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Posted in: Should airlines be allowed to overbook on flights (selling more seats than available to account for the likelihood of no-shows)? See in context

If they don't refund the fares to the "no-shows" then why should they overbook the flight. If they know they have to fly crews back then reserve these seats to begin with.

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At what point will all these experts start investigating the sustainability of pumping CO2 deep into the earth and also stripping it of the natural substances naturally found within the layers. There is obviously an equilibrium required for the earth to remain a stable formation. As we strip oil, coal and minerals from this planet, who is monitoring the effect this is happening. I am getting sick of reading about a new team of experts appear each week with a new idea on how things should be done. Not once have I heard them discuss the long-term effects on the planet. Do they even consider this important?

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Posted in: Four areas in which Japan needs to improve if it wants to attract more overseas travelers See in context

My wife and I, from Australia, have travelled to Japan twice in the past 2 years, and are starting to plan our next trip. We spend 4-5 weeks there each time and simply plan which order of cities we will stay for throughout the trip. We book on-line, organise train passes, and simply love it. The language barrier can be overwhelming at times, however we still walk through the back streets of the cities and have "quasi" conversations with the local residents. We don't do Tours as we want to see Japan at our own pace and not from a bus window. We find most train stations have sufficient English signs to get by, but if in doubt talk with the staff. Nagasaki was the most frustrating train station we went to, even for the Japanese themselves. It is no imposition to respect a country's traditions when visiting, and if you bother to look deeper, you may actually learn something. If you don't pre-plan every minute of your day, it is amazing what you find and learn by accidently getting on to the wrong train. Simply take it all in and grow from the experience. The trains are so efficient that you will never really get lost. I found Japan far easier to get around and get food and immaculate service than 18 months in China 13 years ago. A few more English signs and it would be a bit easier, but before complaining, think about your interactions with foreigners in your own country.

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