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Vending machine is making up stuff,

That would never happen to a foreigner in Japan - even the young thugs would be chilled and explain the problem to the gajin, or call the cops. They would never put their hands on someone like that.

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Should have gone to Peru, taking a chapter from Fujimori playbook

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Posted in: Campaigning starts for Japan's upper house election on July 10 See in context

Not one party argued for keeping the border closed to foreigners - meaning the travel ban was falsely touted by media outlets as an election-year justification.

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The other parties are not taken seriously and need to press the reset button

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Japan has been written off in 2022 as those wanting to travel are going to Thailand and South Korea instead. These are facts. Just because your "Charisma Men comic strip" friends in Canada want to go to Japan does not mean they can go to Japan in 2022 as they want.

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People respond with negative feedback when someone mentions another Asian country to visit. Well, sorry but all everyone is talking about Thailand and South Korea - Japan has been written off. Live in a shell all you want but Japan played themselves with this xenophobic nonsense.

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your lecturing and japan-explaining are totally unnecessary. If Japan doesn't care what we think, the sliding yen is showing exactly what the world thinks and Japan is thinking about their yen right now.

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I am comfortable that business groups are putting pressure on Japan to open normally. I feel like there needs to be a bigger pressure campaign joining these business groups to really make our voices heard.

As one Japanese expert put it - this travel ban over time turned into something perversely xenophobic.

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Posted in: Japan expands daily arrival cap to 20,000 as COVID fears recede See in context

June 1st - line around the corner of Japanese nationals trying to get a South Korean tourist visa but none of us can get a tourist visa to Japan

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Posted in: Japan expands daily arrival cap to 20,000 as COVID fears recede See in context

Just go and have your summer elections and let us know when you want to welcome visitors agan. Until then, plenty of other places around the world to enjoy while Japan is full of...

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to resume foreign tourist entry in June See in context

Nothing Burger announcement:

Will start allowing escorted tours on June 10th, not general tourist entry...

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Posted in: Gov't warns of rising prices as extra budget submitted to Diet See in context

Higher wages only lead to higher taxes and consumption accelerating inflation. The best approach is to invest in revitalizing rural areas for younger generations to move and raise families and work remotely at a lower cost of living.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spending mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds See in context

There are some misinformed comments here. This is not a box of cash accidentally left on someone's front door. He does not "own" his bank account - if any money was accidentally deposited there and he performed a transaction to move that money elsewhere, he committed a financial crime.

I do not understand why people think he has done nothing wrong.

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

The theory goes the virus was introduced in Japan by a Chinese group of tourists at Ginza 9 bus stop and passed to a taxi driver - so someone thought it was ok to have a group of tourists first over individual tourists?


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Posted in: Japanese firms' net profit in Jan-March falls 41.3% on cost hikes See in context

Cannot be profitable is the yen is depressed, it may be a seller market but when it comes to buying raw material, that's where the losses occur

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Posted in: Japan to send masks, hazmat suits, drones to Ukraine See in context

The only thing Ukraine needs is someone to negotiate a peace deal. This is no different than me sending a box of rocks to Palestinians, they still will not win or defend themselves against the IDF.

Just give up the East part and stay neutral - which was always the deal from day one.

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Posted in: Lawsuit says Google discriminates against Black workers See in context

@Concerned Citizen,

So how is equal playing based on "merit" working out in Japan?

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Posted in: Pentagon rejects NATO nations providing jets to Ukraine See in context

If the USA listen to these warmongers trying to drag us into conflict - it will not be USSR vs USA, they will come for Japan and South Korea, they will come for East Europe, and they will double down on atrocities in Ukraine - be careful what you wish for.

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Most of Asia had Portuguese mercenaries fight their wars in the 19th century. Got to love the lapse in memory from some of the commentators.

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Posted in: 'Fortress Australia' re-opens after two-year COVID closure See in context

Not interested in any country/locale that thought "lockdowns" was helpful instead of harmful.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease border controls; daily entry cap to be raised to 5,000 See in context

I do not believe the Japanese people supported a blanket ban, maybe tourists but not blocking all foreigners

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Posted in: COVID-19 entry ban could deter interest in Japan: UK scholars See in context

South Korea is going to have a massive windfall as a result of Japan imposing this blanket xenophobic travel ban.

People in America personally know and grew up with Koreans, not many Japanese people - Americans and Latin America watch Korean dramas and listen to K-pop.

No one is going to take Japan serious or trust them except a bunch of fringed Westerners obsessed about anime and Harajuku

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@Peeping_Tom wrote:

Are foreigners gonna tell Japan to get lost and take their "immense talent" elsewhere to "far better countries"?

Unless you living under a rock, Japan isn't the best or the only content for talent. South Korea and mainland China been surpassed Japan as a destination for immense talent. Might want to see what Shenzhen actually looks like. Might want to see how Gangnam has evolved. I'm pretty sure you still go to electric town in Akihabara and think that place is still relevant, right?

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"Many of the Japanese public, however, are supportive of the tight border controls as they think troubles such as the pandemic come from outside their island nation"

Shorter sentence: Many of the Japanese public are supportive because they are xenophobic.

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Asia Nikkei already said students will be allowed as early as next week and businesses travelers both short-term and long-term with 3-day quarantine before March 1 - from their internal sources.

However, a lot of damage has been done already and trust has been lost. Japan just saying they opening the border does not close the books, that trust has to be rebuilt.

In addition, the PR weabos who sided with Japan on this matter banning foreigners from their families and their studies and professional pursuits, people will remember where you stand if you talk too much when everything opens back up.

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Posted in: U.S., European business leaders urge Japan to end COVID entry ban See in context

Personally, it may be too late - no one of worthy talent and skills needed for Japan going to trust moving to Japan or contributing anything to Japan again.

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To all the expats and nationalists living in Japan sticking their tongue out, keep in mind if professionals/students don't trust Japan anymore, Japan will no longer be the 3rd largest economy.

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Posted in: No. of foreign trainees in Japan falls for 1st time amid pandemic See in context

"Japanese citizens first outsiders secondary." - can someone explain why it's always a non-Japanese Westerner making these kinds of statements?

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Posted in: COVID-19 restrictions on U.S. forces personnel in Japan to end Monday See in context

@zurcronium "There is no reason Japan needs the USA military in the country any longer. "

How many missiles have been lobbed in the Sea of Japan in the last week alone? The only thing keeping Japan status quo is the US military presence

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Posted in: Business lobby calls for lifting entry ban on nonresident foreigners See in context

Reporting on Japan travel ban is getting bigger and bigger worldwide.

As the article indicated, people are writing off Japan and going to South Korea. This travel ban action seen as xenophobic is going to have such a damaging effect on Japan in years to come.

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