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The only fake narrative is the constant anti Korean sentiment that you constantly push along with a few other regular far right posters on JT. Your revisionist Japanese history is the fake news. Imperial Japan did some bad stuff and there are still people alive that remember it or grew up in the aftermath of it.

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The restrictions imposed on ALL SOFA members are far more stringent than any measures in place for Japanese citizens.

All SOFA members from three years old and up are tested a minimum of three times and subject to quarantine on arrival to Japan. Each and every person is tested prior to leaving their departure point, on arrival, and then one last time before leaving quarantine.

US Installations throughout the pandemic have mitigated the spread of the virus by limiting the numbers of people in the base stores, maximizing teleworking, imposing travel restrictions on its members throughout Japan, and placing most adult entertainment off limits.

I recently left Japan after 6 years of living there and moved to Hawaii. For the entire month of November I stayed in a hotel on Waikiki full of Japanese tourist. You should ask yourself will those Japanese citizens be subject to the same restrictions? How many times are those returning Japanese citizens tested? Will there be anyone to check and see if they follow a strict quarantine upon their return? Will they go to purchase their groceries at the busy Aeon mall? If they break their quarantine will their be any consequences for them?

I get it it is easy to scapegoat the US military, but if Japan actually made test available the numbers of infected would likely be far greater by proportion than that of the US military. You would have to live under a rock to actually believe that the busy stores throughout Japan and trains slammed full of people aren't breading grounds for COVID.

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@reasonandnowisdomnippon, are you kidding? Your comments are the very reason South Korea continues to bring up the past. Japan raped and pillaged across Asia, and that is why at the surrender of World War II, Japan lost the right to claim the island referred to by Korea as Dokdo. Japan is no victim!

I read your comment history, and it is filled with pure hatred towards Korea. I think you need to crack open a book that wasn’t written in Japan and brush up on what happened before, during, and after WWII. Yes, it happened a long time ago, but the effects are still felt today by the few remaining surviving victims and their children.

Korea doesn’t need to go to any court concerning its territory. Have you asked yourself why Japan has not just as easily taken the issue before the courts? I will tell you why, because Japan doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Instead, Japan chooses to antagonize Korea and what boggles my mind play the victim.

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@Eisenach you are right Japan did conquer Korea, which is why the Korean people are disputing issues like Dokdo, comfort women, and forced labor.

These issues still are relevant because Japan is still trying to claim Dokdo, comfort women are still alive, and the same companies that used forced laborers are still around.

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There is a lot of Korean bashing going on, but if you lay out the facts, it sure looks like Korea is the bigger “person” in this discussion. During the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, Korea left Dokdo off of its unified flag. They did so in the spirit of the Olympics.

The South Korean coastguard has occupied Dokdo since 1954.

There are countless Korean historical documents regarding Dokdo in Korea dating back to the Shilla Dynasty. If “Takashima” belonged to Japan before this, why was it annexed in 1905 by Japan if they already had a claim to it? Why does the name Takeshima mean bamboo island if there is no bamboo on the island?

If your neighbor tried to claim something that is not there’s would you object to it? Would you object if your neighbor wanted to antagonize you on a large stage, such as a community-wide event? This is no different. Japan is trying to antagonize Korea on the world stage. If I had a neighbor that behaved like that, I would stand up to them too.

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