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Posted in: Japan to oblige businesses to reduce 12 disposable plastic items See in context

What about "Excessive food, bento and snacks/gifts packing"....

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Posted in: Tokyo’s Kabukicho district isn’t just about the nightlife – it has traditional festivals too See in context

Tokyo’s Kabukicho district isn’t just about the nightlife – it has traditional festivals too

That's like saying Adult porn magazines also have great articles.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

What an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea. The true (lack of) heart and compassion of certain people in power is on full display.

If any school allows just one child to go, the head of that school should fired for incompetence and forever ridiculed.

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Posted in: Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English? See in context

Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English?

The word 'British' is not necessary in that title.

There is English, then all other variations of it. i.e. American English, Australian English etc, etc.

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

Japan's systems are designed to support those in government and big businesses, especially those affiliated with 'ahem' government projects and 'amakudari'.

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Posted in: Japanese woman freed from Chinese prison after serving 6-year sentence See in context

The woman, who is of Chinese origin

Japanese people originate from a mixture of Chinese and Korean, so why is this relevant?

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Posted in: Canada to take in 20,000 Afghan refugees targeted by Taliban See in context

Meanwhile in Japan... The few that try get locked up for months (even yers) and treated like a lower species and criminals until denied then deported.

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Posted in: U.S. sending 3,000 troops for partial Afghan embassy evacuation See in context

What was the point of the recent long war in Afghanistan?

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Posted in: Some praise, some doubts as Facebook rolls out a prayer tool See in context

Is FB aware that atheism is rapidly growing in numbers where as all other mythical based belief systems are rapidly reducing.

Anyway. Even if you do believe, isn't asking for prayers the same as asking for people to do nothing? Therefore was a prayer request even necessary?

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Posted in: Detained Sri Lankan's footage before her death to be shown to family See in context

Since the footage covers nearly two weeks of her life at the immigration center, the agency will show only selected parts. They are believed to include scenes immediately before her death and those mentioned in the report.

What a complete BS and infuriating statement.

Give all the footage. I'm sure the family would prefer to see it all rather than an edited and white-washed series of clips :(

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Posted in: Karate kicks off See in context

@tooheysnew: they spent 90% of it just bouncing up & down.

That is so true and so funny :)

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Posted in: Japan's population down by record number to 126.65 mil See in context

1,325 less Japanese people per day. That's a lot of people.

It is good news from an environment point of view. The global population growth is way too big and getting out of control.

If you thumb me down you are demonstrating your ignorance to the current state of global population growth and the devastating affect it is having on our plant and natural resources.

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete spotted on camera at Nagoya Station See in context

He had a mobile phone but his passport was kept by the Ugandan team...

I never understood that. Why would you give up your passport for someone else to look after.

I remember many years ago the Japanese H.I.S. holiday rep in Saipan got perplexed when I refused to hand my passport over to her. She said: "We will look after it for you until you leave". No thanks, i'm more than capable of doing that myself.

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Posted in: French father goes on hunger strike for children 'abducted' by Japanese wife See in context

If he has lived here for 15 years, he should know that the Japanese government and all official governments bodies such as the family court and the justice system has zero empathy or compassion. They only know how to blindly follow and enforce rules. Old rules, outdated rules, new rules, unfair rules and uncivilized rules, it makes no difference. Rules are never questioned and common sense is never applied. Add to that he is a foreigner. If he dies, the authorities will claim they did nothing wrong and that committing suicide was his choice. Nothing will change and everything will carry on as normal.

I feel for him and all parents forcibly separated from their children in Japan. It's a zero empathy cultural thing :(

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Posted in: New Zealand selects transgender athlete Hubbard for Olympic women's weightlifting team See in context

Utter selfishness. Hubbard should be the first person (in a very long line) to say no, it's unfair. Tells you a lot about his/her personality.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka won't be required to talk to press at Tokyo Olympics See in context

We have to stop this plague of 'snow flakiness' that is trying to infect and poison everything..

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Posted in: Child welfare worker fined for indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

Same old inequality.

If a 14 year old boy got off with a 23 year old women, 99% of men would be thinking 'you lucky boy'... No charges against the woman I suspect too.

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Posted in: Why doesn't Father's Day carry the same importance as Mother's Day? Or does it? See in context

Fathers day doesn't carry the same importance because men don't need to be constantly 'pat on back' to reassure them. It's not an insult either. Men and women have different emotional needs.

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Posted in: American father, son to go on trial for helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

The Japanese "Hostage Justice & Forced Confession System" is the cause of this. If it were modern civilized system, probably none of this would have happened.

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Posted in: New law to help kids with medical needs take their place in school See in context

Hmmm, if a child is born with such serious medical conditions that prevent the child (and parents) from ever living a normal life. I think euthanasia at birth should be offered as a compassionate option.

I know that sounds cold, but the child's and parents whole life will be filled with stress, misery and alienation. Let's be honest, who wants that?

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Posted in: Woman sues Hokkaido gov't for not giving benefits to same-sex couples See in context

@ Michael Machida: Why would same sex people get the same rights as married people

Ever heard of equality? Not privileges, equality. Also, because a couple is a couple. Married or not, being a couple is based on love and compassion. Marriage itself is only a piece of paper requiring no more than a trip to the shiyakushou and an inkan.

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Posted in: At least 138 killed in Burkina Faso attacks See in context

The teaching of religion 'especially the Islamic version' are not compatible with a modern civilized society. If you think I am being insensitive or wrong, I suggest you read the koran and some of its outdated and barbaric views and teachings.

Now, I know that 99.9% of muslims are kind and compassionate people and they 'ignore' the obvious outdated and cruel contents of their teachings. The trouble is, the 0.01% fanatics take all the teachings as being fact, which is terrifying. Ask them what they think of non-believers. Also ask them what the punishment is in their book for non-believers or those who decide to leave Islam. If you don't know what they're taught, you in for a surprise.

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Posted in: Doctors in euthanasia case indicted over another death 10 years ago See in context

psychological pain - dam auto-correct

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Posted in: Doctors in euthanasia case indicted over another death 10 years ago See in context


Euthanasia is murder? Really?

So if I decide I want to die due to a fatal disease with the immense physical and phycological pain. If it is my choice how can it be murder?

As an evolved primate species, we should be able to make a decision about our death without any interference from other people's opinions, ancients myths or man made beliefs.

My body, my choice. If has NOTHING to do with anyone else.

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Posted in: Doctors in euthanasia case indicted over another death 10 years ago See in context

Euthanasia should be legal and accepted. No one, no one has the right to deny you making a decision that only affects you. Your body, your choice. End of. There is no debate.

Individuals suffering with a fatal illness (and their family members watching them slowly die in pain) should have the right to end their own pain and misery.

Who wins by making them suffer until the very end? Seriously who? Exactly...

Denying euthanasia to someone is selfish and often heartless.

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Posted in: Japan's strict gun laws trigger problems for Olympic shooting See in context

Welcome to Japan. A country that needlessly overcomplicates everything, and/or applies the inverse common sense approach.

Oh yeah, if you bring it up or complain, they will dig their stubborn heals in and it becomes impossibles to make any progress or change.

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Posted in: Coates gets backlash after saying Olympics are on, even in state of emergency See in context

We should sign a petition to boycot ALL Japanese businesses that sponsors the olympics.

Go after the money. Get the sponsors scared and hopefully they will pull out, forcing a cancelation.

Target the sponsors, not the IOC or Suga.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't drops bill to revise immigration law amid opposition See in context

The Justice Ministry has refused to heed an opposition request to release video footage showing how Wishma's health condition deteriorated, partly for security reasons.

Sounds reasonable if trying to hide or coverup evidence is considered reasonable.

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

The root cause of this conflict (and many others) is religion, fact. What they read and what they're taught reinforces their intolerance, stubbornness and their "we're in the right" attitude.

Sadly, this conflict will NEVER end while difference versions of religion are still handed down and taught to children, who themselves grow up and continue the cycle of intolerance and violence over and over again...

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Posted in: Many reasons why Japan has been slow to roll out vaccinations See in context


1 - Primarily because Japan Inc seems to needlessly overcomplicate everything.

2 - Inflexible, inefficient, outdated systems and rules books.

3 - Too many business and group interests to maintain and palms to grease (supply chain and distribution).

4 - Stubborn old 'power hungry' men who hate anything related to modernization and change.

I'm not Japan bashing. I like many others who have lived here long enough know the above is 100% true.

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