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Posted in: Japan reports 197,792 coronavirus cases; 31,541 in Tokyo See in context


I agree and as we can see by the high case numbers they aren’t very effective at all. I

This is a subjective observation. It is not scientific.

What would the numbers be if mask were not worn?

What would the numbers be if people wore masks correctly?

What would the numbers be if people wore N95s?

Since we don't have data for those questions, there is no scientific validity to conclude that high case count = masks don't work.

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Posted in: Japan reports 197,792 coronavirus cases; 31,541 in Tokyo See in context

If you have any doubt about the efficacy of masks, you can look at the scientific literature available at pubmed.


The problem is you have to wear them correctly. N95 if you want to keep omicron out.

Great. Numbers coming down.

Sunday's numbers are always lower than Saturday's because less people test on weekends. Monday's are always the lowest. Wait for Tuesday's numbers. If you want a clear picture, take weekly averages.

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Posted in: 2nd Japan case of monkeypox confirmed in Tokyo See in context

Stop marginalizing STDs.

Monkeypox is not only an STD.

Monkeypox can be spread by respiratory droplets.

Learn from covid, wear a mask.

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Posted in: Japan tops global new COVID cases in week to Sunday: WHO See in context

Covid is highly airborne. Wear an N95 if you want to avoid infection.

Avoid crowded indoor spaces without airflow. Air conditioner do not clean air. They move the same air outside and inside. Open the windows on the train. Stand between 2 open ones.

If you're vaccinated, this infection will likely result in mild symptoms. But there are 2 very real dangers:

1) Passing the virus on to a vulnerable person.

2) 5% to 10% chance of developing long covid. Covid is now being found to get into the brain. Don't take risks for this.

Unvaccinated kids are very vulnerable. Let's protect them.

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Posted in: Myanmar junta executes 4 prisoners, including 2 pro-democracy rivals See in context

Sounds like this person deserved it.

Please read a little history before making a comment. Executions happen every day around the world that aren't reported in the news. Why is this in the news? Because the junta illegally overthrew the democratically elected party in a violent coup, jailed their leaders, and has been murdering citizens, as far as kidnappings to harvest organs sold on the black market.

Go to Wikipedia and read about the post WWII history of this country, especially what happened in 1980s and recent times.

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context

Keep working out, but it is adversarial and depressing. When will this end?

It's never going to end. It's too late now. US government admitted that today.

It can only end with an worldwide zero covid effort, pause on all rents and bills, pause on the economy, and governments providing food.

But governments aren't that organized and people aren't that selfless. So this is the new normal.

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Posted in: Gyms facing COVID mask dilemma amid summer heat concerns See in context

I've read the science at PubMed. You can do your own search.

VirusRex is correct as usual.

Masks are effective. The problems are that the new variants are highly virulent and airborne.

People don't wear masks properly. No N95s and gaps for air to enter where the nose is. Anyone who wears their mask under their nose is begging for an infection.

There is a belief that the new virus harmless. Yet data shows 5% (up to 10%) of those infected get debilitating long covid. It is also putting unvaccinated children in hospitals, as well as killing those over 50.

Let's put an end to the mask debate by reading the research.

If you value the lives of people you care about, you can protect then with an N95. This virus isn't going away, so even if you're young now, if you survive, you will be of age where the virus will become a threat.

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Posted in: Japan warns of rising security threats in annual defense report See in context

Can't verify if it's true, but this info has been largely correct. Translated letters from FSB leaker show plans to attack Japan, but Ukraine was chosen instead.


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Posted in: Japan reports 152,535 coronavirus cases; 30 prefectures have record highs See in context

For most people it's not a question of whether you will survive.

But for 1 in 10, it is a question of whether you will get long covid.

Whether you will ever be able to walk up stairs again.

Whether you will be able to work.

Whether you can live independently.

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Posted in: Japan reports 103,311 coronavirus cases See in context

Antivaxers pointing out that more vaccinated getting infected than unvaccinated, please stop failing to note that the majority of people are vaccinated. Majority of dead were unvaccinated.

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Posted in: Japan reports 103,311 coronavirus cases See in context

Amazing to see how successful the vaccine prevents or decrease the spread of the virus.

I know that the vaccine do not decrease or prevent the spread of infections, because I do see the reality.

But some other people do not...

What's amazing is that in July 2022 there are still people who don't understand the point of the vaccine is to reduce the severity of symptoms.

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Posted in: Japan warns of swiftly rising COVID cases; Tokyo raises alert to highest level See in context

Mask and vaccines are clearly not lessening transmission rates to any great degree, that warrants their use.Mask and vaccines are clearly not lessening transmission rates to any great degree, that warrants their use.

Let's not parrot this false, agenda-driven mis-information.

True, masks and vaccines are not fool proof. I'm making this number up, grocery under-exaggerating to make a point, but let's say masks and vaccines are only 5% effective (they are more than that). That 5% protection is better than 0%. That's what you need to understand. We have to combine strategies to reduce the probability of infections to the lowest number possible while functioning in a society where the governments aren't invested in helping us.

There's a major misconception that vaccines don't work or are in effective. This is false. The vaccines will not prevent infection, but the provide your immune system with training to get a head start on fighting the virus. The result is lower hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated and less burden to the healthcare system.

Masks need to be properly worn for maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately, people just don't understand or care how to wear a mask. But that doesn't make you powerless. You have the power to choose how to wear your mask effectively. Don't buy any mask. If one is too embarrassed for a 95, then get a wire inserted to make it fit tight against the nose. Amazon sells bands that can be attached to the the ear loops to pull the mask tight, into a seal.

We still have tools to fight this, but we need to stay in the fight. Don't give up!

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Posted in: Japan reports 94,493 coronavirus cases See in context

But unfortunately there are too many idiots around who are pushing nonstop for the vaccine, even the reality shows us now that the vaccine is just an unimportant drop in the game.

I don't get why people have such a hard time understanding, there's no single solution.

We have 4 tools:

Vaccines - keep them up to date

Masks - Wear them tight, not loose, and put your nose in

Airflow, always make sure you have airflow, else avoid the place

Decisions on whether to partake in unnecessary high risk events.

Use these tools in combinations to lower your risk. Don't rely on a single one. Don't say any of them are useless because they aren't 100% effective. This is exactly why we're still in a pandemic.

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Posted in: Slow pace for youngest kids getting COVID vaccine doses in U.S. See in context

I said this 2 years ago.

The only way to fight this pandemic is to vaccinate the children. In the beginning of vaccines, priority was to those 65, but the virus was mainly spread by those in their 20s.

Though, now we need a more effective vaccine.

What's the point of all our efforts when children are spreading the virus to each other, their parents, and then parents to coworkers, etc?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,788 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 23,269 See in context

Personally, I recommend not wearing a mask and not bothering with booster shots.

Be smart. Don't be this guy.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,616 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,903 See in context

Life has to move on! If you're afraid of the virus, stay home and use aircon!


Life has to move on. When out and about, assume you are infected and take proper precautions so you don't infect others. Just because you're low risk, doesn't mean the spouse or child of the person sitting next to you isn't.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

Mask are optional at my business. There is a sign at the entrance that explains the policy, I started doing it after a local dentist office started doing the same. I no longer visit clients' premises, I have one of the girls doing that so I don't have to wear one. I only wear them as chin guards on planes and the Shinkansen. I stopped doing it in shops and local trains.

I will never support your business. As someone with a chronic illness and an immune system that doesn't work, I rely on people to wear masks on local trains.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

It is clearly mentioned in the article, more easily spreading variants happened, which reduces the efficacy of previous immunity (including from the infection) to prevent a new infection from these variants, and also make it much more easily contracted even if you are taking precautions.

Masks work together with all other measures reducing the spreading but there is no measure that will guarantee you will be free from infection. Vaccines on the other hand have helped reducing the risk that come from that infection so rates of hospitalization, complication and death are not increasing at the same rate of the infections, demonstrating their value.

VirusRex, even though you're consistently downvoted, I want to express my appreciation for your posts which have been consistently correct and sensible.

I can't help but wonder to think.. you're posts are down voted by the majority of people here. Do they represent the majority of people out there? If so, are the majority of people against masks? If so, is that why we're still in this pandemic and BA5 is becoming dominant now?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,621 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 23,447 See in context

I know loads of people back home that have caught omi chan and zero died, zero hospitalized, all sick for a 2-3 days with mild symptons and they’re mostly in their 50s onwards. Take your mask off and enjoy life

How many of the loads of people were immunocompromised?

I have many friends overseas who have caught omicron. All vaccinated, all just out for a few days. But none with pre-existing conditions.

Myself, I have a poor immune system that is bad at fighting viruses. I've been sick for a long time. I'm terrified of covid, not because of just covid, but I don't want it to weaken my immune system and have shingles come back. I had shingles for 10 months in one of the most painful parts of the body.

So I wear a mask. Unfortunately, the world is tired of masks, which puts me at risk. But fortunately, Japan is still masking which makes it safer for me. Unfortunately, many people don't care about people like me and see me as an inconvenience. That has been one of the toughest parts of the pandemic.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,621 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 23,447 See in context

This happened in every country that loosened/dropped masking recommendations.

Here's an analogy.

You're driving a convertible with the top down through the rain. The rain is coronavirus. The window is a mask. Of course if you're going to get rained on the same if you're moving or stationary. But the front window is protecting your face to a degree that it reduces the load of rain (viral road) that would have hit your face if the window (mask) wasn't there.

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Posted in: 740,000 Moderna doses scrapped due to expiration in 27 Japanese cities See in context

One reason is someone like me has not decided to be vaccinated

Could be a fatal decision on your part. Good luck.

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Posted in: Risk of blood clots in lung doubled for COVID survivors: U.S. study See in context

Vaccinated individuals have high risk of blood clot.

Please do not post misinformation. Thank you.

Being non-vaccinated and catching covid has a greater risk on blood clot than being vaccinated.


The data

In the eight to 28 days after a first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, researchers identified an increased risk of rare blood clotting events and low platelet counts. In the same time period after a first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the study found the risk of blood clots and strokes caused by restricted blood flow to the brain (ischaemic stroke) increased.

However, these risks were significantly lower than the risks posed by Covid-19 infection.

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Posted in: Masks outside not needed when not chatting: gov't panel See in context

There was never any science that proved mask were effective and it shows. We go to restaurants and see told to wear them inside , but then we remove them to eat.

Completely false, there's plenty of science. You just have to read it:


It would be false to interpret this decision as an OK for no masks. This is to prevent heatstroke of children during summer physical education classes.

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Posted in: 'Finally we can protect women': Japan's HPV vaccine battle See in context

To add to my previous comment, it takes generally 10-25 years for abnormal cells to develop after being infected with the HPVSo this recent vaccine could not have prevented anything for the actual cases. We are talking about future cases

The vaccine is considered effective from ages 11 to 14. The article has ages 12 to 16.

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Posted in: 'Finally we can protect women': Japan's HPV vaccine battle See in context

4000 women die a year in Japan because of this virus. But men also need to the vaccine, as we are the ones spreading it to women. I know a guy in Japan who got this in his urethra and it destroyed it. Many Japanese doctors missed it, one hospital doctor thought it was herpes and mistakenly sliced off the urethra epidermis while probing with a scalpel, permanently injuring him. Surgery to remove the tumors now makes him take 30 minutes to urinate. It's hard for him to have a normal work and social life. But he's lucky to be alive.

Good news that more people will be getting vaccinated. Terrible virus for some and everyone is spreading it.

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Posted in: Ukraine-born woman in Japan awaits reunion with family See in context

wow, she is lucky. My family can’t visit.

COVID-19 in case you haven’t heard of it.

Really, she is lucky? Are you sure? Has your family lost their home to war? Is your family being shelled and shot at every day?

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Posted in: 'Rust' shooting victim's husband angry at Baldwin for denying blame See in context

He's a producer of the film. That's responsibility itself.

Furthermore, he's an experienced actor. It boggles my mind how it could OK on set to have a gun pointed at another person, no matter the circumstance. The camera could be on a stand with the photographer out of the line of fire. If a gun needs to be pointed at another actor, use a fake prop. If you need to fire at an actor, use a cut scene.

Also, why does every movie need to be filled with guns? Can't we make movies about other things?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,331 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 91,051 See in context

Please stop spreading disinformation

Oh, that is too rich.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,331 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 91,051 See in context

You've hit the nail on the head there. Same where I was working yesterday in a high school, but with no open windows. There is a stupid widespread belief that people can't get sick here if they wear a mask..

You gotta open the windows yourself. I always opened the windows at my old workplace in 2020-2021. It pissed everyone off, but I was right the whole time as I understood infections occur by aerosols.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,331 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 91,051 See in context

I wish people would understand this:

The virus doesn't ebb and flow like waves. When the numbers increase, people get more serious about precautions and take actions (wearing a mask correctly, avoiding gatherings, getting vaccinated) that reduce the probability of transmission. When the numbers decrease, people relax, go back to normal behavior which is reflected by increasing the probability of transmission and then the next wave hits.

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