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TrevorPeace comments

Posted in: 13 caught in avalanches in Nagano, Tottori; 2 missing See in context

Practising rope skills in an area subject to an avalanche warning wasn't all that smart.

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Posted in: South Korea publicly orders some doctors who walked off the job back to work See in context

The South Korean government is starting to sound like Russia's or Iran's.

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Posted in: Official Tokyo Marathon T-shirts get recalled for English spelling mistake See in context

Before they disappear can one of you posters get one and send it to me? Adult size medium. Any colour. And don't worry about being paid for it. I can get the ¥ at my bank or the currency exchange I always use before travelling to Japan. A little cash in the mail might be a nice thing to get, don't you think?

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Posted in: S Korea's Yoon calls for unification, on holiday marking 1919 uprising against colonial Japan See in context

@OssanAmerica, I tend to think you're correct about any unification of the Koreas fostering more hostility than friendship, but I also believe that hostility would be evident in only the politicians on both sides, not the ordinary citizens. But since I'm not Korean I could be terribly wrong. Nonetheless, Yoon's dream won't become a reality with Kim and his cohorts in charge north of the border. And let's not forget Xi and what he might cause China to do if such a thing happened. The whole thing's a hopeless mess.

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Posted in: Macron's Ukraine troop talk shakes up NATO allies See in context

I don't particularly care what Macron says, but I do believe NATO's feet should be put to the fire and the organization should unequivocally tell Putin to get out of Ukraine or watch NATO's air superiority make that happen. If Putin threatens a nuke (or worse, actually uses one) he and his cronies won't last a day. I don't think anybody wants that, but it's time for Europe and NATO to demonstrate some real backbone. This has gone on long enough.

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Posted in: Doll festival See in context

I hope it doesn't rain on them. Mine stays in its glass case in my home office.

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Posted in: Paris Olympics security plans stolen from train See in context

Time for Plan B.

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Posted in: Weather supercomputer See in context

Nice graphic at the end of that bank of computers.

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Posted in: Number of births in Japan hits record low in 2023 See in context

A few things about this article bother me.

First, it says "out-of-wedlock births are rare in Japan." Not from what I've read on JT about abandoned and dead babies.

Second, what does the government consider as "unprecedented steps" to cope with the declining birthrate? Expanding childcare and promoting wage hikes for younger workers doesn't solve the problem of the continuously declining birthrate. And for Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi to say, "the next six years or so until 2030, when the number of young people will rapidly decline, will be the last chance to reverse the trend."

Six years? To reverse what's really an irreversible trend? Pie in the sky, that one! Unless, of course, he's talking forced pregnancies. Can you see that coming? Kidnap all the young women of childbearing age and use IVF to impregnate them?

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Posted in: Don't let it bug you - how not to worry See in context

Does anyone remember 'Mad' magazine's Alfred E. Neuman cartoon character's catchphrase, "What, me worry?"

Worry is a mental construct. No different from the feeling of 'loneliness'. Both can be eliminated. Without alcohol or drugs.

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Posted in: Taliban hold another public execution as thousands watch at a stadium in northern Afghanistan See in context

Thousands watched, in heavy snowfall. Says a lot about the mindset of medieval people.

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Posted in: MLB players miffed at sport's new see-through pants, relaying concerns to league See in context

They don't look that bad, for pyjamas.

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Posted in: Japan eyes 20-year background check for those working in jobs involving kids See in context

"Operators of cram schools, afterschool clubs, babysitter services and talent agencies would not be obliged to use the system as they are not under state supervision."

It's obvious where all the offenders will go.

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Posted in: Japan women's captain criticizes Asian soccer chiefs over venue switch See in context

The game should never have been scheduled in NK to start with.

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Posted in: Woman who stabbed herself at K-Arena Yokohama sent to prosecutors See in context

The story doesn't say whether she was kept in jail since that day. I hope she wasn't sent home.

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Posted in: Ready to go beyond Google? Here's how to use new generative AI search sites See in context

According to the article:

"The Gemini app also launched in the U.S. this month and is rolling out in Japanese, Korean and English globally — except in Britain, Switzerland and Europe...”

The last time I checked, Britain and Switzerland were both in Europe. What changed? Were they expelled?

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Posted in: What can Japan do to prevent child abuse? See in context

Start teaching children in pre-school about the offences, dump their uniforms, teach elementary school kids that such behaviour by their parents in any form means those parents are criminals. Won't take long.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for luring 13-year-old girl on social media to watch movie with him See in context

@Mark, according to the times mentioned in the story, it was less than 3 hours.

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Posted in: Japan hosts Ukraine reconstruction conference to showcase its support for the war-torn country See in context

@dagon, I'm glad you picked up on that 'anti-corruption' mention. Well done.

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Posted in: Strong suit See in context

My Japanese best friend and I were dressed in outfits like that by a professional costumer at Shiroishi Castle, last October, and got a lot of really cool photos from the session. I highly recommend the experience. Those costumes are heavy, too!

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Posted in: Why is free time still so elusive? See in context

I'm not going to get technical about this because figures can lie. But in my 30s I reduced my work week to four 8-hour days. I reduced spending on everything but the mortgage on the house, which I paid extra to reduce quicker. And I quit work entirely when I was 54, sixteen years ago. I live frugally, but I can still be generous with money when it's needed by family and the occasional charity. And I have lots and lots of 'free' time for volunteering and travel (especially to Japan). It's all possible if you put your mind to it, and dump the desire for new things to replace things that are perfectly good to use. There's no need for a new car every few years. Feed your mind, not your ego. It's a better way to live.

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Posted in: TeamLab Borderless returns with more exciting surprises at Tokyo's Azabudai Hills See in context

Agreed, @Yokohamadrift. But the price is steep and forcing foreign visitors to try to make a reservation is dumb.

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Posted in: Is Japan the sick man of Asia? See in context

@Skeptical, you're spot-on about shrinkflation. It's rampant in grocery stores, here in Canada. And it isn't going away.

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Posted in: What must-have item do you always take with you on an overseas trip? See in context

My camera and extra lenses. And of course my passport. Extra socks help too. And any necessary prescriptions.

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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

@Abe234, that's a fine synopsis. Makes me wish more posters here would put equal thought into their opinions.

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Posted in: SDF to soften hairstyle rules as recruit shortage worsens See in context

It was a long, long time ago, but when I was in basic training with the Canadian army I had long hair because I was in a rock band. I bought a short-haired wig and got away with it until the water safety part, when we had to remove our pants, tie the ankle seams and toss them over our heads to make water wings. I still remember the looks on the faces of not only the Sergeant Major, but also the Captain, both of whom were standing at the edge of the pool, but also those of the other recruits. A priceless memory!

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Posted in: Japan announces successful launch of next-generation H3 rocket See in context

"One of the microsatellites is expected to contribute to disaster prevention by taking photos and videos."

"Prevent disaster"? That's like being God.

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Posted in: Sakurajima volcano erupts See in context

Walked from the ferry and up to the observation building a few years ago, picking up a few chunks of pumice on the way that are on display in my home office. Even bought a t-shirt that's one my faves. It's a great place to visit, when it's not bursting at the seams.

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Posted in: Japan’s school backpacks keep getting more expensive, so now parents can rent them See in context

Regardless of opinions about the quality of the things, it's a hideous demand to make of children to take their books to and from school every day. That's what a shelf under the desktop, cubbies at the back of the classroom and lockers were for when I was in school. University was different, but we're talking about tykes, here, and loading them up with burdens to which their bodies should not be subjected.

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