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Quarantine for a few days ALL passengers arriving from China. Only way to be sure and safe :)

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A meaningless message portrayed with childish characters. Really, is that the creative result of 'no doubt' 1000's of oyaji hours spent in numerous meetings.

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Mention "positive reinforcement" instead of violence towards children, and most J parents look at you like you're delusional. There is never, never a justifiable reason to physically abuse a child (or adult). Sadly though, we live in an 'institutionalized bullying' society. Hopefully attitudes will change in the future.

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More evidence of institutionalized bullying in Japan. It does not need to be like this. I feel for the franchise owner.

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Why don't we remove the 'Male and Female' signs from the toilet, and replace them with 'Penis and Vagina' or an icon or symbol at least. That way it doesn't matter what you were born with. What you have right now between your legs will determine what toilet to use? But, get busted for using the wrong toilet and expect to be suitably punished (by the police / courts)...

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Three undeniable and negative things he has done:

1 - Lowered corporate tax - helping his buddies

2 - Raised consumption tax twice - affecting the low income families the most

3 - Massively increased the amount of public debt - making the fiscal situation much worse for many years to come, long after he and all his 'fat cat' buddies retire.

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Length in office is a useless vanity metric.

What I would like to know is this:

Name 5, just 5 things Abe has implemented that have proven to improve the welfare of the nation and people of Japan...


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Since when has it been OK to steal land, forcibly evict the inhabitants.

Sadly, it's how nearly every country was created. Some tend to forget that.

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Now on track to become Japan's longest serving premier, Abe has kept his first promise. The second remains elusive.

What was that the first promise (accomplishment)?

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Yes Japan is a great holiday destination, but this articles helps to prove that Japan is currently not an attractive or appealing country for foreign workers (unless you're into Otaku).

So many things need to change to make an attractive offer, but I feel the required changes (higher pay, better working conditions and simpler visa process) will never happen.

Plus I also think that there is systemic reluctance to admit more pesky foreigners. Sadly, I feel the 'New Visa System' is just not enough to entice skilled foreign workers.

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Japan soul-searching over freedom of expression

Wouldn't this title be more appropriate?

"Japan soul-searching over the discomfort and embarrassment of it's brutal 1904 to 1945 history".

If the government stopped pretending to be the victim (or liberators of Asia) and accepted what Japan did. You would earn much more respect and admiration for being open and honest (like Germany was and continues to be)... Constantly denying or trying to hide is pathetic, cowardly and unsympathetic to your Asia neighbors.

Being honest and humble is liberating :)

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Gov't survey shows most convenience store owners overworked

The title would be more appropriate if you replaced "convenience store owners" with "people".

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Why would you hand over your passport to your employer in the first place? That makes no sense. They are your employer, not immigration or passport control officers.

If my employer asked for my passport, first I'd say "no" then I'd ask "why would you possible need my passport"?

I'd be happy to show them my passport, but I would never let anyone keep hold of it.

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Posted in: Justice minister quits over wife's alleged election law breach; 2nd cabinet exit in a week See in context

How does quitting your job translate into "avoiding prosecution" if a law was broken or breached?

Could we all do that? I'm sure we couldn't...

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This is why i believe only employees should be able to own shares in the company they work for. Boeing, like many other public companies put 'shareholders' (strangers) and 'profits' above and seemingly before everything else.

Just imagine how much better we would all feel knowing that our efforts are rewarded directly as shareholders and that strangers have no say or benefit from your hard work.

It would be a win, win situation for customers and employees. As a company our goal would be to offer the best product / service for the benefit of customers and in doing the employees and only the employees would be rewarded with sharing in the companies profits. That is how it should be... The current system (constantly trying to cut costs, reducing employee benefits and maximizing profits for strangers) sucks and makes no sense.

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Big waste of time, effort and tax payers money. Totally unnecessary too. At least 99% of the population have no interest...

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The real issue is a non-attractive offer (i.e. very low pay). Make a better offer (i.e. a reasonable living wage) and the labor crunch will cease to exist. Who wants a shitty job paying 850 yen an hour. seriously come on.

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The out-dated Senpai and kōhai relationship is a major factor in many bullying cases. From what I have witnessed in the last 20 years, bullying almost appears institutionalized (in Japan) to me. Outside of school, I would love to know the number of bullying cases (reported and the much, much larger unreported number) that occur in the workplace too.

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Old men.. Listen, stay of your roof. Whatever it is it can wait. Just stay safe :)

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Was the driver / police officer arrested? Drivers are always arrested and assumed guilty in Japan. Hence there are so many that flee the scene.

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Nasty abuse from an very uncivilized and medieval cult. The world would be a friendlier and safer place without them.

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The Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have said decontamination work does not fit the purpose of the trainee program.

Which really means - "we're not interested. Nothing to see here... Move along"...

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Bio-terrorism (attacking and causing damage to your senses). 1. Salarymen breathing on you with death breath that could easily strip paint of a wall. 2. (In the summer) the realization that many people never use deodorant.

So basic hygiene should be taught and promoted as a rule too.

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old girls arrested for dumping newborn baby’s body near river in June See in context

Why is this young women being defended?

If a 17 year boy had dumped his newborn baby’s body, would there be so many posters defending him? I doubt it.

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When a Japanese government agency makes a decision (that involves foreigners) there is no emotion or compassion shown... I feel sorry for this guy. I hope he and his sick wife find peace and happiness soon.

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So her poor observational awareness skills killed her husband and a totally innocent motorcyclists :( I feel sorry for the victims...

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More childish scaremongering. Don't be fooled by the poor losers who can't accept the reality that they lost. The UK will be fine just as it was before it joined the EU :)

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Walk up to foreigners and start spraying a liquid over them and you can expect serious consequences... That is a potentially dangerous idea.

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In 2014 the Fukuoka Prefecture chapter of the association called for the A-class war criminals enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine to be removed to make the site less controversial. The statement stated that the chapter “hopes that the emperor and empress, as well as the prime minister and all other Japanese nationals, will be able to pay their respects at Yasukuni without reserve”

I have always wondered why they don't simply move the enshrined convicted 'Class A' war criminals to another location. It would certainly help to deflate this yearly charade...

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Men need to become more manly again and toughen up.

Are you referring to all men, or just the delicate and oversensitive 'Generation Z' (those born mid-1990s to mid-2000s)?

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