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Posted in: Efforts to support foreigners in disasters under way See in context

Would have helped a lot when I was in Kumamoto, last April, but as I discovered, there were many Japanese residents who appreciated my volunteer efforts, despite my rather poor attempts at the language. There are always ways to communicate. That said, however, a small publication of emergency procedures, in English, would make a hotel look like it cared.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

As I said, far above in this list, it sucks. And some of the other comments bear witness to what I just experienced. I had to sign in before being able to 'thumbs-up' a few comments concerning a story about the ridiculous amount of overtime Japanese workers force upon themselves, due to their reluctance to actually perform at their jobs in efficient fashion. The former format of JT always had a little 'Welcome Back, TrevorPeace1, which meant simply that their back-end programming recognized my computer's unique internet signature. Now, I'm no longer recognized. And JT gets a lot less of my time.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Not impressed. It looks too busy.

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It's been a year since I was there for the experience, and it sure was a mess. There are still misplaced survivors, too, so not only do my thoughts go to the families of those who lost their lives, but also to those who still have no homes.

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Speak up, friends and/or representatives of ANA, my favorite airline from YVR to HND. Overbooking is a sin. The seat's been paid for, and if it's empty, who gives a sh*t? Less work for staff, who should bow and say thank you to that empty seat for the sake of their reduced workload.

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Posted in: At least 47,000 evacuees still in temporary housing 1 year after Kumamoto quakes See in context

I haven't read any of the above postings, because I wanted to say, first, that I was there. It was ugly. And for so many people to still be stranded amazes me. Confounds me. Disturbs me. Hurts more than the broken foot I got from it. I hope their 'temporary housing' isn't the tents I helped erect. But, it's spring, and the weather is getting better. I know a lot of seniors who would love to enjoy camping again. Bring them their grandchildren, and it would make for one heck of a family thing. Don't you think?

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Posted in: Tokyo's monk-run bar loosens inhibitions, teaches Buddhism See in context

I'm going!

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A cocktail reception? They should be raising their (invisible) glasses to the choir. What a crappy photo!

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You know what I think is disgusting about this whole issue? The Japanese government won't let a 60-year old 3rd-generation Canadian on a pension emigrate to live in the countryside of Japan for the rest of his days. Healthy and fit, he'd work with the rural farmers, for nothing! But the Japanese government won't let it happen. Do you know why?

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Posted in: Japan OKs pact to supply munitions to U.S. more flexibly See in context

What makes this necessary, as news?

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Posted in: Japan to introduce English road signs ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

As a Canadian writer who has been in Japan for anywhere from six to eight weeks every year since 2000, I can unequivocally state that this is the stupidest waste of money I've seen in Japan. And I've seen plenty. The budget for this fiasco would be better spent on signage in subway stations and on bus routes (not to mention the buses, themselves, where drivers show utter disdain for gaijin riders who need simple help..Forget the train stations, they're easy enough. Japan is hideously behind the times, comparatively speaking with other countries when it comes to accommodating English-speaking people. Let's not forget that English is the language of international business. How far behind can Japan continue to trail the herd? Eons.

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Posted in: About 60% of stalkers who were arrested or given restraining orders have refused to go through psychiatric treatment. See in context

I'm with Maria on this one. Tagging them with a GPS bracelet or anklet that can't be removed - even if it isn't monitored around the clock - would certainly make the creeps a bit leery, and a little worry goes a long way, especially if you can't get rid of it. Sort of eats at the conscience, and what better way to teach them a lesson that lasts a lifetime? Simple, effective, and appreciated by the women who are subjects of the stalkers. Probably too simple an idea for the bureaucrats, though.

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Posted in: Man dies, woman in coma after jumping from love hotel room on fire See in context

@Yubaru, you're spot-on with that comment. Far too many assumptions, here, and with other JT stories. I used to say to my ad agency account execs and other staff that if you "assume" anything about a client's needs, you risk turning yourself into the first three letters of that word.

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I hope she can make some genuine friends. Senior high school is that last stepping stone before becoming a young adult, and it's where lifelong friendships begin. Good luck, princess.

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Posted in: Greed and power are winners in Olympic ice hockey battle See in context

Good one, FizzBit. I, for one, think any professional athlete, regardless of the sport, should not be able to compete in the Olympics. This whole mess was the IOC's making, and they deserve the crap they're getting for the decision they made decades ago. Frankly, I've given up watching the Olympics. It's nothing but theatre-of-the-overly-paid.

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Posted in: Air-hanami: Could flower-viewing without flowers be next trend? See in context

I quit reading, too, when I got to the part about 'kafunsho' from the 'sugi' pines. What's so hilarious to me is that the 'sugi' is a pine tree planted by the Japanese, and too many to count Japanese people have an allergy to it. What goes around comes around, I guess. Not that I'm all that unsympathetic to the sufferers, but not having any allergies I can't help but wonder why the Japanese just don't cut down all those trees and replace them with something else. It would make for a decent workforce of young people who don't want to wear suits to office factories. Healthier, too.

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Posted in: Over 47,700 children wait-listed for daycare centers nationwide See in context

The arguments about this issue, as expressed here on JT several times over the past few years, disgust me. The problem doesn't exist in Canada, my home country, where daycares are private, licensed and inspected. They pay a decent wage for the caregivers, and parents are happy to pay (except in Quebec, where they expect the government to foot the bill). In the blink of an eye, I think I could permanently fix the problem in Japan. It's called s**t or get off the pot. Oops! I'll probably suffer the JT censor's wrath for that one.

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I have to agree with @smithinjapan and @elbowroom. I checked it out last year, and it was a jostling mess, just like a rush-hour train. There are too many other places to enjoy the blossoms that are far away from the maddening crowds.

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Posted in: This is the nation’s first ever attempt to provide an opportunity for students to systematically learn about nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation at a graduate school. See in context

A Masters course in nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation? What do they expect the degree holders to do with that, during a lifetime? All go work for the government? Become activists without jobs? Work at think-tanks? I don't think think the university is doing all that much thinking.

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Posted in: NHK fee collector arrested for forcibly kissing woman See in context

No news about whether he still has a job?

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan? See in context

It's my favorite time to travel around Japan, by far, and I've taken countless photos of just-married couples enjoying the blossoms in their full wedding dress. But my favorite place, I must say is Kakunodate, along the river. I was lucky, last year, and got their right at the peak of the blossoms. Awesome.

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@zichi, it's too bad those of us who love art and buy a lot of it can't see or make an offer for what you paint. Pity.

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Posted in: Umami Burger opens in Tokyo See in context

I'd like to know how all those people in the lineup wearing masks are going to eat a burger!

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Posted in: 21,897 people committed suicide in 2016; lowest number since 1994 See in context

We read a lot about suicides, here on JT, and I've often thought the per-capita rate of people taking their lives would be among the highest in the world. But, after reading this story, I checked statistics for suicides in all countries that keep records; Japan ranks 17th. South Korea ranks 2nd.

As for the reasons behind the decisions people make to take their own lives, there are more than a dozen, but they're all cultural or economic. Changing both is a huge task.

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Posted in: Obamacare repeal vote put off in stinging setback for Trump See in context

Trump's bringing them out of the woodwork.

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Posted in: The Who to play Vegas residency as final tour ends See in context

My only concern - and thanks to the thumbs-up folk - is that Roger's voice has been cracking lately. While I'm still heading to Vegas to see them, I hope he can pull it off. As I mentioned to a friend, the other day, they can always change the key to some songs, if he needs to hit a lower high-note. Most people wouldn't catch on to it. But you know something that would bring me back to 'Live at Leeds'? Pete smashing his guitar. What a way to go!

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Posted in: Brexit explained: What's next on the UK's road out of the EU See in context

I always thought the EU was a mistaken idea. Removing an individual country's autonomy, and placing unelected representatives in a pseudo-parliament in Brussels was inviting disaster. Adding insult to injury, the free movement of people across what used to be national borders has developed into a social benefits nightmare that's mostly been paid for by the richer countries. Those are just simple facts that politicians like to ignore while they placate the masses with double-speak.

I, for one, hope Greece gets the hell out and goes broke again, France says to hell with it and concentrates on its pluralistic society and reinstating the franc, and that Germany comes to her senses and returns to the mark. After that, let the dominoes fall where they may.

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Posted in: The Who to play Vegas residency as final tour ends See in context

My band covered several of their songs and had a blasting good time of it. Unfortunately, I'm now deaf. BUT, I'm still flying to Vegas to see them, one last time. An acoustic 'Tommy' will be incredible.

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Posted in: Japan Railways to offer new three-day unlimited pass for Tokyo and east Japan See in context

As a frequent visitor to Japan, I find the JR 2- and 3-week passes to be a great deal because I typically spend a few days in a city and then want to zoom off to another one, sometimes only an hour away, sometimes up to three hours. The pass is good for the shinkansens and local trains, and even, in some areas, ferry rides. But, that said, ANA has a great deal for foreigners, and I'll probably use that, when I return, so I can fly from Tokyo or Sendai to Hokkaido or Okinawa, two places that are still on my bucket list.

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Posted in: Fukushima child evacuees face menace of school bullies See in context

@Aly, I agree. Someone suggest to the families that they should apply to come to Canada, where we have fine Japanese groups in our communities. I participate with one, here in Victoria, and I know more would be welcomed with open arms. The only problem I see with that idea is trying to convince the families to leave their home country. It's not like a war and they're not refugees; they just have to learn about how nice it is here. And in British Columbia, which has almost three times the total land mass of all of the Japanese islands, and only about 4 million people, there's a helluva lot of open space. And my favorite ski destination, Banff, Alberta, even has Japanese as a second language on all its signs.

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