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Posted in: China's leaders want more babies, but local officials resist See in context

Global population has already double from 3.8 billion in 1972 to a unsustainable 7.7 billion in 2019. To sustain our planet and the limited (already strained) natural resources, we need to see massive global population decline.

This is the single biggest problem and threat to our planet and our existence as a species.

The only (selfish) people who (need) population growth are "Banksters and Politicians". Don't fall for their 'ignorant and selfish' propaganda.

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Posted in: Actor Liam Neeson fights to recover after sharing racist episode See in context

Was it dumb what Liam said: Yes

Was it racist: No

Was he angry in a rage of fury about his friend being raped: Yes

Do people tend to overreact and say stupid things when in a rage of fury: Yes

Did Liam actual commit a crime: No

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Posted in: Abe calls for public works spending plan to help economy See in context

Adding more debt to the debt mountain is by far the biggest expense / problem with the economy...

It's like trying to help an alcoholic by giving them more alcohol.

It's madness.

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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

This is why this issue will never go away...

It doesn't matter how many times you apologize, if you do not openly accept and admit responsibility yourself or on behalf of those that did it. Saying sorry without meaning it or without showing any remorse (fake lip service) is even more painful than saying nothing...

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Posted in: Social media users praise Japan for spotless locker room at World Cup See in context

It's a PR stunt.

This only seems to 'conveniently' happen when the press or TV cameras are about.

Yes the streets of Japan are typically very clean, but there are many 'selfish' people who sadly still litter.

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Posted in: Aso returns year's salary over scandal; 20 other finance ministry officials punished See in context

"I find this (that we got caught, not the act itself) extremely regrettable"... Aso and the cabinets true feelings.

"We should conduct a through review of how to keep public documents and take measures to prevent a recurrence (of being caught)"...

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Posted in: Man shot dead by police after knife attack in Kumamoto See in context

A taser would have been just as effective and non-lethal...

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker justifies remark urging more childbearing See in context

A declining birthrate is great news for Japan and our planet. We DO NOT need more people. The complete opposite in fact. Don't fall for the usual 'self centered & illogical' excuses.

Our planet cannot sustain the rapid rise in population. Just look at the pollution and scarce resources we have now...

The 'self-centered' politicians / central banks desperately need population growth because of the corrupt 'debt money system' they all depend upon. Which means they need 'tax growth' (a constantly supply of tax payers) in order to keep funding AND growing the debt.

Based on the state of our planet, there is not one single reason to justify population growth, period...

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern at relocation of U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem See in context

Embassy location is not the problem. Religion (aka religious bickering) is the root of 99.99% of the problems in the middle east.

As long as people continue to believe in different religions, the middle east will never see peace.

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Posted in: Tokyo works to boost Paralympic profile before 2020 Games See in context

The stigma is a global issue, not just in Japan...

The real problem (fact) is that "most" have no interest in watching the Paralympics. It is boring and/or uncomfortable to watch for those who do not have a disabled friend or family member (they can't relate).

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Posted in: Formula One abolishes 'grid girls' See in context

While we men still have a pair of testis and testosterone, we will always like looking at eye candy. It's natural, healthy and in our gene's to be attracted to the opposite sex (excluding the BLT).

Just because some suits in a stuffy committee decided to spread their PC nausea, it will not suppress a typical males urges or the hot blood that circulates his body... The survival of our species depends on it...

When will this farce end? I'm sure 'they' (PC warriors) will not be happy until we morph into a single gender society.

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Posted in: Almost half of Japanese firms keen to improve internal controls in wake of scandals: poll See in context

"keen to improve internal controls"

To prevent scandals, or to conceal them better?

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Posted in: Training day: Gov't officials embrace sneakers to promote fitness See in context

Hence these are called trainers in British English.

The is no such thing as British English. There is English, then you have all the other countries that speak English, such as: American English, Aussie English etc, etc.

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Posted in: Calls for same-sex marriage legalization growing in Japan See in context

Equality is fair for all of us. Same sex marriage is equality. As Ricky Gervais once said:

Same sex marriage is not gay privilege, it's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes. Like churches don't.

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Posted in: Half of Britons support a second vote on Brexit, poll finds See in context

BS don't trust the biased media. We (the vast majority of the UK citizens) do not need the EU. Leave the UK people and UK government to make it's own rules, laws, policies and trade agreements.

No need for the 'undemocratic' and 'unelected' overpaid EU bureaucrats telling us what we can and cannot do. Their only interest is to befriend the wealthy and big businesses.

If the fools who voted to remain, printed a true side-by-side advantages 'vs' disadvantages comparison for Brexit (i.e. on how it effects the common people majority), they would see how delusional they are.

Don't listen to the elite super-rich who control big business and the media. They are biased and poor losers, who cannot accept that they lost. Now, like spoiled little children they are having a hissy fit because they didn't get what they wanted.

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says he is 'relieved' by emperor abdication law See in context

A photo that oozes joy and happiness.

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Posted in: No. of reported school bullying cases in Japan hit record high in 2016 See in context

Even the schools themselves bully the students:

Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't

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Posted in: Hafu2Hafu Project: Photographer turns his lens on Tokyo to capture what it means to be half-Japanese See in context

I hate when people, like towingtheline above, tell us what term to use.

Cupcake, I did not tell people what term to use. Only that those who use the term 'haafu' are ignorant of its original meaning.

What i suggested were the more appropriate terms: 'dual nationality' or be 'bi-cultural' or even 'multi-cultural' but 'haafu' is just negative. It doesn't matter how you try to dress it up, or how fluffy and innocent you pretend it to be, it was originally meant as a racial slur / insult by those who consider themselves 'complete' pure bloods and thus superior.

I have lived here 18 years and I have a 'dual nationality' daughter ;)

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Posted in: Hafu2Hafu Project: Photographer turns his lens on Tokyo to capture what it means to be half-Japanese See in context

Let's be clear. It is a term referring to race. It refers to the purity of one's Japanese blood. 

But Japanese is a nationality, not a race... :)

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Posted in: Hafu2Hafu Project: Photographer turns his lens on Tokyo to capture what it means to be half-Japanese See in context

HAFU? how can you be half a nationality? You are Japanese or you're not Japanese. You can have 'dual nationality' or be 'bi-cultural' or even 'multi-cultural' but it is impossible to be half a nationality (i.e. half Japanese)... It's 2017 not 1817 please do away with this outdated and ignorant expression.

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Posted in: Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hooters in Japan to celebrate release of his new video game See in context

I think 'Hooters' in Japan should be renamed to 'Little Hooters' or 'Hooterless'. If you go there expecting to see hooters, you will be disappointed. It's false advertising...

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Posted in: 10 times Japanese train passengers aren’t so polite See in context

Bio-terrorists - Having rotten breath that could strip paint of the walls... Not nice when the train is packed and they are breathing on or just near you :(

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Posted in: Female police officer hit, killed by minivan during traffic violation crackdown See in context

RIP, that is very sad indeed :(

Ehime Prefectural Police have arrested the 27-year-old driver, identified as Kentaro Hayase, a company employee, on a charge of negligent driving resulting in death.

This is why hit and runs are so prevalent in Japan. Why is the driver automatically at fault? Maybe she was not looking at walked right in front of the minivan traveling at speed?

If drivers are automatically guilty irrespective of the reason, then all speed limits should be 5kph.

A stupid speed limit for a stupid law.

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Posted in: Parents of NHK reporter who died of overwork call for labor reform See in context

I agree that reforms will never happen.

IMHO the only reason Japan has not (yet) become a banana republic is because most 'J businesses' get's away with over working and exploiting it's staff. Most 'J businesses' that I have worked at / been inside are riddled with inefficiencies, poor supervision and inept staff training. What they lack in productivity due to institutionalized ineptness they try to make up with ridiculous working hours.

Cut those hours to a normal level and most 'J businesses' will implode. This is not an insult either, we all know this to be true. Businesses know this and the government knows this. Hence reforms will never happen because reforms would expose the truth about most 'J businesses'...

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Posted in: 87-year-old woman in wheelchair dies after attack by swarm of hornets See in context

Damn that is a brutal and heart breaking story. I feel so sorry for the old girl :(

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Posted in: Over 90% of 'JK' business services concentrated in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

If they (the authorities) really cared, they would shut down all the JK businesses irrespective of what actual service they offer. They're not exactly had to find are they. No serious detective work required....

Leaves me to suspect that many (oyaji's from the authorities) frequent JK businesses...

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Posted in: Abe faces new challenge as he calls snap election See in context

What a sad, depressing photo that instills zero positive energy or motivation. Like 3 day old socks, it's time for something clean, vibrant and fresh...

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Posted in: Koike to challenge Abe with new party See in context

@socrateos: No, she is not. Like many others, you are confused with Nippon Kaigi Kokkai Giindan (日本会議国会議員団), which is thinly related but not Nippon Kaigi (日本会議). Besides, she is no longer a member of the latter group either; she is not even eligible to be a member because she is not a member of National Diet.

Yes she is still a member. Look at the list of members:

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl falls to her death from 6th floor apartment See in context

Ignorance is no excuse. As a dad it was his responsibility to know where his "infant" children were playing and to make sure the area was safe for them to play in... No excuses.

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Posted in: Giant panda cub born at Tokyo's Ueno zoo named Xiang Xiang See in context

Why do they all seem to have a double / identical name? Rin RIn, Shin Shin, Xiang Xiang

Is it an attempt to maximize the nauseating kawaiiness? ;)

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