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So what if there is evidence, they will accuse Japan anyway and not other nations who also uses illegal means to get resources for constructions. Why open words against Tokyo now when they should have started since 2008? All I see is discrimination, all nations are equally guilty.

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@Lost-in-Nagoya If Tokyo did bribe for the games the French prosecutors needs evidence, for now its just claims and no one is guilty till proven for now. I doubt Tokyo will bribe because it is clearly a better choice than other candidate cities Madrid and Istanbul who is experiencing terrorists and political violence as well as economic instability. But then again, we'll wait and see what happens. I'll believe it when there is evidence. But why are the French prosecutors in charge like they wan to be righteous people? French prosecutors are equally corrupt like the IOC and many other organizers, they take peoples money and benefits for their own interests from false accusations. France should worry about their own problems like the preparations of the 2024 games and their own security rather than other's problems. Just because Paris and LA won the right the games without competition doesn't mean they are clean too. No one is clean in terms of campaigning and should be investigated as well

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The head of state does not equal to the entire Japanese population. Not all are supportive of the LDP and Abe. Abe's government is falling anyway in support due to scandals and losing a crucial assembly election to Koike in Tokyo. Next year election might be a new government in power. I'm not saying it will change the stance of historical issues, but at least a low possibility of bringing something to heal ties unlike the current corrupt government. The younger generation have no clue about this event due to government interference on history textbooks, it is not entirely there fault. Not all Japanese are denial, some who study outside the country and some living in the nation knows it and have apologize on the nation's behalf. Whether or not the movie will release in Japan is up to the current government which of course they will block it.

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@ bjohnson23 and Charles Pribyl

Well they are more prepared unlike cities in North America which are ignoring the threats. Japanese people are orderly fashion when disaster strikes, they don't fight against their own kind. Search Japanese culture and ethics. They have experience in earthquakes and have actual survival kits and guides as well as survival instruction, they take threats seriously rather than a joke. Don't believe me do some research on experts and earthquake technology of Tokyo or actually go live there and experience. They are more prepared than any city in the world that live under the ring of fire.

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