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Stop saying "it's just mild." This is what you should be concerned about:

My friend and someone vital to my work, had a mild case. 3 weeks later sudden death.

He was young, not even over the hill, just had his second baby.

Alone it would be an outlier, but these are happening more frequently following mild infections now:

We need to stop the spread. We could do it if people were educated and made an effort backed by governments.

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Just lost someone important to me. 40 years old, father of 2.

Best friend's youngest tested positive today. Family of 5.

The virus is airborne. It's far from over.

Please get the new vaccine.

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Media doesn't help when they say "mostly affects men who have sex with men" and leave it at that. That's not useful for a disease everyone is at risk for. MPX spreads by both virus shedding from lesioned skin and respiratory droplets.

Japan has a few high risk environments:

Contact sports like martial arts

Fuzuko and massage businesses, including 整体 and stretch places

Crowded commuter trains.

Love hotels (you really think those get a deep cleaning between guests?)

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Girls being more independent but boys still with the mindset of pre-war Japan in where girls were more obidient.

No, you're painting all Japanese men with one brush.

This is a problem with boys all over the world. Tiny little boys who lash out with violence when they don't get what they want.

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Great news.

Great idea to ensure only intelligent, responsible people travel to Japan.

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People don't want to believe bad things.

Some political parties capitalize off this, as their only policy is to cut regulations that would fight against climate change, because such regulations make their donor's/owner's businesses less profitable. So to get the support of the people who don't exercise their intelligence (conservatives), they say "climate change is a hoax." Now politics is like sports teams. You have to be 100% for your team. So you have to tow the party line, even if its a chain of lies leading off a cliff.

(Moderators, the above is a metaphor to describe climate change, it is not off topic).

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Yes, be it firebombs, nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, etc., bombing civilians is a war crime. Be it for the greater good, or one's own team.

We act like there was no other option in a country that is mostly uninhabited mountains.

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The #1 key thing that all measures must address is that covid is airborne.

My impression is that people think they are safe as long as they others have a "mask" over their mouth when speaking.

While speaking produces more airborne particles than breathing, it's still coming out of our noses and leaking through our loosely fitting, 40% effective surgical masks.

We need to make airflow and air filtering #1 priority supplemented with keeping up with vaccine schedules (only 60% have had their booster in Tokyo), and learning how to correctly use and efficient mask, not the loose fitting show pieces sold in stores.

Rather than clicking downvote because I mentioned vaccines and masks as tools, I would appreciate a response detailing what is wrong about my post so I can correct my understanding.

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If you want to keep denying realty go right ahead. I will enjoy my social life with my friends and family, travel to many countries that don't have useless entry restrictions and take a nice breath of fresh air without a mask (including indoors - gasp!)

Until you end up sick, which is likely to be very soon. Stock up on water and emergency foods,

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Be afraid.... Be very afraid... Or, live your life as you want.

How about a middle ground where we live our lives, but also take precautions to protect those who at risk?

When we all go back to pre-2020 "normal," it forces at risk people to remain in isolation and economic despair for many people. I don't understand why for so many people the response is black or white. We can take measures to make society safer for at risk people.

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Japan is #1 in new deaths and new cases according to

But #148 in deaths per 1 million people.

Anyway, if don't want to get the virus or pass it on to someone else, then wearing an N95 will filter out 95% of your air. Wearing a surgical mask correctly will filter over 40%. Many windows closed on trains. Just open them if you're next to one.

Why? New studies are showing reduction in brain matter following infection. The symptoms might be like a bad cold, but who wants brain damage?

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The more serious consequences of Covid now seem biased towards those who have taken the covid jab unfortunately. UK figures have shown this, until the government decided to no longer publish them, and now the authorities in British Colombia have taken the same action, as figures started to show it better to not have taken the jab.

Figures from April 10 to May 7 show that 91% of fatalities were amongst the jabbed. How much longer before there are demands for an explanation from governments for pushing untested drugs?

Read further here. And I highly recommend subscribing to Alex Berenson:

I don't understand why this false information is permitted in these comments.

I honestly wish I didn't have to comment here, but I can't just let it slide when users post dangerous misinformation. If one has an anti-vaccine stance, they will see your link and feel vindicated.

But if one is scientifically literate, and can read peer reviewed research available at PubMed, or just read real news, then one can do a simple search and see the vaccines are working.

Let's say those numbers are accurate. 9% of deaths unvaccinated, 91% of deaths vaccinated. You conclude that vaccines are killing people. It is false.

Most deaths are occurring amongst the elderly. The elderly are mostly vaccinated.

What you're not seeing is the lack of deaths amongst the younger vaccinated.

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everyone I’ve known who is unvaccinated and has had omicron has also had very mild symptoms

Subjective. I have an unvaccinated mid-20s friend who is very healthy and experience flu-like symptoms this very moment. Does that change the narrative? No, because it's anecdotal. What about the 3 year old girl who died from Omicron after doctors sent her home? It was on the news 2 days ago. Does that change the narrative?

Here is the fact:

Omicron is the most deadliest covid variant to date because it spreads easily (airborne) hence more infections. More infections means more cases with undesirable outcomes.

As for your claim that vaccines aren't working, you're wrong:,to%2034%20days%20after%20administration.

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Im commenting on the current situation and the high case numbers show they are not preventing infection. Maybe with better masks and everyone wearing correctly cases would fall. However most countries are virtually mask free and are in a similar situation to Japan. This variant is too contagious, luckily very mild, it’s going to run its course.

You're making observations based on "common sense." But that's not how science works.

Science would take into consideration the various factors that could cause spikes in infections and control for them in tests to determine the efficacy of a measure. An examples of factors would be population density, percentage and capacity of public transportation, type of mask worn, etc.

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I agree and as we can see by the high case numbers they aren’t very effective at all. I

This is a subjective observation. It is not scientific.

What would the numbers be if mask were not worn?

What would the numbers be if people wore masks correctly?

What would the numbers be if people wore N95s?

Since we don't have data for those questions, there is no scientific validity to conclude that high case count = masks don't work.

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If you have any doubt about the efficacy of masks, you can look at the scientific literature available at pubmed.

The problem is you have to wear them correctly. N95 if you want to keep omicron out.

Great. Numbers coming down.

Sunday's numbers are always lower than Saturday's because less people test on weekends. Monday's are always the lowest. Wait for Tuesday's numbers. If you want a clear picture, take weekly averages.

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Stop marginalizing STDs.

Monkeypox is not only an STD.

Monkeypox can be spread by respiratory droplets.

Learn from covid, wear a mask.

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Covid is highly airborne. Wear an N95 if you want to avoid infection.

Avoid crowded indoor spaces without airflow. Air conditioner do not clean air. They move the same air outside and inside. Open the windows on the train. Stand between 2 open ones.

If you're vaccinated, this infection will likely result in mild symptoms. But there are 2 very real dangers:

1) Passing the virus on to a vulnerable person.

2) 5% to 10% chance of developing long covid. Covid is now being found to get into the brain. Don't take risks for this.

Unvaccinated kids are very vulnerable. Let's protect them.

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Posted in: Myanmar junta executes 4 prisoners, including 2 pro-democracy rivals See in context

Sounds like this person deserved it.

Please read a little history before making a comment. Executions happen every day around the world that aren't reported in the news. Why is this in the news? Because the junta illegally overthrew the democratically elected party in a violent coup, jailed their leaders, and has been murdering citizens, as far as kidnappings to harvest organs sold on the black market.

Go to Wikipedia and read about the post WWII history of this country, especially what happened in 1980s and recent times.

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Keep working out, but it is adversarial and depressing. When will this end?

It's never going to end. It's too late now. US government admitted that today.

It can only end with an worldwide zero covid effort, pause on all rents and bills, pause on the economy, and governments providing food.

But governments aren't that organized and people aren't that selfless. So this is the new normal.

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I've read the science at PubMed. You can do your own search.

VirusRex is correct as usual.

Masks are effective. The problems are that the new variants are highly virulent and airborne.

People don't wear masks properly. No N95s and gaps for air to enter where the nose is. Anyone who wears their mask under their nose is begging for an infection.

There is a belief that the new virus harmless. Yet data shows 5% (up to 10%) of those infected get debilitating long covid. It is also putting unvaccinated children in hospitals, as well as killing those over 50.

Let's put an end to the mask debate by reading the research.

If you value the lives of people you care about, you can protect then with an N95. This virus isn't going away, so even if you're young now, if you survive, you will be of age where the virus will become a threat.

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Can't verify if it's true, but this info has been largely correct. Translated letters from FSB leaker show plans to attack Japan, but Ukraine was chosen instead.

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For most people it's not a question of whether you will survive.

But for 1 in 10, it is a question of whether you will get long covid.

Whether you will ever be able to walk up stairs again.

Whether you will be able to work.

Whether you can live independently.

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Antivaxers pointing out that more vaccinated getting infected than unvaccinated, please stop failing to note that the majority of people are vaccinated. Majority of dead were unvaccinated.

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Amazing to see how successful the vaccine prevents or decrease the spread of the virus.

I know that the vaccine do not decrease or prevent the spread of infections, because I do see the reality.

But some other people do not...

What's amazing is that in July 2022 there are still people who don't understand the point of the vaccine is to reduce the severity of symptoms.

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Mask and vaccines are clearly not lessening transmission rates to any great degree, that warrants their use.Mask and vaccines are clearly not lessening transmission rates to any great degree, that warrants their use.

Let's not parrot this false, agenda-driven mis-information.

True, masks and vaccines are not fool proof. I'm making this number up, grocery under-exaggerating to make a point, but let's say masks and vaccines are only 5% effective (they are more than that). That 5% protection is better than 0%. That's what you need to understand. We have to combine strategies to reduce the probability of infections to the lowest number possible while functioning in a society where the governments aren't invested in helping us.

There's a major misconception that vaccines don't work or are in effective. This is false. The vaccines will not prevent infection, but the provide your immune system with training to get a head start on fighting the virus. The result is lower hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated and less burden to the healthcare system.

Masks need to be properly worn for maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately, people just don't understand or care how to wear a mask. But that doesn't make you powerless. You have the power to choose how to wear your mask effectively. Don't buy any mask. If one is too embarrassed for a 95, then get a wire inserted to make it fit tight against the nose. Amazon sells bands that can be attached to the the ear loops to pull the mask tight, into a seal.

We still have tools to fight this, but we need to stay in the fight. Don't give up!

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But unfortunately there are too many idiots around who are pushing nonstop for the vaccine, even the reality shows us now that the vaccine is just an unimportant drop in the game.

I don't get why people have such a hard time understanding, there's no single solution.

We have 4 tools:

Vaccines - keep them up to date

Masks - Wear them tight, not loose, and put your nose in

Airflow, always make sure you have airflow, else avoid the place

Decisions on whether to partake in unnecessary high risk events.

Use these tools in combinations to lower your risk. Don't rely on a single one. Don't say any of them are useless because they aren't 100% effective. This is exactly why we're still in a pandemic.

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I said this 2 years ago.

The only way to fight this pandemic is to vaccinate the children. In the beginning of vaccines, priority was to those 65, but the virus was mainly spread by those in their 20s.

Though, now we need a more effective vaccine.

What's the point of all our efforts when children are spreading the virus to each other, their parents, and then parents to coworkers, etc?

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Personally, I recommend not wearing a mask and not bothering with booster shots.

Be smart. Don't be this guy.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,616 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,903 See in context

Life has to move on! If you're afraid of the virus, stay home and use aircon!


Life has to move on. When out and about, assume you are infected and take proper precautions so you don't infect others. Just because you're low risk, doesn't mean the spouse or child of the person sitting next to you isn't.

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