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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

Bring back Nightline - ABC got rid of a good news programming show to compete with late night hosts

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Posted in: Convenience store employee arrested for attempting to kill co-worker See in context

41-year-old tried to show rank/dominance to the 22-year-old young man?

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

" unlike those who sell vegetables, take care of cows or create things."

please, tell us how you really feel about us commoners...

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

We see the use of anecdotes and closed-box scenarios used to justify legalization.

A quick lookup would find police busting "illegal dispensaries" in places where weed is legalized, debunking one poster myth. The second poster keeps saying scientific data while ignoring the supply chain - there is no money in weed; the money is in hard drugs, and the street dealers are out there lacing weed with highly addictive substances.

All one has to do is look at cities like Seattle, Denver, San Francisco and even Japan Town in Los Angeles has been overrun to know the outcome of weed legalization

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

There is a strong connection between cannabis use and hard drugs via the drug dealer pushing for stronger addiction and lacing with fentanyl. The drug dealer has a motive to graduate a weed smoker to a hard user.

People in this comment section are pushing a dangerous narrative of the "harmless" use of drugs while pretending what is happening on the open streets in Vancouver and Seattle is not the result.

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

HopeSpringsEternalToday 07:00 pm JST

In states like Colorado, tax revenue from recreational pot and pot based products, now far exceeds alcohol and tobacco combined. Colorado far better than most US states in areas like crime, education, health, income, etc.

At what price? Do kids have to walk past homeless encampments to get a better education? The lower crime is the result of heavy-handed police funded by the revenue from cannibas?

Half-stories are being told here, but I'm confident the Japanese are aware of the British Opioid history against Asians to know better to sign on to this.

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context


Legal marijuana sales are heavily regulated.

Illicit street drug dealers set up in areas where marijuana is legalized and compete with storefronts - so illegal weed proliferates, not replaced. Some are selling idealism while the reality of rising crime, rising homelessness, and increasing addiction to harder drugs has already been established in areas that have legalized weed.

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

In theory, there is no "legal weed" - what actually happens is an illegal weed, laced with dangerous drugs, proliferates under the guise of a legal dispensary where the street drug dealers set up shop and lure customers away from the storefronts with a quicker sale on the streets.

Again, people here advocating weed as legal are not talking about the details of the actual outcome.

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Posted in: Grassroots revolution: the road to legal cannabis See in context

Be mindful of the persistent "skunk smell" as you walk down the street or subway in America where weed is legalize. In addition, before the migrant crisis, there was a homeless crisis where all the drug users moved to places like California, Colorado, and Washington State and started setting up tents on sidewalks.

The people advocating legalizing weed in Japan are ignoring the results in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, where these cities have illicit tent cities and broken down RVs littering the roads.

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Posted in: Japan's February jobless rate rises to 2.6% See in context

The number of unemployed women rose 80,000 to 81 million. The figure for men increased 50,000 to 1.01 million.

Are we going to ignore this 1-to-81 male/female disparity here?

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Posted in: Japan adds four new industries to skilled foreign worker visa See in context

Japan should follow US President Biden's lead to find new workers - let illegal foreigners run through the customs gate in Narita, Haneda, and Itami

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Posted in: Beyonce album highlights the Black women changing country music See in context

Country is a universal term that has covered the genres of blues, folk, grassroots, and other rural music for nearly 150 years. Black blues and folk artists were foundational to creating what is known as country music.

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Posted in: Man says ‘Sorry, I’m hungry,’ before robbing Gunma convenience store See in context

Why not take one of the succulent, juicy, crispy chicken under the heat lamp?

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Posted in: Yen falls to 34-year low against dollar See in context

Has the price of rent/home ownership gone up in Japan?

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

Japanese standards are dropping faster than the yen.....

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested for arson after argument with mother over breakfast See in context

67 mother, 45 year old son. She gave birth to him when she was 22.

There is more to this story about her having children at such a young age and they stayed with their mother well into their 40s

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Posted in: From ‘The Bodyguard’ to ‘Barbie’: Is the movie soundtrack back and bigger than ever? See in context

Video games soundtracks and anime OST got them beat.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs bill to introduce joint custody after divorce See in context

Finally, I hope the best for the one guy who use to frequent this comment section and could not see his children.

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Posted in: Ex-operator of luxury watch rental service wanted for embezzlement See in context

Dubai has no problem extraditing anybody anywhere. UAE is the last place to run from prosecution.

He could have fared better if he had gone to Mexico and crossed the open border into the United States.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over mother’s death at home See in context

It seems the pattern is that there is no system-wide support for elder care in Japan, and many adults have the burden of caring for the elderly. Anyone who cared for an elder relative know how emotional/phsyciall draining it can be to the point of stress.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stalking after breaking into home of ex-girlfriend in Hokkaido See in context

According to the article, she used to date a man with no fixed address.

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Posted in: Elon Musk sues OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman, claiming betrayal of its goal to benefit humanity See in context

Elon wants the OpenAi source code which he cannot access to make himself richer!

That is the purpose of open-source and GNU licenses...so people can use it to make themselves rich, not the non-profit open-source organization

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Posted in: Former Japan Self-Defense Forces member given U.S. award for her fight against sexual harassment See in context

MeiyouwentiToday  07:32 pm JST

I would have liked Ms Gonoi to have politely declined the award

How Japanese!

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Posted in: Elon Musk sues OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman, claiming betrayal of its goal to benefit humanity See in context

Notice they are more focused on attacking Elon instead of realizing the implications of this technology just being available to a profit-at-any-cost corporate entity like Microsoft.

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Posted in: Michigan cop's mistake leads to $320,000 deal with Japanese man wrongly accused of drunken driving See in context

If he leaves the currency in US Dollars, he will have a nice return on the funds for Japan

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after choking while eating school lunch See in context

You don't serve choking hazard size food to kids, especially if you are running a school feeding young kids

Prevention is the best solution

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Posted in: Taliban hold another public execution as thousands watch at a stadium in northern Afghanistan See in context

If a public execution happened in Japan in the middle of a snow storm, people would show up.

Please don't pretend the base of the heart that Freud expounded on does not exist in every society.

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Posted in: 47-year-old woman arrested for stabbing younger brother See in context

Not a folding knife, but a butterfly knife - given that she is 47, she was around the time these types of knives were popular in the street scene - she is definitely not a babe in the woods here.

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Posted in: Watch that melted during atomic blast over Hiroshima sells for more than $31,000 See in context

This watch price is less than some of the used watches in Ginza and Shinjuku

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Posted in: Japan's Nikkei closes at all-time high, breaking bubble era record See in context

This is not good news - this is a precipitation for economic disaster.

Japan's yen is cheap, and people all over the world trade on JPX like penny stock buying and selling - the minute they all pull out and they will, Japan's stock market will crash.

If Japan just sit around like they always do, you know the inevitable outcome - bubbles burst...

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