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Posted in: China cutting rare earth output, unnerving global manufacturers See in context

Agreed, @1glenn; there are more ways than imposing counteracting (and counter-productive) tariffs to fight a trade war.

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Posted in: Florida man charged in connection with 14 mail bombs sent to Trump critics See in context

@PTownsend: Political messiahs don't exist. And never have.

I beg to differ...Ghandi? Mandela? Hitler? Good or bad, political 'messiahs' have been a reality, and those aren't the only three, just the ones that come quickly to mind.

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Posted in: Woman drives 7.3 kilometers with angry boyfriend on hood of car See in context

@Aly, I must agree. And I'll add that the comments above yours are so black and white they're equally as funny. Except for one or two that see both sides.

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Posted in: Reported school bullying cases hit record high 414,378 in Japan See in context

It's a cultural epidemic. Where does the buck stop? At the top of every organization, small and big, NGO and corporate, education, and...ooh, heaven forbid, home. Sometimes I think it's the genes. But, in reality, it's about growing up, not old, and not worrying about being cut from the same cloth. Individualism begets wisdom.

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Posted in: Air Canada to increase international flights from Vancouver, including to Osaka See in context

All well and good, but their cabin crews could use some ANA training.

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Posted in: Man found guilty of killing Japanese woman in Canada See in context

I wondered when I'd see this. Glad to know they were successful with the murder charge, and that he'll get the maximum 25 years.

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Posted in: Europe’s North Korea moment See in context

A bunch of hyperbole. The EU is far removed from North Korea, and if it purports the desire to get involved, it's doing so just to promote its name. Brussels is good for nothing, except their namesake vegetable, and a lot of people don't like that, too.

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Posted in: We can’t find success using the Japanese business model. Selling cuts of steak at reasonable prices doesn’t translate into customers rushing to our shop. See in context

If they're using Japanese beef in that NYC restaurant, I totally understand its lack of success.

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Posted in: Do you think Japan is the sort of tourism destination that most people would only come to once, or is it a repeat destination? See in context

I've been to Japan ten times in the past ten years, each time for 6-8 weeks; managed to make it through the 2011 Great Eastern Earthquake while in Sendai, the double earthquake that hit Kumamoto a few years ago, and the occasional typhoon. There were certainly moments of wonder. But with all those visits, I made some incredible friends and experienced some off-the-beaten track awesomeness.

BUT, the question was about the majority of visitors, and I can't speak for them, I can only guess. Half the people I know visit a place once, maybe twice, and then move on to other destinations; the other half keep returning to their favorite places, usually for the 'comfort factor'.

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Posted in: Japan sees 1st drop in visitors in over 5 years in Sept See in context

This is not news, and the item itself brings out the worst of you regulars who are just as bad as US GOP and DEM freaks who pervade this site with their vitriol. Or are you all one of 'them'?

This is supposed to be about Japan. And like it or not, tourism is important to the country; just like every other country. Except maybe North Korea, Yemen and another dozen I won't bother to name.

If Japan needs a lesson or two about tourism, its loudest voices (including Abe) could learn a thing or two from countries like Canada, Sweden, Italy, the former republics of Yugoslavia, and more. It's all about culture and open spaces - two very simple things about human nature that all travelers yearn to experience, for real. Often that means off the beaten track, and Japan is lousy at that, from hotel chains to local governments to tourist associations and all the way to Abe and his cabinet. You don't get increased 'high quality' (and that doesn't mean high cost) tourists by selling what every other country sells - cities, history, pride (not a good thing, all the time), and easily seen vistas thanks to the Internet.

Do it yourself.

Lesson over.

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Posted in: Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist Paul Allen dies at 65 See in context

This guy was truly great. And quiet about it.

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Posted in: Sears files for Chapter 11 amid plunging sales, massive debt See in context

@theFu - yeah, that Wish Book sure was cool. I wonder what would happen if it made a comeback?

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Posted in: Japan gov't launches 1st survey on 'overtourism' See in context

@Yubaru, your comment just put me off visiting Okinawa, in January/February. As a lone (senior) traveler who has been in Japan ten times in the past ten years - every time for 6-8 weeks, and accustomed to, and very respectful of Japanese culture (I have Japanese friends in many of the cities and towns I've visited), I've seen hordes of Japanese, Korean and Chinese tourists crowding the most popular places. But, I've also enjoyed the serenity of too many places to count, when I've visited during what I call the off-season (no Golden Week or Obon for me). The only 'busy' event on my bucket list is Sapporo's Snow Festival, and I think they'd welcome me there, in February, so soon after that devastating earthquake, just like they did in Minimisanriku, Matsushima Bay and other tsunami-hit towns, in 2012.

As some commenters have said, Japan wants more tourists, and there are ways to solve the overcrowding. Just don't look the gift horse in the mouth.

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Posted in: Liberty lady See in context

When I first saw this, I thought 'what a joke'. I still do.

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Posted in: Newspaper says Turkey has audio of Saudi writer's slaying See in context

So Trump would rather sell the Saudis arms instead of acting like a man and isolating them? Helluva poor leader, that boy.

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

Raise tax and increase subsidies. Not a pretty economic picture.

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Posted in: It is difficult for patients to judge whether their cases are emergencies or not, especially for parents of young children. See in context

The key to the problem, at least the major one from my perspective as a father, is to teach would-be mothers (and those that find themselves in that predicament without support of the guy who took part, or either of their families) what constitutes a simple cold, teething grieving, or a desire for mothers' milk. Japan is far too lacking, in that respect, from what I've learned during a dozen long-term visits and following this somewhat reasonable blog.

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Posted in: U.S. wants deal with Japan to avoid competitive currency devaluations See in context

He can smile all he this photo.

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Posted in: Canada makes final preparations before cannabis becomes legal See in context

To those of you who joked about changing my country's flag to the marijuana leaf, I'll say two things - identify your own country so I can burn your flag, just for spite, and just so you know, here in Canada, you can already buy a flag with a red marijuana leaf on it.

And to those of you who are thinking of your next trip home, or of visiting, you're welcome.

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Posted in: Google Plus to close after bug leaks personal information See in context

Wondering when gmail will disappear.

@theFu, good question. Gmail is more like 'Spamalot'.

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Posted in: World's largest Buddhist sutra calligraphy overwhelms visitors See in context

Thanks, Maria!

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Posted in: Keidanren's plan to rethink hiring rules causing waves in Japan See in context

Unlike the 'many university officials and students...who are concerned that the proposed scrapping of the guidelines could lead to a drawn-out job hunt that would have an adverse effect on students' studies, I think it will make the students work harder to be the best at what they're studying. Unless, of course, its philosophy, then good luck to them.

And as far as 'once the guidelines are abolished, job-hunting activities will start earlier and students will have to think about finding a job at the same time of enrollment,' well, that's what they're supposed to be studying for, so let them concentrate on what they want to learn and what employer thinks that's of value.

Small business, contrary to its fear, will not suffer in attracting talented individuals; not all talented individuals want to be wearing suits and sitting in cubicles.

Contrary to the opinion of Kenji Uno, abolishing the guidelines will have a TON of merit for students AND companies. I can attest to that as a former small business owner.

His fear that "students may be mentally and physically exhausted as they are likely to be consumed by job-hunting activities,' is over the wall. Students will finish their studies and then pursue the employer(s) they feel will give them opportunity to excel. It's about time Japanese culture paid attention to the fact that not everyone wants to be a black-suited robot.

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Posted in: High flying: Canada to let airline passengers pack cannabis See in context

@Strangerland, thanks.

@Laguna, don't worry about it. Here in Canada only the truly stupid would try to transport it on anything but a domestic flight.

And that photo looks just like any one of the hundreds of buds I've pruned, over the years.

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Posted in: China orders more lending to entrepreneurs amid trade spat See in context

This is a part of the 'trade war' that Trump can do nothing about.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift gets political; endorses Democrats in midterms See in context

Let's get back to Taylor's comments. The fact that she's young and has enough talent to make money at what she does is irrelevant to what she said, all of which makes sense. If you commenters have half a mind, that is. Picking on her celebrity is very low-brow, and just as ugly as the radicals on both sides of the Republican-Democrat divide.

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Posted in: Japanese cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal See in context

I've tried a lot of Japanese cheese - can't do without it when I pick up a bottle of Australian or French wine (which is almost daily), but back here in Canada (which has its own dairy protection racket) I just bought a very tasty two-year old cheddar, 600 grams for the equivalent of ¥800. And the 200-gram package of imported Italian Padano beside it in my fridge cost me about ¥350. The price of the latter will soon drop, thanks to the recent Canada-EU free trade agreement. The last time I bought a 400-gram round of French brie I paid about ¥800, and that price will soon go down, too. Japan has a long way to go before its people enjoy variety and good prices when it comes to cheese, but I hope it happens. There's nothing like a cheese plate beside a plate of various crackers at an informal event at home, like a Super Bowl party, or World Cup game.

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Posted in: Pompeo in Japan to discuss N Korea en route to Pyongyang See in context

Abe certainly looks happier with Pompeo than he did with Christine Lagarde.

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Posted in: Japan to skip naval event after S Korea protests over flag See in context

Since Japan has now refused to take part in this little nautical parade, so should its allies and major trading partners. It is, after all, only a parade.

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Posted in: Thai bay made famous in 'The Beach' shut indefinitely See in context

Where will the lemmings go next to leach the life out of nature while they fill their phones with selfish selfies?

Sometimes the mindlessness of people who profess to travel for the sake of seeing nature in her grandest eloquence baffle logic.

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