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Posted in: Senate bows to Bush and approves surveillance bill See in context

was that before or after he opposed it? or will oppose it?

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Posted in: Medvedev says U.S. missile defense deal 'deeply distresses' Russia See in context

"it's not fair, they can defend themselves!"

~V. Putin (aka the man who really runs Russia)

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Posted in: Obama says he's committed to ending Iraq war See in context

seems at this point according to daily news reports, he seems committed to "anything" and "everything" and "nothing at all"... he is for "hope" and "change" and "hope for change" and a "change for hope"... and if none of that is possible that is ok because "yes, we can".

according to his past work in his home state, he is far from a wise man....

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Posted in: Iwo Jima sand souvenirs grate on Japanese sensibilities See in context

I suppose it would more to Japanese sensibilities to write your name on everything in site (according to recent news articles)... of course most of Iwo Jima was blown up, so not too many places to write names.

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Posted in: Pre-empting air rage See in context

it is painfully obvious that the writer of this article has never traveled "international" or for longer than a weekend stay anywhere (and never in Japan)... which begs to question: Why is such an article in a "news" site about Japan?

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Posted in: Nintendo DS game console helps spur interest in English in Japan classrooms See in context

all will start well, then the game cards will be brought to school and games will be played at the back of the classroom while "two hamburgers" are ordered at the front...

I was in a school a couple years back where "notebooks" were carried by every student, a great revolution to many classes (not just Engrish)... then the boys (and girls) started downloading and distributing porn... kids will be kids... the computers all disappeared the next school year.

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Posted in: American Airlines outlines service cutbacks See in context

the international routes from Japan still provide income, just look at the gouging on the "Fuel" surcharge next time you fly... I am getting hit with 90000yen surcharge this summer...

maybe I am "Metabo"

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Posted in: Obama slams McCain, Bush on economy, gasoline prices See in context

Obama slams McCain, Bush on economy, gasoline prices

is Bush is running again!?!?

the Democrats promised to fix the gas problems when they "Took over"...

oh you mean they lied!?!? or they are totally powerless even with majorities in the House and Senate... say it ain't so. That W sure is a sneaky one...

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Posted in: Apple unveils upgraded iPhone See in context

very cool... unfortunately Steve Jobs is not looking so good...

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Posted in: Premium black watermelon auctioned for record Y650,000 See in context

and people complain about gas prices... haha black watermelon

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Posted in: United Airlines to slash fleet, 1,100 jobs as fuel prices soar See in context

Kenji're saying there are buses and trains to Europe, North America and Oz??

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Posted in: United Airlines to slash fleet, 1,100 jobs as fuel prices soar See in context

due to record fuel costs that have more than doubled in the past year.

how does the doubling of the fuel cost warrant quadrupling my "fuel surcharge"? something fishy here... my most recent trip(for 2) has a whopping 95000 yen surcharge, the previous trip on the exact same route and airline on had a 12000 yen surcharge... not to mention that the ticket price it self was already double the previous flight...

guess I can't feel sorry for them... sounds like bad management.

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Posted in: U.S. tightens entry rules for travelers from Japan, Europe See in context

please bring back profiling... it is much more effective.

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Posted in: Florida, Michigan delegates will get half-votes See in context

Democrats... party of the halves and halves not...

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Posted in: McClellan says he believed in Bush as war started See in context

bottom line.... you don't sell books by saying everything was great... at least not in the U.S.

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Posted in: Japan to provide 20,000 tons of rice to Africa, developing countries See in context

Japan’s stockpile includes 1.52 million tons of imported rice from the U.S., Thailand and Vietnam in the compulsory “minimum access” annual purchase under the 1993 WTO agreement. The rest of the stockpile is domestic rice.

finally a chance to get rid of that stuff... are they sending the neat rice cookers too??? or at least some teams to demonstrate how to cook Japanese rice.

/sarcasm off

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Posted in: Obama links McCain to unpopular Bush economic policies in campaign preview See in context

from AFP and the same speech:

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said. "That's not leadership. That's not going to happen," he added.

now that is the Obama economic policy... let the rest the world decide US economic policy, what a maroon! Don't think Michelle will hang with that, it gets real hot in Washington DC.

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Posted in: Should John McCain's age (he'll be 72 on election day) be a factor in the U.S. presidential election campaign? See in context

Sure it should, just as much as Obama's "race" or Hillary's "gender" should be a factor in the election

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Posted in: U.S. soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war' See in context

so by his own admission he was "poor white trash", destined for welfare, drugs or alcohol addiction... instead the military thought they could make something of him, and they did. trained him, encouraged him, challenged him... he even made sergeant in six years... got his honorable discharge, and JOINED the reserves... you don't get placed in the reserves.

Takes advantage of the benefits of the reserves, and then doesn't want to do his part...

he is not a victim... his actions are criminal under military justice (which he is subject to as a reservist), regardless of the" touchy-feely" ideals he has suddenly developed.

so let him go, and serve his time for defrauding the US government. They really don't want to have him overseeing a squad in time of war.

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Posted in: Valentine: Maybe MLB should let players compete in Olympics See in context

Just say "no."

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Posted in: Japan running short of butter See in context

In this age of "meta-bo" in Japan, everything is bad for you... except for certain teas, but only if you are over 40 and have a waist measurement greater than 80cm (for males).

"emergency imports of butter"... not a chance.

butter is better for you than margarine... in terms of anything... and olive oil is your friend, but please use high quality cold pressed olive oil for your bread.

I must admit I proudly "smell of butter"

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Posted in: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. troops has mental problems after war service See in context

Not surprising at all. But still only half that of the general population.

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