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Yeah, after follow your link gave earlier. I can see that whale show up in a dish from time to time thought out the history. It also disappeared from time to time too. but no pro-whaling want to take that in to account.

The more I read the more I can see that the strongest influence of whale eating culture and the most important on my point is the hunting culture in japan today seem to come after japan was introduced to the western technology and hunting methods which can help catch more in number.

It isn’t that japan got so much domestic demand so/and they develop their own technology of hunting over the history. this culture became widely accept in this country by the westerner culture, technique and knowledge.

and It is actuary no point to keep refer to another people whaling culture like Indonesia, new zeland, America etc.

those people is using their own traditional methods of hunting to preserve their own culture.

@ davidattokyo

So now why you reduce your culture to begin at 1930 after she got an update from western technology. I used to hear pro-whaling keep say that you have this culture for hundred of year or even thousand of years.

the mass hunting style today you are supporting isn’t came from the real Japanese culture that was practiced hundred more years ago. Why would you try to preserve western style of culture in japan? are you trying to destroy your own traditional way of doing thing?

Why would Japanese people still try to catch whales with nets when we now have harpoon equipped vessels with which we can hunt far more efficiently?

Now you forgot what you had been standing for a log time which is “proteching Japanese culture and value of whaling.”

Japan did not develop this way of mass hunting, not even the way of thinking (mass commercial whaling), and japan even brought the hardware from the west. leaving their original way of hunting behind.

I didn’t know you love the west that much. Love them enough to try to protect their way of doing thing and say it out loud that it is what in your culture.

go back to my question,

where is the cultural hunting ground? what is the cultural method of hunting?

and what you are trying to protect?

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“those who refuse our evaluation should choose a different occupation”

Isn't that a pretty bold claim?

i prefer food with taste rather than pretty look and over price, but tasteless.

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1 i have seen japanese here talk so much about "japan and whale eating culture". but i can not find any data to support that idea if it is really the national culture that majority in japanese really consume whale meat before WWII. most of the data i can find point to the same direction that it is just a couple of villages here in japan that hunt and eat its meat. any expert can point me to the right direction on my research?

and if it is for the sake of culture, from what i know, going that far south with modern slaughter ships is not in any part of japanese tradition and culture. where is the cultural hunting ground? what is the cultural method of hunting?

2 as for

However, arbitrarily claiming an entire ocean area in the southern hemisphere as an exclusive whale santuary that resides in agreed upon international waters is another.

that is another point no-one know what on earth japanese whaler really want to do. do science or do culture?

everyone know that "the research program is for the sake of science" but the way japan act and argue is pointing to commercial whaling and hunt for sale and eat! don't forget that action speak louder than words.

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i don't think it wrong if they hunt in their own water. people got their own reason to believe and do thing. so keep your own believe and behavior with yourself. don't go to the south ocean and tell people over there what right and wrong. same thing the other way around.

Why some of you think whaling is bad?

i think eating whale is bad, but that is in my personal reason. i stop eat any kind of big fish for a long time already. it is soaked with mercury. i am not insane enough to pay money to poison my own family.

why not ask what kind of research they are doing? didn't they know the whale's meat is dangerous?

What about tuna... There is a little fuss here

people try to push it into the list of an endanger animal. read the news well and see who is opposing it, and what business are they in. who is their big customer.

Japanese whalers take a VERY specific amount of whales.

not without kicking and screaming from around the world though.

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both movie and drama, the acting is very hard to swallow for me.

sometime the story and concept are good, but acting is so bad.

for asian movie, i prefer those from Hong Kong or Korea, some thai but never the one from japan.

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Hello people - new era. Obama in, the war monger bush is gone.You can stop blowing yourselves up now.sheesh.

teach my dog to poop in the toilet is easier than tell those people to respect people life.

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So please tell me how much a Dell would cost after you upgraded to specs that actually made it usable for more than just checking your email and installed all the software you need for doing "real world" work.

if you read what hakujinsensei said, you would already know the price.

to be fair, that price, that system, can work a lot more than just check email and install 3rd party software. if you want it work better, you can leave vista go for ubuntu or even win7. both request everything a lot less than vista, and run way better.

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Why don't you enjoy by meeting a woman of your choice and satisfy your desires in a healthy way?

who said i don't? i am not a porn addicted guy. and i got a very nice and happy to be with wife.

I would like to destroy all the porn in the world! I would like to force everyone to keep their minds clean FOR THEIR own benefit.

kind of too rightist too me. i don't believe in that. i believe a grow up man, should be free to think, do, and respond for their own action.

being a guy believe in something without forcing or being forced to, i think i got a lot healthier mind than anyone believe in forcing one another.

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If he doesn't like Islam, why is he going to Britain?

good point!

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clean societies who do not want the disgusting JAV flung in their face.

then don't order, don't buy, don't download it. nobody force anyone to watch a porn!

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lets have you guys post some links to pics n specs of the cool notebook computers you built for less

build for less at this moment seem to be impossible but this one close.,1026.html read step 3-5. it is not cheaper but it sound like a fun activity to do.

and it possible to do.

anyway i think it still better go with dell speck according to your link, and if anyone want to increase ram, that xps can host up to 8GB of DDR3 compare to only 4 gb of DDR2 by mac book. another big advantageous here.

to me the best investment go with pc technology, handsdown.

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the dell comes with XP

no it come with vista 64bit.

mac comes with more cool software and it is integrated but open source is available for either for free so...

same go with any platform. open-source selections even alot more in PC world both for linux and ms.

what next

dell - 3GB DDR3 1067MHz / mac - 2GB DDR2 800MHz

dell- 250GB 7200 RPM SATA / mac - 160GB 5400-rpm SATA

what will i pick? if it free, i go with dell and remove that vista.

a lot of them are the same but dell offer "bigger, a lot faster hdd and ram." and i don't care the OS.

if i have to pay?

i will leave both, and stay with my old laptop, get win7x64, max my ram to 6gigs only if i want to.

if you want hardware, but you don't want the os,

some people switch their OS though.... the ones that do, lets have you guys post some links to pics n tutorial of the cool Mac computers that can totally change the main OS to something not mac ; )

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