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Posted in: Say that to my face: Djokovic challenges heckler in testy 2nd-round win at Australian Open See in context

Aussies are known for being crude at tennis matches

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Posted in: Women's health gap costs $1 trillion worldwide: report See in context

The focus on breast cancer is way higher than it is on prostate cancer. Is that for men’s benefit too?

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Posted in: 3-meter tsunami reached nuclear plant after powerful Japan quake See in context

How we know that Tsunami won't go above 15 m or 3 m in Ishikawa, we just got lucky this time.

i’m pro nuclear because I care about future generations and I think we have to expect tsunamis of 15 m every 300 years or so. What does that have to do with nuclear? The Fukushima meltdown was caused by human error; venting hydrogen inside the reactor. How many people died? Zero. Modern reactors have automatic shut down systems. There’s no place I’d rather be in an earthquake than in a nuclear reactor

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Posted in: One-third of Japan's unmarried adults under 50 have never dated See in context

Just talking to a pretty girl will get you higher than any drug-including crack! That’s what I tell my kids and I want them to date a variety of ladies

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Posted in: Driver arrested after his car drags cyclist for 60 meters See in context

The cyclist was deservedly angry. Young guys are terrible hothead drivers in general. I’ve had numerous encounters with drivers who have tried to intimidate me with their vehicles. This boy needs severe punishment

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Posted in: Crowds flock to shrines across Japan to celebrate New Year See in context

Went to Dazaifu in 2019. I always wait until about January 5 or sixth before I go to the shrine. Love the plum mochi.

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Posted in: Dodgers acknowledge meeting with Ohtani; Yankees eye Yamamoto See in context

Wherever he goes they won’t be able to assemble a supporting cast to get him to the World Series due to his high salary

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater actress' suicide due to overwork, bullying: lawyer See in context


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Posted in: Why sugar matters – and how to cut back if you're eating too much of it See in context

It found that while the fructose from added sugar and juice was associated with a higher risk of coronary heart disease, the fructose from fruits and vegetables was not.

this is a really dangerous comment above.

Your body can’t tell the difference. Fructose from fruit is causing cavities and a lot of your fat storage and, therefore, insulin resistance (which leads to diabetes) and atherosclerosis. Also, fructose is not measured in blood sugar levels. There isn’t a test to measure fructose levels. It’s easy to get carried away with fructose consumption and not even know what’s going on.

modern fruit is engineered to be extra sweet. I don’t touch it

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Posted in: Ex-MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer, woman who accused him of assault in 2021 settle legal dispute See in context

Avoid random sex. Especially if you’re a well-known celebrity.

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Posted in: What do you think of all those so-called energy drinks sold in Japan? See in context

People who drink these think they’re giving an energy boost when they’re actually getting an insulin boost. Ironically, you can boost your mitochondria/energy by fasting.

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Posted in: The tricky path to tripling renewable energy capacity See in context

Japan needs more offshore wind turbines.

They seawater and salty air are not too kind to offshore winter terminals. The underground transmission cables (20% of the overall cost) are often replaced after a few short years and don’t usually last as long as the turbine itself which is only good for about 10 years. Yes the capacity factor is a bit higher but overall too expensive to maintain and we all know the damage it does to sea lives and the fishing industry.

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Posted in: Takahama No. 2 nuclear reactor restarted after 12-year halt See in context

let's face it oil is running out and we all know the problems with nuclear stations.

Oil can never run out because as extraction becomes more expensive the price would reach such a high level that we would just stop investing in it. Pollution is killing people and that’s why we’re changing to nuclear.

Every new technology has problems. Take air travel for example. Planes used to crash all the time and people carried guns on them too. We adapted.

We have adapted nuclear as well. Actually we’ve overdone the safety and added unnecessary costs. We must continue to adapt and we will reach a carbon free paradise with abundant energy.

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Posted in: Takahama No. 2 nuclear reactor restarted after 12-year halt See in context

And the government wants to use these old things past 60 years too?

What makes you an expert on the lifespan of a nuclear power plant?

these things can easily go for 80 years if not a century.

Next! LFG!

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Posted in: Do you think summers are hotter now than when you were younger? See in context

They seem exactly the same to me, however I am 20 kg lighter than I was 20 years ago so that makes a difference in how I feel.

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Posted in: Study trips, livestreamed fish: Fukushima's charm campaign See in context

the single most important fact about tritium: due to its exceptionally weak electron, the dose rates associated with tritium exposure are so low, a tiny fraction of background radiation, that the body's repair processes have no problem repairing any tritium damage.

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Posted in: IAEA opens office at Fukushima nuclear plant before water release See in context

It is hard to imagine a less dangerous radioactive isotope than tritium. Tritium emits an extremely low energy electron, so weak it is stopped by a half-inch of air. Tritium radiation is so weak it cannot be measured by a normal Geiger counter. The electron is too weak to make it through the wall of the thinnest gas tight detector tube. A tritium electron cannot penetrate the dead outer layer of your skin.

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Posted in: Kepler drives in four to back Maeda's strong start in Twins' 9-2 win over Royals See in context

The number one staff in all of baseball gets even better with Maeda’s return.

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Posted in: IAEA chief visits Fukushima before radioactive water is released See in context

Risk-averse Japan has created a senseless worldwide panic over a harmless chemical isotope by treating it like it’s really really dangerous when it’s not.

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Posted in: Japan reports warmest spring on record See in context

Global Cooling since 1500s. Have to look at the big picture.

“on record” is from such a short time ago. no meaningful conclusions can be drawn except that there is a lot of money to be made from selling uber- expensive EVs, unreliable short lived solar panels, unreliable short-lived wind turbines, etc. etc. that will make all of us poorer and poorer

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Posted in: G7 pledges to quit fossil fuels faster, but no new deadline set See in context

Japan should have been dumping the tritium into the ocean from the start instead of saving it up and causing a worldwide panic to the ignorati.

STAND UP for nuclear everyone. The energy returned on energy invested is 100 to 1. Soon-to-be-piling-up-in-junkyards renewables are at around five to one or maybe 3.5 to one. Going that route will be like going back to the dark ages when 95% of the people were poor and the 5% who were rich stole from the poor.

traditionally when we’ve made energy transitions it has resulted in an increase in efficiency. first wood, then coal, then gas, diesel etc. with each transition increases in lifestyle and living standards rose dramatically. The next logical step is carbon free nuclear power.

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Posted in: G7 energy, environment leaders haggle over climate strategy See in context

Eliminate carbon credits for big companies like Google who just buy their carbon emissions free status

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Posted in: G7 energy, environment leaders haggle over climate strategy See in context

Focus should be on idiotic virtue signaling Germany. Abandoning world class nuclear power reactors and investing in new coal plants and under performing renewables (unreliables).

They have spent over $500 billion and counting on their energy transition and actually increased carbon emissions while jacking up energy prices four hundred percent.

The poster child for what not to do.

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Posted in: Japan declares war on hay fever See in context

Thank you after I have spent thousands of dollars on medicine, masks, and air filters.

cutting down a cedar tree, maybe even 100, is now on my bucket list.

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Posted in: 2 arrested over video of unhygienic acts at Yoshinoya restaurant See in context

A couple of guys wanted to film me recently after a wedding. I had been the officiant. A choir girl explained the situation to me and I gave them a flat “No.” They seem surprised as if I owed it to them. “It’s for YouTube,” they insisted.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over engaging in sex with minor in Shiga Prefecture See in context

He can get off if he marries her. It seems like the honorable thing to do.

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Posted in: Japanese musician, actor Ryuichi Sakamoto dies of cancer at 71 See in context

Ironically nuclear power could’ve saved his life. Instead Japan paradoxically increases its construction of coal plants. A country that makes so little sense.

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Posted in: What is your definition of the word "wokeness?" See in context

It’s about empathy for others. When taken to ridiculous extremes, it’s woke

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Posted in: Repeated abuse of inmates by guards at Nagoya prison reported See in context

When I was in the English conversation industry my female coworker said “they deserve it.” She was the most popular teacher at our school.

rehabilitation is the answer, but the Japanese love bullying somebody

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Posted in: Fossil fuels causing cost-of-living crisis: climate expert See in context

Fossil fuels, while producing greenhouse gases, created our fabulous lifestyle. Renewables (unreliables) destroyed it. Need to go nuclear if we want abundant energy, comfortable lifestyles, and peace for all people all around the world.

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