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Posted in: The 5 most popular snacks in Japan See in context

Normally chips come in one size, wrapped in newspaper with a fish on top.

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Posted in: 39-year-old man arrested for paying 14-year-old girl for sex See in context

If we could strip out the moral relativism, given that the corner of japan in which this situation occurred it is seen as morally bad, as the man was arrested. If we also remove the 'men=bad and women=good' hackneyed feminist rhetoric for a short while....

Arguably the girl engineered a situation whereby an illegal event took place. She actively sought out to prostitute herself and it was premeditated though extensive planning. As such she should also have been arrested and charged with at least conspiracy or blackmail.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

They mean "[American] English is no guarantee of success" right?

The thought that a modern Japanese person might actually know something about British English, let alone have a British colleague is positively laughable.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court tells Google to stop autocomplete words See in context

Has there ever been a ruling that Google has ever complied with? Normally they just go around in their van listening in to your Wifi sticking their fingers up at the police and EU.


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Posted in: FAA approves Boeing Dreamliner battery system design See in context

Day 1: FAA approves Boeing things. Day 2: FAA rejects foreign company things. Day 27: Head of FAA accepts position on Boeing board.

Hmm ... I see a trend.

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Posted in: Mayor wants permanent resident status for overseas students who graduate from Kyoto Univ See in context

a) Filipinos will be very happy about this news. b) Why would anyone from overseas go to Kyoto University? c) Does this mean Japanese companies are going to rescind their racist attitudes towards employing foreigners? (answer: no)

So Jonathon-foreigner is going to sit in Kyoto with no job, getting stared at all day with a nice residence permit. Glorious idea.

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They'll undoubtedly tell the Filipinos to not scramble their jets as they sail into northern Luzon.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes for new Japan stance on child abduction See in context

All this arguing about definitions of abduction is simply obfuscation of a clear issue. That is what appears to be an attempt to get japanese 'savages' to succumb to the wishes of supposedly more advanced american courts, who will of course rule that the child should stay in the USA because who wouldn't want to live in the USA??!!?!?. The issue, as one person quite rightly pointed out is whether or not the child has Japanese citizenship and therefore entitled to be be brought into and raised in japan legally. If you take a solely US citizen into japan against the will of either parent it is undoubtedly illegal, and the court should return them to whichever parent resides in the USA.

Making some faux-argument about the benefits of dual citizenship for the child whilst simultaneously refusing to accept the disbenefits, for example being told you are doing taiwanese military duty, is just lunacy.

There are untold cases in the UK of women married to North Africans, where the woman seems completely oblivious to the fact the cultural precedent is for courts to grant all rights to the Father. The mother is seen as simply an extension of his possessions. Barely a day goes by where one of them is not on the TV getting all upset about the father abducting his children.

Ignorance is not an excuse, nor a path of legal recourse. Don't procreate with people you don't trust.

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