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Posted in: Japan's forex intervention hits record ¥2.84 tril to stem yen fall See in context

Nation after nation warned Japan that if they kept their unreasonable travel ban up, it will cause irrevocable harm to their economy.

Here we are.

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Posted in: Slain ex-PM Abe honored at divisive state funeral See in context

There is no way Abe's funereal was most costly than the Queen of England - the queen funereal was in the making for decades and shut the whole city, and banking system down. Let's not exaggerate here.

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Posted in: Abe damaged Japan's democracy, left legacy of power abuse, critics say See in context

Why are we blaming Abe when over and over - it was the Japanese people who supported this?

They keep voting in the LDP each election.

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Posted in: Japan intervenes in currency market buying yen for dollars for first time since 1998 See in context

From what I read, the retail forex has 3:1 ration to the BOJ so this is just a temporary bump but will only last for a few days

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Posted in: LDP to update list of members linked to Unification Church See in context

We see how the Catholic church has been embedded in the UK; see how Islam is embedded in the Middle East so I see no problem with politicians in Japan being embedded with the Unification Church. Religion and politics have been mixing since the Ancient Egyptian era.

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Posted in: Man arrested for using smartphone to film up teenager’s skirt See in context

I think it's perverted to send family and friends links to upskirt filming in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

Vivian, it has been 3 years since I last saw her as well. We stayed in touch but this was not right and not our fault.

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Posted in: Japan to remove entry cap in 'not-so-distant future,' official says See in context

Agree with "master" - looking around the world, these politically-driven restrictions did more social/economic harm than any health-positive result.

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Posted in: Unification Church ex-members in Japan say they were treated like an 'economic army' See in context

I see a lot of scapegoating here. A terrorist scapegoats his reason for making homemade guns and assassinating a Prime Minister. Now politicians are scapegoating why they do not have a great approval rating. And we got some scapegoating to hide their insecurities.

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Posted in: 'Help wanted': Businesses struggle to fill jobs See in context

Hilarious that when there is an employer demand, the wages trend lower. But when there is an employee demand, we get articles discussing about people unwilling to work instead of the wages trending higher.

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

There are no realistic flights from the US to Japan. Some airlines are only flying to Japan, with no return flights.

People are going to choose other destinations until Japan gets its act together.

In all honestly, Japan sounds dull with these restrictions and a cheap yen is not going to attract anybody over going where everybody else is having a good time

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

Why is Unification Church being brought up? How about we make the murderer and his family pay for the funereal cost?

The good in the real world - Japan has the decency and respect to honor their Prime Minister and their legacy of service to their nation.

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Posted in: Unification Church's donation coercion in Japan is problem: ex-exec See in context

Freedom of religion is a basic and guaranteed human right.

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Posted in: Japan warns of impact of yen's rapid depreciation to 24-year low See in context

One fallout of the cheap yen to US dollar - US private equity firms are buying up Japanese real estate in huge numbers to rent out later to people. The goal is to get rid of home ownership and turn people into renters as part of the "Great Reset" and the devalued yen is accelerating this effort in Japan.

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Posted in: As Japanese manufacturing fades, a factory town fights to stay alive See in context

A lot of these artisans have skills that took thousands of years to perfect. Japan's travel ban is stopping the knowledge sharing to pass on these skills to the next generation around the world. Another casualty of an irrational ban on allowing people in the country.

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Posted in: Abe's accused killer says in letter, tweets his life destroyed by mother's religion See in context

"He cried in pain in his workshop as he assembled several homemade weapons with the sole purpose to kill"

-yep, I feel a lot of sympathy for this guy

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

The PM should be honored with a state funereal

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

Nikkei is reporting that Kishida may declare tourists do not need to be on guided tours

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

When I traveled to Dubai last month, the customs guy just took my vaccine card, did not look at it, handed it back to me, and stamped my passport - let me through. The moral of the story is the rest of the world is open while Japan is tripping with this silly stuff - go enjoy some other destination...

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Posted in: Kishida resumes work remotely after contracting COVID-19 See in context

Keeping the travel ban in effect is really stopping the spread - NOT!

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Posted in: Over 100,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in July for 4th month in row See in context

Japan quietly allowed foreign "finacees" to obtain a visa to reunite with their separated love. If the Japanese have not told their stranded lover this, then that Japanese found someone else locally.

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Posted in: Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Kishida See in context

Another sore point of Japanese jealousy is sushi served in America is dominated by Unification Church members - and Americans love UC sushi better than Japanese sushi. Rev Moon promoted the idea that church members create sushi spots around America to fund their operations.

As an American who cannot travel to Japan until the unnecessary and discriminatory foreign travel ban is lifted, South Korean Unification Church best sushi I ever tasted, and other Americans will say the same thing. The South Korean texture is tender and the soy sauce has a spicy kick better than anything in Japan.

If the Japanese do not open their borders, more and more Americans are going to get used to and love Unification Church sushi sold in supermarkets across America and there will be no turning back .

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Posted in: Pelosi meets Singapore leaders at start of Asia tour See in context

No one in the United States going to fight over an island 80 miles off China's coast. Despite all the propaganda you hear, 80 miles from China is a lost cause, sorry but not sorry.

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Posted in: Lawyers say church caused suffering for Abe's alleged killer See in context

I still cannot find the part where the Unification Church directly contacted Tetsuya, emptied Tetsuya's bank account, and bankrupted Tetsuya. This got to be one of the biggest and lamest excuses for someone who was obsessed with building homemade guns and bombs.

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Posted in: Japan to foster startups by sending 1,000 people to Silicon Valley See in context

Silicon Valley is no longer the "hub" as the pandemic spread tech talent throughout the United States. Austin, Texas is the new hot spot. Everybody is trying to leave California.

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Posted in: Unification Church ties to lawmakers emerges as major political issue in Japan See in context

Already voted and LDP has a constitutional supermajority - this "issue" has no impact.

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Posted in: Abe attacker tried to draw attention to church: analysts See in context

The only sympathy I will have is after Tetsuya falls through a trapdoor with a rope around his neck, I will feel bad for the rope being wasted on a domestic terrorist who blames everyone but himself.

He is an adult loser, made no gains or accomplishments, and in his 40s blaming something that happened when he was still a teenager.

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Posted in: Japan extends detention for Abe's accused assassin See in context

He going to choke on a rope. His excuses and explanation to hunt, stalk and kill a Prime Minister is going to disappear as soon as the prosecutor lay out this domestic terrorist actions.

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Posted in: Shooter signaled Abe killing in letter to Unification Church critic See in context

The loony domestic terrorist has ZERO CLAIMS of grievance towards the Unification Church - this was his mother's issue. He was 21 years old, an adult when this happened. He lived a whole life from 21 to 41 years - 20 years of adulthood to get his own life together.

How many elderly in Japan fall to financial scams? Why does this terrorist who created bombs and homemade firearms get a voice from Japanese media to deflect from his actions and allow him to give an excuse/explanation for this extreme act of violence?

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Posted in: Shooter signaled Abe killing in letter to Unification Church critic See in context

shame on Japanese media - this conversation is focused on the domestic terrorist narrative, not the victims which are Shinzo Abe and the people of Japan.

So he created zip guns and bombs to make his mother proud? He did all of this 20 years later because of money that was not his and actions taken for something that did not happen to him personally?

Looks like people want to use this tragedy to attack an institution instead of coming to grips that domestic terrorist by lone wolf actor is now a clear and present danger in Japan.

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