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Dude this Abe doesn’t realize that some people don’t have a choice but go to work and meetings. Blame it on the company not the people. If he wants people to strictly do telework, post a warning to people who run the company not it’s employees who barely making a living at this point because of the virus. Many people have already lost jobs because of it!

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Gotta be one of those people who says "Mother Nature is telling you to stay home!" But it's beautiful, isn't it?

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The government says - Don't go out to do any nonessential or public gatherings this weekend - and Japanese people thinks everything is closed, no one will go out because apparently grocery shopping for food and daily necessities are "nonessential"...

I'm glad I predicted this was going to happen so I bought some food for just a few days since Wednesday's announcement.

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I can't wait to see all those people who were spouting out on and on about "Cases are so low because social distancing is a norm in Japan" "Japanese people are very obedient and follows the rules strictly when their government tells them not to go out" "Japan is very clean and people are hygienic so they don't get the virus" etc.

Olympics are finally postponed. People are finally getting tested. Numbers have finally started to move. Coincidence? Highly doubt it.

It really takes one to live in the country long enough to see all those textbook views of Japan - the country is beautiful and I still love the people here but it's no where near to perfect and completely different when you live here versus visiting here or just reading about the place from the web.

Honestly, at this rate, I wish we were on lockdown especially Tokyo, as a reality check and wake up call to everyone. It's important at times like this for people to realize that self-restraint and responsibility is important.

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One day after Olympics finally postponed and numbers increase.

Coincidence? I think not.

We all knew this was coming. Only those that aren't living in Japan are still delusional about the country having it under control. Japan is always downplaying crisis when they should actually be addressed.

I'm ready for the lockdown :))

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