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Posted in: Where is Obama's change we can believe in? See in context

I'm old enough to remember when it was the left who were hand wringing drama queens.

Look, "change" doesn't mean "uproot every damned thing in the country and make up totally new stuff." It means stop being satisfied with the status quo. Try harder. Don't simply look over your shoulder, say "we're still ahead, why bother trying anything difficult" then assume everyone will love you because you "deserve" it (I'm thinking of, among other things, the moral relativity brought up by torture advocates, who say our enemy would treat us worse. As if America wasn't about trying to be the best. Apparently, America is about trying just hard enough to not be as bad as insane people.)

I'm sick of the left, I'm sick of the right, but essentially, I'm sick of whiners. Complaining about a lack of "change" from someone who (1) doesn't seem to grasp what the word "change" realistically involves in the real world, and (2) gets their panties in a bunch over a guy WHO HASN'T EVEN TAKEN OFFICE YET is a textbook case of whining.

Chuck Baldwin, and those like him, I implore you. STOP. CRYING. WOLF. You're spending opposition credibility as if it were a bottomless pit. We need some of that political capital to keep Obama in line when he, y'know, ACTUALLY TAKES OFFICE.

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Posted in: We'll change our conventional attitude, which has been to act only after crimes are committed, and will instead adopt a more proactive stance toward cutting crime and eliminating the factors that caus See in context

Oh, that's just great. Just what we need, more paranoia, and more opportunities to accuse. It's not like Japan has a poor record with "innocent until proven guilty" or anything :P

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Posted in: We'll notify companies that revoking employment offers to graduating students without proper reasons is illegal. See in context

Umm...Isn't not having a sufficient volume of business a "proper reason"?

Well, graduating seniors stop looking for jobs when they find one. There's a specific window of time that is best for graduating seniors to go job hunting. So, basically, if the company takes it all back, these people have wasted their prime employment window for nothing.

I don't think anyone's forcing these companies to hire people they can't afford. I think they're simply saying the company can't promise these people something, then simply turn around and say "nah, changed our minds" after the people in question essentially gave them their prime hunting time. The prospective employees got screwed. That happens, yeah, but think about what corporate "responsibility" is like here. I get the feeling they just yanked the rug with no explanation.

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Posted in: Obama asks Gates to stay at Pentagon See in context

Remember all of that stuff about change? Well forget about it. I guess Obama agrees with Bush's war strategy after all - why else would he keep his Secretary of Defense.

Because changing the secretary of defense during a change in main leadership would be asking for trouble?

Look, "change" doesn't mean he was going to hire random people on the street. Change comes from above. Do you think he makes no decisions? He just delegates, and that's that? He's keeping people on who know what's happening, and the change, if he actually follows through, will come from him, not his surroundings. You ARE aware that, as the commander in chief, that Gates answers to Obama, right? That Gates can't simply do whatever the Hell he wants? You SURE you understand that?

Just because YOU failed to grasp the nuts and bolts of his promises doesn't mean he's gone back on them.

Now, he WILL at some point. I guarantee it. Save your criticism for when that actually happens. All this crying "wolf" is just going to give him more credibility when he does screw up.

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Posted in: Japanese cooking shows and the loss of sanity See in context

Obviously, this is a cultural thing and this guy needs to chill. Seriously, why do people act like they HAVE to watch TV? I don't even own a TV, and I seem to be surviving :P

That said, I do feel an involuntary spasm of contempt when I do happen to see some of this stuff. There's some intangible goofiness to it that isn't cute, funny, or amusing in any way. I can't really justify it, so I generally keep it to myself, but to be honest, my gut reaction is to start slapping people.

The sheer UNIFORMITY gets to me as well:

I am also aware I can change the channel. Problem: I’m going to see the same thing on the next channel. Isn’t there anything else in this country that’s considered important?

Again, it's clearly a cultural thing, and the problem is with me, not them. genuinely seems dehumanizing in some unidentifiable way.

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Posted in: If the situation goes unchecked, our university may end up becoming a place where illicit drug deals are conducted by organized groups, as at U.S. universities. See in context

There are organized groups selling drugs at US universities? What does he mean by "organized groups?"

It's been a while since I was in college, but I don't remember anything like that :P

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Posted in: Today's society is full of virtual reality: television, video games, email, mobile phones and manga that saps children of their strength. See in context

However, his work is also a part of the society he is criticizing. I can't remember the last time I saw a child reading a book.

Not to be an apologist, but Miyazaki's films pull from much, much older traditions of storytelling that typically involve higher levels of intellectual stimulation.

The things he is mentioning are very simple, and don't really do much in the way of getting the grey matter flowing. They also attempt to act as a substitute for reality. It's a difficult point, but a valid one nonetheless: there is a difference between escapism and presenting a virtual reality with the trappings of "real" reality. When you text someone, you're interacting with a phone, not a person. When you watch TV news, you're seeing a packaged version of the real world, not the real world itself. This DOES have an effect.

Which leads to...

I think what he means is that these devices are anti-social, and I tend to agree with him.

While I can't disagree in a technical sense, I honestly wouldn't put him in the same category as those other, vastly more intellectually passive, forms. I should also probably point out that the subject of his first sentence of "today's society," not "virtual reality." This would mean that the problem is that society is full of this stuff, not that these things are inherently bad.

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Posted in: Girl, 10, turns up at grandfather's house after kidnap fear See in context

100 cops? Why didn't her sister just call Totoro? :D

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

Based on what you wrote here, I'm making the assumption that you are definitely not conservative. It doesn't take long to figure out that there really is a bias in the news media.

My perception that complaints of liberal bias are overblown means I'm not a conservative?

Define "conservative." I fail to see how perception of the media plays into a conservative ideology one way or the other. You think there's an "obvious" bias, I think it's ridiculously overstated, and used as a distraction. I can't believe in small government? Care to explain that one?

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Nah, we love the U.S. too much to leave to the likes of Barack Obama. We'll stay and fight for what's right for America.

Cute slogan, Sarge. Got anything of substance? Like, say, something longer than a bumper sticker?

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

Leave it to TPOJ to put a damper on a positive statement.

Sarge, it's the truth, and it's not my job to be a cheerleader. You were trying to spin a statement from the article that had a valid point (that you misinterpreted, by the way...they were saying that the current GOP is done, not that the right is done in general.) This isn't a pep rally. You don't fix problems by putting a smiley face on them, and you are not entitled to good vibes because your wonderful opinions are such a treasure.

If you are truly a conservative, why would you praise Obama, who will be the most liberal president in our history?

Did I praise his policy? His ideology? His liberal tendencies? I praised him for not stooping to the level his opponents did. Are you suggesting his ideology means it's irresponsible to praise him for praiseworthy things he's done?

Obama acts his age? If he was acting his age, he'd do something to help his poor half-brother and his poor aunt.

First off, that's an awfully liberal thing to say. Second, didn't his aunt refuse help? And third, what the Hell does that have to do with "acting his age?"

And...hey, you're whining about the left again! I do believe I covered this already:

It's been a tactic to respond to criticisms of the right with a criticism of the left, a logical fallacy so blatant that it's use alone would have been enough to make me lose faith in the intelligence of the right (and don't whine to me about losing faith in the intelligence of the left...I lost that decades ago.)

I know JT frowns on personal posts, but Sarge, I think you personally embody what this article is rightfully decrying. The right, as it stands now, has been defined by partisan politics, obfuscation, and bare assertions. Obama, for his many flaws, ideological and otherwise, has not engaged in this behavior. Your insistence in refocusing on Obama in a article and thread dedicated to examining the flaws of the right is a perfect example of why America doesn't trust us anymore.

Stop saying "hey! Over there!" and deal with YOUR problems, OK?

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Posted in: Modern working conditions a throwback to '20s, '30s See in context

It's an exaggeration to say we're back to the sweatshops.

Unfortunately, it's not nearly as much of an exaggeration as it could be. The physical work conditions may be better than the 20s and 30s, but the attitude towards workers is very much the same.

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

The Republicans have won five of the last eight presidential elections.

Yes, by ever decreasing numbers. OK, there was a slight bump in 2004, but I think that had more to do with the fact that Bush was running against a chainsaw sculpture in a wig.

I am a conservative, and I hope to be able to call myself a Republican again someday. I don't now simply because the word contains too many implications that I not only agree with, but which nauseate me.

Frankly, the behavior many of my former "fellow" Republicans has been the one thing that has, however briefly, made me ashamed to be American. They have embraced childishness, shown a staggering disregard for logic, and have attempted to substitute arrogance for hard worn knowledge. They have mistaken opinion for fact, treated rhetorical tactics as truth, and behaved with the emotional maturity of pre teens.

McCain's audience booing him during his concession speech turned my stomach, but was anyone surprised?

It's been a tactic to respond to criticisms of the right with a criticism of the left, a logical fallacy so blatant that it's use alone would have been enough to make me lose faith in the intelligence of the right (and don't whine to me about losing faith in the intelligence of the left...I lost that decades ago.)

During Bush's terms, the right BECAME what the left was during Reagan's term: blaming everything on the all powerful media, painting themselves as common people fighting for what was right while ignoring their representatives tendencies towards corruption, and generally bed wetting in self pity and fear every time one of their buttons get pushed. I'll say it again: those have become right wing talking points f, but when I was in college, they were VERY much of the left. Not only were they of the left, they DEFINED the left in their opponents' eyes. And the current crop of right wingers are too clueless, too arrogant, too quick to shift the focus on some other (left wing) thing, to understand the irony.

I am not anti right. I am not anti left. I AM anti whiner. I AM anti hypocrite. I AM anti crybaby. Which is why I poke at a certain small group of posters in pretty much every forum I frequent (I think we can all guess who I'm referring to for this particular forum.)

In no small way, America rejected this behavior. The only way for them to do this was to vote Democrat this time around. That may change soon, and it may well be that in 2012 (or even in 2010,) they will reject this behavior by voting the other way.

Say what you will about Obama, but he at least acts with poise. He acts his age. Anyone who would say the same for the right in this past election is lying, stupid, willfully ignorant, or all three. God Bless America.

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Posted in: Bush, Obama to meet on Monday as transition accelerates See in context

Isn't this standard behavior? So far as the White House changing hands during wartime for the first time in four decades, well, I think that has a lot more to do with the complete boneheaded handling of this war. For cryin' out loud, he started it in his FIRST TERM.

For which country?

You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

You guys have a lot of cute one liners and bare assertions (look it up,) but if you think anyone does anything but roll their eyes at you, it would speak volumes at how, uh, surprised you were at the election. Seriously, what kind of track record do you guys think you have, prediction wise? Yeah, we get it: you're "right." But your cute little theories have to play out in the real world somewhere, otherwise you're just another delusional gasbag.

I hope Bush is more mature than his supporters.

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Posted in: It is unprecedented to see such a widening income gap in Japan. Our society is definitely becoming a class society. See in context


The financial situation is starting to mirror the real situation, is all.

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Posted in: The Japanese mainstream media do not have a well-developed 'watchman' ethic, because it colludes closely with those whom it should be watching and holding accountable. As a result, it is in no hurry t See in context

I would LOVE to see someone disagree with this.

Actually disagree, not just pull the typical "look! Over there! Other countries!" distraction stuff.

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be the next U.S. president? See in context

So, we 've got 7 votes for McCain and 66 votes for Obama on this site. Tells you a lot about this site.

Actually, I would say it tells you a lot about the level of intellect necessary to operate a computer, but you made it on here...

Oh wait, sorry. BIAS BIAS BIAS!!!!!!!

Sarge you, much like the people you support, are going down in flames everywhere except in your imagination.

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Posted in: Iran: Obama seems more rational than McCain See in context

Sarge at 11:26 AM JST - 23rd October "Well that's a rather simple view of things" Unfortunately, that's the view of Democrats/liberals.

Says the guy with the complexity of a popsicle stick.

Sarge, you have utterly failed to notice how miserably your posts fail to persuade even the simple minded on these forums. Yet, somehow, you seem to believe you possess an ability to see the truth the rest of us lack.

Everyone thinks their opinions are "right," that's why they have them. The difference is how they play out in the real world. Explaining your position in an adult manner, as well as being able to persuade those you engage in to your viewpoint, are ways of showing validity.

How's that working for ya?

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Posted in: Leaders should train students who have the potential to outshine them, but Japanese leaders tend to reject such students. See in context

When a culture stresses authority and stability over accomplishment and innovation, it will not excel.

Even the "Japanese model" of manufacturing came from an American.

I get that this is a favorite target for Japan bashers, and has therefore lost a lot of its rhetorical impact, but it's a favorite target for a reason. Ego is not integrity.

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Posted in: Maki Horikita looking for boyfriend as she celebrates 20th birthday See in context

I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment, but I’d like to do my best to find one from now on. I’d like to be married within 10 years. I hope I’ll still be attractive then.

I know the average women in Japan has difficulties getting married over a certain age, but is this really the same for freaking model/celebrities?

I hope I’ll still be attractive then.

Frankly, you'll probably look like you're 22.

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Posted in: Raw anger in McCain's crowds as Obama strengthens See in context

When a visibly angry McCain supporter in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Thursday told the candidate “I’m really mad” because of “socialists taking over the country,” McCain stoked the sentiment. “I think I got the message,” he said. “The gentleman is right.” He went on to talk about Democrats in control of Congress.

This is why I stopped associating myself with the GOP. They're children.

No, I'm not like the ignorant woman who said, "I don't like him. He's an Arab!" I wouldn't vote for Obama because I don't trust him with our national security or to be our CinC, and because I don't want my country to become more socialist than it already is.

Moral relevance being one of the main issues.

"See? I'm not as bad as that complete imbecile! I'm rational! I regurgitate this other, slightly less ludicrous thing!"

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Posted in: British skinny dipper released into friend's custody See in context

Well so much for those who incessantly complain about how the J cops and society "have it in for the foreigner." Yet again we have a foreigner who not only disgraced himself and his countrymen but also breached a sacred area, face no punishment whatsoever for his stupidity.

Four words: the media was watching.

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Posted in: JAL map of Tokyo launched online See in context

Yes, thanks for the link.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to why the link wasn't in the actual article??!?!

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Posted in: Race little altered by 2nd McCain, Obama debate See in context

OK, I'll say it.

I was in favor of keeping Saddam in power. Me.

Why? Not because he was a good guy. He wasn't. He was scum.

But it would have been preferable to the situation now.

If he could have been removed without a complete clusterf***, then absolutely, get the scumbag out of power. In fact, if you consult the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, they could have probably helped you out on that score.

Sarge, it doesn't matter how many theories or hypotheticals you throw around. Reality will always trump opinion. "Our removal of Saddam wasn't worth it" is not the same thing as "Saddam was a good guy."

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Posted in: Residents gripe about billionaire neighbor in Hawaii See in context

How can you refer to me as juvenile with a pedant post such as this? Honestly, this is a case study for politics, I suppose.

That...was childish.

Maybe I'm missing some subtlety in your argument, but did you genuinely just accuse someone defending a rich guy as a liberal? The polar opposite has been my OVERWHELMING experience.

You're not wrong, you just have no room to talk.

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Posted in: Sumo shows its hypocrisy See in context

TPOJ, what now you're concerned for the Russians plight? "I don't really have much sympathy for him...smoking weed in JAPAN? Not the sharpest tool in the shed" is what you said a few weeks back.

Didn't read the rest of the post you quoted, did you?

So which carries more weight in your book? Smoking an illegal drug in Japan or your foreigner sensitivities?

Wow. A strawman AND a false dichotomy in one fell swoop.

You are aware we're talking about overarching principals, and not just one isolated situation, right? Both sides are at fault. Both need to pull their respective heads out.

Don't come here and bemoan that it's different then continue to stay.

Says the cranky guy who posts repeatedly.

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Posted in: Sumo shows its hypocrisy See in context

Global standards? Do you mean Western standards (where the sport is non-existent), rules and procedures?

How about "global" standards where blatant racism, cheating, and shameless dishonesty are frowned upon?

I get that you're concerned about cultural insensitivity, but this is a ridiculous time to play that card.

If you don't like the hand you or Roho or Wakanoho have been dealt, pack it up and go home.

Yes, run away. Good plan.

If the posts here irritate you, stop coming here. Don't voice your opinion, just pack it up and go home.

It's nice that you think you're standing for something, but all context aside, your arguments are trainwrecks of hilariously poor logic. I happen to think you're wrong, but if you ARE right, you have a responsibility to present your side with more reason than you have. Otherwise, you're just going to be mocked, right or wrong.

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Posted in: Iran's leader gives thumbs down during Bush speech at U.N. See in context

It had nothing to do with Bush, who in fact is known as a prudent president.

By WHO??!?!

Y'know, all politics aside, your debate style is atrocious. If you are, by some chance, "right," then nobody would be able to tell from your third grade level rhetoric.

I'd like to point out that Iran's leader has the credibility of a Branch Davidian. As does Bush. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

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