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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for kidnapping 9-year-old girl he met via online game See in context

I question the term, "on the back seat". What?, was she tied up?

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Posted in: Man arrested for urinating in beer cans and leaving them on side of road See in context

Thanks Sir Bentley, I missed that. Golden!

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Posted in: 'Zashiki warashi' -- the mythical children who look after your house See in context

^^^Indeed. Kudos to George Lloyd.

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Posted in: High court rejects appeal by entertainer Tashiro in drug case See in context

^^^ only because the locals can be so fastidious about following the law.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect goes on trial for assault See in context

I agree with Vanessa. Having spent a considerable amount of time on the roads of Japan, I've seen heaps, been assaulted (to his demise, but cops didn't chase him up to my knowledge), and have no respect for other drivers or the cops. Mostly don't see cops until after an event. Yet phone use, drunk driving, unrestrained kids, etc, etc is rampant on the blacktop.

Drive safe out there hombres, try not to piss people off, and deffo get a dashcam!

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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

Jim, on my marikart excursion, 2 of the other 6 'drivers' were Singaporean 'paper driver' ladies, one following the other, sometimes swapping position, always crashing into the back of the other whenever it wasn't pedal to the metal. I don't know how they survived the afternoon.

My Japanese buddies hadn't heard of it and loved it! They are very much left field though.

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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

I rode them. They were fun. They were dangerous. Their day has come and gone. Farewell Marikart.

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Posted in: Back in action See in context

Look at the crowds!!

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Posted in: Woman found dead on apartment balcony in Osaka See in context

Weird, but it sounds like the perp knew what they were doing...

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Posted in: Osaka police officer arrested for keeping ¥10,000 note turned in by 2 brothers See in context

J-Cops... You are obliged to hand in any find exceeding 500 yen.

Have handed in purses and wallets before, but the hassle of having to explain how you didn't steal it is real.

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Posted in: Australia optimistic over slowing virus spread; urges vigilance See in context

Edit^^ I meant deaths, not infections.

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Posted in: Australia optimistic over slowing virus spread; urges vigilance See in context

And most of the infections in Australia have come off of the cruise vessels at berth, or foreigners ignorant of/intent on spreading this horror.

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Posted in: A super-cheap, semi-secret alternative to a coffeehouse break in Tokyo See in context

^^^ Yes, yes I do. And good luck with that.

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Posted in: Train operators refining 'live' foreign-language announcements ahead of Olympics See in context

Ha ha, the kids and I were in Toyko recently and while I forget which line we were on, as the problem was widespread, we thought the conductor was making an announcement in Chinese, it was so bad.

Yes Abbey, a recording. By me.

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Posted in: How your clothes become microfiber pollution in the sea See in context

Gygene, are you opposed to hemp?

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Posted in: Pelosi tears up copy of Trump's State of the Union speech See in context

To all of you American Trump supporters. The whole world thinks you're mad. Juss sayin'.

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Posted in: Orthodontist setting Japan straight on teeth See in context

I dislike fangs on humans, but obviously fake coloured straight teeth are less impressive.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving father’s ashes in toilet at Tokyo Station See in context

It seems Japanese crematoriums don't employ a cremulator thus the bones remain largely intact.

The laws pertaining to the responsibility of a body and the funeral industry need an overhaul. They don't cater to the needs, wishes or budgets of a huge number of people.

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Posted in: Knee replacement doesn't solve sexual problems See in context

I'm not keen on a partner who's too kneedy in the bedroom...

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Posted in: Former Toyota rugby player pleads guilty to cocaine possession See in context

Thanks Stewart Gale. I'm glad my theory was more or less correct. I don't have so much info available.

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Posted in: Former Toyota rugby player pleads guilty to cocaine possession See in context

And if I read between the lines, they've been busted because a taxi driver has spotted the evidence in Kabashima's wallet.

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Posted in: Truck may have taken wrong road before crashing with train in Yokohama See in context

You do realise that this employee hasn't committed suicide, he has died trying to do the right thing however mistaken he was. It simply seems to have been a wholly preventable accident. RIP.

It is amazing that no-one else died, and only 33 injured out of about 500 on the train, plus onlookers, local residents, etc...

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Posted in: Japan's asteroid probe Hayabusa2 set for final touchdown See in context

Good luck indeed.

Any word of when we ought to learn of their findings?

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Posted in: What do you think of the level of care in hospitals in Japan? Tell us about some of your experiences? See in context

Apart from a scheduling disruption to which I was agreeable, my surgical experience was sweet.

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Posted in: Property firm Leopalace21 starts asking 14,000 residents to move out due to wall defects See in context

@ rainyday, those houses you speak of are not so close to a station, or a market, or maybe even a gas station, and you'll need a parking spot near the station, and a car for the missus/master...

and the houses have zero creature comforts. No aircon, just cold n mould.

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Posted in: Cockroaches found in chicken bowl at Yoshinoya restaurant See in context

When I stuck my head under the noren of a place in Kita-Senju years ago, the cook and staff of the up market Izakaya were chasing a rat through the place. It was funny as hell to see them pretend it didn't happen.

A non-news story. Have you seen the rat populations in the cities?

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Posted in: Extra-curricular activities that overworked teachers don't have time or energy for See in context

Thanks for your insight, Ricky.

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Posted in: Detainee found dead in cell at police station in Saitama See in context

In the pen for ten days for suspicion of physical assault... Now dead?

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Posted in: Art and cash-filled Rio apartment the new battleground for Nissan, Ghosn See in context

Do you know what's in those safes, Kenji? I'm sure they contain lots of, ahem, stuff.

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Posted in: City sued over girl's death caused by collapsed school wall See in context

"Takatsuki Mayor Takeshi Hamada announced earlier this month that all concrete block walls at city-run facilities will be removed within several years"

I'm glad there's no immediate threat.

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