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Posted in: Chinese state media urges Canada to defy U.S. and free Huawei exec See in context

She's out on bail, at one of her Vancouver homes with her son. She's wearing a tracking device that she can't take off; if she tried to do that, she'd be re-arrested and not given bail. My government (Canada) is staying out of it - we place a much higher dividend on the impartiality of our justice system than the US does. We don't elect our judges, and they're not appointed by politicians; their placement on any bench level is merit-based, period. I have a lot more faith in that, than I do in either the US or Chinese system. In fact, I can see BC's Supreme Court removing the tracking device and saying she's free to go wherever she pleases. And I'd love to see that shoved in Trump's ugly face.

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Posted in: Crown princess, on 55th birthday, says she is 'insecure' but vows to do her best as empress See in context

I can only say that I sincerely believe the stress imparted on her by the IHA is a lot worse than what she endured at Harvard and Oxford. And I wish her a very happy 55th.

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Posted in: Japan’s single point of failure in the data falsification scandals See in context

A concise, elegant analysis.

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Posted in: China demands Canada release Huawei executive See in context

From this Canadian's point of view, we should keep it simple. She has been accused of breaking a law by dealing with Iran, a sanctioned country by both the US and Canada. Her employer has been flagged by both countries' security services, and those of other countries in the Commonwealth (which still exists as a cooperative organization of democratic countries associated with the UK) as a manufacturer of spy equipment. She was arrested in transit at YVR (Vancouver International Airport). The US and Canada have an extradition treaty that goes back many years. Our security services share information that many commenters on this site are completely unaware of, and therefore out of the loop, so to speak.

All that said, there are still protocols involved in extradition, and since Canada's laws associated with extradition are a lot more stringent that those of the US, I expect the process to be not only fair, but legal to the utmost degree. China may not like it, but Canada won't cave on any threat to trade that might come of this, regardless of what some people might think.

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Posted in: Mother gets 2 years in prison for abusing 8-month-old daughter who suffered frostbite See in context

Just what kind of home has a bathroom that isn't heated? Is it an outhouse? And yes, the mother got what she deserved. Unfortunately the child will suffer for its entire life. Someone take that child away and love her. And when she's old enough, explain to her what her cruel and stupid mother did to permanently scar her.

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Posted in: Japan considers inviting Trump after new emperor's accession in May See in context

The Imperial Household Agency should say 'no' to Abe. Perhaps they can put the new Emporer on a tour of the country to meet all the Japanese people who couldn't go to the accession?

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Posted in: Drunk vice principal loses job after urinating in girls bathing area on field trip See in context

@Cricky, I've stayed in a few ryokans and none had bathrooms in my room. They're almost always communal, male separated from female. That said, I've consumed more than that teacher had to drink and wasn't so gassed I couldn't tell the difference between the separate bathrooms. When I hear stories on JT about Japanese men getting drunk on a bottle of sake, another bottle of wine and a few beers, and then claiming they don't remember a thing, I have a real problem believing them. If I was a Japanese judge and someone claimed that defense in front of me, I'd have a really difficult time not bursting into laughter and throwing the book at him.

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Posted in: China's plastic waste import ban pushes rich nations to rethink trash options See in context

A subtle move by China in its trade war with the US, the source of the largest single percentage of that waste. As America buries itself in its garbage the Chinese must be smirking.

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Posted in: In 2015, Hakodate was voted Japan’s most attractive city and it’s not hard to see why See in context

@kohakuebisu, I can do that. I was there in October 2017, and I have a few hundred photos of Hakodate at ground level - the people, markets, streetscapes, museums, architecture, little hidden things. Don't wait to go, just do it. It really is a nice place - one of my favorites in all of Japan, and I've been from tip-to-tip over the past ten years.

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Posted in: Mexico to boost security at border after migrants try to cross See in context

Good words, @lincolnman, but I think it's almost impossible to turn down the heat of the rhetoric.

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Posted in: Trump dilemma: Preserve Saudi alliance or declare prince a murderer See in context

I laughed when I read that last line about 'competent administration'.

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Posted in: Transport ministry eyes inspection of JAL, ANA over pilots' drinking See in context

This is serious. In my country (Canada) regulations concerning pilots and alcohol consumption make Japan's look pitiful. Truly pitiful. And in spite of my choice of ANA for flights from Vancouver to Japan, I'll now seriously reconsider.

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Posted in: 4 killed, including gunman and police officer, in shooting at Chicago hospital See in context

Welcome to the good ole US of A.

Damn good reason not to visit.

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Posted in: How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone? See in context

I once had a date with a woman who pulled out her phone and started to check whatever was on it. Then, she put it in her bag and went to the washroom. I waved the waitress over, paid the bill and left before the woman could come back. But I told the waitress to tell her why. I never heard from her again. And I'm happy with that.

I also have a building contractor friend who comes to my home, late every afternoon, for a glass of wine. He almost always has to take a call; I don't bitch at that, it's his line of work and he needs the connections.

Really, it's all a matter of situation, convention and manners. All those things combine in different ways to cause us to act or react. In my view, it's politeness that counts.

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Posted in: Trump seethes against Russia probe 'disgrace' See in context


If you believe that, then you need to take a giant bulldozer and wrecking ball and completely overhaul and demolish Washington, entirely.

That's a damn good idea! And to think no one on this blog likes your thoughts! At last, a good one!

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Posted in: Trump seethes against Russia probe 'disgrace' See in context

He's been looking angrier and angrier, the past few days. I think he's about to blow his hoodie.

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Posted in: May vows to fight for Brexit deal as ministers quit See in context

Tempest in a teapot. Frankly, I hope May's plan fails and the UK leaves the EU without any form of deal. Then we'll see who the real men and women are. Time to buck it up, ignore the naysayers and talk about it five years hence, when the rest of the EU unravels. The whole thing has been an experiment in ceding individual nations' rights to the own destiny to a fallacy of leadership.

But, I may be wrong. I often am. I only hope I live that five years and can look back and say I was right. My ancestors are all English, Scottish and French. And I respect their autonomy.

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Posted in: KitKats mark 45th anniversary in Japan See in context

@klausdorth, you're not wrong. That's an exorbitant cost for 35 little mini-KitKats. Almost extortion. But, this is, after all, Japan. And where does the announcement say they're on sale? Tokyo's Ginza, that high-priced haven for the craven.

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Posted in: Dating apps use artificial intelligence to help search for love See in context

Well, if we're all so stuck on our computers, perhaps there's something to this idea that might just make us get up and go.

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Posted in: Have you experienced any exceptional acts of kindness or generosity from people or businesses in Japan? If so, please tell us about them. See in context

Just ordinary citizens being nice to a Canadian visitor. Happened every time i visited Japan, whether an invitation to join a group during hanami (sp??) meaning cherry blossom viewing time, or watching the leaves change color, in autumn. Maybe even during the torrential downpour in Nagasaki, a few years ago. Long story short - every time I'm in Japan, I'm comfobulated (new word) by the niceness of Japanese people. Especially when I get a little lost.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin to accelerate WWII treaty talks See in context

'willing to talk peace'? What drivel!

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Posted in: Cuban ambassador denied room at Hilton hotel in Fukuoka due to U.S. sanctions See in context

This is getting ugly. And this Canadian will continue to sanction travel to the US. In fact, this Canadian will now visit Cuba for six weeks, instead of Japan.

Such stupidity astounds me!

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Posted in: Majority of Calgary voters say 'no thanks' to 2026 Olympics See in context

Go on you, Calgarians, says this former one.

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Posted in: NEC to provide facial recognition at airport customs See in context

Anything to help us get through faster!

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Posted in: Young tea enthusiasts on mission to save industry in Japan See in context

This Canadian loves green tea! There's a Japanese specialty food store about 2km from my home and it's always got a great selection. I make it like Asami Ishizuka does - steep it and put it in the fridge overnight. The lady of the house of my Japanese 'family' in Sendai showed me that, and I was hooked.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over Australia strawberry needle scare See in context

I wondered if this story would ever come to a positive conclusion, and I'm sure happy it has.

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Posted in: Capsule returns to Earth with experiment samples from space station See in context

An interesting way to get rid of the space station's garbage.

(The vessel departed from the space station on Thursday and released the capsule on Sunday morning before burning up with waste from the ISS when re-entering the Earth's atmosphere)

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to murder of beautician in 2016 See in context

@Strnagerland, I think the 'guilty before the trial is even complete', isn't such a JT thing as it is many commenters' thoughtless prognostications.

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Posted in: Gov't considering Y10 trillion stimulus to offset sales tax hike: sources See in context

@Insane Wayne, I don't know where you get the impression that tourists don't pay sales tax, because you're wrong. It's only a small percentage of tourists that use the tax-free shops in Japan. Most tourists on middle-income budgets, like me, pay the price of whatever it is, wherever we go. Get off your high horse.

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Posted in: Chinese trainee wins compensation for withheld pay See in context

I'm shocked by the court's decision to not bother adding damages to the ruling, not necessarily for her claim of sexual harassment, but as more compensation for what the farm's owners tried to get away with. And where, exactly does that fine go? Into government coffers, undoubtedly. And if it does, that means the government is profiting from the mistreatment of labour.

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