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Posted in: Taylor Swift endorses Biden for president See in context

When Biden is president, I hope she will be the first person to give up 90% of her income to the US Treasury department. And that, all the other US celebrities and athletes will follow suit. It is the least they can do to help pay for the huge debt America has accumulated since the Clinton presidency. I would include big tech companies, but they do hire thousands of people.

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Posted in: Is U.S. President Donald Trump a friend of Japan? See in context

He is an American nationalist.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work; wades into impeachment fight See in context

Once these congress people get elected they tend to keep staying in office either because of voter complacency or spending other people’s money. They get a lot richer than most ordinary Americans by the time they leave. (Think Harry Reid and his lobbyist sons.). They receive better benefits than the 99% of the taxpayers who fund them. There are many things about Trump that are not palatable, but because of his pulpit he brings issues out in the open. Opioid crisis, immigrations problems, veterans and the homeless, unfair trade deals, endless wars, high drug prices, etc. Unfortunately, the one big problem that he and the swamp are ignoring is the growing trillion dollar debt. And you can only tax so much of someone’s wealth even though the socialists and communists would have you think differently.

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Posted in: Trade ministry official arrested for attempting to smuggle stimulant See in context

I find it incredible that a 28 year old would risk his career for something like drugs. I would think getting a bureaucratic job here is not an easy feat.

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Posted in: Thieves ram car into jewelry store in smash-and-grab heist See in context

That is so terrible! I always view Japan as being one of the most safest and orderly places in the world. Mother nature's unpredictability is probably more the problem.

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Posted in: Heisei to be remembered as period of peace, disasters, wealth gaps See in context

No nation is perfect, but Japan was one of the best places to visit and live during the Heisei era. I don't care for the current nationalistic government of Abe, but that is what usually happens when the populace of a country feel neglected and abused. They turn to nationalism.

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Posted in: Incoming emperor's life filled with breaks from tradition See in context

Japan needs to change and allow the first born, regardless of gender, to take the throne. I admire this crown prince for defending his wife.

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Posted in: Iranian parliament labels entire U.S. military as terrorist See in context

This is what happens when America wants to do regime change. If Bush W. did not remove Saddam Hussein, Iran would have an adversary in the region. W is the worst U.S. president in modern history.

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Posted in: About 70 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

I never understood why China and South Korea protested the visits. They should just be thankful that America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. If it weren't for those nukes, more innocent lives in throughout China and Asia would have perished let alone more American soldiers.

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Posted in: U.S. House committee seeks Trump tax returns from IRS See in context

Looks like Trump has to bite the bullet and release his tax returns. He can always blame his tax accountants.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested for spraying graffiti on Tokyo subway cars See in context

Glad they had surveillance cameras installed even if it means Big Brother is present.

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Posted in: No-go zone: Trump to skip 'boring' White House press dinner See in context

It was bad when they went down to Trump’s level and got a vulgar comedienne for last year’s dinner. It gave credence to Trump’s criticism about the one sided media. Hopefully, this year’s event will return to the way it used to be no matter who the president is.

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Posted in: New imperial couple to face heavy burden of tradition See in context

It would be great if Japan finally exit its feudal ways and allow the the first born to sit on the Chrysanthemum Throne regardless of gender.

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Posted in: Security cameras installed on street lights along Tokyo’s Omotesando-dori due to spike in pick-pocketing See in context

I am glad they are up putting surveillance cameras. Sometimes you need Big Brother to maintain a civil and safe society.

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Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Grow up Japan!

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Posted in: Bangladeshi asylum seeker's handcuffed hospital visit sparks debate See in context

I know the optics look bad, but at least Japan can retain control and sovereignty as a nation unlike some of the European countries and, maybe, the U.S. pretty soon.

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Posted in: 65% against Diet passage of foreign worker bill: poll See in context

Sounds more like “have to pass the bill so you know what is it in” shenanigan.

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Posted in: Emily Blunt on the 'daunting' task of playing Mary Poppins See in context

I didn’t realize how versatile Ms. Blunt was until I saw her in “Edge of Tomorrow”. She is a fantastic actress. And she can sing because the Mary Poppins part 2 is a musical.

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Posted in: Princess Aiko turns 17 See in context

It is a huge disservice to all Japanese that this modern nation does not allow females to ascend the throne.

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Posted in: Who is to blame for America's toxic environment? See in context

When Donald Trump became president much to the surprise (and chagrin) to the elites in the media, the Democrats, and some Republicans.

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Posted in: Obama takes aim at Trump, GOP in fiery Milwaukee speech See in context

Please go away Barack Obama. I still don't understand how and why he won a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing except for being the first black American president. A real conundrum.

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Posted in: Twitter goes nuts for Japan’s latest ‘sexy’ animal: a busty squirrel See in context

LOL! Only in Japan I guess.

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Posted in: Honda may move U.S.-bound Fit production to Japan from Mexico: sources See in context

Because it will be made in Japan, it will only be more attractive to the potential buyer.

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