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Posted in: What do you do to overcome jet lag? See in context

It's all in your mind.

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Posted in: Do you think airlines are sneaky about fuel surcharges, fees for extra baggage and other charges for various services? See in context

Besides, in Canada now, they have to make it all a single price. I think an earlier poster said that.

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Posted in: Do you think airlines are sneaky about fuel surcharges, fees for extra baggage and other charges for various services? See in context

Who cares? Blaming bureaucracies for extra charges is mindless. The cost is the cost. Example: I leave Victoria BC on May 21 and arrive in Sendai May 22; the return from YYJ/YVR/NAR/SDJ is $1600. Who cares how they divvy it up? I'm flying halfway around the world, in the air for about 14 hours, and at a cost of about $120/hour??? Get a taxi for that, I dare you!

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Posted in: Big three U.S. automakers to skip Tokyo Motor Show See in context

You drive on the wrong side of the road, and 80% of the world's vehicles are left-side controlled. Look at the success of the show's participants from a global share perspective. Economics 101.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bid prepared for every twist and turn See in context

As a former athlete, I'd be concerned about the air quality. From the pictures and videos I've seen of Tokyo lately, I'd say it's a no-go, a pipe dream, a figment of the imagination worthy of spending $4.5 billion (that's dollars, folks, not Yen). As for the 2019 Rugby World Cup venue, it's money spent; why add to the pain?

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Posted in: Is it ever OK to compliment a co-worker's appearance on the job? See in context

So I guess I'd better not say any of the Japanese women I meet during my month-long visit to the country are beautiful or well-dressed? Sure am glad I retired before this pettiness infected the ad agency business.

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Posted in: Tomatoes – Tokyo’s latest fashion trend? See in context

None of my four dozen tomato plants produced fruit that good-looking!

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Posted in: Who serves the best-tasting French fries in Japan? See in context

They're not French, and they're not fried. They're turned out on tiny little lathes in the slums of Brazil. And they're equally as bad for you. Seriously, though, you've hit an issue with me, so during my imminent visit to Japan, I will try a few of those places and compare them to the establishments where I get the real thing, here in Canada, or in the UK - chips in newsprint, with a splash of dark cider vinegar and a light sprinkle of coarse sea salt. Of course, I don't expect to find them anywhere in Japan, so I expect to teach a chef or two that I plan to meet just how to do it right.

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Posted in: National obsession with cleanliness bodes ill for health See in context

What about people who don't wear underwear?

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Posted in: Golden Week holiday exodus begins See in context

$35,900 Yen? That's about $375. For 'Golden Week'? Sounds more like charity to me.

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Posted in: WTO faces irrelevance: NZ trade minister See in context

I won't go into the conspiracy theories, but would like to suggest some food for thought. Efficiencies in trade bring about a higher standard of living, in general. Individualized upheavals in labour, production, distribution and other economic factors are a sore spot for humanity. But humanity doesn't look after those people properly. I think the WTO will continue to exist as long as its leader is a true free trader. It's when we're all true free traders that it works.

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Posted in: Travel picks: Top 10 enchanting forests around the world See in context

And then there's the the Spirit Bear Preserve in the largest temperate rain forest on earth, on the coast of British Columbia, which of course you can't get to by road. But like commanteer says, these lists are only the judgment of the authors. And the giant sequoias of California are indeed magnificent - almost as big as the 1,000-year old cedars and Douglas firs on Vancouver Island and Haida G'waii. Yet, as Jim Poushinsky writes, northern Ontario is something to see, too - in autumn it beats anything Japan can offer, when it comes to rioting colours. There's nothing quite like the beauty of a virgin forest.

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Posted in: The North Korean threat in an age of Pentagon cuts See in context

It's a good piece. Nice background, cogent explanation of the change of warfare methodologies, exposure of the politics involved in shutting down needless domestic bases, etc. As for the mention of a 'samurai sword," if my recollection of history serves well, a lot of Japanese culture originated on the Korean peninsula, and it was the samurai who fought off an attempted invasion of Japan by Koreans. Maybe Baby Kimmy wants to try again. LOL

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Posted in: U.S., Japan review nuclear deterrence amid N Korea crisis See in context

The fact of the matter is North Korea is desperate. Desperation almost always leads to aggression. Read history, chill out and stop insulting each other. From what I've read on this thread only one of you has a thinking brain. The others have not only a limited vocabulary but no global strategic intelligence.

I'm still coming to Japan in mid-May and will stay for at least six weeks, nuke threat or no.

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Posted in: Facebook's Zuckerberg launches political group See in context

America's waking up. And like all similar occasions in the past, it's the young entrepreneurs leading the way. Who will they support for president/pestilent in the next election, I wonder?

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Posted in: What do you think the yen-dollar exchange rate should be in order to benefit the Japanese economy? See in context

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Y130/$1. Bet on it.

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Posted in: Yokohama mistakenly tweets North Korean missile launch See in context

A perfect example of why I call Twitter users twits.

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Posted in: U.S. broadcasters worry about 'Zero TV' homes See in context

Having given up my cable service five years ago because of the exorbitant cost of dozens of channels thrust into even the most basic package that I never watched and never would, and then having given away a perfectly good larger-screen TV, I can say unequivocally I DON"T MISS IT! Except of course for Super Bowl, but I can watch that at a pub, or with friends at their house.

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Posted in: What do you think about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's proposal that universities must adopt the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for entrance exams. Abe says it is aimed at reforming the En See in context

It's about time. Kids are taught to read it, but can't speak it worth a hoot(er). Since I'll be a guest teacher of Canadian and British Columbia geography and culture to a class of 6-year olds, and another of 11-year olds, when I visit Sendai, next month, I think I'll be able to confirm that without equivocation.

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Posted in: In Washington, the Japanese art of cherry blossom viewing See in context

You should see Victoria's! I'd post a pic, but it would be boasting, and I don't know how to do that for JT. Chasing the sakura around the globe - wouldn't that be fun? Of course, we'd need our own private Mach3 SST, but what the hell, it's only money - a fleeting this-worldy thing, just like cherry blossoms.

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Posted in: Police get tough on cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

Court is unnecessary. Give the offenders a ticket on the spot, with the fine attached, like they do in Canada. If they don't pay the fine, toss 'em in jail. If you're stuck on the opinion that it's just a cash-grab, you obviously don't care about your own safety on a bike, or anyone else's. Nor do you care about right and wrong, just your own silly potential abuse of law and order. Peace, order and good government is what the Canadian Constitution says, and funny, IT WORKS.

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Posted in: U.S. deploys stealth fighters from Okinawa to S Korea See in context

SamuraiBlue, you've hit the strategy nail on the head. Provoke an attack by NK and strike back, hard and fast. China will sit still, except for arming its border with NK so heavily as to prevent a mass exodus. However, you'd have to seriously regret the casualties in SK and somehow make it up to them.

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

This Canadian soon to be in Japan for a few months says:

JonathanJo asks: "Should Canada politely accept, or politely decline? That's a tricky one." No tricky about it Jonathan. Politely decline.

sfjp330: I think you're right, that as a whole Canadians are 'wonderful people', but Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, not an island.

LH10: about that musical performance...not AKB48, I trust?

As to the so-called Canadians who bemoan the Canadian government for this that and the other thing, go to another forum.

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Posted in: TPP talks make progress, but Japan entry won't be quick See in context

Canadian, eh, sf2k? You must equally despise our Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. It's a pity you sound more like a conspiracy fear-monger than a citizen of the world. The TPP is all about eliminating trade barriers, and since every country has them, and every country wants to eliminate them (mostly), it will be a long drawn out process of negotiation. I say stay tuned and don't panic or pass along false premises.

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Posted in: View from the top See in context

Thank you, A_cross, for that clarification. Of course, a clear-cut by any other name is still a clear-cut. If the Canadian armed forces did that to any of our national or provincial parks those responsible would have been court-martialed. Japan has plenty of mountains on which to train its SDF - why pick a monument like Mt. Fuji? What a blight!

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Posted in: View from the top See in context

Did you all miss the clear-cut on the bottom left? Hardly a national monument, if its slopes can be logged.

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Posted in: Bullet train derails in Akita See in context

C'mon people! It was just weather. The train's engineer was doing everything possible to keep things safe. Give it a res!

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Posted in: Why aren't Japanese dating and mating? See in context

Gunma prefecture wasn't on my 5-week May-June tour itinerary, and still isn't. Guess I won't miss much.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 22nd of 54 countries in EF Global English Proficiency Index See in context

Well, that's icing on the cake for this 50-something Canadian male and soon-to-be tourist in Japan - obviously I'll have to look for young women for conversation. Pity, eh? ;-)

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Posted in: Bodies of two missing canoeists found in Chiba river See in context

I've canoed often enough to know that If they had no lifejackets on they were inviting disaster. Sad but foolish.

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