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Posted in: Japan's main opposition party vows to improve pension system See in context

Any party derived from the Democratic Party is the worst. Fit for they. "It is possible for anyone who can not realize but only assert."

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

Isn't this a bigger problem than Japanese whaling? Please keep this problem in your memory. June 21, 2019 Korea, Korea Kyogo newspaper reported, "Korea who has left 2000 deaths of whales a year". Generally, Whales caught in fixed nets will be released if they are alive, and if they are die, they will be captured. These actions are called KONKAKU[1]. Japan's annual catch count is also counted as a formal whaling by the KONKAKU[1] case. Korea does not count the KONKAKU[1] case as a formal whaling. There is too much difference with the number of captures reported to IWC. The “2000 whales annually” reported by the Kyogo newspaper is the correct number of captured KONKAKU[1] cases. Please think carefully, in Japan it is rare to catch whales in the net. The number 2000 is absolutely impossible without intentional capture.

*1 KONKAKU(Dead whale caught accidentally while doing other fishing)

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Posted in: Convicted man arrested after 4 days on run See in context

Why isn't media other than Yomiuri broadcast using tattoo pictures(criminals)? If you look at this picture, you will soon be able to understand what kind of person he is. He does not need sympathy. He is a member of the gang (YAKUZA) and has committed many crimes.

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Posted in: 'Sitting cat pose' bags get cuter as you pack them full See in context

black and white mask♡

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Posted in: As most of those in their teens to 20s who are fueling the third Korean boom obtain information they like through social media and YouTube, they are hardly affected by political affairs. See in context

The expression "the third boom for Korea" is exaggerated. Japanese people are cool. Enjoy music and drama normally. However, in politics and diplomacy they have not made any compromises against South Korea.

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Posted in: Uyghur activist to be allowed into Japan during G20 summit See in context

The long-term economic support for China is over. ODA was being carried out in the name of an apology to China. Japan does not have to consider China. I want to tell Japanese people. "Hold your head high, stick your chest out."

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Posted in: Japan Post Bank to cap int'l transfers to counter money laundering See in context

Regional banks plan to take similar measures.

The reason for starting with Japan Post Bank is to gain public understanding. The real purpose is to monitor transfers being made via Regional banks. The government understands that remittances to North Korea and South Korea and China are via regional banks.

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Posted in: N Korea reminds China of Japanese rule to strengthen ties See in context

Beijing's Communist authorities also regularly denounce Tokyo over historical issues.

Persecution of Chinese Falun Gong practitioners, repression of Tibet, forced excision of organs and their trade, the list of examples is endless. China argues that it is a domestic affairs interference when we blame these. The act of commenting on Japan's history is domestic policy interference with Japan. China has lots of nerve. I'm not going to correct repeated mistakes anymore. 

North Korean pigs are screaming under the influence of economic sanctions. Japan and the United States need to look quietly. "If you take action quickly, you will not get good results." This is the most important thing, after all.

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Posted in: Waymo teams up with Renault, Nissan on robotaxis outside U.S. See in context

CM advertises it as "Nissan of technology". I'm not going to correct repeated mistakes anymore. Nissan is insincere. The gap between the contents of the advertisement and the actual situation is severe. They say good things just to make them contract, hide all bad things. About electric car... There is almost no warranty for the battery. The battery will not be replaced no matter what the problem. The mileage is a lie. the list of examples is endless.

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Posted in: Protesters demand full withdrawal of Hong Kong extradition bill See in context

Thumbs up to the protesters, but in the end the Communist Chinese gvt will win.

If you become like that...

Foreign investors in a capitalist economy will withdraw funds and escape from Hong Kong and Beijing stock exchanges. China's financial markets will temporarily cool.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean fund plan to compensate forced wartime laborers See in context

Japanese media do not report South Korean movements as news. Many Japanese are fed up and angry. In Japan, there is an increasing number of movements calling for diplomacy to minimize exchanges with South Korea. The Japanese government is fed up with South Korea too. However, the Japanese government is merely posing as calm on the surface. South Korea does not understand that Japan has changed its policy. South Korea couldn't be more stupid.

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Posted in: Sold into marriage, Pakistani women endure rapes in China See in context

"China is denying it is happening, but we are showing the proof,"

That's great! They lie calmly for pride. That's China.

The lobbyists who appear when criticizing China will not appear in this news.

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Posted in: Japanese companies oppose U.S. additional tariffs on China See in context

Epson America Inc and Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and Mitsubishi Chemical Corp have the right to dispute. Unfortunately, the image down to these companies is inevitable.

We need to know that the current price of a product using patented technology is not always the correct price. There is no denying that products that have not paid a patent royalty may increase in price in the future.

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Posted in: Kao's #beWhite campaign leaves firm red-faced See in context

Are you at risk of discrimination against using white, black and yellow words? It is ridiculous. Indeed, anti-Japanese companies. I did not like it originally, but I hate it more and more.

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Posted in: Pressure grows on Hong Kong over extradition bill See in context

If Chief Executive use military power to suppress this protest, foreign investors will withdraw funds and run away from stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Beijing. China's financial markets will cool at once.

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Posted in: 22-month-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

In some cases, incidents and accidents can occur due to unreliable thoughts and Imprudent actions.

Unfortunately, this case falls under it. It might seem like an outrageous opinion, but I wrote only the facts.

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Posted in: Man, woman killed after their car goes off cliff during police chase See in context

If the content of this article is true, I would like you to release the drive recorder video of the chasing side to us.

Map of Fukaura Restaurant(Incident site)

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Posted in: Stations to suspend use of trash cans, lockers in Osaka for 6 days during G20 summit See in context

6 days from 24th June, convenience store trash bins in Osaka will be full every day.

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Posted in: Microsoft gives glimpse of new Xbox console See in context

Microsoft's goal is to provide access to the game to as many people as possible so that the game can be played anywhere and on the platform chosen by the player. The product name will probably be revealed around E3 2020 a year later. Details revealed at this point: AMD Zen 2 / Navi architecture custom processor / GPU, GDDR6 memory, "40x faster" SSD storage adoption that also functions as virtual memory, processor is "4x faster", up to 8K resolution, ray tracing, 120fp refresh rate. It will be released along with the latest Halo series "Halo Infinite".

The titles to be released in the future were also announced.

"The Outer Worlds", "Breeding Edge", "Ori and the Will of the Wisps", "Minecraft Dungeons", "Star Wars JEDI:FALLEN ORDER", "BLAIR WITCH", "Cyberpunk 2077", "Spiritfarer", "Battletoads", "RPG TIME!", "Flight Simulator", "Age of Empires II Difinitive Edition", "Wasteland 3", "LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga"

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Posted in: Facebook to cut off Huawei to comply with U.S. sanctions See in context

Even if the supply of rare earth minerals is stopped, it will not be a problem immediately. So why are you importing from China? That's because the price is cheaper than mining on their own. China knows "Rare earth minerals that Japan will store on the seabed will have for the next 20 years or less.".

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Posted in: Thousands pour into Colombia as Venezuela reopens border See in context

opps. anti-rice is a mistake. Correctly anti-american.

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands gather in Hong Kong for rally against China extradition bill See in context

We could expect the China extradition bill bill to pass when the broadcast of "Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao" on Phoenix TV was decided to end.

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Posted in: China may restrict tech access in spiraling U.S. trade dispute See in context

"China ... will never allow certain countries to use China's technology to contain China's development and suppress Chinese enterprises,"

It's just like a thief saying "don't steal" to others. CCP is really interesting.

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Posted in: Thousands pour into Colombia as Venezuela reopens border See in context

Who created the Venezuelan economy, which was virtually defaulted? President Maduro and the people who support it are responsible. The United States is the largest crude oil export destination for Venezuela. Isn't it foolish to cast anti-rice despite that? That's too bad, you asked for it.

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Posted in: U.S. leaves door open to China on trade talks at G20 See in context

The U.S. Department of Defense has included Taiwan on a list of “countries” to work with for its missions around the world in its recently released “Indo-Pacific Strategy Report.”.  Seriously!?

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Posted in: U.S. leaves door open to China on trade talks at G20 See in context

In a nutshell, the "playbook" of America's policy against China has been rewritten.

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Posted in: Google's challenge to game consoles to kick off in November See in context

Confirmed game title

「DOOM Eternal」「Wolfenstein: Youngblood」「Destiny 2」「Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid」「Baldur's Gate 3」「Metro Exodus」「Thumper」「GRID」「SAMURAI SHODOWN」「Football Manager 2020」「Get Packed」「The Elder Scrolls Online」「The Crew 2」「The Division 2」「Assassin's Creed Odyssey」「Ghost Recon Breakpoint」「Trials Rising」「NBA 2K」「Borderlands 3」「Farming Simulator 19」「Mortal Kombat 11」「Rage 2」「FINAL FANTASY XV」「Gylt」「Tomb Raider Trilogy」「Darksiders Genesis」「Just Dance 2020」

14 countries in the service area:United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden

Also released the recommended network speed for communication environment. If the resolution is 720p, 10 Mbps is the recommended minimum. And 4K recommends 35 Mbps.

"We do not expect Stadia over the near-term to be particularly disruptive to the traditional console or PC game ecosystem,"

We hope that great games that can only be played with this service will be released.

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Posted in: Kimigayo: A guide to Japan’s controversial national anthem See in context

The act of singing the national anthem at a school is one of the educations we take to bring pride and dignity to say that you are a citizen of that country. The act of singing the national anthem at school is both a lesson and a duty. Sorry if you do not understand it, but you are a child. It is your freedom to decide to sing or not sing the anthem outside of school (such as at a baseball stadium).

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Posted in: What part of Japan has the best food, and what should you eat there? See in context

Sushi, Yakiniku, Ramen, Soba, Udon, Okonomiyaki .. I can not count.

Japan has the following wonderful words: "Hunger is the best feast".

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Posted in: German killer nurse gets life for 85 hospital murders See in context

It is an Incident like a horror movie. I was surprised.

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