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Posted in: N Korea may be capable of sarin-loaded missile attack: Abe See in context

So many JT readers criticize Abe for reporting this to the Diet. But if he hid it from the Diet they would criticize that too. It seems that, at least for the less intelligent here, the "everything Abe does is bad" mantra is an easy substitute for thought or analysis.

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Posted in: Kuroda likely favorite for second BOJ term, if willing See in context

They have bought fixed term yen debt and funded it by issuing zero coupon perpetual yen debt.

If you think that is "squandering trillions" you may need to re-take high school econ, or math, or both.

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Posted in: Do you think electronic devices really interfere with aircraft navigation systems, as cabin attendants suggest when they request passengers to turn off their devices prior to takeoff and landing? See in context

Only a few airlines still do this for wifi or for turning the phone off completely - mainly in less developed countries like Philippines. However, using the cellular functions can confuse cell towers on the ground because of the rapid movement through cells while close to the ground.

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Posted in: For many decades, Japan has played an important role in providing development and humanitarian aid to countries throughout East and Southeast Asia, but it was long ‘hindered,’ so to speak, by its paci See in context

Initial humanitarian aid to the Aceh earthquake victims was provided by the US Marines. Initial aid at Fukushima was provided by the Navy through the USS Ronald Reagan. Law & order in Mindanao (necessary for development) is provided with the assistance of US special forces. Etc. Etc.

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Posted in: Trump to GOP: Pass health care bill or seal your fate See in context

Just pass this bill - it's the best we can do under reconciliation - then come back later and do a broader/better fix through the regular process.

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Posted in: Assad sees key Russia role after Syria-Israel strikes See in context

Should we be allowed to kill terrorists while they are taking delivery of weapons or should we give them a sporting chance to kill a few civilians by not hitting them until after they have used the weapons?

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Posted in: As ministers meet on scrapped TPP deal, decisions elusive See in context

They shouldn't waste all that has been done. Make a deal without the US.

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Posted in: Republican health plan clears first hurdles; fate uncertain See in context

It's a good start, but the GOP has to follow through with the non-reconciliation portions - tort reform, interstate purchase, etc.

We have to ignore all the whining. Nobody gets angrier than a scrounger whose hand-outs are being reduced.

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Posted in: As N Korean missile threat grows, Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options See in context

NK's objective in developing a nuke-carrying ICBM is to remove the US umbrella from Japan and South Korea. Once a US President is in a position where protecting Niigata or Busan may cost him Honolulu or Anchorage the calculation becomes a lot more difficult and Japan may well be left to its own devices. That is the scenario which the government must prepare for.

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Posted in: Republicans unveil plan to repeal, replace Obamacare See in context

not perfect, but a good start

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Posted in: If money were no object, would you buy an apartment, existing home, or have one built to order in Japan? See in context

Very cheap in Japan - even in central Tokyo you can build super-luxury level with full finished basement for less than 1.3 million per square meter.

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Posted in: Personality test says you can tell a person’s character by how he or she sleeps See in context

Surely it depends on which girl you're with.

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Posted in: Australian senator, who is Trump supporter, to start new conservative party See in context

I don't agree with the bestiality point, but he's right about polygamy (or polyandry, for that matter). If consenting adults of any gender can marry each other, why not consenting adults of any number?

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl arrested for abandoning aborted fetus in restaurant fridge See in context

Surely it's illegal to refer to it as a corpse. It's a clump of cells until it's fully exited the birth canal. Nancy Pelosi's going to be very mad at somebody!

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Posted in: Smokers face tighter rules as Tokyo eyes smoke-free Olympics See in context

It's unfair to say that Japan is at the level of developing countries. Most developing countries in Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Macao, China) are much cleaner inside their restaurants than Japan.

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Posted in: American Airlines to sell Basic Economy fares See in context

More choice is always good. If you don't like this one, buy a regular ticket

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Posted in: The spy who quit? Lovers keep 007 passive smoking risk up See in context

Why doesn't he just shoot the smoking girls after he gets what he needs but before they light up. Win-win scenario!

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Posted in: Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights leader; protests begin across U.S. See in context

Too many people here don't understand the US electoral system. Many of us in non-swing states voted for third party candidates because we had the freedom to do so without affecting the main contest. Had it been a two way contest, the great majority of the voters for right-wing/libertarian third party candidates (Johnson & McMullen) would have gone to Trump while the great majority of the voters for left-wing/green third party candidates (Stein) would have gone to Clinton. So Trump would have won the popular vote.

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Posted in: Obama says goodbye in emotional speech See in context

A failed Presidency comes to an ignominious end. And not a second too soon.

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Posted in: Other member states could turn their backs on Japan if it delays the payment beyond this year. See in context

Typical bureaucrat. Captured by his client group and promoting UNESCO interests over Japanese interests.

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Posted in: Cabinet approves biggest defense budget See in context

Not enough. Japan seriously needs to step up its game on defense. Bear a proportionate share to the other allies.

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Posted in: Taxi fares in Tokyo to start at Y430 from Jan 30 See in context

Why are bureaucrats involved in setting prices? It's like letting fish design bicycles.

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Posted in: Visitors from abroad have often complained about a lack of places in Japan where adults can have fun at night. See in context

Most of the places you can go after midnight are foul-smelling & dirty. If the casinos are smoke-free it might be OK.

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Posted in: Changes coming in Japan's tax code from 2017 See in context

Until they fix the ridiculous 55% marginal tax rate, they're just tinkering.

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Posted in: Nicholson's colonialist mentality was on full display. It was unbelievable. See in context

How many colonies has the US created, compared to how many by Japan?

Which has a history of suffering as a colony (or colonies)?

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Hawaii Dec 26-27 to pay his respects to the war dead at Pearl Harbor. China says he should do likewise at Nanjing. Do you agree with China? See in context

China would not receive the gesture in good faith, but rather would seek to use it against Japan.

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Posted in: Carter says U.S. satisfied with Japan's contribution to alliance See in context

Doesn't anyone care what this guy says any more. This administration is 46 days away from being history (which is about 47 too many).

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Posted in: Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call See in context

Yes, it is her view, but until and unless she changes the constitution (whereupon China says it will invade), it's not the country's view.

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Posted in: Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call See in context

All parties involved agree that there is only one China. The argument is over whether the legitimate government is a constitutional democracy - the Republic of China, as founded by the national hero, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, which is currently based in Taipei, or a totalitarian dictatorship (nominally communist, but actually kleptocrat) - the People's Republic of China, founded by a mass-murdering pedophile (Mao ZeDong) and based in Beijing. Obviously the former would be better for everyone but the thieves, but how to get there from the current situation is hard.

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