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Posted in: Airbus descends to 75 meters above water on approach to Naha airport See in context

There is not enough information in this article to determine what sort of approach was flown nor the mode the aircraft descended in. We also not provided with the technical status of the aircraft or that of the airport. Not until this information is known is a detailed answer worth posting. But that aside, it is not the job to air traffic controllers to control the path of an aircraft and if a ridiculous instruction was given, it should have been question, if not ignored. I also question if the "pilots" who have replied are really pilots because of some of the poor assumptions made. Unfortunately, I don't believe there will be a proper, thorough investigation into this - it is not the Asian way. They pilots (yes, there should have been two) will be blames and then demoted/sacked - Job done. Someone blamed and someone punished. That will stop re-occurrence... Until the next time.

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