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That girl in the blue dress is just drunk, that's all. The more drunk, the more uncontrollable their bows are.

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Posted in: There is no effective cure to save Japan from a population crisis. In order for Japan to survive it must open its doors as an international state to the world and shift toward establishing an 'immigra See in context

The single men and women in this country takes life too lightly and try to avoid hardship. It is time that they start growing up.<<<

So your definition of 'growing up' is throwing your life away to marriage and having kids? I'm having the time of my life as an adult, not burdened by marriage or kids. Multiple partners is the spice of life. Who wants to be tied down to just one?

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Posted in: 'Pedestrian paradise' to be suspended in Akihabara See in context

The terrorist won.

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Posted in: Buying a used car in Japan -- what to keep in mind See in context

There's really no useful information in this article. Most of this is just pure common knowledge if you've lived in Japan for more than a week. I bought my cars from dealers. No hassle and the salespeople really suck up to you.

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