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Posted in: 11-year-old boy throws himself under train near Osaka See in context

A useless death, the result of a centuries-old cultural aberration no one can do anything about, unless all references to such an act as suicide in the name of honour or shame is no longer inculcated from childhood. Remove all references to suicide from all video and reading materials (including history books and newspapers - not likely) and it will still take generations to wean the Japanese culture from considering it a 'solution' to anything.

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Well, let's see. I will need a student guide in Osaka/Nara/Kobe/Hiroshima areas for about ten days, starting somewhere around May 30, then in Tokyo for about five days immediately thereafter. How do interested parties apply for the job?

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Posted in: Japan's message for G20: Abenomics is good for all See in context

Sets the stage for Carney at BOE, the real focus of it all. .

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Posted in: Soak in a nice hot spring bath with Ted See in context

The contest isn't open to those of us on our way to Japan for a spring-summer visit?!? Pity. Can't think of anything sadder than soaking in an onsen without a bedraggled stuffed toy representative of the mindlessness of today's so-called entertainment. What will I ever do to get over the stress of not being able to win the privilege?

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

And it should not be on a pedestal. It should be mounted at ground height, so people can feel the perfection of the sculpture. Where is this place? I must visit it.

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

And there is no onsen nearby? I am arriving May 15 for five weeks. Where is this town? As a writer, I MUST visit it.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for slashing 15-year-old girl in neck in Nagano See in context

So, where's the traditional Japanese apology?

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Posted in: Gov't apologizes to Fukushima residents for sloppy decontamination work See in context

Is there anything to this culture but apology?

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Posted in: Abe orders stronger surveillance near disputed isles See in context


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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

An apology doesn't need to hurt forever, whose ever side you're one. Get over it, as the song says.

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Posted in: Student commits suicide after being beaten by school basketball coach See in context

'to toughen him up'? He degraded the poor kid so badly the lad had to 'save face' for himself and his family, as I see it, but I'm only a gaijin who plans to spend six months in the country, later this year, trying to analyze the culture. Hope I don't see more of this, but at 30,000 a year, that means at least 15,000 while I'm there. Weird, for sure.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions really annoy you? See in context

LOL 'moving forward' 'fiscal cliff' 'animal rights' 'divine leader' 'competent government'

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Posted in: Ringo Starr to tour Japan Feb 25-March 1 See in context

He hasn't given up the fun. That's what rockin' is all about. So says Rokatari.

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Posted in: Indian gang-rape victim fighting for her life in Singapore hospital See in context

Prison is too good for those bast***s.

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

When will you people get over it?

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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

What an absurd paranoia! Could it be that Japanese youth would rather wear burkas? I can imagine what that will do to manga and other representations of adolescent culture. AKB48 in Islamic dress? Hmmm.

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Posted in: Japanese husband and Nissan go all out to give wife anniversary surprise of a lifetime See in context

It's a good luck story, from all perspectives.

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