subway), "Mind The Gap."

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Posted in: 126 U.S. military members to sue TEPCO See in context

This lawsuit will most likely be thrown out of court. Those who separate the service will wind-up in the VA for any future radiation-related issues and for medical disability compensation. End of story.

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Posted in: U.S. federal agents investigating Armstrong See in context

Of course his actions has destroyed professional cycling in general,. No one wants to watch the Tour De Drug in France anymore, or any of the other European cycling events. Sad state of affairs.

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Posted in: Two winners in massive $550 mil U.S. lottery jackpot See in context

Yuri-san, You got ripped off. Powerball tickets cost $2 each.

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Posted in: Mayor struggles with loss of wife and duty to city destroyed by tsunami See in context

Fudai in Iwate-ken survived the onslaught of waves because the long-departed mayor looked at how high the 1933 tsunami was and told his subordinates that the seawall should be built 15 meters higher. They nearly laughed him out of town. In the aftermath of the latest tsunami, his grave is decorated as if he was a hero....and he is.

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