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Posted in: Vaccine minister Kono warns against wasting COVID-19 doses See in context

Amid growing concerns over a "fourth wave" of infections, the government is seeking to secure enough shots of the vaccine for roughly 36 million seniors and deliver them to municipalities by late June.

To achieve that in the next 75 days means 514,285 people a day need to be given the vaccine.

How many per day are being vaccinated as of today?

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Posted in: Olympic torchbearers run through empty Osaka park as virus surge tops 1,000 See in context

That image, along with stubbornly insisting that the games go ahead = Sad, pointless and a complete waste of time.

No sane and compassionate person wants the Olympics.

Far more important issues to address.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward begins certifying LGBT families See in context

I'm against it.

@Thomas Tank

Why would you be against something that does not affect you or involve you? You are not being asked to do or give up anything...

Any steps or progress that helps to bring more love, happiness and belonging (family) is a good thing in my book.

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Posted in: What are some past TV shows that could no longer be aired because they would be considered politically incorrect? See in context

What are some past TV shows that could no longer be aired because they would be considered politically incorrect?

Considered by who?

If it were me, probably none, because (i'm 50) I'm not easily offended and I don't take everything to serious. Plus, i'm not always pandering to others seeking their recognition or approval.

I have a sense of humor and can enjoy comedy and entertainment WITHOUT being judgmental or over sensitive.

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Posted in: Japan's celebrations rocket into orbit as Osaka's win takes off See in context

In that photo all I see is ignorant and selfish people...

The man removing his mask just to take a selfie. Plus I can see at least 2 other people with their mask pulled under their chin. The lady with the black mask 'underneath' her nose hoping for a signature. And... lets not forget Naomi also isn't wearing a mask and in close contact with crowd of strangers...

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Posted in: Police officer found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Although a suicide note was recovered from his locker, an Ibaraki Prefectural Police spokesperson declined to reveal its content

I bet it made reference to institutionalized bullying within the police force and named the perps too. Hence, "quickly hide that Taro-san, we don't want those dirty little secrets leaked"....

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Posted in: Two Christians publicly flogged in Indonesia for drinking, gambling See in context

publicly flogged...

Is this 2021 or 1421?

How could any independent critical free thinker defend these barbaric practices. Outdated laws based on religion should have no place in a modern civilized world.

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

Japan, is supposed to be a free democratic society and yet it has far too many outdated, communist / dictatorship style rules. Why are most official bodies, agencies and organizations in Japan run and governed like they're in North Korea???

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Posted in: Don't shout, don't cheer: Olympic fans face coronavirus curbs See in context

Don't cheer, talk loudly, eat, drink, or wave flags.

Reminds me of those "don't have fun or make any noise" signs aimed at children, you often see at little local parks / play areas (dirt patches) scattered throughout local towns.

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Posted in: Woman infected with coronavirus commits suicide at Tokyo home See in context

I think better education of children would help and a proper mental policy and awareness program to kill the stigma. Why do so many Japanese adults grow up (this is not supposed to sound harsh, I just don't know how to phrase it) with issues or appearing to be weak and seeking an easy way out (suicide) and often taking family members with them?

Is suicide directly or indirectly reinforced in children's school education, books or TV? There must be a reason why many Japanese decide to commit suicide for what often appears to me as trivial issues?

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Posted in: Kono denies reports of mass vaccine roll-out for general public in May See in context

The vaccine rollout program...

This is Japan's chance to demonstrate to the rest of the world how Japan has mastered the art of unnecessarily overcomplicating and delaying everything.

Chances are, if we're optimistic, most people will not get the vaccine until at least Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. You just watch.

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Posted in: Good reception See in context

Where's the social distancing?

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Posted in: Gov't to give financial support for shorter hours as virus surges See in context

My GF just received the application form and other requirements for this.

Typical of Japan, it is going to take her at least 2 full days to prepare all of the business information, documents and to collate all the info from her 6 employees.

She said it hardly seems worth all the effort for 'a chance' to receive a little support...

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Posted in: Supermarket’s funeral ad sparks controversy, debate over 'blasphemy' See in context

Funeral services in Japan and all the made up artificial BS that goes with it costs a fortune and it's all down to emotional blackmail tactics by making the surviving family members feeling guilt, peer pressure or cornered...

When I heard this: "The more expensive death names (yes, you need to have a new name after death) will help the deceased spirit in it's journey"... You just know they are milking the deceased family. It's a corrupt "business" that for some reason is 'taboo' to question...

So I understand the "business of death" participants feeling threatened by AEON's offer.

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Posted in: Judo in Japan getting unwanted scrutiny for abuse, violence See in context

The word 'Judo' in the title should be replaced with 'Culture'... Sadly it's more appropriate and true..

Culture in Japan getting unwanted scrutiny for abuse, violence

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

Victimless crime. Leave people alone to have fun in their own homes. All consenting adults after all.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

What's next. No Male or Female toilets?

When will this "but i'm offended" madness end.

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun indicted on domestic abuse charge See in context

Mr Kipling:

I think a short spell in prison followed by a one way ticket to Nigeria are in order.

I'm not defending Bobby but, why would they send him to Nigeria? He is Japanese. Nigerian born yes, but when he became a Japanese citizen, he became Japanese.

BTW, do you make "exceedingly good" pies and cakes :)

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins 2nd U.S. Open title See in context

@ Wipeout

She didn't become Japanese, she has been Japanese since birth, and that status has never changed.

No. You are Japanese if you hold a Japanese passport / become a citizen.

Naomi Osaka applied in 2019 to become a Japanese citizen:

Whatever, she has done very well and deserves her success.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins 2nd U.S. Open title See in context

Since becoming Japanese in 2019 she has certainly done well in the rankings and especially her 'endorsement' earnings. Ditching her US nationality was a very astute move.

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

He told reporters that it was “gut wrenching” to leave so many of his goals unfinished.

"so many" needs to be changed to "all".


1 - Personal taxation has increased

2 - Corporate taxation has decreased

3 - National debt has dramatically increased

Excluding big businesses (wink, wink) Has the welfare and daily living standards for the nation and future generations improved under Abe?

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Posted in: Japanese war orphans tell of pain, shame and recovery See in context

Bullying and shaming culture is still strong in Japan today. The ugly unspoken aspect about life in Japan.

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Posted in: 2 doctors indicted over consensual killing of terminal ALS patient See in context

We should all have the right to determine our own fate. I feel sorry for the doctors, it should not be a crime.

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested after car crash kills one, injures another See in context


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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested after car crash kills one, injures another See in context

ahh "Gunma Prefecture" is a class of itself.

@jalan5 what a classes comment.

Gunma is a stunningly beautiful prefecture.

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Posted in: Traffic law to punish tailgating to go into effect Tuesday See in context

Yes. They should teach drivers to stay in the left lane. Cruising in the right lane (or middle lane on the expressways) is very annoying and dangerous too.

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Posted in: European lawmakers chide Japan over parental child abductions See in context

Dear lawmakers, Japan isn't an EU member.

True, but a compassionate country would not allow child abductions. A compassionate country would not leave one parent with no rights to see or have contact with 'their own child' after divorce. A compassionate country would understand that 'the love' for your child and the child's love of 'both' parents does not end at divorce.

If you defend Japan on this heartless position, then you too are not a compassionate person. And please forget all the usual excuses. No harm comes from being a compassionate person or country.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy dies after apparently shooting himself See in context's authenticity? Since it was able to kill, perhaps its REAL?

Maybe it was a 3D printed gun (designs are available online for free) as opposed to a real revolver?

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Posted in: Priyanka Yoshikawa: From Miss World Japan to entrepreneur in the wellness world See in context

and being the first half—Japanese contestant to do so

Here we go again... It is impossible to be "half Japanese". Japanese is a nationality, which means you either are Japanese or you are not Japanese. If she holds a Japanese passport she is Japanese, end of discussion.

Half is a negative and derogatory expression.

It would be correct (and positive too) to refer to Priyanka as having dual or double nationality / ethnicity.

Anyway, good for her and I wish her every success in her career and future.

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Posted in: 80% of Japan mayors oppose, wary of shift to Sept start of school year See in context

80% of Japan mayors oppose, wary of shift to Sept start of school year

Which could also mean: 80% of Japan mayors are very old, stubborn and hate change, whereas the other 20% are younger and open minded to new ideas.

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