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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 78-year-old father to death with hammer See in context

snowymountainhellToday  08:02 am JST

Anticipating there will be an appropriate followup story here with his trial & sentencing.

So funny.


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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

@SMH, hoping, yes. Holding my breath that there's an update?, no.

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Posted in: What you eat can reprogram your genes See in context

@ Alan-

The research is clearly ongoing.

It would be interesting to know more about how Vegan/vegetarian diets affect the genome.

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Posted in: Bench pressing bodybuilder capsule toys hold your chopsticks and instant noodle lids shut in style See in context

I'm not usually prone to saying such things, but I love the quirkiness.

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Posted in: As McDonald’s Japan restricts French fry sales, rival boosts its fry sizes by 25%, at no extra cost See in context

Although few and far between, I love Freshness Burger! Who remembers their lasagne burger? Awesome!!

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Posted in: Police sergeant disciplined for stealing about ¥200 from shrine donation box See in context

Sounds fishy to me. How does he maintain a smoking habit without money? Does he regularly steal? irregularly smoke? Or just pull the wool over the eyes of his inquisitors?

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy dies after car collides head-on with truck See in context

Ibaraki? Seatbelts?? Pfft.

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Posted in: Prisoner dies after apparently hanging himself in cell See in context

Three towels? Was he at a luxury spa?

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Posted in: Time Out reveals the World’s Coolest Neighbourhoods right now See in context

"rated neighbourhoods for great vibes, food, drink, nightlife, emerging culture, community spirit and resilience"

Aaaaand that's how Surrey Hills gets on the list.

My neighbourhood is so cool it refuses to be acknowledged on such an uncool list.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found on road in Yamanashi mountains See in context

Abrasions? Not a hit and run, but a hit, collect and dump?

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested over attempted murder of parents See in context

It hasn't really gone well for anyone involved, has it?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear from laundry See in context

I think it takes a 'special' cop to be tasked with that counting. I bet there were heaps of officers with their hopes high.

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Posted in: Is drinking good for you in any way? If not, why is alcohol legal for adults? See in context

Red wine = Good

Shochu = Possibly not so good

Tequila = Whoa

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for abusing 2-year-old son See in context

Good job by whoever got the authorities involved!

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Posted in: Japanese scientists develop freeze-dried mouse sperm postcards See in context

I can see these being super popular nengajou cum the next year of the rat.

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Posted in: Man recently released from prison admits robbing at least 30 residences See in context

The 260000Y on him wasn't stolen. From his real job, no doubt. Find him the nastiest community service there is. Fuel recovery by hand at Fukushima daiichi comes to mind.

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Posted in: Japan's Horigome wins first ever Olympic skateboard gold See in context

But skaterboarders have tattoos... and surfers, and BMXers. What was the JOC thinking?

Sarcasm - Off

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Posted in: Man gets 27 years for killing woman, tossing her body from bridge into river See in context

My thoughts exactly. Must have been a big car.

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Posted in: Man arrested for organizing rally of 200 motorcycle riders, motorists See in context

I was involved in a procession of a hundred or so motorbikes and cars for a friend's wedding ( the bride, groom and guests were all acquainted with a Harley chop-shop) in Saitama long ago. The police were informed, and permits issued so that, with the cop's assistance at intersections, we could ride in double file and create the least amount of congestion possible along our route. It was noisy, to be sure, but it went smoothly and all concerned were respectful. So with the right attitude and forethought, a mass rally needn't be an unlawful.

The above story doesn't mention bousozoku style antics at all, so what indeed was the fuss?

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Posted in: 'Dragon Quest' at Olympics opening ceremony? Game theme, 'Evangelion'-connected song heard coming from stadium See in context

Such a lack of imagination. The global populace, bar a few nerds, will be rolling their eyes and tuning out.

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Posted in: Female worker being held hostage at internet cafe in Saitama See in context

And typically, these booths lack a ceiling. A mirror on a pole would see everything.

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Posted in: Woman cyclist killed in hit-and-run with motorbike See in context

Many moons ago, a guy jumped out in front of my motorcycle without looking, I hit his trailing ankle, he spun and hit the deck and was carried off to hospital in a meat wagon with a cracker of a bump on his forehead. The cops interviewed him and he said he looked before crossing. Using simple logic, I explained that if that were the case, he had attempted to commit suicide. The j-cops saw my logic and I got off with presenting him with a box of cakes. No recompense for my trashed bike, but no charges for me either. Now, if he had died...

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of boyfriend See in context

No, if she had meant to kill him, she'd have cut him on the chin too.

Sarcasm- off.

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Posted in: Osaka man charged with spitting in front of same pickle shop for most of 2020 See in context

I think Tora is correct, and in addition, the spitter will now probably go to the next level and target the shop owner's car or residence in order to 'avenge himself', as you can be sure he is a few snags short of a barbie.

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Posted in: Flared natural gas latest prize in bitcoin miners' energy quest See in context

^^ I think the same whenever I see a gas flare.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 14-year-old girl after meeting her on social media See in context

Kansai Ten, I have a 14 year old at home. My child BTW. To not let him do what he chooses, to a large extent, is considered an impingement on his freedom. You can't win easily...

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 14-year-old girl after meeting her on social media See in context

"LamillyToday  02:54 pm JST

That’s pretty impressive work. The police found the two, randomly in a car parked

They probably tracked her through her mobile or if she had a computer there may have been clues there too. Still, the police did a great job. My first thought when I read about where they were parked, briquettes sprang to mind and duct tape to seal the windows and doors"

As opposed to rope, saws, shovels?

And anyway, was she not there on her own volition?

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Posted in: Bodies of two brothers in their 50s found in Osaka home See in context

^^^" if they were in a severely bad mental condition then why are they alone at home?"

You know this is Japan, right?

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Posted in: Parts of Western Australia in three-day lockdown after small COVID-19 outbreak See in context

That's right AustPaul, you can still go for a surf for an hour too, as long as you wear a mask ;-)

The peeps at Bunnings were questioning whether they were essential workers, but I say they are. So much time to get stuff done in the home. Living the dream!

Good luck Japan.

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Posted in: Lodging houses used as morgues create unease among residents See in context

The dead centre of town.

I have no problem with it so long as it is well regulated.

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