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Posted in: If the Tokyo Olympics are held, will you watch any of it on TV? See in context

Hoping the USA men’s 4 x 100 m reIay will defeat Japan.

also will Katie Ledecky perform as a human Secretariat

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Posted in: Shinkansen driver leaves controls for toilet while train running at 150kph See in context

Require the drivers to wear a diaper

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Posted in: Coates: Tokyo Olympics to go ahead even in state of emergency See in context

Looking forward to seeing the world’s greatest athletes.

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Posted in: Tougher anti-COVID-19 measures begin in 6 prefectures See in context

Where does Japan rank in terms of the coronavirus success that they seem to be so proud of?

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Posted in: 2 arrested after man dies following street fight in Tochigi See in context

I never go out at night

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Posted in: The big problem for the Japanese is that they're simply outnumbered and outgunned. See in context

Just stop buying Chinese products. Period.

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Posted in: Pollen-blocking coat now available in Japan can help you fight hay fever See in context

this product has been discontinued according to their website.

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Posted in: With hay fever season coming, people with pollen allergies are afraid that when they sneeze, others around them will think they have coronavirus. What advice would you give them to allay their fears? See in context

A dry cough is associated with corona.

Sneezing into your hands? What could be worse than that? oh, sneezing into your mask.

i’ve even heard of advice to sneeze down.

Why has sneezing into your long sleeve shirt never caught on in Japan?

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Posted in: Gang robs pachinko parlor in Oita Prefecture See in context

Some people have a second safe. One is for keeping the criminals satisfied.

would be cool to also have that tube system like they have in hotels.

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Posted in: Most prolific U.S. serial killer, who confessed to 93 murders, dies in California hospital See in context

Little had been serving three consecutive sentences of life without parole

It was supposed to be five consecutive sentences of life without but he had a smart lawyer.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 888 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,737 See in context

A ban on foreigners entering the country would do wonders for my job hunt

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Posted in: Borat is back, and this time he fits right in See in context

Due to the editing the Giuliani scene is not as satisfying as you might expect. they should’ve just filmed it straight.

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Posted in: Over 500 karaoke booths close due to COVID-19, dealing blow to the industry See in context

People can karaoke right in their house these days with much better atmosphere.

I had no idea. looking forward to serenading my neighbors

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

What are the conditions of self isolation?

when comparing countries it’s best to use per capita data

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Posted in: 3 killed after their car rear-ends large truck in Hokkaido See in context

Condolences to the parents. I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking

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