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Disgusting and heartless. No animal should be restrained and used to for human entertainment. All these pet cafe's (zoo's and aquariums) should be banned. The true heart of a nation is displayed in the way it treats animals.

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As I have mentioned before... What makes you think it is just the fish markets?

I bet if you tested the soil in and around all schools and kindergartens the results would be equally if not more shocking.

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Maybe they could also sort out daylight saving. It is bright outside from 4:30 am at the moment, yet it starts getting dark around 6:30 pm. Why can't they put the clocks back 2 hours. This might give some parents a little bit of time to spend outside after work with their kids too?

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Posted in: At least 19 dead, 50 injured by blast at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester See in context

Only lowlife, ignorant and self-centered scumbags would attack innocent people while they're out having a good time with friends and family.

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The mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Games will therefore play a key role in introducing Japanese culture to the world. 

So we need a childish mascot that promotes: 'institutionalized bullying' and 'Lolita fascination'...

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Every time I read something about this 'nightmare' one word pops into my head "Ishihara"....

That slippery and slimey git should be forced to explain how this happened. Along with a full audit of his personal, business and secret finances and assets (you know what you're looking for, wink, wink)...

His was the governor and therefore should be 100% responsible. He will duck, dive, wriggle and scream declaring his innocence. I say lock him up in isolation until this matter is resolved.

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Police said the 18-year-old suspect told them he helped his acquaintance get some work, but since he didn’t take his job seriously, some trouble ensued between them.

Endemic bullying behavior (culture) strikes again....

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"I'm offended"... I hate the modern 'sissy' world we live. Way too many people seem to be offended or upset over such meaningless and trivial things. Man up, grow a pair and stop being a PC pussy.

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The only option (well one option) is zero tolerance. Expel bullies immediately. Stop being soft on bullies.

Hopefully the parents will be pissed by this (their child being expelled) and might actually do something about it. At present their is no deterrent for bullying.

Not legally allowed to expel children from school? So what, make a rule/law and enforce it. Show that you care by actually doing something.... The usual 'lip service' is not doing anything to stop or prevent the problem.

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For me personally, 'Cool Biz' starts around mid to late March and runs through to early November.

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What an ugly, dated and stuffy looking room. Looks like Trump or Liberace decorated it :)

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So what are the 'opposing views'? 'It's regrettable but we were drunk and don't remember anything about it' or 'It's a Japanese thing and you wouldn't understand because you're a gaijin' or even, 'we were the victims not the aggressors' or possibly even 'we were not taught anything about it while at school, so it's all been fabricated to make us look bad'...

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Life, freedom and fun is being eroded by 'PC' pussies.

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Posted in: Japanese PTAs: My not so brilliant career as a 'yakuin' See in context

In relation to my experience of Japanese schools (my child is still in JHS as of today)... The PTA system in Japan is completely voluntary. Yet they imply it is mandatory. Just try leaving and you'll witness bullying and intimidation tactics against you and/or your children. FACT. Next, the fees you have to pay are a complete scam. FACT They are unaccounted for (they produce no accounts) money is siphoned off for activities that benefit 'some' the teachers (including entertainment and taxis). They pay for goods and services at businesses operated by their friends and family (i.e. kickbacks)... I have been through countless battles with the Japanese BOE and the local ward office. The whole PTA is antiquated and corrupt. Just try looking into the finances of your PTA and asks who offically manages the money. You might not like what you uncover...

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The number of people who died in the year through last September exceeded the number of babies born in the period by 296,000, producing a natural decline in the nation’s population for the 10th consecutive year.

So that means, each and every day there are 819 less Japanese people...

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Good. This is needed on an international level... Our little planet cannot sustain the rapid growth 'infection' from our species. 7 billion and growing is not sustainable. We should aim to get back down to at least 3~4 billion like it was before WW2...

It's only the selfish greedy few that profit from the 'debt money system' (i.e the private and secret owners of all central banks) that need continued population expansion in order to survive...

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Japan should join many European countries that have banned the Halal slaughtering method. Halal is a barbaric method of slaughter that causes immense suffering and pain to the animal. Look it up. It's brutal and disgusting...

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Find out which slimy politicians directly or indirectly own shares in domestic defense contractors. Then you'll understand why they want to spend big on defense. Just like the corrupt US Military-industrial complex. Spread fear among the masses 'imminent threat' to justify and get away with increased defense spending. The fabricated threats only exists in the media that the same politicians basically control.

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Excellent. Getting away from the 'un-elected' EU dictatorship could not happen fast enough. This is the beginning of the end for the EU. Others will probably follow the UK's lead.

The (current and future) UK government parties have a lot to do now, and i'm sure there will be plenty of ups and downs along the way. But I for one am well chuffed over an independently governed future. Bring it on :)

Stop bitching and Carry-On :)

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Posted in: What advice would you give to a man wrongly accused of groping by a woman on a crowded train? What should he do? For example, recently, some accused gropers have jumped onto the tracks to escape. See in context

Seriously run, or use the default Japanese salaryman excuse "i was drunk and can't remember anything"...

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Posted in: California hamburger restaurant chain Umami Burger to open 1st Tokyo store on Friday See in context

They look pretentious to me. Wipe all that crap off and just give me a a fresh homemade chargrilled burger in a quality butter toasted bun...

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Posted in: What do you think of alternative health care methods such as homeopathy, indigenous medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine and so on? See in context

Homeopathy has been proven in double blind experiments to be 100% BS. Surprised you didn't add Reiki to the list of 'snake oil' procedures. If any of these dubious practices passed a double blind experiment, they would not be called 'alternative'.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

"Hafu" is a (negative) derogatory term. It was coined and adopted long ago as a "you're not one of us" expression by the xenophobic, delusional elitist majority. Today it is used by ignorant people who do not think before they speak. Remember, being Japanese is a nationality not a race. How can you possibly be half of a nationality. You either are, or are not. Dual or Double is a better (positive) expression for children with mixed nationality parents. If anyone ever refers to my daughter as 'Hafu' I ask the person "which half of her is Japanese? and does that mean my daughter is somehow incomplete and inferior?" usually they look at me like with a clueless expression like a surprised cat...

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It's NOT a deterrent. It's impossible to undo when mistakes are realized. It's barbaric and only performed by backward uncivilized nations.

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Another animal cruelty story. Animals are NOT for human entertainment...

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 3 years in prison for killing 9-year-old boy while playing Pokemon Go See in context

Good job the driver didn't have any marijuana on him when he was arrested, otherwise he might have received a serious sentence. 3 years that is shocking...

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No animal should be used for human entertainment. This includes: cafes, zoo's and aquariums. It is cruel and demonstrates a complete lack of compassion towards the animals well being...

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Posted in: What are some differences you have observed between waiters and waitresses in restaurants and cafes in Japan and other countries and also the way in which customers treat them? See in context

My biggest gripe is: why can't they serve everyone's food at the same bloody time. It isn't rocket science.

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Why would anyone think it is only the proposed new fish market site that is contaminated.

I wish they would test the soil in, around and under all schools and kindergartens too. The 'Yak' controlled constructions companies, corrupt mayors and politicians should never be trusted.

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Posted in: Do you think cold calling is an effective sales method? What do you do when you receive one and you don't have time (or the inclination) to listen to the caller? How do you end the call without being See in context

Cold calling is only carried out by those who have little or no marketing / lead generation skills (or budget). It is totally unnecessary.

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