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Posted in: Three white Americans go on trial in death of black jogger in Georgia See in context

Someone who doesn't understand basic racism asked:

Why is the race important?

Someone who hasn't a clue responded:

Because the msm needs clicks as many as possible and race is always a magnet to draw in readers and viewers

Not quite satisfied, digs the hole deeper:

Of course that’s bad, horrible and I hope they get punished for the crime at the same time, how many whites have been attacked and murdered by blacks and the media selectively chooses not to cover the story? A lot. All I’m saying is all violent crimes and victims of these crimes should be acknowledged, not only the black victims

This might be difficult to understand, so I will try my best to be clear and concise.

This is a case of systematic racism, according to the civil suit filed by the victim's mother. It alleges that the murder was covered by local prosecutors. The defendant is a white ex-cop. The victim was black.

I don't think anyone with an ounce of intelligences believes that the defendants would have hunted this jogger if had been white. This is why race matters. Maybe you're not familiar with the geo-political landscape of the USA. Georgia is part of the south that fault a war against the USA so they could keep black people as slaves. Georgia has a deep history of racism including KKK and mob lynchings of black men by white people.

Race is clearly, clearly a factor in this case.

Furthermore that you feel the need to counter the mention of the victim's race (while it is a clear factor in the civil suit), by questioning unrelated alleged cases where the victim was white (yet fail to specify said cases), shows a lot about yourself.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine minister visits infectious diseases institute See in context

You don't need a Vaccine Minister if you don't have a virus. Japan should reconsider its addiction to vaccines. Other countries have found they are doing fine without them.

I don't understand why such nonsensical comments are permitted during a worldwide pandemic.

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Posted in: COVID-19 cases plummeting in Japan; doctors puzzled why See in context

How is the testing rate?

One factor I think is that since most people received their vaccinations in late August and September, we are in the sweet spot of immunity. Unfortunately, immunity will wane for the elderly in the coming months. If we do not continue basic precautions (masking the nose), we may possibly see a rebound after the election.

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