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Posted in: Detainee found dead in cell at police station in Saitama See in context

In the pen for ten days for suspicion of physical assault... Now dead?

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Posted in: Art and cash-filled Rio apartment the new battleground for Nissan, Ghosn See in context

Do you know what's in those safes, Kenji? I'm sure they contain lots of, ahem, stuff.

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Posted in: City sued over girl's death caused by collapsed school wall See in context

"Takatsuki Mayor Takeshi Hamada announced earlier this month that all concrete block walls at city-run facilities will be removed within several years"

I'm glad there's no immediate threat.

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Posted in: Passengers to be banned from carrying knives onto all trains in Japan from April See in context

So, we are, from April, going to be more at risk of being a stabbing victim while waiting to be screened outside the station than on the train. Same crazies, subtly different location.

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Posted in: Teen biker mistaken for fugitive killed in crash after police chase See in context

Commiserations to his family. Karma to him.

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Posted in: Man arrested over deaths of wife, son in Sapporo See in context

Would it be reported if the son had down syndrome?, otherwise I find it hard to see how a man of that age could take out a 19 year old. Oh to have more details...

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Posted in: Don Quijote rides high on rule-breaking reputation See in context

I'd hate to be in a Donki if a fire broke out.

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Posted in: Missing 2-year-old boy found safe in Yamaguchi Pref See in context

Ha ha... kids!

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Posted in: 'Suicidal' mechanic steals plane from Seattle airport See in context

The way I read it is, he is probably dead. What is unclear is, was it ultimately at his own hand or did an F-15 get a missile off?

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Posted in: A guide to some of the best camping spots in and just outside Tokyo See in context

No hate dude, but children have been born in less than tents for millennia. Don't use her as your excuse to not camp.

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Posted in: Tires on more than 100 cars punctured in city in Saitama so far this year See in context

It's a wheel bummer when you're flat out and under the pump. It's easy to get jacked off. Just brace yourself and roll with it. I bet the culprit(s) need their ego inflated.

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Posted in: Carrying unpacked knives onto trains to be banned under new security steps See in context

So, one buys a knife at the local department store, and has to catch a taxi home or risk the threat of being arrested if catching a train? Ridiculous.

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Posted in: Man arrested after leaving bottles filled with urine at police box See in context

A pissed off citizen.

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Posted in: Japanese footballer Honda founds venture fund with Will Smith See in context

How about using your influence to improve mental health services in your own country, for starters.

Oh, sorry for dreaming.

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Posted in: 85-year-old man who strangled sick wife to ‘put her out of her misery’ gets 2 1/2 years in prison See in context

Thats a bit rich, Ebisen. There is close to nothing that I could have done. Maybe you know more about oldman than I do.

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Posted in: 2.7 tons of broiled eel dumped last year in Japan: Greenpeace See in context

Agreed to all of the above re: wastefulness in Japanese society, but it's far from alone. And to be honest, 2.7 tonne doesn't seem such a huge amount considering this is nationwide, presumably, over a season. I'm sure other food processors and retailers would throw away more, and for the whole year.

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Posted in: Passengers bring tour bus to halt after driver loses consciousness See in context

Indeed Atari. if you have the confidence, and the ability to stay awake, a front seat on these buses could be a lifesaver for everyone on board.

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Posted in: Fukushima tells world radiation is down, exports up after nuclear crisis See in context

^^^^And there it is. Total disregard of one's health. Seems very Japanese to dismiss what can't be seen.

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Posted in: Girl on bicycle killed after being hit by drunken driver See in context

I was led to believe that 0.00 was the legal limit.

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Posted in: Specially designed 'public telephone' backpack See in context

I love it! Lighten up Luddite, it's a fun bag FCS!

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Posted in: Ehime prison escapee suspected of at least 6 thefts See in context

What was he "in" for?, What is he capable of?

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Posted in: Rape victim wants Japan to do more on U.S. military crimes See in context

You're right Goodluck, it sure seems to have changed this woman's life, yet look at the positives changes that she tries to pry out her horrendous experience. Good luck to her, and may she find happiness in her life.

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Posted in: Japanese company makes virtual shadow boyfriends to help protect women who live alone See in context

Nice observation, SumoBob!

But maybe there's a business opportunity for a fella to do various half hour shadow performances and sell them to the needy!

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Posted in: Tokyo may see areas up to 1/3rd of capital flooded by super typhoon See in context

But but but, what about the huge underground flood reservoir?

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Posted in: Mt Fuji has been dormant for more than 300 years, and the government should take concrete disaster prevention measures as early as possible. See in context

Yep, if you didn't have a few air scrubbers/cleaners when your home got covered in ash, you'd no doubt wish you had.

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Posted in: Scrapping crippled Fukushima plant to cost Y220 bil annually See in context


So, there seems to be quite a brains trust here, How far "downwind" would be considered safe for surfers to not notice any adverse long term health issues?

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested over murder of wife See in context

No-one noticed a sheet covered corpse in 100kms? Right...

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Posted in: 3 dead after 7 climbers fall from mountain ridge in central Japan See in context

^^^^ Ages?

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Posted in: Man found dead in garage in Kanagawa Pref See in context

Did Peeping Tom have a slip?

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