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To add to my previous comment, it takes generally 10-25 years for abnormal cells to develop after being infected with the HPVSo this recent vaccine could not have prevented anything for the actual cases. We are talking about future cases

The vaccine is considered effective from ages 11 to 14. The article has ages 12 to 16.

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4000 women die a year in Japan because of this virus. But men also need to the vaccine, as we are the ones spreading it to women. I know a guy in Japan who got this in his urethra and it destroyed it. Many Japanese doctors missed it, one hospital doctor thought it was herpes and mistakenly sliced off the urethra epidermis while probing with a scalpel, permanently injuring him. Surgery to remove the tumors now makes him take 30 minutes to urinate. It's hard for him to have a normal work and social life. But he's lucky to be alive.

Good news that more people will be getting vaccinated. Terrible virus for some and everyone is spreading it.

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wow, she is lucky. My family can’t visit.

COVID-19 in case you haven’t heard of it.

Really, she is lucky? Are you sure? Has your family lost their home to war? Is your family being shelled and shot at every day?

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He's a producer of the film. That's responsibility itself.

Furthermore, he's an experienced actor. It boggles my mind how it could OK on set to have a gun pointed at another person, no matter the circumstance. The camera could be on a stand with the photographer out of the line of fire. If a gun needs to be pointed at another actor, use a fake prop. If you need to fire at an actor, use a cut scene.

Also, why does every movie need to be filled with guns? Can't we make movies about other things?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,331 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 91,051 See in context

Please stop spreading disinformation

Oh, that is too rich.

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You've hit the nail on the head there. Same where I was working yesterday in a high school, but with no open windows. There is a stupid widespread belief that people can't get sick here if they wear a mask..

You gotta open the windows yourself. I always opened the windows at my old workplace in 2020-2021. It pissed everyone off, but I was right the whole time as I understood infections occur by aerosols.

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I wish people would understand this:

The virus doesn't ebb and flow like waves. When the numbers increase, people get more serious about precautions and take actions (wearing a mask correctly, avoiding gatherings, getting vaccinated) that reduce the probability of transmission. When the numbers decrease, people relax, go back to normal behavior which is reflected by increasing the probability of transmission and then the next wave hits.

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When can we ditch the masks?

People who don't wear masks on the train, in markets, and at work are inconsiderate and frankly, dumb.

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Nobody is saying that the elderly don't matter. But what most reasonable people are saying is that the focus should be on the vulnerable, in terms of vaccination and overall protection. While the rest can go about their almost normal daily lives, thus achieving something resembling herd immunity must quicker, and with less disastrous consequences on the economy and mental health.

Instead, the approach that many countries adopted (thankfully less so by Japan) is like forcing everyone to wear a seat belt even when they are not in a vehicle.

Actually, this post is very unreasonable. How do you think the virus gets to the "vulnerable?" You carry it.

The smart thing would have been to include vaccination programs for children and young people (who cannot fathom sacrificing their social time) from the start.

Families have 3 generations at home. Kids spread it to their grandparents.

Furthermore, newsflash, being healthy isn't a safety net. Recent reports are showing that 1/3 of infected people in the US have long covid, which is understood as a continued immune response in the body. So if you've got an active immune system and get covid, you're high risk for developing an auto-immune disease with no treatments available.

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There's a life and death difference between vaccines preventing the transmission of covid and vaccines attenuating the symptoms to keep you out of the hospital.

Understanding this is instrumental to saving lives and preventing variants.

Yes, we can still get sick even if vaccinated. But most of us won't get be sick enough to need to be hospitalized. How many people have died from heart attacks because there was no hospital beds available due to unvaccinated covid patients?

If you're vaccinated, when infected, you will have a quicker immune response because your immune system is prepared for the fight. This gives the virus less opportunity to replicate over time. This means the probability of the next deadly variant developing in you will be decreased.

Thus, it is vital that we all keep up with boosters and wear masks, even if the protection is not 100%. Any percentage over 5% would be consider statistically significant is most research.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 20,679 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 103,791 See in context

Are you ok? Have you been in your bunker since COVID started? If not, please do your part and LOCK yourself down. Also, please turn of your phone and computer. It is not safe for you.

The quote function is meant for the text that you are replying to, not your own reply.

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Someone asked me in a previous thread that was closed how I got my booster.

To answer the question, it depends on which ku/city you live in.

I got my original vaccines in May as a healthcare worker. Since 8 months have passed since #2, so I became eligible for #3. Though the time was boosted up to 6 months.

If 6 or 8 months have passed since your #2, visit your local city's vaccine website for information. If you recently moved to a new city different than your #2, you'll need to apply by mail. You can call them for more information.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't working on accelerating COVID-19 booster shots See in context

The infection rate is so high they literally gave up trying to stop it and lifted all restrictions because none of their mitigation methods, including vaccination and vaccine passes has been able to stop the spread.

People really have a hard time grasping the difference between "infection" and "severity of infection." It's not black and white. Vaccines don't always prevent infection. They're meant to prevent serious illness. Omnicron is very deadly, killing 9 of 1000 whereas Delta killed 13 of 1000.

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Just out of curiosity, how many boosters do want? Israel is at shot no. 4 now, and they too have an Omicron wave.

I'll get every flu and booster shot available. My only concern is hogging supplies that should have been prioritized for countries that are still waiting for their first doses.

I fully understand that this is a game probabilities, and that the more vaccinated I am, the lower not only my probability of getting very sick to the point of hospitalization or death is, but also is the lower probability that a variant would develop in me, and also is the lower probability of transmission to others. The reason is that the vaccinated immune system can beat the virus much faster than the unvaccinated immune system, so the viral load in the vaccinated person is less, meaning less severe disease and less chances for it to replicate/mutate.

So I will get every booster available because it's the right thing to do.

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Why do they have single mass-vaccination spots in major cities? That's just ridiculous! People have to travel too far to get vaccinated. There is also the issues of large crowds of people spreading the virus. There should be many smaller vaccination sites all over the country to allow everybody easy access. Most local pharmacies are giving booster shots in Australia.

I got my booster the other day.

I could choose from a list of sites including local clinics.

I choose a huge vaccination center simply because I could reserve it the next day. It was a 35 minute walk from my residence. It was a converted Sports Center, so although it had the capacity to do 100 people an hour, it was far less crowded than a clinic would have been, and I felt much safer.

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Posted in: Joni Mitchell says she is boycotting Spotify over COVID 'lies' See in context

As an artist on Spotify, I would love nothing more than to see the company fail, unless they started paying artists like they pay Rogan. Spotify has given people the mentality that the products of musicians, which costs thousands of dollars to make, have no value.

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Posted in: Unsigned Trump order told Pentagon to seize voting machines: Politico See in context

Effective immediately, the Secretary of Defense shall seize, collect, retain and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records required for retention," says the three-page draft.

The only humanoid that talks like is Stephen Miller.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

Should have done this at the start. Kids are seeding the virus, and many unmasked in trains and markets.

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Posted in: Voting bill collapses; Democrats unable to change filibuster See in context

For those not understanding what's at stakes, Republicans don't have the numbers to win elections without suppressing certain demographics that tend to vote for Democrats.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 increased the ability of minorities to vote.

The Republicans controlled Supreme Court gutted it last year as well as Georgia enacting crazy laws to limit the ability of non-white voters to go to the polls. Such shenanigans are limiting the amount of polling places, limiting the hours of polling places (just during the workday on a weekday that people can't afford to take off), designating polling areas is remote areas that people won't have access to, making the lines last hours but illegal to give someone in line some water.

The USA is moving closer and closer to fascism.

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Really interesting to see all the users on here begging for their booster shots.

Can't wait to get #3. Been over 8 months since #2. Not eligible to next month.

Though with a limited supply, I think unvaccinated countries should have priority.

It doesn't seem to matter that omicron will infect regardless of immunity status be it natural or vaccine based.

There's a difference between being infected with omicron with # of shots as a factor for protection.

It's not even about being "anxivaxx" anymore.

Yes it is.

It's about this hysterical fear of the virus and clinging to the belief that it will magically disappear or you're not going to get infected. Omicron is so weak compared to Delta but that doesn't get through to you.

Omicron is weak amongst the fully vaccinated. But it's still killing.

How long do you plan to keep up the boosters? Forever?

Sure, why not? I get the flu shot every year.

Are you aware the EU is currently debating if endless boosters will damage the immune system

Same EU that opposes GMOs based on antiscience fears?

Do you know that Pfizer is planning to have an omicron vaccine ready in a few months?

Yes, great news.

What then? Be on your third or forth booster but also want the omicron shot?

Yes, whatever it takes to eradicate the virus like we did smallpox.

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Posted in: Tokyo's COVID alert at 2nd-highest level as capital reports 3,124 new cases See in context

I want to know how many of the infected are elderly or healthcare workers who were vaccinated from Feb to May, but unable to receive boosters yet.

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Posted in: Man on train arrested for telling other passengers he has COVID See in context

Sounds like he was aware he was symptomatic and trying to protect others.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 3-hour siege in Tokyo restaurant See in context

This is really sad on many levels. Is he aware that the death sentence is carried out without prior warning years after sentencing?

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Posted in: More than 100,000 march in France against COVID vaccine requirements See in context

Moreover, 100,000 unvaccinated fools holding an event will risk the instability of the entire world allowing more mutations to occur.

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Posted in: More than 100,000 march in France against COVID vaccine requirements See in context

Fools. They have created their own superspeader event and aren't even vaccinated.

I feel so bad for the healthcare workers who have to make sacrifices to treat them.

And the people with medical conditions that won't be able to receive treatment because hospitals will be overloaded taking care of these people who could have prevented themselves from developing serious symptoms by getting vaccinated.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,414 new coronavirus cases; 922 in Tokyo See in context

People need to stop being so extreme and adapt a more sensical approach.

A lot of people are having a hard time accepting this new condition of life and death in our times.

It's a wake up call. We are not special. We are just fortunate to exist on a planet in the universe thanks to the mechanisms of particle physics, evolution, and our human ingenuity. Nothing is guaranteed, even our lives.

I totally get that people are exhausted and want to get back to normal.

Sorry that's not going to happen unless you're willing to sacrifice millions of people.

What's saddened me about the pandemic is all the people who are willing to write off elders and people with health conditions as already dead, so they can have more convenient lives.

Also the politicalization of the virus and vaccines.

We should all be doing what we can to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

But also do what we can to maintain our livelihoods. It doesn't have to be an extreme one way or another. Keep up with vaccines, wear tight masks around your nose and mouth. Restaurants need to convert to carry out during wave surges. They can use the same dishes, and bill for unreturned/damaged dishes.

Public transportation needs the windows down no matter how cold or rainy it is. Health over comfort.

Businesses should make sure air is circulating to reduce aerosols. Delta and Omnicron thrive on aerosol transmission.

Governments need to educate their populations on this, in a gentle way that won't cause panic. We need to work together as a species to get through this.

We need to stop believing our personal/brainwashed opinions and make informed decisions based on science.

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

Barely anyone in the population, aside from neuroscientists, understand what gender is.

Everyone thinks its XX or XY chromosomes. Not so simple.

The part of the brain that determines one's gender is the sexual dimorphous nuclei in the hypothalamus. It's dimorphous because the shape determines gender.

So how does it take shape. female identity for XX and male for XY?

What's important is to understand how things can change.

First, everyone starts off female. The mullerian system is the gene system that develops female anatomy. Those with the XY chromosome pair have a set of genes that first need to deactivate (turn off) the mulluerian (female) development system, and then need to activate (turn on) the wolfian male development system. Biology isn't black and white and more of greyscale spectrum. Things can happen to interfere with this process, developing a mismatch with what's in the brain's sexual dimorphous nuclea.

Moreover, the shape (gender identity) of the sexual dimorphous nuclei is a function of hormone exposure during prenatal development. Over exposure to estrogens has been shown in lab experiments to change XY animals to female shape in the SDN.

Thus in the case of transgendered females, the likely explanation is that when they were prenatal, despite their XY pair of chromosomes, their developing bodies were exposed to estrogens from the mother shaping the SDN into a female brain, literally putting a female brain in a male body.

Hopefully this post has reached some people and change their understanding of this issue. All this information is available online. I learned about it in physiology of the brain textbook.

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

There is a strong antivax contingent in the Marines.

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so whats the problem for vaccinated people?

First, the people who are being requiring hospitalization and dying are significantly the unvaccinated.

The vaccine doesn't prevent infection. It reduces the probability of developing severe symptoms. The more the virus mutates, the less effective vaccines become. But they are still more effective than being unvaccinated.

If everyone were to get a vaccine for the dominant variant at the same time, then we'd have a chance to beat this like polio and measles.

But now it's going to be tough because the virus is too well spread. Mutations happen in everyone all the time. It's just the one of a million (colloquial phrase) that develops a mutation that can survive by having high transmissibility.

One of the most dangerous mistakes people are making is writing off omicron because the symptoms are mild. You're just giving it more chances to mutate into something deadly.

We were lucky that the original version of the virus wasn't a threat to children. But the next one might be and imagine what happens when it sweeps through schools.

Vaccination is our number one tool to get through this. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone. The more vaccinated people, the more antibodies are fighting the virus, the less the mutations and spread.

Frankly, I think people who refuses vaccinations are traitors to humanity.

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Posted in: Travelers returning from New Year holidays crowd roads, airports See in context

What's sad is that we could have squashed this virus if the whole world had quickly gotten on board, and governments educated their citizens and residences.

Instead, doctors and scientists were suppressed, even arrested.

Other countries, no better, as politicians quickly latched on to brainless takes to manipulate their voter blocks, using the pandemic as political tool. This has cost nearly a million Americans their lives.

Both USA and China have seeded this worldwide.

And it's shown a real ugly side to many people. They see the risk covid as very low, and are willing to sacrifice anyone with a pre-exisiting condition instead of sacrificing their personal desires.

I'm not talking about the people who had to go to work. I'm talking about the parties I always see on social media posts, or the mass travel.

And the worst of the worst is the people who refuse to get vaccinated. The one thing you could do to protect those around you, especially the immunocompromised like cancer patients who are on immunosuppressant therapies. But you can't even take a jab and 2 days of sore aches for them.

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