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Posted in: Japan to boost nuclear tech development with U.S., other partners See in context

Bigger is better. Small is chosen to appease the fear mongerers. But small doesn’t scale.

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Posted in: 2 elderly people die, 4 taken to hospital after choking on mochi in Tokyo See in context

Make the portions smaller!!!

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Posted in: Inflation painfully high in U.S., but some relief may be coming See in context

The cost of living adjustments should bust the Social Security system. They’ll have to get better at lying about inflation

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Posted in: Kishida becomes 1st Japanese PM in 9 years to live in official residence See in context

How will he ”cherish” his family if he is in that residence or another while his wife is still in another residence? Just being vague…?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 25 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 146 See in context

The forever virus

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by train on crossing See in context

Too sad to comprehend.

perhaps fatter tires are needed?

next time I see someone at a train crossing in a wheelchair I’m gonna make sure they make it across

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Posted in: 52-year-old man arrested over road rage incident See in context

the fine will have to be 2-3 times more than the fine for forgetting your license (¥100,000?)

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Posted in: Only 1 in 5 Japanese happy with ¥100,000 handout plan: poll See in context

My son turns 19 in February. Will he be able to get the money in time?

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Posted in: Japan adopts plan to push clean energy, nuclear to cut carbon emissions See in context

there has never been a problem with a reactor built after 1980. we need to decouple from the prohibitively expensive regulation forced on the nuclear industry.

this should have been done 10 years ago! let's get moving and ignore the fear mongerers.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite movies that you can watch over and over again? See in context

Take the Money and Run, Love and Death

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Posted in: Man in wheelchair dies after being hit by car driven by 80-year-old man See in context

There needs to be an age cut off for driving.

you’ll change your tune when you’re elderly. Anyway, by then we will all have full self driving and zero deaths per year.

I had to deal with an elderly driver in a parking lot today. Part of his problem was that he was driving the boat-car favored by his generation. Three full minutes of watching him extract himself from his parking space. Grateful for the idle-stop feature on my car.

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Posted in: Rain continues to lash parts of Japan; 2 people missing See in context

Bad luck for gardeners but good for the electric bill.

Next up: ants. All this rain will force them out of their ant hills and into the house. Will use coffee grounds to confuse them

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Posted in: Bob Dylan sued for allegedly sexually abusing girl in 1965 See in context

Already disproven. He was out of the country with Joan Baez

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

Increased performance enhancing drug usage due to decreased testing caused by covid

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Posted in: Wages rise in U.S. as companies scramble for staff See in context

That would be Shenzhen to Los Angeles

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Posted in: Wages rise in U.S. as companies scramble for staff See in context

Inflation is coming you say?

April 2020: container rate from Shenzhen $1700.

today: $20,000

inflation is devouring wage gains.

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Posted in: Man gets 16 years in prison for fatal hit-and-run See in context

If he was truly unaware that he was dragging a human life the penalty should be greater not less!!!

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Posted in: 10 passengers stabbed on Tokyo train; suspect detained See in context

Happy looking people take note.

you’re out of control laughter is annoying enough to trigger this.

especially your “clap” laughing.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for requesting young girl send naked selfies See in context

No sexual assault took place. No prison time.

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Posted in: Olympics worker arrested for allegedly raping woman at stadium See in context

To speculate on this case is to be an idiot.

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Posted in: First positive COVID tests reported for 2 athletes in Olympic Village See in context

it is a field day for the "I told you so" crowd

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Posted in: Alonso bests Mancini, Ohtani for 2nd straight HR Derby title See in context

I hate the way they film it. you should use a side angle so we can actually see where the ball goes.

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

They’ve been waiting for summer holidays to come

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Posted in: Rashad draws critics and dismissal calls for defending Cosby See in context

So glad for him. He was being railroaded.

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Posted in: If the Tokyo Olympics are held, will you watch any of it on TV? See in context

Hoping the USA men’s 4 x 100 m reIay will defeat Japan.

also will Katie Ledecky perform as a human Secretariat

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Posted in: Shinkansen driver leaves controls for toilet while train running at 150kph See in context

Require the drivers to wear a diaper

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Posted in: Coates: Tokyo Olympics to go ahead even in state of emergency See in context

Looking forward to seeing the world’s greatest athletes.

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Posted in: Tougher anti-COVID-19 measures begin in 6 prefectures See in context

Where does Japan rank in terms of the coronavirus success that they seem to be so proud of?

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Posted in: 2 arrested after man dies following street fight in Tochigi See in context

I never go out at night

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Posted in: The big problem for the Japanese is that they're simply outnumbered and outgunned. See in context

Just stop buying Chinese products. Period.

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