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Posted in: Pope asks Trump to be peacemaker See in context

Why does the pope look terribly unhappy in this photo, and the Don looks awfully cheesy.

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Posted in: Annual number of foreign visitors to Japan tops 10 mil at fastest pace See in context

@AndrewCrisp, take this from a western Canadian who has visited Japan every year for more than ten years, for between six and eight weeks each time:

The reasons Western tourists don't see Japan as a (major) tourist destination are simple - 1. Japan is a ten-hour flight from Vancouver, the closet western North American city to Japan, and in less than half that time we can fly to Cuba, Mexico, or almost anywhere on the continent where there's lots to see and do. 2. Japan is more expensive than North or Central American countries. 3. The Japanese are considered insular as a society and perceived (rightly or wrongly) as being unfriendly to English-speaking people.

That last one's the killer. And in my experience, it's only a perception but it's real.

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Posted in: Netflix's 'Okja' has chaotic screening at Cannes See in context

The 'elite' being boorish.

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirls in sailor suit uniforms demonstrate 82 sumo techniques See in context

This is truly cool. Talk about a different take on heritage. Wish I could be there.

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

@Aly, I don't know that the mid-terms will do much of anything, but I agree with you that US politics will be an interesting watch over the next few years. What I think is that after two years in office Trump will start strong-arming things. Whether that's a positive or negative, we'll just have to wait and see. North of the 49th, I really don't give a sh*t what Americans do to hurt their country. Rome died an ignominious death and the US is on the same track.

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Posted in: Air Canada to launch its own loyalty program in 2020 See in context

On my first trip to Japan, many years ago, I flew AC from Vancouver to Narita. Swore I'd never do it again, and have since flown only ANA from Vancouver to Haneda. Without regret. No loyalty program will get me to even consider using AC again.

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Posted in: Kisenosato upset on opening day of summer tournament See in context

This is where I wouldn't mind seeing a video highlight from JT to go with the story. Short and sweet - can't be that tough.

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Posted in: Abe, Moon discuss N Korean missile launch See in context

How many times to we have to hear 'absolutely unacceptable'?

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Posted in: Do you think cinemas will become obsolete one day (like drive-ins) as home entertainment becomes more popular due to streaming and other forms of watching films in the comfort of your own home? See in context

@Triring, I have one of those home theatres you mention, due in no small part to my love for writing movies (and watching far too many of them). Most of my friends - admittedly not all, but most - prefer coming to my home to see the latest releases.

And one other thing that no one here has commented upon is the sticky floors and tacky dreadfully-in-need-of-repair upholstery in most commercial theatres, not to mention the sickly smell of over-buttered popcorn.

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Posted in: U.N. panel calls for revising Japan-S Korea 'comfort women' deal See in context

This is all nasty politics, and the UN committee has no business sticking its nose into something two countries are trying to absolve. That absolution may not be perfect, and there are undoubtedly hard feelings involved, but Japan and South Korea should be mature enough to go it alone.

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Posted in: Outcry over Netflix films prompts Cannes to change rules See in context

@Todd, I'm with you. Above all, STORY is what makes a good movie. I like to write movies, and I don't care whether they're shown in theatres or streamed by Netflix or some other service. The important thing to me, as a writer, is that people appreciate the story and how it's portrayed. Soon enough, Cannes will become less relevant; there are many other film festivals around the world, and they're just as good, AND not as snooty.

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Posted in: Deaf Japanese tourist claims mistreatment at Honolulu airport See in context

Gatta-san, I understand your comment. But, come on! A Japanese national who was an international student in the US is NOT a threat to Honolulu. Or do you think every Japanese national who goes to school in the US deserves the same treatment. Surely not.

I'm functionally deaf, and often do not wear my hearing aids when on aircraft, nor in airports (all of which are so loud with overhead noise my hearing aids are virtually useless). And I can't use a phone, even with them installed in my ears. Frankly, if this happened to me, I'd be so furious I'd be suing someone's a*s and launching a human rights complaint to the highest echelons. I hope she presses it to the max.

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Posted in: IMF urges Asia to act early on rapidly-aging population See in context

How do you age 'rapidly'? I think there's one rare disease that causes that, but ordinary life? Can't see that making me age rapidly. What a dumb fixation on a condition of humanity, not to mention every other living species. Makes me wonder what the IMF would say about the life of a fruit fly.

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Posted in: Some students insist that their hair is natural even though it is dyed. We ask their parents to confirm these claims as their responsibility. See in context

This is one of the hidden reasons there is no individuality in Japan. Demanding that all school kids look the same stifles creativity, too, not to mention peer-to-peer conversations about anything but schoolwork. Such a pity.

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Posted in: Tokyo creates new logo, slogan to promote city overseas as prime tourist destination See in context

I think any of my thousands of photos taken during yearly treks around the country would prove better than the one they picked. And I agree with comments here about the double Tokyo name. I retired from owning an ad agency that could easily have produced a more meaningful message. Japan is a lot more than Tokyo.

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Posted in: Statins don't cause muscle pain: study See in context

I have experience using statins due to hypertension (high blood pressure). At first, my doctor prescribed two - both Lipitor and another. Within a month I was suffering cramps in my legs that were so severe they were crippling in how badly they locked the muscles into solid stone. And it takes a lot of painful massage to get those muscles normal again. When it happens in the middle of the night when you're sleeping, it's particularly disturbing. Nocebo? That's insane. I dropped one of the statins for three months, my blood pressure went up just a bit, and the cramps became less frequent. My doctor wasn't happy with my choice of dropping one and convinced me to start up on the second one again. As I type this, it's no coincidence that I just got out of bed at 3AM with a vicious cramp in my calf and it took ten minutes to loosen in up enough to walk to the kitchen to make some coffee and read today's JT. It still hurts. Don't believe Pfizer, the author's comments, or anyone quoted in the article.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 1, wounds 7 others at San Diego pool party See in context

@Noliving, take it from a Canadian with experience in our army; guns have no place in modern normal society. The society south of the 49th parallel is anything but normal. Except, of course for all those people who don't own guns. Your earlier comment about fun at the shooting range is specious, to say the least. Inane, more like it. I was the best marksman in my platoon, by the way, and I hate guns. They're for killing people and animals, the former a sin, the latter an ego-boost.

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Posted in: What is the best way to deal with the issue of food waste at supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and home cooking? See in context

@zichi, @pacint, you're both spot on. In my hometown it took a few years for the community to generate enough funds to purchase/build a really large refridgeration unit to store the perishables, but they did it, and the logistics involved in picking up and transporting those foods to the food banks and kitchens for homeless wasn't nearly as onerous as people originally thought. The poor and homeless are now doing far better than before, and all it took was community. Unfortunately, I can't see that happening in Japan for two reasons - the obsessive attitude of Japanese consumers for only the freshest foodstuffs, and the all-too-prevalent habit of them turning their backs on those in need. Culture trumps community, at least from what I've seen in my many extended travels around the country.

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Posted in: Cool Biz fashion season begins across Japan See in context

What's amazing about this whole story, at least to me, is that the state tries to tell people what to wear, as if the people, themselves, aren't smart enough to dress for the weather. In my younger professional days, when the heat hit even 20C, I'd drop the tie and wear only light Italian silk suits. When it got hotter than 25C, I'd ditch the suits and wear light slacks and an open white shirt. But, then again, in Canada, our government doesn't get involved in dictating or even suggesting what should be in our wardrobes. And don't any of you other posters say it's cold here. It's not, other than north of the 60th parallel. Yesterday, it was only 12C and sunny, here in Victoria, BC, and I was in cut-offs and no shirt, enjoying the preparation of my 200 square-meter veggie garden.

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Posted in: Sakurajima volcano erupts; 1st major eruption in 9 months See in context

I know this sounds weird, but when I was there, last year, I was hoping to see something like this. Of course, hiking up the volcano like I did would have been out of the question; I'm not that nuts.

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Posted in: No end in sight for Japan's potato chip crisis See in context

@zichi, potatoes are not hard to transport; I can buy 10 pounds of Prince Edward Island potatoes, here in Victoria, BC, for less than $5. PEI is farther from me than Tokyo.

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Posted in: U.S. THAAD missile defense equipment enters South Korean site See in context

Can you not imagine a Korean peninsula united in free enterprise, as a (slightly) larger Hong Kong? That's what's going on behind the scenes. It's just a matter of time, and China's position as a power in Asia that the US must contend with. Simple as 1+1, the two major powers in tomorrow's world.

But, most of us will be gone by then, so do as Buddha said, 'tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.'

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Posted in: Bright night See in context

Damn nice shot! Wish I was there.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate U.S. President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office? See in context

Fun, from this north-of-49ther's point of view.

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Posted in: Pure gold replica of Darth Vader mask goes on sale See in context

I'm in.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber to perform in Japan in September See in context

This Canadian says, 'Yeah, eh?' to all prior comments.

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Posted in: Minister resigns after saying 'it was a good thing' 2011 quake happened where it did See in context

I can only add two things:

  1. I don't know how many of you actually experienced 2011, or have gone back for a yearly pilgrimage, so I won't take you at issue for saying what you think about that idiot's second gaffe (I use that word politely, when I could use a million expletives to describe his pisant comment).

  2. About that experience and the pilgrimage, it will be a duty for the rest of my life.

Abe should be on his knees.

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Posted in: Tour bus driver arrested for using stimulants See in context

@kurisupisu, this is nothing to joke about. He not only risked the lives of the 24 people on that bus, he risked the lives of people 50 previous times while behind the wheel.

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Posted in: Efforts to support foreigners in disasters under way See in context

Would have helped a lot when I was in Kumamoto, last April, but as I discovered, there were many Japanese residents who appreciated my volunteer efforts, despite my rather poor attempts at the language. There are always ways to communicate. That said, however, a small publication of emergency procedures, in English, would make a hotel look like it cared.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

As I said, far above in this list, it sucks. And some of the other comments bear witness to what I just experienced. I had to sign in before being able to 'thumbs-up' a few comments concerning a story about the ridiculous amount of overtime Japanese workers force upon themselves, due to their reluctance to actually perform at their jobs in efficient fashion. The former format of JT always had a little 'Welcome Back, TrevorPeace1, which meant simply that their back-end programming recognized my computer's unique internet signature. Now, I'm no longer recognized. And JT gets a lot less of my time.

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