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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki says Charlie Hebdo drawings of Muhammad were a mistake See in context

Anyone can have free speech, sure - but that person better be prepared to be held responsible for what they say or do. Don't start nothin' and there won't be nothin'. At the very least, a person should consider the feelings of others before spouting off at the mouth (or pen).

Yes, it's extreme to go and kill someone over a cartoon. And while the rule of "don't start nothin, then there won't be nothin'" applies, the other rule of "the punishment must fit the crime" should apply too. But unfortunately, that's all subjective...

So, in the end, I guess it makes the most sense to be aware of how badly you're offending someone from their point of view and not your own - because it might end up costing you your life. C'est la vie.

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Posted in: Magazine asks women if they’d rather date an ugly millionaire or unemployed hottie See in context

They should say an average looking guy that makes less than you but loves you immensely vs. a handsome millionaire that's abusive. I think that's more realistic, right?

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