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Posted in: Taylor-mania hits Tokyo as Swift resumes tour before Super Bowl See in context

I am a Taylor Swift fan. Not a fan of her music, except for a few songs I have learned to enjoy (sometimes I have to ask my daughters to please change the music, I can’t take it anymore), but of her talent and her massive ability to inspire happiness on what is, or is becoming, a global scale, in spite of all the haters, curmudgeons, fascists, and those unable to see or feel beyond their own cynical worldview. Some people will complain about and try to tear down anything and everything, that is their existence, but others live full of life themselves and remind others what it is like to be young, full of life and possessed with unbeatable spirit, and inspire millions and millions of people, even if their music is not necessarily our cup of tea (or if we have to tell our daughters to change the music.).

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Posted in: Japan agency calls for highest pay rise for civil servants in 26 years See in context

¥3,879/month. Go to town with that.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed outside Osaka apartment See in context

Why so many people carrying knives?

“People who intend to stab someone generally don't just intend to find one along the way…”

Plus, they can’t readily get guns. If they could the stories would be different.

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Posted in: Trump pleads not guilty to 34 criminal charges in New York See in context

What parts of the criminal statutes of a jurisdiction do not apply to any specific individual resident of or otherwise connected to the jurisdiction? Right, none. And when the evidence is shown to bear out what he has already admitted doing... you know the refrain… Lock him up.

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Posted in: Ronaldo denied goal, as Portugal beats Uruguay 2-0 See in context

It all felt off when he didn’t twirl.

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Posted in: Ronaldo makes World Cup history as Portugal beats Ghana 3-2 See in context

Bad call, cheap goal. And Ronaldo runs around and twirls after that. Memeshi.

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Posted in: Amy Schneider wins a hard-fought 'Jeopardy!' tournament See in context

She defeated He. Yes, in a way.

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Posted in: Japan discusses regional defense in rare visit to Taiwan See in context

Taiwan is clearly, by any measure, an independent country. Economy and trade, government/politics/elections, military, customs and borders, domestic and international affairs- all administered and controlled by itself, answering to no other country. Irrespective of its past, those are the facts today and for the past 77 years at least.

Taiwan, along with other sovereign countries, like Japan here, have every right and interest to work together on mutual defense as mutual partners.

China can threaten all it wants, militarize the seas all it wants, and everyday it makes it clearer and clearer that it is the threat to free peoples.

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Posted in: Explorers find WWII Navy destroyer, deepest wreck discovered See in context

NCIS- thanks for the article link. Great story!

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

The company’s acts were “inevitable.” I imagine the court was inadvertently speaking truthfully on this point. Certainly with some management and some companies harassment and termination is indeed the inevitable outcome of putting family first.

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Posted in: Head of U.S. Marines Pacific to bolster defense in south Japan See in context

^haha comedian.

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Posted in: Empress Masako turns 58 See in context

Seems to be eyeing the kokeshi.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

Or they could use the data from the body scanners at the security check to offer every single passenger a personalized greeting as they board. That would be the customer service Japan is known for.

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Posted in: U.S. police torn between shame and pride for their badge See in context

We weren’t the ones who killed George Floyd. We’re not bad cops. Cops all over are punished because of bad Minnesota cops. Don’t paint us with the same paintbrush is their point, I gather. Right. Don’t assume all of the group are bad because of some bad actors within the group. Most are not bad. Funny, because that’s the same point made against cops’ use of racial profiling, stop and frisk, etc. Cry me a river. No one is killing unarmed cops over and over and over throughout the country, based on some mistaken belief that all are bad. We are calling for you to get your house in order and stop murdering people. And you get all bent out of shape, poor little disrespected Michael O’Meara.

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief opposes deploying troops to quell protests; Mattis criticizes Trump threats See in context

You’ve all heard what Trump said in broad daylight on camera. He threatened to order the US military to be used on US citizens in the United States. And somehow there are people still defending him.

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Posted in: After 2 years, still no clues to death of Japanese 'Don Juan’ See in context

Intentionally falling down- playing the doddering old man card. Sky, very sly.

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Posted in: Economic fallout mounts as coronavirus cases top 1 million worldwide See in context

It’ll disappear. It’ll be a miracle.

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Posted in: Japanese companies tighten belts, declining to offer base pay hikes See in context

Math. And English.

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Posted in: Trump retreats from threat to attack Iranian cultural sites See in context

“I like to obey the law.” Dude’s a comic genius trolling us all. Funny like corruption and betrayal and war and assassination. I wanna be funny like that too. Hey, he and his family should be Romanov’ed. That way they’d all get the royal Russian family treatment that you know he’d just dig. Nobody is serious anymore, we’re all just spinning along in our own comic genius worlds. Dudes, I’m just kidding. But he’s not. He’s a great, inspirational president who gets his jollies obeying the law. Really.

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Posted in: Osaka likely to hold referendum on metropolis plan in November 2020 See in context

I have heard about this restructure but I haven’t followed it closely. Admittedly I am not informed enough to form much of an opinion. If the plan would make for efficient government then I suppose that’s reason enough, but as a former resident of the Fu I would be a little sad to see the Fu fade away.

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Posted in: Some people prefer to say holiday tree instead of Christmas tree. What's your view on this? See in context

I have a Christmas tree in my house and I think it looks pretty damn fine. Smells good too. I am also looking forward to Christmas cookies and Christmas caroling with my neighbors. If someone wants to have a Holiday tree or holiday cookies or for that matter put a tree up in June and call it their Christmas tree, that’s all good to me. Doesn’t get in the way of my Christmas one bit.

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Posted in: Trump 4th U.S. president to face impeachment as Democrats unveil charges See in context

He’s getting impeached because his own appointees have testified to impeachable offenses regarding Ukraine. That and he’s incompetent, yes. The GOP defending him are thoroughly despicable, so this won’t go anywhere as far as removal. But I haven’t given up on Americans in general, yet, and he will not win re-election next year. I do not believe there is a majority of American voters in the swing states willing to reward this clown with another term.

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Posted in: Democrats call Trump a danger to democracy; Republicans say impeachment drive a sham See in context

At this point it’s clear that it’s not just Trump who is a danger to democracy. The Republicans who protect him are as well. From their faux pro-life policies, their disdain for sensible gun control, fake preening as loving, practicing Christians they have been hypocrites for decades and now it’s laid bare for the world to see that they will defend a traitorous, compulsive agitprop peddling, racist white nationalist, imbecile because they hate Democrats more than they love the country.

Many of the Dems do not inspire me personally, and I don’t agree with all their proposals out there, but to defend Trump anymore at this point you have to be seriously delusional, debased, or as someone stupidly said in the middle of an election campaign, no matter how correct she appears to have been, deplorable and I’ll add to that just plain awful American citizens.

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Posted in: Empress celebrates 56th birthday See in context

Golden pillows a nice touch to the pegboard room. An improvement already. Go Masako!

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Posted in: Pink nights in Meguro See in context

Enjoyed some of those before. Memories.

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Posted in: S Korea to use radiation detectors, food from home at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Not a fan of the never-ending whining of Korea about everything under the sun, but I don’t blame them one bit on this one. Do you trust the Jgovernment’s claims of safety/recovery from the disaster? I’m all for the clean up and recovery for those people and locales affected, but I don’t trust them at all on this one.

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Posted in: Automatic cup noodle maker See in context

“Makase-Tei handles it all...”, does it? Didn’t state that it could stir together noodles+powdered chemical flavor pack+hot water. Thanko needs to hire some product planners with ambition, boys. Nice try.

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Posted in: White House says Trump won't participate in Wednesday's impeachment hearing See in context


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Posted in: Crown prince urges daughter to update public on marriage plans See in context

Yes, I demand an update on the Princess marrying that commoner piece of garbage.

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